Monday, August 25, 2014

hola bro-ski :)  it be good as a missionary!  Tuesday we had surprise interviews in the mission president right in the middle of the day so that took up most of our day.. dang I feel  your pain and sorrow about football bro,...  at least they won :)   oh man... poor Jim working on your mouth ;)  so wait....  are you really getting your pic taken or not?... I'm confused...  hahahahaha  oh nice how were their talks?  what did they talk on?  well my friend I love you and hope you have a good week.  love elder weaver.

Jax man,   so being in the city of Atlanta everyday is exciting and odd things are always happening... :) we had a drunk guy talk to us about their being only one race of people and that's the human race. he was yelling at us, not because he was arguing but because he was drunk... it was kinda funny :)he almost kissed us on the cheek when we were leaving... nice work on making the team :):)  how's tupe? is he playing with you too?  well cool lesson!!   stay in seminary it's a good class and you learn lots from it :)  I still share things I learned from seminary with the people I teach so soak it all up :):)  love you kiddo good luck with school and football   love elder weaver

Hey there Jordan! Love you too and hope you like the new classes you'll be taking. Hope you get the solo part in choir to :)
That was an awesome scripture. Love ya :) have a good week
Love elder weaver

mom-hello :)  he wasn't able to be baptized.. still working on quitting smoking..  so I talked with pres Tuesday we had interviews and we talked about it then and he said that's those are the days I would be able to go, I'll take care of the bike no worries :) I need to inform the ap's and they will take care of for me and keep for me until time to go home.  not so much rain but it's crazy HOT!!!!!   it's not fun how hot it gets...  thanks again for the package :) we get extra 95 dollars on our cards to pay for a monthly Marta card so we are taken care of.  oh cool how's Taylor doing?  glad things are going good at home ill continue to pray for y'all always.  I hope all goes well for your first pack meeting :):) should be exciting  I like the area, its good talking to people closer to my own age how are return missionaries and listening to their advice and experiences so I like it a lot  my comps great  the other ones are ok... one of the zone leaders is a control freak and he micro manages my comp and also the other district leaders ,,,  he's a pansy...  sorry  g tech is so sick   it's so big too!!  and their season starts up here soon :)  so football talk is going to be everywhere and I can relate it to the gospel in heart beat :):):)  so pretty excited right now!! :):)   I love you too mom  take care let me know what else you need from me today love elder weaver
so we were looking at a map and I thought the church of Christ scientist was funny we haven't been there... yet..   interviews were good  and he is totally fine with y'all coming to get me, I would suggest maybe sending sis Harding a message on fb asking for more details on what you need to do, because I don't hear back from pres Harding in personal emails ... sorry...  so we have another guy Paul  whose on hook and prepping for the 20 of September. he's a cool guy he's pretty buff and relaxed :):)  shirt is awesome!!  thank you again.  so there is a distribution center by the temple so I can't get myself some garments and i'll probably do that soon too... if that's ok?   like 2-3 pairs.. yes still 5 in apartment. 

Dad-well dad my week was a good week everything went good, I hope you had a good week as well. :)  I hope you know I love you. I also need to ask you, do you remember the story you told me before I played box elder senior year at Roy? where you took me and what we talked about.  I hope it's ok but I have shared that experience with a few people and one being Kay Maddox. she was very thankful that I shared it with her and that she thinks about it often and the role it played in her conversion,  dad if you hadn't of shared it with me she may not have gotten baptized. thank you so much dad for the example you are to me and the motivation you give me to persevere through thick and thin. I love you dad and I will always be grateful for the many things you taught me through your words and deeds. love you dad love your son elder Jace Weaver

another set of missionaries gave him to us. he's 28  ok I will thank you ill be praying for y'all :):)  will be praying for them no worries :):)  what's the shot for??  dang sounds like a party at the pool! ha-ha  lucky not having school on his bday :):)   can you tell Quade to email me?
ok thank you. yes we still work out in weighing 226 -225 we found a football field close by so we are going to start running gassers again :):)  that's pretty much all we talked bout was me coming home and when.. we eat regular food in the city. people take us out to eat  a lot..  ceasar dressing lemon juice and something else my comp put in?..  no idea  sorry  we don't teach fhe but we are going to set up a table on techs campus for people to come talk to us :) that'll be fun :) I love you mom  talk to y'all next week love elder weaver  

Monday, August 11, 2014

Heart of Atlanta Georgia

ya I know it's been crazy to see how fast time goes by... my week was good can't complain :):) we are in the big city the heart of ATL in the singles ward... my comp has been for a 1 year and he's the district leader good guy. :) I'm still working out we have a gym finally now too so that makes it better!!  finally have a gym :):) thanks dad for all your support I do appreciate it. I am putting forth my best effort and going into 4th quarter so I'm excited to be working with the people I'm around. I love you dad and I hope you take care and have safe week  love elder weaver  your son
hello favorite mom :)  I am in the heart of Atlanta. I'm in the north point YSA ward..  my comps name is elder Glasgow from Provo Utah he's been out for 1 year. ya I like him he's a good missionary the work is going good we talk to a lot of people we are not in a car we are on Marta so it's like Utah back home the trains and busses. we also walk a bunch so that's good I guess ha-ha so I found out y'all will have to talk to the mission office people about it.  I asked a sister who's home already that I served around and she said y'all will have to work it out with them. I guess they will discourage it but they can't stop you from coming, as far as the plane ticket the church will reimburse y'all for the ticket I don't know the details tho... sorry my new address is 240  north ave ATL  GA  30308 if anything we live in a better place but walking around where we do it's not the most safe. but we are good :) no pics today sorry...we are going to the temple on the 12th :)  ya I know its crazy to think that all that happened 2 years ago...  y'all will probably be a part of my vocab for the rest of my life... :):)   yes we have a gym and weights I'm so happy we have one!!!  we live in a 5man apartment with the zone leaders my comp is the district leader and the zone leaders are training a new guy. so we are packed but we its good! so funny you mention my bike....  Wednesday going to new areas and stuff found out another elder has been riding it the past year...  I saw my bike and all of sudden he takes it and takes off the wheels and load it in his ride and I'm wow where you going with that?... he said the mission gave it to him when he got here cause he didn't have a bike...  yes I talked to pre wade.  I'll probably buy shirts today... and a cheap pair of running shoes mine are falling apart. thank you mom I love you too love elder weaver
so real quick my comp forgot to tell me that I needed to include the apartment number as part of the address.   its 1106  so just add that to the address and it'll get to me :)  the email  sounds good to pres Harding thank you for doing that. Marta is good we see a lot people and talk to some interesting people as well :)my shoes are working real good love them I can't think of anything else to include in package.  those things should be fine. :) so the ward is way quiet its crazy weird... but there are some members who are better missionaries than others. but they all try to be nice and help us when they can :):)we are right down the street from GTECH :):):):)  I was wondering could we send my football packets to them?? ;) ha-ha we do go to institute but we don't teach.. I heard from some members that it's pretty exciting times for the temple open house ;) sounds fun :):) good luck riding on Saturday :):)we have a lot of meeting with members and investigators this week.  my comp says that since I got here things are moving faster and members are wanting to help us more and be more involved so I'm excited for that, I'm going to talk to some to guys in the wad about a turkey bowl game so we can get new people there and have a good time :):) sounds like a busy week for y'all:)  I hope all goes well :) I love you mom and thank you so very much for your testimony and all you do for me as your child ii love you and appreciate all you do for me. I love you love elder weaver
we knock some doors, we mainly just talk to people all day and that's how we contact people.  we don't teach families but we still talk to them and pass them to other missionaries in family wards.  our main guy is Leighton. he's getting baptized on the 23rd and he is so ready  he bore his testimony last week and loves the church and the ward so we are excited for him :):)
  fyi today we are going to go to gnc to get some protein for our work outs.  I think we will be more motivated to do harder stuff... 
hello bro ::) good luck with camp my man :)  run run run as fast you can ;)  what's your schedule like for school??  Wednesday we checked on some people and talked to some interesting people on the transportation and they are always interesting...  ha-ha  way to go staying after tossing the ball.  are you running routes and working on your footwork and steps as well at the same time??  that would be good to do as well :)  dang Jax your getting big. is it muscle your putting on??  I do like my comp still he's a good elder and we get along :)   have a good week too buddy take care love elder weaver