Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Robbed-transfer coming....

howdy partner :)   well looking at the pics of your face it looks like your face might be a little sore ;)  ha-ha its ok if no one recorded you we will watch it heaven ;)   I'm glad you're getting ready for the temple and still taking mission prep. what have you been learning?  how are the Jennings doing along with the Jones how are they doin??  sorry your date wasn't too fun with the Freemont girl... good job on taking her home early ;)  atta boy!!  let me know where Marcus is going :)   love you and I miss you too buddy be safe and take care  love elder weaver 
well that's how camps go. you repeat yourself a lot...  but it's for you to cause you remind of yourself of the things you should be doing. ;)  that's pretty awesome the coaches are talking about you like that! :):)  way to go buddy  even tho you have this time off you can still work and if you do the coaches will see it and you'll continue to be the leader and help the team.   love you  buddy take care  love elder weaver
hahhahahah did you get his name??  ha-ha that's interesting!!   I hope he comes back to get help he needs...  I'm glad you had a good week tho and I hope you have fun in the food fight tonight!!   so last Monday we finished our pday and went and taught some people and when we got back home we found our apartment was broken into... he took my little jar of loose change that had about 20 $ in it.. other than that nothing was taken.. they went through our drawers and closets  but nothing else was taken..   earlier on that day we were waiting at the stake center to play some ball and no one was showing up so my comp wanted to leave and I felt like I don't wanna leave and spend my pday sleeping that's boring.. and the longer we were there the more upset we were getting with everyone else not coming... when I'm about to give in and drive back to our place I get this feeling in the pit of my stomach like don't go back..  so I stalled and tried to milk not going back and finally other people came and we were able to get in so we stayed.. and just thinking if we would have gone home we might have caught the people who broke in actually doing it.. and who knows what would have happened from there?   but that was the rest of our Monday for us..   I love you Jordan and I hope you have a good day love elder weaver 
that is the pin I've been using....  I'll try again today and let you know through the sr couple..  I am being transferred I don't know where I'm going but it will most likely be my last area. I'm kinda bummed to be leaving cause we have a lot going on right now but I guess I'm needed elsewhere so here I come!!  ha-ha I'm glad work is going so well for y'all and I hope things keep picking up! good luck with your bike ride and all the training that comes with it. I hope and pray y'all are safe in the many things you're doing :):)  its crazy to think Justin's time is that short and then to think I'm pretty much just trading him spots... and I'll be home just a few weeks after he leaves.. where is Jordan planning on moving out to? is he gonna stay close?  well congrats on getting new calling!!  that should be fun :)  how is dad doing I have heard from him today... I'm glad things are going well for the family.  could you see if Lindsey Fowers got my letter? and tell her not to send a new one until I know my new address?   please and thank you.  I sent some pics to Jordan's email we came home Monday night and our apartment had been broken into...  kinda not fun and they did a bad job at replacing it the guy took the broken piece and put it back and put 4 nails in the whole door... really crappy job...  anyway we are good the work is good and I look forward to hearing from you  love you too love elder weaver 
love you too dad, I'm glad work is picking up and things are good for you. I look forward to working for you again when I get home. o enjoy it :)   love you dad  love elder weaver

Mission pres say anything about coming home in December? Pretty nerve racking being robbed, so grateful you followed your gut feeling, Holy Ghost, and did walk in on it :) 

he hasn't said anything yet I'm not sure if you need to go through the mission office or what...  but I might see him Wednesday and will ask there.  how's everyone doing today?? 
Good! Working in mountain green trying to do pass port for Justin this week! Did you have to call cops when robber broke in? Makes me laugh he tried to fix it! Ha ha! Is there a way to use your debit card at the library so you can tell me if your pin works!? What are plans for today? 

I can't use it here... but I'll let you asap today..  well I need to cut my hair and pack a little bit..  so not too much.. does he need a visa??  yes we called the cops 

ya cop came took some notes  acted like it wasn't a big deal... 

Yes we need to work on visa after pass port. Are you cutting your own hair? Sad about leaving elder olive? 

oh ok.. no elder olive will cut for me.  ya I'm bummed I'm leaving.. he's a good guy, I'll miss him.

Do you get to go around and say goodbye before you leave Wednesday? If you do and you see Kay please get home address.

I might be able a little bit..  I'll get her address for you. 

Do you need anything?

no I don't think so. y'all need anything from me?? 

Prayers :)

always praying

hope this makes you laugh

Monday, July 21, 2014


How did you learn to serve?
well i would that by watching y'alls example and also you including us in serving others. like having us set up tables and chairs for funerals and also gong back after to clean up.  I think a big thing that helped me too was when we were doing the sub for Santa stuff.. also seeing how doing that service blessed the other people and also how we felt afterward when we did it anonymously. Mosiah 2:17   hopefully that helped some... its not much sorry but that's what I could come with right now.    sorry I haven't emailed for a while today we had to go and shop real quick cause the library was packed and I couldn't log back on to finish emailing...  ill be on for another 30 min tho.. 

Justin mission call....

ya I know it's gone crazy fast!!  where is the time going?? well this week we went on exchanges with the traveling assistants again I went with elder porter the one from bville and he just asked me if I remembered anyone from school or from virgina  he went to svu too...  we knew some of the same people that was kinda cool... he's really trunky  he goes home the 31 of this month.  other than that I can't recall anything too exciting or crazy that happened...  besides hearing about Justin's mission call!!!!   that's pretty crazy!!! :)  haha  and also the Fergusons coming and feeding us was good then they came with us to help us teach a lesson but the people weren't home so that was a bummer....   but ya that's about our week. it's been more rainy recently so that's somewhat a good thing  except for the next day when its twice as humid...   I love you dad and I hope you have a good week and I look forward to talking to you next week.  love elder weaver
 so as far as helping me I'm ok.  really it didn't have any negative effect on me like y'all might think  ask my comp  I haven't slowed down or anything over it.  

I'll send him those things in my email today.  that would be awesome for y'all to come out!  that would be a lot around Christmas time... would just you and dad come or Jax and Jordan too?  we haven't been able to get in touch with myesha we are pretty worried about her but we are still praying..my shirts are ok!!  I don't know what she was talking about.. haha they need to be bleached like crazy but they still fit and they get the job done :)  I don't know why but my home card hasn't been working... I'm doing the right pin...  but I don't know what else I could do?  well we aren't sure yet if we can keep teaching Ariel ,marijuana lady, ;)   but we are going to teach her until we find out more info on it.. well about the journal.... it's been a while...  so the bomb squad was around the place and they were probably checking for bombs, wouldn't surprise me.. but carol said you didn't believe me about how bad our hood is... now you do tho ;)  we are safe, we always are :) love you too mom take care love elder weaver 

brother Jordan :) so Monday we had pday  we played basketball and we ran passing routes :)  good day   I'm super excited for you as well to help Justin with his spanish  let me know how his testimony goes I wanna know well he's doing :) an Irish festival huh?  that sounds like fun!!   so have you heard anything more from the girl in Texas is she in Utah yet or what??  I hope you enjoy your classes and good luck coming up with your other classes! love you love elder weaver 
hey Jax man :)  my Sunday was great how was yours? :)  just one ward. haha rest up for the next few weeks cause after that its game time! stay in shape too.  I'm glad Justin will be able to stay and watch you play too, listen w=to what he says he can help you a lot.  and I look forward to hearing about your games buddy :)  have fun at the little kids camp :)  are you helping coach or what?  I love you buddy  love elder weaver 
Justin-well I don't know too much spanish but hello to you too :) that's really cool tho that you'll be serving that close to where Jordan was :)  hey buddy we will see each other before you know it will be switching spots with you on the Skype Christmas call ;)  I won't lie it will be a long time but don't focus on that and you'll be ok :) ill try not to cry too often too.... I can only imagine how excited Jordan was about it :):)  I was pretty excited too!!  the blessing of serving a mission and you're seeing it already :)  good :):)   I'm glad you had fun at youth conference :)  boating and hiking  I miss hikes..  dang Marcus is getting his call too that's crazy :)  you're a good friend to him  and good luck this week getting your teeth pulled! ;)  record it for me :):)  elder Thompson leaves and the other comes home soon too  crazy crazy :) read and sleep with Preach My Gospel :)  that's all the mission secrets and what not in there:) I love you buddy take care and never lose hope or happiness :)  you have been of God to serve where he needs you :) love you kiddo  love elder weaver

Actions speak louder than words!

I will go, I will do!!!

thanks Ferguson's for the action shots!

Zone Conference

Looking skinny!

Love that he is smiling for the camera!!

hi Jax :)   my week was good, on p days we normally email in the morning after studies then we shop then we go to the stake center and play a sport. Saturdays are the exact same thing as the rest of the week. I'm glad to hear you had a good week! good job in football!!  the real thing is coming soon! :)  can't wait to hear about it ;)  getting some good work hours in too, that's good  keep working hard and you'll keep that motivation for everything as you get older :) kick returner would be pretty fun!  stay safe doin and run fast!!  haha take care buddy talk to you next week  love elder weaver 
I've seen the pics and that looks like fun!  haha remember when you and I and dad were at BDO and we were digging to lift a hydrant and I touch the sprinkler line and it burst and the hole filled right up?   haha  that's what it reminded me of! :):)   oh wow the 13 sounds like quit the adventure!  I hope you have fun with it :)  tell brad I said hi in spanish ;)  hehehe  pray for the Boudreaux family and Ms Posh and Myesha :)  that'd be awesome :)    we get along really good! he's a good guy :)   I love you too  love elder weaver 
hello father :)  we had a real good week!! some high lights from the week Wednesday we knocked a house and a lady came to the door, she's 22, and we tell her who we are and ask to pray with her. and she tells us something's to pray for and we say the prayer and then lead into the restoration and ask her about prophets and she says hold on guys!   y'all cant be asking me questions like this while I'm High!...  we were like oh... ok...  she said come back and we will talk about it when I'm not high..  we said ok and her some questions to see if she was a straight up pot head or what  and found out she is on medical marijuana that's why she was high..  so we are talking with higher ups in the mission to see if we can still teach or baptize her while she is on it.  so that was fun! :) then we went over the next day to see her when she wouldn't be high and she wasn't home so we knocked around her neighborhood and came to a house with the garage open we didn't think anything of it we made our way to the door and someone yells at us and says I'm  not interested so we nicely asked if we could pray with her she yelled again and said no I'm still not interested as we are leaving I asked is there anyone you know who could use a prayer? still yelling she says, do you understand English!!??  I said no!!  I said not even your neighbors?  I was playing now;)  and she said no not even my neighbors!!  we said oh ok  God bless and have a good day.  so that was a pretty funny experience yesterday we were waiting for a ride from a member and while we are waiting a guy walks up and starts asking us about priesthoods and it is so we were  like wow this knows about authority. we told him about Joseph smith and he agreed with that then he told us he had the gold plates in his apartment...  we said oh really  wow.  can we come up and see them  he said no you can't and walk away...  :)  this week was a pretty good week :)  I love you dad I hope everything keeps going well for you and things work out for work  love you dad  love elder weaver 
hi mom
our week was good :) I have not had contact from him yet and pres Harding said he is not aware of him trying to contact him...  zone conf was good!  ya all my suits are big and shirts are big too. I don't think ill need new cloths ill just new stuff when I get home.  I hope I can keep it up the last little bit so I am still in shape for ball.  just thought December so ill be home for holidays instead of coming home 2 weeks later anyways. and to get ready for school and stuff. I thought you wouldn't mind... ;) Kay is doing ok the young men are getting her the sacrament  she hasn't been able to make it but we are still trying to meet with her. her name is myesha
no word about ipads still...  everything is holding up good I could use some contacts I'm on one box left so I will need some more soon... wow ya I saw pics crazy day in the trench ;)  haha sounds like fun!  3 hours?!?!  that's crazy!!  ya dad is a genius when it comes to rigging things like together :)  wow busy busy sounds like exciting times! :) good for y'all haha  he opens his call all chubby cheeked and giggle from gas?  that would be something to remember. :)  you could go through carol?   anyways will be waiting :)    I love you mom and thank you very much for all you do for me as your son be safe and have a good week  love elder weaver

swimming in the road?  fun fun :)  triple dates fireworks?!?! President ucchtdorf?!?!?!  fun filled week it sounds like!! and your mission papers are in!!  wow where do you think you're going?   hope you keep having fun at work :)  don't get too hot don asphalt. Thursday we planned and got ready for next week and then went finding and taught some really good people.  yesterday we went to a complex right behind ours to find people to teach and while we were there walking down a road a car looped around and asked are you missionaries ?  we said yes we are and they told us they used to have missionaries stop by when they lived in Chicago and they want us to come over again so we are pretty excited about that.  also this complex has armed security 24/7 and I was the only white person in there.. I'm used to it but I was a little scared not gonna lie thought we were going to get jumped. but we didn't :)   I love you buddy take care and be safe  love elder weaver 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy 4th of JULY!

Jordan-hey man that sounds like a fun trip!!   if you're ok with it I'd like to go with you and the guys after I get back?   that sounds super fun though!  see any alligators while golfball diving?? ;) ha-ha did you bring home any good fireworks?? :D  ha-ha hey I hope you have another good week and things go well for you!   how do you like the pathway classes your taking??  love you too Jordan  love elder weaver 
Dad-so this week we had something pretty crazy happen that hasn't happened in a while for me.  we went and visited a former investigator and we get talking with her and she says she is a prophetess...  we looked at each other went oh ok...  so we asked her some questions.  she said she speaks and see Heavenly father daily.  then out of nowhere she starts yelling in tongues!  my comp had to turn around so she didn't see him laughing :) then she started telling us the revelations she was getting about us.. she was only getting them for me so my comp said hey what about me?!  what am I going to do?   she said follow him and you'll see..  we left smiling :) that was a fun one this week :)  we were able to contact a lot of good people we found someone who has met missionaries before and almost got baptized but moved before she could and now we are teaching her again and she came to church yesterday and loved it and so did here 5 kids :)  we also had another former come with his wife and daughter but they had to leave early cause he didn't take his meds and he was getting sick..  so they left but we went and saw them later and they all said they didn't want to leave early they wanted to stay for the whole thing :)  so that is good :)  when they have the desire to stay and to come back missionaries like to hear that :) but that's about the highlights for the week  I love you dad and I hope work keeps up and your safe.  I love you too  love elder weaver
Jax-a fun filled week of swimming and relaxing. :)  nice well I'm glad you had a good week :)  I hope you have fun in football this week :) I would imagine wake boarding being hard on the sea doo.  but at least you kneeboard! :) that's always fun too right?  I wouldn't know yet I haven't been ;)  we only go to one ward on Sundays I testified probably around 25 times yesterday... :)   how many times did you do it? :)  love you too buddy love elder weaver 
mom-I had a full email typed and the computer logged off... sorry I'm working on it..   how was it seeing the Haslam family??  (a family from Jace's first area was visiting with their parents in our ward and we were able to meet and visit with them, wonderful people) how are they doing?  who did you have in class??   (I taught little 4 year olds in primary Sunday, as a substitute, about our Savior being the Good Shepherd) an apostle gave a talk about that not too long ago  about the shepherd..  that's always a good thing to be reminded of :)
 does the stake pres need to go through the mission pres to get to me? or can I give y'all our number to pass on to him?  nothing happened  but like Jax I would say invites to movies and now with all this happening I feel pretty uncomfortable about it.  so what's he doing now?  does he still live in the same place or what?

she is feeling ok, her sore isn't too good and she wants to come to church but isn't able to. she said she needs the sacrament though because without it she won't be same throughout the week without the spirit. so at least she understands the importance. she had someone take it to her last night.  zone conference tomorrow will fill you in about it next week ;)  and we have heard from two other sources that we will have ipads soon as well.  I feel it won't happen as soon as they say  but if it does I won't complain!  it'll be nice and more convenient for us as missionaries to use.  I don't know who had a baby and named him Jace,,, ill check and see if I can find out who it is..,.I'm glad y'all ad a good week and enjoyed the parade and the bike ride that's always fun.  too bad the diving board was broken... ;/  our 4th was good  we heard fireworks all night  we still hear them too.  we heard a lot of gun shots too, nothing out of the ordinary though ;)  ha-ha.  that's a lot of fireworks... dang I love you too mom take care and have a good week  love elder weaver 

ok ill talk to him tomorrow,  no rain.  we are going to play some games at the stake center how about y'all? 
I'm really thinking about coming home in December...  we will talk about that next week though and tell Lindsey Fowers thanks for  writing me a letter I wrote her back 
Justin.... this is Jace speaking back to you....   MY WEEK WAS GOOD!!!!!   the 4th was crazy  drunk people from the day before and new people getting drunk and people still drunk on the Saturday after..  how was the parade?  where did you play street hockey?  I heard y'all had a ton of fireworks!  hey that's awesome you got to stand in fro Marcus that's super cool buddy. and way to go on the temple trip for baptisms for the dead :) saying goodbye for two years isn't so bad when you have 6 months until your home. it goes by so fast it's not even funny!  so where do you think you're going on the mission? on Wednesday we taught a lot of good people right at 10 am and all throughout the day :)  and we had an investigator feed us dinner as well, we get fed more by investigators and people from other wards then we do our own ward ;)  kinda funny, but other than that nothing too much different than teaching people :)  I hope you have a good week and good luck on the interview Tuesday night ;)   you'll pass again. ;)  I love you too bud and I miss you too.  take care and be safe :)  love elder weaver 
The Fergusons surprised Jace and Elder Olive and took them to lunch, couldn't visit long, the Elders had another baptism :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

this week did seem like it went by really fast! this week we went on an exchange with the traveling assistants so they could help my comp in his new leadership position and the missionary I went with he and I found 8 new people to teach and also we invited 5 people to baptized and they said they would! :)  and my comp and the missionary he went with had a similar day. so now we are busy busy busy!  and we need a lot of help from members to teach and everything!  so thinks are looking up for us now and defiantly moving forward!  we continued on after they left and we found and found and found tons of people and a lot of them are families!  so we are even more excited about that! :)  yes I do still like my comp he's poly how can I not like him? :)  I'm glad things are going good for you and work is good anything new and exciting coming up in work? I hope you'll be able to get back on the bikes soon and stay safe when you do!   yes I am felling great I weigh 227 now and all of my cloths way too big for me...  haha :)  I love you dad and I will continue to work no worries ;)   love elder weaver 

it was so good to see the Fergusons!!  yes they fed us lunch and elder olive was baptizing a sisters investigator, since he interviewed her and she doesn't know any men in the ward she asked if he would do it.  I like having leadership in the my area and as a companion. I feel like we are to set an example and motivate others to do all they can and to enjoy what they are doing  cause we sure do enjoy it! :)  I have lost a lot of weight. I weigh 227 and I'm just doing smaller portions and running in the mornings and some other workouts while comp is in shower before I shower. :) I told dad what happened Wednesday and Thursday and Friday.  we had interviews with pres Harding on Tuesday and that went good nothing too new,  next week we have zone conference and we will be talking about some new things the mission is going to try and do :)  so that'll be fun.  last Monday we went up to the stake center and played some sports and had a great time up there with the other elders.  ya the dam looks like fun and I can't wait to try it :) for the 4th we don't have any special plans just to go out and find people to teach and invite to exercise their faith and be baptized and read and pray :)  normal missionary day just with more families :):)  my comp went to west high school  he does have a face book Holani Olive should look him up he's a cool guy :)  I love you too mom I hope you have a good week and everything goes well for you as well love elder weaver

Hey my week was good! Just had conditioning! No full pads anymore! Gonna miss that! :/ but it was start again in August! :) I'm loving it! Team leader! Were gonna be pretty great thus year! ;) have a great week! Love you! Love Jax! :)
well I'm glad you had a good week.   keep up the hard work my friend! :)  I hope all continues to go well for you. and your happy :)  way to be a team leader!!  I know you'll do great! :)   love you too buddy  love elder weaver 

Mission plaque just has depart date...still considered full mission, then you could register for spring semester...something to think about don't have to decide now :) love you Jacer, continue to be happy and keep the battle going-your winning!!!! Sending lots of hugs and smiles!!! Jax says hello from the couch :) 

hi Jax :)
How's the weather? :) any football advice? :) how's Kay? :)
the weather is ok now still gettin warmer.  it's a little rainy today. go hard all the time and be a good sportsman 24/7!  people see what you do even when you don't think no one is paying attention.  Kay is going ok  her sores are bad again and she has some other things that have come up that don't allow her to come to church so we are still and always praying for her. we are going to see her this week and we we'll probably give her a blessing. :)   how are things in the home ward  does coach Womack still live in the ward? 

You look great!!!! Wish we could surprise you for lunch :) haha, maybe in January :) still thinking then or December anymore?

I'm not sure iv e been thinking about December to be home for the holidays   but my mission plaque will say I only served for 1 year cause the year wouldn't have changed yet.....  ;) 

Hey Jace! How was your week? This week we work 32 hours and was a long week.... This weekend on Friday night I went with Brayden and Marcus to bountiful party and it was a pool party and it was really fun! Brayden new the girls at how we went down.. Then on Saturday night we went to Syracuse days me and the guys and we met up with some girls... It was a good weekend then today I went to Drew Smith farewell along with Braden's and the kid named Kay den Brinckerhoff... It was a lot of church ;)  tomorrow after work I am going to try to go down to Jim Jones's office to get him to sign off on my dental because I don't have my wisdom teeth out it and then the bishop is back and I can schedule my appointment with him.. And then give my appointment with the stake president and get my papers in :). :). :) how was your week? What happened on Wednesday? Did you learn anything new? :) I hope you're having a great experience I can't wait to get out in the mission field!  :)
I love you and hope you have a great week something new!
dang you working man!!  it's good for you :)   you seem like quit the popular guy.  going to all these parties and what nots ;)  haha  that is a  lot of church your right. I hope all goes well in dentists office!  I didn't have my wisdom teeth either... look what happened. well way to go on getting all your appointment s set up to do all that stuff. :)  the mission is a great experience and you'll never regret going on it :):):)  on Wednesday we went out to find new people and we found a lot of good people and they are very interested!! :)  so we are excited about that.  I love you too buddy take care  love elder weaver