Monday, March 31, 2014

Lithonia, GA

Hey there Elder Weaver! How are you doing this week? What's your new area? Who's is your new companion? How long has he been out in the field? This new area, any perspective investigators? The dance I went to was just a fun institute dance. Met some fun people and made new friends. Saturday me dad and Justin placed a 20 ft iron pipe underneath some railroad tracks at BDO. Just pushed it through, the ground was really sandy, so we didn't have to auger it at all. It's snowed twice this week, Wednesday we went through all 4 seasons in one day lol. And today it snowed a lot. Well that's all I got for you buddy. Keep working hard and remember that I love you!
Love Jordan

Sup sup Jace!!!! How things be???? Anymore snow? This last week was good! We had city county and I got a new PR for jav and threw 146!!! Only 3 feet off from qualifying for state! I took second in city county! Some kid from Ogden beat me.. It was a good week! I went on a date with a girl named Morgan west on Friday night! We went on a night hike and then had a fire at Brendan archuletas house... Remember him?? It was way fun and she's an amazing girl had lots of fun with her and wanna go out with her again and again and again... ;) ha-ha she is super great!! And then had a boys night with my good friend Harrison Larose and some other kids and we went to his grandpas house and went for a ride in his 300k car... A Shelby Cobra.... Wow super good lookin car and really fast! He told us he got up to about 110 only in second gear!!!!! Haha it was an amazing car and was real loud!! It was way fun too! So so far it's been a great start to my spring break!!! And we are going to st George and hopefully it'll be nice and warm and be able to ride the sea dos... :) we are going down Wednesday! And comin back Sunday! I'm way excited! How was your week??? I'm doing good! And enjoying life!! Me and Jax go down and play ball at a park right by the fire station by the terrace depot! And me and him are undefeated and we've won at least 30 games playing together.. So we are the park champs! Ha I hope you have a great week!
-love and miss ya

Hey my week went pretty good! On Thursday we had track inside because it was raining and in sand ridge  there are these huge poles that are pretty rough and large and I was a leader for a line that we were running our warm up lap for and this kid told me to turn down a hallway and I looked and went to stop but the kid behind me was to close and kinda pushed me and I turned and smacked my head on a pole and I bent over after I hit it and all the blood went up into my hair and then I went to a coach and told her what happens and she gave me a concussion test and asked what day it was and I said the 27 then she asked what day of the week and I said Thursday and she asked me what my name was and I said Jonathan and she gave me a funny look and I said just kidding its Jax and she was oh ok! I thought that was pretty funny! I had to get four stitches in my eyebrow and I went to Harrison Larose's house because his dad is a family doctor and so he had me lay down on his lazy boy and stitched me up! It was pretty comfy In his chair! ;) I am running for ninth grade office! Hope that will be fun and hope I make it! Track is going good! I didn't do anything Thursday or Friday! I'm hoping to do shot and the 100! I have mom send you another email with the pic of my eyebrow! Grandpa said that it's a rite of passage to get stitches in my eyebrow for the family! Love you love JAX

Well you can see it's been a busy week here and I'm sure it has been for you-we have been so anxious to hear where you are and how things how do you like new area? What about comp? Like? Feeling good? In a car still? Busy teaching already? Tons of questions so tell all... Ward? Feel safe?
Things here are good, I got to teach primary today the sunbeams, only had two, we talked about Jesus baptism, love the picture of Jesus and John the Baptist and they are both smiling I'll send a copy, so great, I'm sure it's the feeling that your converts have, great joy!!! Last Sunday I got to be Mary Magdalene in primary and testify of the resurrected Christ :) primary is a great place to feel the pure and simple spirit! We sang armies of Helaman in primary and both dad and I cried! So blessed!! Speaking of blessed loved the child of god video! Cry every time I watch it and share it!!! Love you Jacer and miss singing by you!!! Please let me know your mailing address so I can get your new debit card to ya, I'm sure you can use it after being transferred :) able to run and workout with new comp? As the boys said we are hoping to go to sand hollow this week and stay with grandpa Steve, hope it's good weather, I hope that your week is wonderful and full of miracles!!! Please be safe, pray always and be happy!!! Love you today and everyday!!! Love mom

  Goooooood morning my friend how go's the battle? Are we winning the war? Do you think you'll like the new area and new comp? Will you be riding your bike again? We have so many ? For you tell us about your last couple days. Give us lots of details!
     Things here are good we started the new job for nutraceutical it's about 800 ft. Of 8" sewer line with manholes and we have to go under some rail road tracks. It should be a good job and take a couple weeks to do. No riding of the bike this week weather to cold we have snow today on the grass. But should melt today, we hope :) I hope you have a great day and week and you like the new change keep up the great work of The Lord. We sure are proud of you and the service you are doing. I hope you have a big smile on your face right now. Know we love you, be awesome it's in you so let it out!!! See you soon :))) love DAD

I'm good how are you this week Jordan? :)   I'm in Lithonia now in the ATL!  I hate traffic...  let just say that!!  ha-ha  and we are the only white people where ever we go!!  so it's fun :)   my new comp is elder Packard  he's from Washington state and he goes home in June so ill kill him off :) we have a lot of good potential and 5 on date right now so we are working hard and doing all we can with what we have :)  dang work sounds like fun!! :)   did y'all push it through by hand? ;) good old Utah weather..  fun stuff ha-ha :)  I love you too Jordan and i hope you have a good week coming up and stay safe! :)  love elder weaver

 hey hey hey boy!!!   things be good!  they be real good :)   no we haven't gotten any snow! :)  ha-ha atta boy keep moving up in the PR and before you know it you'll be hitting 200's :)  didn't you go out with that girl already? :):)  ooh  lala ;)   ha-ha  I do remember that kid!!  he's funny :)   you dawg you ha-ha   just remember your goals and your eternal perspective ;)   you'll be good kid :)   dang  that's a nice car!!  good stuff :):)    110   that's crazy!!   I bet that thing was super fast!!  ya I hope y'all have fun in st George!  sounds like it'll be a good time :) be safe doin all that stuff now!  :)   my week has been good nothing too exciting gong on except for being in a new area and ward and new people.  the dynamic duo! hahah  nice work boys keep up the good work!! :):)   I love you too  bud stay safe and have a good week :)  love elder weaver

 Jax man...  well your first set of stitches ;)  ha-ha  I'm sorry  buddy  are you ok?  and I can't believe you played theta prank on the teacher~!!!!  that's funny tho!!  I laughed out loud in the library :):) ha-ha  I'm glad things are going good in track tho and your liking it and school.  I wish you the best of luck in running for class office next year :)  that awesome stuff my friend :)  stay safe and look around corners from now on while running ;)  good thing you were able to get stitched up at a friend's house :)  ha-ha  glad his chair was comfy ;)  ha-ha   have a good week bud and ill keep your face in my prayers ;)  love you   love elder Weaver

so I'm sending two emails this week because I couldn't fit it all in the box and still see what I was reading  so here's y'alls emails mom and dad :)  
 I'm in Lithonia and I like it a little bit but it's too city for me...  anyways :)  I like my comp he's a good guy I am feeling really good :)   we have been pretty busy teaching a few people lately. so that's good :)   the ward hate elders so we never get fed or have help teaching...  so if you can please send some snack? :)  thanks!!!   I feel pretty safe.  we hear gun shots all the time,  we heard me all the time in the country area  but in the city it's a different story ;)  so always praying we are safe :)  we were teaching a lesson yesterday and I looked outside and saw some people run by and thought nothing of ok so real quick  I need y'all to send me a letter in the mail asap so I can get a library card so I can be on the computer longer 904 Waldon WalkCir STN MTN 30038 (not correct address, I will post right when I get it :) please and thank you!   so sorry  but without a card I can only be on for 30 min...   kinda not cool...  anyways  so if y'all could send the debit card in a letter and with my address on it I need that for proof of residence...  please and thank you...   ha-ha  we run about every other morning :)  so I need to buy running shoes,  but things are good  love y'all so much stay safe and happy   love you mom love elder weaver

 dad :)   hello hello :)   the battle goes good  we are currently winning ;)   I think I'll the new area and comp  the ward hates elders tho so we are never fed and no one help us teach  but I hear it's getting better.  so that's good.  I'm in  a car  but I'm still losing weight cause we run quit a bit :)   I'm sorry but I can't go into detail I'm on another elder library card with limited time on it...  I'm so sorry  but next week I have pics and longer for y'all  and letter in snail mail coming. ill send tomorrow.  wow!!!  that job sound like fun!!!  wish I was home for this one!!!  I really do!   I hope the weather gets better for y'all to ride and have fun outside :):)   I hope you have a great day and week and stay safe and know I love you and miss you.  love your son elder Weaver  

Monday, March 24, 2014


Jordan your my only older brother...  you automatically default to the favorite ;)  hahaha  our week was so good!!!!   who did you go dancing with?   meet any fun people there?  way to go on the school work!! :)  that's awesome Jordan.  did you get burnt at all fishing for 8 hours????   Jeff and Sybil are doing great!!!   they are preparing for the 6th of April and they are very excited!!  they can't really wait :):)   but the thing is now me and my comp are both being transferred.....   so that stinks because we got really close to them and saw them start from scratch.. :/  keep praying for them, Sybil's dad died this past week and Jeff's aunt passed Sunday morning, please pray for them!..  we have a family of 5 that's wants to be baptized as well, a mother And her 4 daughters. they have been to church 2 times and all love it :):) well good for Logan!  tell him I said hello :):)   love you too Jordan talk to you next week love elder weaver 

Jax man!!!!  WAY TO GO BUDDY!!!!!!   WORKING PEOPLE UP AND DOWN THE COURT ALL SEASON LONG!!!!  ATTA BOY!!!!! :)   good job buddy :)  wow track sounds intense...  keep up the good hard work tho and you'll be the best! :)  well well have fun doing all your track events! :)  sounds exciting!! :):):):):)  let me know what I can do for you :)  are you excited to take seminary next year?? :)   love you too bud  love elder weaver 

sup sup :):)  haha good luck this coming week in track! :)  and good job in last week's meet!  134 another stepping stone to becoming number one :)  our week was good!! :):)  we had a lot of good things happen and many of the people we are teaching came to church and loved it!!  ha-ha  I'm glad you like the YouTube video :)  its pretty cool  I guess ;)   keep reading and you'll finish the book of Mormon soon :)  I promise fun fun  that date sounds like it was blast!!  what movie did y'all see? :) school goes by fast my friend.  and its ok that you don't know what to do yet as far as after school. focus on school work now and get done what you need to and prepare for a mission in a way that you'll be worthy and ready spiritually when the call comes, and if football does happen then you'll be able to stay and develop more physically and spiritually as you go along :)  dang kid spring break sounds like it'll be fun!  let me know how it all goes :) and how you like the skies. be safe tho!!   are y'all going to see grandpa Steve and Linda while your down that way?  I miss you too buddy, and yes I do remember when we were sitting there and we both farted and we felt like we levitated a little bit off the ground :) hahaha  so funny!!!!  love you Justin  love elder weaver 

hello mommy dear :)
we went on exchanges and elder came with me to teach some people and members and the Craig's had us for dinner and we shared that as our spiritual message :)  its kinda fun yes the lady is a member and she wanted me redo the demo for her kids who are getting ready to go on missions. so I did it a second time as she recorded it :)  she emailed it to friends and family and YouTube and I think face book? not sure but we are still teaching Jeff and Sybil and they are so ready to get baptized, we went over to their house Saturday after a member baptism and they were there as well and they can't wait!  seeing that little boy got them more excited!!! :)  Jeff told me his testimony as we were talking cause he is worried about his family not being supportive of them.  but he bore testimony to like he will to them as the meet opposition!!  I about cried...  they are a great couple and they will greatly benefit the ward here and where ever they  are :)  both of us are being changed.  so I won't know where I'm going till Wednesday...  ill write y'all and let you know when I get there. don't send the card yet I'm leaving!!  ha-ha  and I can't use my other card when I need to.. it says my pin isn't right,,  so I hope this new card and pin work better.  ha-ha.  the watch is great thank you so much!!!  I got it Monday night so thank you :) work outs are good I'm down to 242 lbs so I'm excited about that!  its good  I love you too mom and I hope you have a good week and are safe :)  love you  love elder weaver 

dad :) I'm glad my letter made you happy last week :)  ill keep praying for work and y'alls safety and happiness please let me know if there is anything else I can do for y'all and the family :)  sound like weather is getting better for y'all and I hope bike rides are fun for you this year :)   there really isn't too much more to say about this past week's work that I haven't said yet, I didn't go into much detail because we need to pack and get things ready for new elders to come in and take over..   love you dad   love elder weaver 

 I bought a 10$ candy bar so we could take to the lady at the register. it worked she is being taught now :)  and this is how big my candy is...  
its one solid piece of candy too...   crazy big....

Saturday, March 22, 2014

youtube teaching!

this week I recieved a text from the Craig family and it had a video and a youtube link of Jace teaching a lesson on Baptism by fire....get with me if you want to see and I can get you the link!  Love it! makes me cry every time I watch it!
Love you Elder Weaver-50 more days till Mother's Day!  Yipee!

Burning the one year out shirt!

Bro Kiser sent me video of him burning his shirt, I took stills from the video....
Love this kid....always flexing his spiritual muscle!~
he saluted and said bye MOM!

two weeks in one....

I am feeling better. I couldn't find the stuff y'all were talking about, but I am doin better,  elder cook was amazing!!   and yes I was able to see elder hales and he's doing great!!!  it was so good to see him!!   he said that they had someone they are teaching come to Newnan to the cancer treatment place and wanted a blessing. so we made the connection that it was us that gave their investigator the blessing and he said that made him so good knowing that it was us and that it got done by someone he could trust. so that was pretty cool!!!!!  :):)   the theme for elder cook on Saturday was how we can continue to hasten the work and be faithful missionaries and have more miracles with member lessons and also investigator, another miracle we had this week we were able to pick up Jeff and Sybil again and they want to be baptized again so we are going to be working hard on helping them as much as possible! :)  they came to a stake conference yesterday and elder Cook  one of the 12 apostles came and talked to our stake and Jeff and Sybil both came and sat in the front row and said they felt something that helps them know that this is what they need to do. they were then able to go and meet elder cook in person and shake his hand and talk with him for a few min.  it was an amazing miracle!!!!  I can't thank the lord enough for helping us with all that!!! :)  here's what coach said :) 
Jace thanks for the email and I'm glad that things seem to be going well for you. Please contact me in late November and make sure that you are registered for school that semester starting in January unless you will not be back until after the semester starts in which case you will need to be registered for the fall. Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Thanks, Coach Justin Walterscheid 
pretty excited!!!!!!!!!  I don't have any problems from my mole anymore it's all good, I hope all is well with Jax and its nothing serious...   the days seem to go pretty fast for the most part for me.  but some seem to never end... ha-ha :) I hope y'alls lunch goes good and y'all enjoy yourselves :)   thank you so much mom.  I love you and I hope you have a good week!!  one thing   you remember the watches Justin order on line from Germany or something like that  the little rubber thing that told time,  if he has one could y'all send to me so I can wear it while I work out?   please and thank you.  id would rather wear that then a big bulky watch I normally wear.. thanks :)   I did the shamrock stuff and thank you very much for all the stuff in it :)   I'm sorry it didn't work out at home... :/   if I can do anything for you please let know :)  love you mom  love elder weaver 

Jordan-so I hear that the Utah jazz is talking about you?...  is that true? ;)  ha-ha   that's awesome buddy!!!   hard work and determination pays off :)  good for you my man!!   my week was good and I'm glad yours was as well. I hope and wish you luck in your basketball games this week and I'm glad you're doing good :)  I too am doing good :)   I love you buddy
and hope you have a fun week!!  love elder weaver 

Hey! How are you? How was your week? I'm good my week was good! I had the mole on my chest removed! So for now I have a big hole in my chest! ;) this week for basketball we play for a seat in the championship game!! :) and my team is still undefeated! Pretty much half of our ward is going to be there! ;) our young men are going for our activity then talon and Adam are going! Saturday me and Justin went to the park an played basketball! It was pretty fun!! :) love you have a great week! :) love Jax
Jax-so I hear that the Utah jazz is talking about you?...  is that true? ;)  ha-ha   that's awesome buddy!!!   hard work and determination pays off :)  good for you my man!!   my week was good and I'm glad yours was as well. I hope and wish you luck in your basketball games this week and I'm glad you're doing good :)  I too am doing good :)   I love you buddy and hope you have a fun week!!  love elder weaver 
Hey Jace hope you're having a good week and I hope you're going good. My week was good I a lot of fun and had a fun weekend. We have the faculty talent show today and the seminary teachers want me to be there. So I'm a little nervous to see what's gonna happened and If I get embarrassed somehow I'm not sure. How was your week anything new happened? We have our first track meet this week it's at Roy and we are verging Mountain crest and Bonneville. It'll be a lot of fun and excited to Throw javelin. Brockott got  busted with drugs so he cannot play in the state tournament so we lost in the second round of the playoffs for the boys Basketball team.... What a weenie right? Ha he let down a lot of people...  But that's about it for this week... How have you been? Hope things are good! Still haven't been contacted for football.. And we have stake conference this week and I'm getting sustained an elder!!!!! :) ha
Love ya
Justin-oh fun!!  I hope you have fun in the talent show!! :)  let me know how it goes :)  ha-ha  a lot happened this week we picked up Jeff and Sybil again and they want to baptized still!! :)  I'm excited for you this week being ordained to as an elder!!! :)  have you thought about starting mission papers yet or anything like that?  that's too bad about the basketball team... darn:/    ha-ha   your right though he let down a lot of people.  but we still need to love him and help him and be his friend, and show him the love just as Christ would :)   good luck in the coming track events!!  I hope you have fun and kick some butt!!!  :)    you throw that javelin like no ones business!!  you show them what's up!! :)   I love you kiddo and hope all goes well for this week :)  love you and miss you my friend  love elder weaver 
Jace thanks for the email and I'm glad that things seem to be going well for you. Please contact me in late November and make sure that you are registered for school that semester starting in January unless you will not be back until after the semester starts in which case you will need to be registered for the fall. Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Thanks, Coach Justin Walterscheid

Mom-that's from the SUU coach :)  this week we were able to pick up Jeff and Sybil again and they want to be baptized again so we are going to be working hard on helping them as much as possible! :)  they came to a stake conference yesterday and elder Cook  one of the 12 apostles came and talked to our stake and Jeff and Sybil both came and sat in the front row and said they felt something that helps them know that this is what they need to do. they were then able to go and meet elder cook in person and shake his hand and talk with him for a few min.  it was an amazing miracle!!!!  I can't thank the lord enough for helping us with all that!!! I did learn lots from elder cook and I'm thankful I had the chance to go and listen and be taught by an apostle of the lord :)  I will continue to pray for work! :)  no one else  write me I get a letter about every other week,  gorge and Lynn write me sometimes! :)   can y'all let them know I changed missions, they still send letter to the north mission and they forward it to me :)  but can y'all let them know the next time you see them? :)  thank you :) I love you dad and I hope you're doing good and enjoying y'alls warm weather for the time you have it. :)  talk to you later love your son  elder weaver 
Wow, miracles happen, so excited for you and Jeff and Sybull!!! And response from coach is awesome!!! Are you so happy?!?!?! I am for you, blessings so incredible!!!
I'll check into watch and get something sent this week :)
thank you so much!!! :)  I have some pics for you today y'all might like ;)    I am very happy!!!  I need to start running more outside and get cardio up again along with speed :) Always love pictures :) so glad you're happy!! Are you guys allowed to go running? Have to go as comps together? When would you go? Just never thought about elders running-except from maybe dogs :) ha-ha!!! yes we are allowed to run  we would have to go as companions.  we would do it in the mornings. :)   we don't run from dogs too often ;)  ha-ha 

March 17th, 2014

Well here we are again, happy green day!!! Hope it's a great day! I did send you a treat for st Patrick's however you probably won't get till Tuesday or Wednesday, I sent the watch you asked about and instruction to work it :) hope it is what you were thinking :) things here are super, I'll let the boys fill you in.....
Hey there Elder Weaver! This Jordan. How often do you use your bike? Why did you guys set up Jeff's and sybils baptism date for the 22 and not for yesterday? I'm doing good, doing school work for my online class. I took the dog for a bath the other day and he looks a few years younger. I went fishing the other day too, I had a few strikes but I didn't catch anything. Also went and helped Logan and his dad prepare for cement because they will be pouring a new patio for their trailer. I've got some tomato, pepper, and sweet corn plants growing. So we should have a salsa garden growing this year, just need some onion plans and garlic plants. Love you my friend. Love Jordan.,

Hey my friend we are trying something a little different this week it seems to me that you answer the same questions that we all ask and you have to give the same answer to all of us. So maybe this will give you more time to tell us more about your life and your mission. Have you ever had a time or moment where you were inspired to do something or go down one street or knock on a specific door or talk to one person? We pray every day that you will be a tool and instrument in the lords hands, do you feel that has happened or is happening. We miss you and want to hear about your every day adventures. Please take time and tell about your day more than what time you get up and eat, but about how you feel what you see. Let us in make us feel like we are there with you:)) tell us how you feel about the new format, if you think it will work?
     Things here are great still looking for work, lots of bids  and lots of interest. So keep praying for us and are work be awesome love you to pieces  miss you, glad your serving and growing
                                                              Love you smile DAD:)))))
    The jazz are looking at me so arethe heat! I'm kinda hoping that the heat will pick me up this off season and I can start training with them and working with the team! This week is championship game! I got 18 points at my last game! After my game we went to Wendy's for baconators! There soooooo goooooood! Track is good! Tryouts are Monday! I think I'm going to be one of the fastest kids on my team! I'm hoping to run the 100 long jump and 4 by 1!
                                                               Love you love Jax! :)
Hey Jace!!! This is Justin.. How be things? This week was pretty good! We had our track meet here @ Roy against mtn crest and bville I ran the 100 and took 3rd in my heat and I also threw the jav 134 and got second place! It wasn't too bad for our first meet... Over the weekend I had. A lot of fun went to a bond fire and had a girl come with me and she was way way cool!! Saturday night got stood up and had to 5th wheel it... Ha but it happens.. Ha I got ordained an elder today!!!!!!!!! It was a pretty cool experience! This week our track meet is on Thursday and we are at Logan high.... Boooo ha but it'll be fun I hope.. Ha 4th quarter is starting!!! Holy crap... I have 2 months of high school left.. I still haven't been contacted by any schools... :( and I'm getting a really strong feeling that I need to start filling out my mission papers.. Soo I just might.. Ha I hope ya have a good week and learn something new!! You da man! I miss ya lots and hope you are enjoying your time out!!
Mom again, :) so things here were pretty uneventful on my end, I heard from Swete Bette, and then noticed that today, Sunday was her birthday, same day as grandma pats, anyways I texted her happy bday and sent pix of you that sis Craig texted me!  Bete is such a great lady! She misses you dearly, maybe drop her a belated bday note :) Love the pix so cute with your clovers :) did you have Sybil and Jeff at church with you? How was your week for teaching? Any new contacts? How is sinuses?
Cameron Hansen got his small this week, he is going to Richmond Virginia, leaves June 4.
We had stake conference this weekend, great meetings, lots of talk about coming to the rescue of others and bringing them back to church, makes me think of all of our inactive or nonmembers in our ward/neighborhood, I need to be more courageous!  Oh Jaxs mole came back, no cancer yea! Just big hole in chest..., worth knowing that it's not cancer!
This week we are hoping to get some bids for jobs and maybe get something's done in the yard, spring is officially the 20th :) yea!!!
Did you ever find out how lunch went with pres jewkes, and Sybil and Jeff? Are they husband and wife? Have kids? How old? How is their excitement for baptism? We are constantly praying for them and their happiness :)
Are transfers coming around again? Think you'll go?
Well I'm excited to get your letter you as always, whole bunches, today and every day!!!
Love mom
wow, opened this up and saw how big it was and thought it was one letter copied and pasted to make it look bigger.. ha-ha   I will be looking for package in mail, thank you again for sending it. 
Jordan I don't ride my bike at all because it's in storage,  we had to do Jeff and Sybil on the hopefully the 29th now, they couldn't make it to church this week they were in Tennessee for the weekend  they feel comfortable with the April 1st being their day, but that's a Tuesday and Pres Jewkes ( land lord, member of mission presidency)  will be in Tampa that day and he wants to be there also we don't want to do Tuesday because that means that they will have to wait till Sunday to confirmed in sacrament meeting. and conference is coming up too so it could be two week before they get confirmed.  well I'm glad the dog looks younger after a bath! :)  does he act younger too? ;)  ha-ha  fishing is one thing I want to do when I get home, just chill and listen to the water and catch some fish crack some jokes, have some good fun :) how's Logan and his wife and baby doin?    a salsa garden?!?!?!?!  :D  that sounds yummy! :)   ha-ha   love you Jordan  talk to you next week!  love elder weaver
 dear dad,
I see what you're saying about me answering all the same questions over and telling everyone the same thing over and over again.  we found 9 new people to teach this week and we are trying to get the ward more involved with us as missionaries and helping us teach our people and helping get them a way to church, our ward hasn't been too good at that,  they will fellowship and be nice and welcoming to people they see in the building  but outside the building its hard to get people to help us, our ward mission leader is trying to get us more ward missionaries so we can have assignments of who goes out with us and on what day,  so far this week we have almost 5 appointment set up where should have a member there with us and one night we might be able to do splits and be in two places at once, and that would be a good problem to have!!  we are still working with Jeff and Sybil and we can see the conversion MORE in their personality and countenance, they seem to glow already and they haven't been baptized yet but their desire is so strong!  they are praying and reading they are in the book of Jacob and we answered any and all questions they may have for us about the Book of Mormon or church or something simple as prayer. thank you for your prayers and yes I have been feeling like I'm an effective tool in the lords hands, I too have been praying for that very same thing!   well through our days we see people with bad living circumstances but a really nice car, we see people who are so caught up in a TV show that they hardly have money for food to feed their 5 kids who live at home, we see people who live in a shed, a women in her 60 who has adopted 4 little kids and they live in a shed with no running water, no toilet and hardly any food, but they feel happy with what they have and don't ask for more or help.  this family have a four year old boy who will wake up and go to the wood pile with a wheel barrel and put 3 pieces of wood in it and struggle to take it back to their shed to put in their wood burning stove to warm the house while they rest of the family is getting ready for school. and the mother is busy getting the kids ready, and she doesn't notice the 4 year old does that until she feels the warmth in the their humble home.  we see people who are too caught up in the world who have very nice cars and homes with private ponds in their backyard, but their marriages have failed because they didn't really love each other and don't have time for each other. we see parents who ask us to pray for their kids in high school and jr high who are addicted to drugs and drinking, and at the ages of 15 to 20 have their own kids. we see drug deals happen with children on the same street riding their bikes around asking what their dad is doing and who he is talking to, and the mothers say don't worry about it it's an old friend.  we also see the hand of the lord prepare those who he has ready for us teach and help come out of their old lives and enter into a new life,  we see recent converts who have a new friend at church with them every Sunday because they want for them what they now have in their lives.   I love you dad and thank you for your love and support and example, thank you for your hard work and dedication so our family did not have to be like those I see here in GA please know I'm very appreciative for all you do ME.  love your son elder Jace Weaver

see bud I knew there were a couple teams looking at you! :)  ha-ha  Jax man I hear from grandma pat that your becoming pretty tall!?!?!  :)  how tall are you now  days?  can you dunk the ball yet?   good luck in your upcoming games and track try outs!   you will be fastest one on your team if you let yourself. :)  good luck buddy  love you Love elder weaver 
Justin :):)   things be good on my side of the country! :)  ha-ha  good job in your track meet!!  now from here they only way you can go is up!! :) who did you go to the fire with? :)  5th wheel aren't too fun but it does happen sometimes.  oh well :)  I've been praying you and your ordination. how was it?  :) good luck in Logan this week!  kick some butt ;)  fly like the wind down that track and chuck that java like no one's business!  you can get 175 feet easy!  just let loose and scream and run full throttle and just let go!  but remember your form and things you've been taught ;)  don't get sloppy.  dang it does go fast doesn't it?  before you know it you'll be 14 months out on your mission... Justin it's ok that you haven't talked to any schools, listen to the promptings you get and follow them, if you are to serve a mission then it's your time! :)    hope you have a good week and all goes well for you!  be safe in all that you do :)  love you and miss you too!  love your buddy elder weaver
 hello again mom :)
 I will have to tell sweet bete happy bday :)  no they could not make it to church they were in Tennessee this weekend but they said they aren't planning missing too many meetings as far as church goes :)  so we are excited about that!! :)  our week was alright with teaching we did a lot of finding so we can have more people to teach. and that was really good :)  9 new people to teach and my sinuses are good no more stuffy :)  that's the same mission Morgan Unga is in!!  cool cool!  :) I didn't think we had too many less active members in our ward?..  well good jax's mole is not bad!!! :)   good good  how's his hole healing up? ha-ha ill keep work in my prayers :)  things here are feeling like last year,  rainy and humidity is coming back :)  just not too excited for the sweating part ;)  ha!  lunch went good with Pres Jewkes!  I told Jordan about them getting baptized and stuff :)  they are married  no kids together but from previous marriages. they are older kids  20's I think they are very excited for baptism!!! :)  thank you for praying for them!! transfers are the 26th. I think I'll be here again but my comp is going, I think, we could both be leaving. but we find out next Monday.  love y'all and hope all is well  love elder weaver

31 But they that await upon the Lord shall brenew their cstrength; they shall mount up with wings as deagles; they shall erun, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.    Isaiah 40:31
That's a great track scripture! What a beautiful letter, I had no idea you were around such poor circumstances. We are truly blessed! Love you, hope your wearing green so Autumn can't pinch you!!! Saw pictures of you guys last night at your house :) so cute!!!

we aren't in too poor of conditions  but some people just have less,  ya I'm wearing green so she won't pinch me :)  ha-ha 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014



He stood at the crossroads all alone,
The sunlight in his face;
He had no thought for an evil course,
He was set for a manly race.
But the road stretched east and the
road stretched west,
And he did not know which road
was the best;
So he took the wrong road and it lead
him down,
And he lost the race and the
victor's crown.
He was caught at last in an
angry snare
Because no one stood at the
crossroads there
To show him the better road.

Another day at the self-same place
A boy with high hopes stood;
He, too, was set for a manly race
He was seeking the things that
were good.
And one was there who the roads
did know,
And that one showed him the
way to go;
So he turned away from the road
leading down,
And he won the race and the
victor's crown;
He walks today on the highways fair
Because one stood at the
crossroads there
To show him a better road.

-Sadie Tiller Crawley

Well things are in full swing with the H.P. Group lots of meetings, lots of organizing. Kind of fun, Sundays are a haze or a blur might take a couple weeks to get up to speed. But it fun to be serving The Lord. Getting to know the gentlemen on a more personal basis, and I like that.
     So how is life for you? Was your week a little better feeling? Hope you are. Any new about Cibull and her husband are did they make a clean cut, it sound like someone from their old friends got a hold of them and turned them away. Are you still in contact with them? Are things better with the weather? I know things have been hard the last couple weeks but you know this is how it would be, and you need to pick yourself up off the ground brush yourself off strap on your helmet and run a new play:) things will get better I promise! Just keep up the hard work and keep a open dialogue with your father in heaven. Keep your chin up we love you and pray for you every day. And we know that you can overcome this and move on, please smile and be happy! I miss you. BUT I know that you are where you need to be. I wish I could pick you up and do it for you but this is how you learn on your own. And you can do it, love you my friend be happy
                                                                       Love you DAD
wow sounds like a busy week for you!!  :)  well that's good your working with the men so good!   I'm feeling a little better I still have some sinus pains and clogging ;)  ha-ha  we haven't been able to get in touch with Jeff and Sybil  but pres. Jewkes of the mission presidency called us and said he is having them over for lunch on Friday and they are going to go into depth about the questions they have, said he wants us to pray about if we should be there or not we feel we shouldn't be so that they can have a discussion about the questions and have it be a less formal then having us there where its lessons. the weather is getting warmer and I'm loving it!  I'm sick of being cold... ha-ha  our week was good though we found 6 new people to teach and we are excited to get into their homes and help them progress towards baptism :) I'm picking myself up dad no worries  I know hard times come and go  but I'm working through them.   I'm praying and working so things are going good for us even though I'm not feeling well.   I wish you were to at least motivate me and yell at me to pick myself up, I love you dad, I miss you too but I too know I'm where the lord needs me and where he sees me growing into what he sees me becoming.   have a good day dad  talk to you later.  love your son elder Jace weaver 

Hey how are you? How's your week going? How's your day been? I'm good my week was good! This week I have a bye for basketball because are the number one team! All the south Ogden teams and parents don't think we should be in the tournament because we blow every one out of the water! Our coach asked us as a team if we wanted them to have their own tournament and have their winner then we would play there winner and go all out! But we decided we would just do the tournament and still kill every one!  Do you ever play basketball with your young men? On Tuesday I'm getting my second palm! Do you help with the scouts in your ward? What do you do on P days? A lot of people at stores ask if me and Justin are twins! We sometimes say yes! It's pretty funny to see people's reactions when they find out I'm 4 years younger than him! Love you! Have a great time! Love Jax
Sent from Jax
Jax-I'm doing good  how are you?  my week was good!   my day has been good so far :)  dang kid  just keep killing it in basketball!!   who cares what the south Ogden parents think or say?  just play your game and work hard like you know how to do!!  :)  congrats on getting your second palm this week!  :)  that's awesome :)  we don't do anything really with our scouts.   we don't play basketball with our youth either... it'd be fun if we did though!  :)   ha-ha  on pdays we email then shop  then do whatever.   we don't have too much to do here,,  kinds stinks.  oh well...  hahahaha  y'all are pranksters!! telling people your twins!!  that's funny!!  send me a pic of you two standing next to each other  I wanna see it! :)   love you buddy  love  elder weaver

Mom-well I'm glad the flower  season is coming up for you :)   I'm sorry to hear about the dog..   poor puppy.. have you heard at all from the Jennings about rowdy? is he still around?...  ya I'm not too excited for the time change either...  I'm glad y'all are looking for the positive in life and being more positive as well :)  that's good :) I haven't gotten the shamrock stuff yet, but I did get my memory card back  however it doesn't work in the camera anymore...  so I will send it back for you to keep if that's ok?..  I have another one grandma pat sent with me  and I'm using that one now.  well sounds like work is fun and keeping up that's good :)  we aren't with the sister a lot,  sometimes we have dinner together but not too often,  I love you everyday too mom :)    if I can answer anymore questions for you please let me know :)  love elder weaver
Great poem, where did you get it? Do you guys do anything for family home evening? We saw video if you burning your shirt :) you look great, bro kiser seems like a good guy, he mentioned you gave him a blessing a few months back, that's neat, tell us about :) love ya, big plans for today? What is your Saturday meeting?
 Mission president sent it to us.  we have fhe at a members home, whoever is feeding us on Mondays we do it with them :) ha-ha.  ya burning the shirts were fun :)  he's a great guy!!  so fun to be around!!  he was sick and asked  us at church the same day if we could stop y and give him a blessing, we did so and he said the next he was feeling completely better. :)    this Saturday Elder Cook is coming and talking to us and the north mission!  so excited to see some of those people again :):)
Sounds fun, where do you go for meeting? Be sure to take lots of pictures, with you in them :) sorry card doesn't work, that's odd, I just down loaded and then sent back....grandma and grandpa off to Hawaii this morning so jealous! Today is also grandpa Steve's bday :) feeling better today?
a stake center I the a different stake, I think it's in the north mission.  I'll take pics mom don't worry :):)   they went to Hawaii?!?!?!   what island?  lucky people :)  tell grandpa Steve I said happy birthday :):)  I'm feeling ok today.  still have stuffy sinus's... :/
They are going to Waikiki, if you go to store today get some Dristan cold sinus stuff, non drowsy kind, dad and I had sinus stuff and it worked great-do you have allergies? Maybe find a non drowsy allergy med...hope it works, still have vitamins? Get some oj too :) still bossy mom :) only cuz I love ya!
 I have some allergy stuff.  ill et some meds at store today, and some oj :)   thanks mom  :)
I just sent this to coach Walterschied...  :):)
Coach Walterschied,
My name is Jace Weaver I played football for Freddy Fernandez at Roy High School, and you came up to visit me and my parents and talked about me playing football you. As of right now I'm serving an LDS Mission in the Georgia Atlanta Mission, I've been out for 14 months and I wanted to let you know I still have the desire to play football when I get home. I will send you my highlight films again so you can have them to look over. When you came up to visit you we were talking about me playing full back. Please let me know if I can be anything now that can better prepare me for when I get home this coming January. Thank you for your time,
~ Elder Jace Weaver
Sup sup!!! How ware things this week? Prom was soooo fantastic! Probably thee best dance I have ever been too! We had a great group and I had thee best date ever!
It was so much fun! Track is going good! And we have a boys state playoff game today! That'll be way good! We sold the last four wheeler.... :((((  I had a good week and every seminary etcher says hello! I have a appointment with the stake presidency to become a elder on Tuesday night at 6:30.. So that'll be goo and fun! Ha I don't have to go to school until 12 on Tuesday because the jrs are taking the act...  We went paint balling for our day date!!! That was way too much fun and a blast!!! How are things with you? Doing good? It is going by super fast... Ha keep enjoying it! Love and miss ya!
Justin-hey studly stud :)  ha-ha  it looks like you had fun :)  no car crashes right?.. ;)  hehe  well cheer for me at the game! I look forward to hearing about it next week :)   well... there goes all those fun memories... :(  oh well... tell all the seminary teachers I said hello back :)  well congrats my friend!!  I'm excited for you this  Tuesday!   I hope all goes well and I know they will go good for you :):)  good job Justin :) dang lucky kid.   enjoy sleeping in on Tuesday ;)  ha-ha  well I'm glad you had a good week and fun at the dance!  :)  she's a cute one ;)   things for us are going good  I'm still feeling sick..  but oh well it comes and goes.  :)  its is going fast!!  ha-ha  I love you too bud and I miss you too.   love elder weaver