Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dad-Yes, I think we can get the ward motivated enough to get things moving in a good direction.  I'm ok with the no tracting  its just we need to find our inv through members now and inv and recent converts now.  So we testify of the sacrament and how it blesses lives of being able to be baptized again and again weekly through the sacrament.  Things are getting better :)  Life is good thank you :)  I am happy and I hope you are too :) I am still growing and I don't know everything, I am still learning :) ha-ha  thank you for the quote I will read that chapter now and get insights from it ;) I love you dad and I hope you have a good week   love elder weaver

Mom-weeks are going faster it seems like...   ha-ha its crazy how fast seasons go by..I miss playing ball....  I was pretty excited when I got the letter from Fitz. :) last week was good,  leg is healing fine Saturday was good, I did see lots of friends,  I can't give you details, its confidential missionary only info ;);)  ha-ha  jk  I'll tell you next week about it when I have my notes with me, sorry mom,  but I do have some pics today...  mom  don't worry about the shoes its fine :) work is going good :)  no tracting has been in play since when we saw Elder Evens...   I do still need bike, another elder in our apartment is riding it now because he is waiting for visa to Brazil and I'll still need if I go to a bike area to get around places.. these pics are sunsets and I have more coming of my face ;) no worries :) ha-ha  I love you mom very much  and I miss you   I hope you have a good week   oh and I have an appointment tomorrow to have a guy look at my wisdom teeth  just to look.   I'll let y'all know as soon as possible about what is going on.   love elder weaver

brother Payne gave me this suit because it doesn't fit him anymore I like it too, its blue :) 

found lizards, decided to test our costumes for Halloween….

Having difficulties uploading pictures...I will add when I figure computer out!  Boys letters not sent to our email....I'll load them soon also!

Monday, October 21, 2013

no more tracting soon....

Hey how are you? :) I'm good! My week was good! :) we beat Orion! I got to play a lot on offense and defense! I got a lot of yards and a extra point! We saw caption Phillips! It's about a boat captain that had his ship taken over by sea pirates and he got taken prisoner and the navy seals and navy came in and got him it was a pretty cool movie! ;) what time do you wake up? What do you do on P days? What time do you go to bed? What do you usually eat for breakfast and lunch and dinner? How big is the young men's program in your ward? Is scouting big to? Do you go to any young men meetings during the week? Do you play any sports with them? How many young men do you know? Love you love Jax
Jax- I'm good my man how are you? :) nice work on the game  how many tackle did you have? :)   how many yards? :)   dang sounds like your getting a lot more playing time :)  good job your extra point! :)  dang that sounds like a way good movie :)  I wake up at 6:25  what time do you wake up? :)  we email and shop and go the stake center and play basketball or other games or sometimes just chill and talk about things  maybe sleep a little bit ;) ha-ha  breakfast I just do cereal  lunch is left overs so whatever we ate the night before  and then members feed us every night so it changes  but we eat a lot of good food :)  it's not too big  they have more young men then y'all do back home tho..  ha-ha  scouting is pretty big yes :)  we do not go to young men meetings unless we get invited to :)  we don't play sports with em :/ I know almost all of em cause I've been here for so long ;) ha-ha   I love you too bud  have a good week and good luck with school and football :)  I love you   love elder weaver

Mom-thank you for her address :)  how is the Patton family doing? :)  I got the pic of senior night :)  I sure do miss it....... dang that's a good looking group of people :)  I'm glad chandler is able to have these experiences with us :') I hope he knows and understands how much it meant to me to have him down there with me...   we didn't have the super big thing last week it's this Saturday so I didn't see anyone from the mission on Thursday..  I ended up taking the stitches out myself the night before   we had to be at the meeting from 10 am to 830 pm  so we were there all day....    but I'm ok we did everything clean-ish :P  ha-ha  no return visit and my leg is fine :)   the _______ are doin good ______ is having some problems  so we gave her a blessing last night and that was an amazing experience to be a part of..  we still talk with Cindy we haven't been able to see here in awhile  so we are going to try and see her this week   Larry is ok  we don't talk to him  he never calls us back  or answers our calls and we never see him anymore cause he is working two jobs...   but a lot of people are asking about him and how's he is doin.. so hopefully he will get back to knowing his priorities here soon..  no pics today I forgot the cord.... but I have some funny pics :):)  I think y'all will like em :)  its getting cold here too.. kinda no fun :/ ha-ha :) my other clothes are working great for me :) I did like the shoes for as long as I've had em :) they are comfy and work really well :)  I did get grandma pats package and of course I share the stuff I get! :) why wouldn't I?...  I'll be alright without a pocket pmg   thanks tho :) I love you mom and I hope you have a good week and are safe in all your activities :)   let me know if there's anything I can do for y'all (besides send pics, sorry I forgot  I was even thinking about this morning too)    I love you mom   love elder weaver
Please tell Grandma Pat thanks so much for the package! We all love it!

(I shortened Jordan's letter to Jace, there was alot of great stuff he learned in priesthood that he shared....)He gives us a knowledge of what we shall do, inasmuch as we are willing to sacrifice our lives rather than go contrary to that knowledge. He opens to us the secrets of the celestial kingdom, and he is constantly communicating to us things that we never knew before. This knowledge and intelligence is growing upon us continually."
Just some stuff I liked from priesthood today. It's been a slow week, but a fun one. Both Justin and Jax are in the playoffs :) Jax is in first seat so we are excited about that. Just chilling watching Holes with the rest of the family. Went and saw Captain Phillips Friday night and it's a great movie. 
That's all I really got this week my friend. Love you and hope all is going well with you.
Love Jordan.
Jordan-make a list of movies that you like and when I get home we will have to watch em ;)  ha-ha   have a good week Jordan and thank you for the words of inspiration :)   I love you and hope this week is a little more exciting than your last one ;)   love you bud   love elder weaver

life is so good dad thank you :)   Thursday was good  no we didn't go to the temple.. and yes I took my stitches out myself with fingernail clippers and a sewing needle  and the area is good :)   my leg is completely fine :) ______________________  I like all the missionaries I'm serving around they are all great men  one is from Alaska his comp is from Texas waiting for visa to go to Brazil  my comp from Utah  other elders are from Utah as well...and I'm from Utah too :) we kinda do splits  not really tho  we don't do them too often or for too long.   I can see me caring people across the river :) and spreading the good news even when people don't want it ;)  which is often but oh well :)  I thank you for all the prayers and love y'all send me thank you very much :)  I'm glad work is looking good and things are staying lined up for you. I hope and pray everything will continue to do so :)     I love you very much  dad and I miss you    love elder weaver
 ps  I got a letter in the mail from coach Fitz from SVU  he said  he hopes I'm doin well and he hopes to get me back playing for him in 2015.  that made me feel kinda good :)

How has your week been? Anything new and crazy happening? This past week we played Bonneville and we won 55-20 our starters didn't play the second half.... I had 114 yards on 5 carries... So it was a good week! This week we play sky view and then the playoffs!! I'm pretty excited!! :) we also have Sadie's this week on Saturday and I'm hoping that'll be pretty fun! :) I hope things are going good!! The Bingham's had to put boon down.... :( :( but Jerico is doing pretty well! So... Things are good for me! Love ya Jace!

Justin- my week was good how was your week? :) we found out this week that we are no longer knocking on doors.  no more tracting!  and that will take effect in all of north America here soon..  we are going to be doing more member work and less active work and asking for referrals all the time!  so we have to learn new finding activities and testify more of the sacrament when we are visiting less active members :)   so that all should be fun :) way to go on the game my man!!!!!   that's awesome :) you crazy running back you!!   you look good in your pic!  you look pretty tone and healthy!  :)  I'm crying a little bit ;') ha-ha  good luck this week in your game and don't forget what you've been working so hard for! :)  have fun at the dance my man and be you   just have fun :)  that's sad boon had to go...   glad jerico is doin good tho!! :)  I love you bud  and I hope you have a good week and have the health and strength you need to continue in all that you are doing  love elder weaver  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Great Week! Happy!

Hey there partner!! How was your week? Do you and you comp get along pretty well? Could you kind of walk me through your day? Like your schedule :)
 My week was good! We had a buy for football so it was a good recover! We play Bonneville on Wednesday!!!!!!! :) they beat Ogden last week for their first win 20 to 7 so I'm real excited to play them! We don't have school on Thursday or Friday this week because of UAE :) on Saturday night me Jax and mom and dad went to the utes game and they played Stanford which Is ranked number 4... And Utah won!!! 27 to 21 :) it was crazy intense! Stanford had the chance to win, they were on our 6 yard line and they couldn't get it in with about 1 minute left in the game... So they through it fourth down and the q over through it so it was incomplete and the utes won and Jax dad randy and I ran on the field with A bunch of other people And it was just crazy cool!! We also did the ute walk so we saw all the players before the game and they really aren't that big.... Like you make them look small! :) I can't wait to watch you when you're playing there!! ;) ;) I love ya lots Jace and I hope ya have a fantastic week and make the best of it!
- love Justin :)

our week was pretty good  how was yours?  ya we get along ok ha-ha  nothing to complain about.. 6:25 wake up work out till 7 shower eat breakfast 8 start personal studies 9 comp studies. 10:00-11:00 we make phone calls and go through our potential list and former lists as well trying to set up appointments. 11 lunch..12 we are out knocking and talking to people until 7 or 8 then we finish the night with dinner then we plan for the next day  then we talk or sometimes wrestle  then we got to bed at 10:30 :)  nice.  good recovery time :)    lucky y'all get UEA...  ;) good luck Wednesday my friend :)  dang y'all went to the game!!??!?   a lot of people were talking about that game at church and they said it was a good game!   how did y'all like that one?? :):):)  dang sounds like y'all had a blast at that game!!!!   that's crazy cool :)   I wouldn't mind playing there :) ha-ha  I love you too my man  and I hope you have a good week and stay safe and keep working hard!!   how do you like the watch and hat I sent you?  do they work ok?   the watch is kinds big ;/  sorry  love you bud  love elder weaver

Hey there Elder Weaver! How are you doing? I'm doing great! Way excited for Halloween this year. I'm going to two different parties, one this Friday and one next Saturday. So I'm doing two costumes with Emily. Mobsters and a hunter and deer, I'm the deer lol. Aunt Katie had her baby blessed today, she is a very pretty little girl with big eyes, chandler says he misses you and that another year is a long time for you to still be away.
Things with Em are going good, she's over here a lot spending time with the family and they haven't scared her away yet so that's good :)
The weather is starting to get cold here in Utah, it's been raining, so me and dad have been wearing our coats and sweaters to work, also the boots.
That's all I really got for you this week my friend, live you! Keep working hard!
Love Jordan

she grew up knowing our family...  if she wanted to she would've left by now....;)  hahaha   I'm so funny :)  you have turned into the little party animal since I've been gone...  ;)  don't get shot as the deer   don't make her mad ;)  the weather down here is staring to cool down as well   it's been pretty nice tho I bought a little thin coat last week and it's not too big but it keeps me comfortable and it was $5  :)  I'm a bargain shopper ;)   just kidding   well my friend take it easy and have a good week :)  love you   love elder weaver

Hey how are you? How was your week? I'm good my week was good! We beat wahlquist! And I ran 2 for 15 yards! :) we were on TV for the Utah game! :) we played at Roy high this week! I probably will need braces just don't know if or when I'm going to get them. Have you had any scary days? Do the leaves up change a lot! How many church meetings do you go to each week? Love you love Jax

I'm good how are you ?  my week was good and I'm glad to hear that you had a good one as well :)   nice work my man you keep what your doin and you'll be unstoppable :)  I'm pretty jealous about the Utah game I won't lie....  ha-ha   but I'm glad y'all had a great time :)   what do you mean by scary days?....  we have days when we meet kinda scary people ha-ha   that's scary sometimes :)   the leaves are starting to change and its beautiful :)  it depends on the week for church meeting   normally we just have district meeting on Tuesdays and church on Sundays..  other than that   sometimes we go to the temple instead of district meeting..   I love you bud and have a safe week   love elder weaver

Mom-no we weren't there when she texted you...  everything feels fine  the stitches are started to feel itchy...  not too fun ha-ha  yes I am happy :)  are you happy? :)   ya Larry is good and ya that did happen in our neighborhood..  and another shooting took place two week later one the third floor of our building so right above us..  it was crazy :)  we all slept through it tho  it happened early in the morning :)    makes me feel like we live in a ghetto  ha-ha   but it's really not too bad of a place :) some new contacts  no one to pray for   we met a guy who is on parole until 2018  cause he murdered someone and just got out of jail a month ago...  he was a nice guy to us!   really funny tho!  super thick accent and very animated :)  ha-ha  no temple soon  not till next month..  elder oaks is coming to talk to our mission and the north mission  so that will be fun  that's on Thursday :)  kinda excited for that :)  wow y'all have busy week :)  we have a busy week as well :)  send all mail to our apartment!!  I have not gotten grandma pats stuff yet and not sure when I will   but I'll do what I can to get it soon..  I got a package from the ward too  that's was awesome :)    ha-ha   please tell everyone thank you for me :) I love you too mom and I hope y'all have a good week and be safe in all that you do :)  love elder weaver makes me

Dad-way happy!! :) ha-ha  yes everything is healing fine.  I'm so ready to get them out!  I might just do it myself ;)  ha-ha just joking  but serious at the same time ;)  we are staying pretty busy with lessons and new people its good  we don't have a lot time to sit around or think what to do  we know what to do :) nothing fun happened...  noting too exciting happened  besides meeting the guy who just got out of jail... we had a lot of prayer talkers this week tho   those are always fun :):)  the weather is cooling down some and the leaves are changing :)  I'm still upbeat :)  thank you so much dad.   thank you for your love and support and all that you do for the family.  I love you    love your son  elder Jace weaver

Monday, October 14, 2013

Great news!!

I received this text from Sis. Carol Boles, an angel that lives in Jace's ward right now...."Good evening sister Weaver. I was texting you to let you know that your son is OK the test came back that all is clear. There's no sign of anything with the mold, I thought you'd like that news. He said send His love and he will email you tomorrow..."
Power of prayer and answers to prayers, thanks to all of you for your prayers of love and support!

Monday, October 7, 2013

New address

I am posting address again because my computer won't let me change it on his blog page off to the right, so here it is again....

Elder Jace Weaver
Georgia Atlanta Mission
431 Kirkland Rd Apt #6112

Covington GA 30016

Thanks for all of the love and letters! 
Happy Fall Y'all!

new address....

Mom-___________. we emailed early because we had a zone p day and we had a long drive to go so we emailed a little early.. we just played some games as a zone   capture the flag and had a fun little race we did as teams :)  nothing is changing for transfers we are both staying together..  I'm alright with it.. :)  we watched conference at our building :)  just the missionaries  we eat at members homes most every night  just when we are with her she takes pics :) send mail to 431 Kirkland Rd. apt #6112 Covington, GA 30016    :) I haven't spent birthday money yet. don't know what to buy. ha-ha it is cooling down here :)   but we have to wear jackets outside now when its cooler then 75...  I don't like that....   
love you mom  have a good week and be safe  :)  love elder weaver

    It was great to talk to you last week you sound good, and upbeat. Do you have any concerns about your leg anything you want to talk about or we can help you with. Is it healing ok can you send us a pic without getting to personal, we understand if you can't. Let us know what we can do.
     Did you enjoy conference? Any talk touch your heart, or build you up tell us what you think or felt. I thought it was a great weekend good talks great spirit and with most of my fam good for me. Little football and gospel how could it be better?
     Things here are good still have work still bidding a lot which is good for this time of the year. And lot of talk about future work. So that always nice.
     So more about you do you like your new pres better than your old pres and why or why not? Do you have any new investigators ? How's Larry?
      I know you have been working hard and I'm sure proud. Keep it up! You are amazing. And with The Lords help you can do anything. Stay positive, be happy have fun love you.
                                                              Love you dad

Dad-____________ I loved conference :)   I had a couple talks I liked :)  but I couldn't take notes on anything because when we were about to leave a ball was being tossed around our apartment and hit a cup of water and went all over my note book....  so I have no note from conference......:(  kinda upset about it ....   found out about transfers I'm staying :) and so is my comp..   so my mailing address if y'all wouldn't mind posting it on the blog is 431 Kirkland Rd apt #6112  Covington, GA 30016 :)  I do like the new pres more  just because I've the chance to get to know him more and better and we see him monthly when we go to the temple so I understand him and his views and the things he is trying to do :)   we have a few more new ones :)    Larry is alright   found out last night why we haven't seen him...  he was walking home few weeks ago and someone went to jump him and ended up shooting at him and this all happened by our complex late at night....  so he is looking at house down the road a little bit to move into   but he is still in our ward boundaries and wants us to start visiting him more again..so that's good :)  tonight we have a lesson with a  girl some members tried to set up with Larry   but he never came to dinner.  she is awesome   she said she won't switch churches but she wants to keep learning about the church and took a book of Mormon and set up out next appointment and dinner with those members again :) so we are kinda excited about that :)   love you dad hope you have a good week and take of yourself and the family :)   love elder weaver

Hey how are you? I'm good! I started middle linebacker Friday against Roy Jr because someone got in a fight and very one that was there had to sit the first quarter. What and who was your favorite talker? My was Uchtdorf in the priesthood session. Thanks for the hat and bag and ticket I love them all! :) love you, love Jax have a good week! :)

Jax-I'm good :)  way to go bud :)  how was the game ? :)     they got in a fight?  really?  crazy :)  ha-ha    I liked pres Uchtdorfs too :)   love you Jaxman  take it easy and be safe   love elder weaver

Hello there Elder Weaver! How is your week going? Mine has been great! I really enjoyed general conference and the talks that the brethren gave during priesthood session. I really enjoyed the first Presidencies messages during priesthood session. I especially loved president Uchtdorfs talk about picking ourselves up and dusting ourselves off after we've fallen.
Well I love you bud, sorry don't really have much to say this week. Keep working hard. Love you.
Love Jordan.

Jordan-my week is going pretty good :)  love you too Jord  be safe and take care of yourself :)    how's Emily doin?  talk to you next week   love elder weaver

Hey hey!!! My week was good! We beat Ogden this week, we won 63-21 we didn't play any starters in the second half.. I hate blow out games like that, there no fun.. But this week the varsity has a buy but our jv and sophs play Syracuse on Wednesday.. So that'll be fun to watch then the next week we play Bonneville for our senior night!!! I'm gonna have chandler come down and be a part of it like you had him... So that'll be fun!! :) how's the leg and stitches?? Does it itch?? I got 67 yards in the game with only 5 carries... And didn't play any defense because Jones wanted me to be all better for Bonneville and sky view.. My favorite talk from priesthood session was president  uchtdorf because he talked about the Devine potential that we all have and that we are better and stronger than any of us can even imagine... So that gave  me a ton of confidence! What was your favorite talk?? I love ya Jace! And hope everything is good and your healing well! Keep it up!
-love Justin

Justin-dang kiddo!!   that's a good game ;)  ha-ha   good job on your yards :)  have you heard from any colleges yet??...  are you getting stuff ready to send out? :)    glad your healing and getting better for Bonneville.    heal up and get ready for the game of your life!  :)  I'm excited for you!!  I think I may be more excited than dad ;)  ha-ha   I saw bro Peterson from Roy seminary in the choir on Saturday session and the twins...   Erickson twins   idk their names.....  :)   my favorite talk....  that's hard to choose...   I like the general message I got from it tho to be your best and never give and you can always repent of the things you've done and move on in life and not let those things weigh you down :)   love you Justin :)    hope you have a good one be safe  love elder weaver

Keeping him in our every thought and prayer, thanks for all of yours and for putting his name in the temples, I called 10 this morning, :) faith not fear!!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

picture update....

 Found the sunset setting....love it!
 Sunsets became a big thing at our house once we moved from the valley of South Weber Drive and could see them. Our Heavenly Father's creations are amazing! Including our missionaries :)
 The following pictures are from a leadership meeting with the mission president, he talks about them in a letter that won't post...they did role play for a good obedient mission morning and one for a not so good, slept in, didn't pray or read....he looks so good!  Thanks to the Hardings (mission Pres and wife) for keeping a facebook page up to date, love the extra pictures....

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mole update

Got a call from Jace today October 3, 2013 in the afternoon.  He had a mole biopsy about two weeks ago and they called and said that there was an abnormality.  Today he went back in and the doctor told him it is melanoma, she took more from the area, his upper, inner thigh.  He said the scar is 3 inches long, had 4 stitches inside and 7 outside, he said don't worry Mom they gave me something to cover myself up. :) The doctor said they will run tests and let him know when results are back, but for him to come back in two weeks to have stitches removed.
She asked them about their missions and they told her about not listening to the radio while out, about leaving home, and serving and she thought it was quite admirable. :) Jace was in very good spirits, he didn't seem to be to worried, I asked what we could do for him and he said nothing, just pray and then asked what he could do for us....
so difficult because I feel very helpless, I know he is in God's hands just wish I could be there to hold his hand sometimes!
Sweet Carol Boles and family had him over for dinner last night and she sent this picture with the following....."He has a happy plate so clean even our dog was mad, lol" "We are praying for him, he is awesome"
Thanks Carol for being there when I can't-Love you to you and your wonderful family! God bless!