Monday, July 29, 2013

Bonus pictures...

 A sweet Sister, Carol Boles, sent me these photos on the 24th, his toe looks awful, and if you look closely at cute picture below, his foot is in a boot because toe so bandaged....OUCH!
Doing service and enjoying the great company at the Boles home, cute little helper! Hard to believe that my little helper was ever that little....goes to fast! 
Can't get over how long Jacer's hair different from marine cut!

I love you weaver family

   Loved your letter last week, you sound like your growing  a lot  and having a great experience. I sure hope so, I want your to have a great growing time. Growing closer to your savior and father in heaven, it look like from all your pics you are working very hard, you're a great man I'm so proud to see want you have grown into, I so look forward to your emails. And often want to email you through the week bout I know you can't read them,
     So did you have a good week ? How the comp? How's your health? Are you happy? Is the weather still hard on you? Are you getting used to it?
     We see Face book posting from coach Fitz and it reminds us of a year ago, how fun  and how hard it was leaving you at SVU. But what time you had to grow and learn, and hey you've played college football. That is amazing your awesome. You can do hard things, and you know that with the lords help you can do anything. As a young father I never thought I could feel so much joy in my sons success and happiness, thank you for sharing your life with me. Please remember how much I love you and pray for you success and joy, please be happy enjoy love the time you have left, you can see how fast life goes, so don't waste a moment, not long from now you'll be looking back wondering where it all went, just like how fast football went so take a deep breath and enjoy. Be amazing it is so in you, so let it out and share it with the folks in Covington.
     Be great! Be happy! Be loving! Be strong! Be close to your father in heaven! I can only feel a small part of the joy and love that he has for you. And it is good. love you bud enjoy, Dad

Dad-I hope I'm growing ha-ha and maturing a lil ;)  I feel I am growing closer to my father in heaven and my savior as well  even the more I read and study the scriptures and try to teach it to people and finding ways to help them apply it to themselves  in their trials and repentance :) even though I can't read emails throughout the week still shoot me a message and I'll get to it on Monday :) my week was real good  on Monday after we went back and changed for the rest of the night we had a teaching appointment and we took a less active with us and the investigator knew him from school and what not and the investigator said he would be at church if he saw his good friend there and so then the less active member said he would come to church.  he hasn't been in about 6 months  :)  so we are very happy and excited to see an investigator reactivate a less active :)  that was awesome!  my health is good  my comp is a little sick though  and he's a good guy  but he likes to get into my stuff.  he thinks that because things are bought with the lords money or the mission card that its for both of us...  which I don't fully agree with...  but I'm trying to be nice ...  yes I am very happy!!   and the weather isn't too bad anymore I'm starting to like it more :)  its crazy to think I've been away from home for almost a year already and only 7 months of it is the mission...  crazy how time flies. dad I'm very happy you are a part of my life and that you've had such a large impact in all that I've done and that I will do in the future. thank you so very much for being the man that you are. I get compliments all the time saying  wow your parents taught you well,  your father taught you to be a real gentle man,   your mom must be spoiled,,  the only reason I get those is because I watched your example as a young child and I've learned how to be from you   so thank you very much dad :)   I love you so much dad  thank you so much for being my father :)   I love you dad   love your earthly  son  elder Jace weaver  

 Hey there my friend, I hope you are enjoying your mission and still working hard.Moses 1:39 For behold, this is MY work, and MY, glory to bring to pass the immortality an eternal life of man.I like this scripture because it talks about why you are out there serving a mission my friend. It is to bring to pass The Lords work and His glory. Always remember that you are doing His work and that you and every other missionary out there have dedicated 18-24 months of your lives to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.I had a fun week this week, and am looking forward to going to Flaming Gorge this weekend :) going to go swimming and hiking and just enjoy the outdoors.So how's the new companion? You guys get along pretty good?Well that's all I've got for you my friend. Keep working hard and remember why you are out there.Love Jordan
thank you so much for the love and support you show to me and always being there for me. hope you have fun this week end and don't have too much ;) I love that scripture because it does that it reminds me of why I am really out here and how I can help people grow closer to god and Jesus Christ through a very simple way  have a good week and stay safe and say your prayers ;) love you Jordan love elder Jace weaver

 Hey how are you? How's the new comp? Are you guys getting along better than your other? Do you like your new area? Do you like the people in your area? Do you like your new apartment? M good! I past my eagle board of review and I now have my wage just need to wait and have my eagle court of honor and I need two more merit badges and I will have three palms! On Saturday at my 7 on 7 my team took 3rd or 4th and our first team took first and I played on the second team and played fullback not tail back and didn't really like it :/ I played F because we had another tail back that starts before me so I rotated at F :/ but I got more experience! Me mom and Justin are already shopping for school clothes :/ kinda excited for school to start very excited for football to start! :) school is going to be interesting because I won't know very many people but I will meet people fast like I always do!! ;) what did you do on the 24th of July?? The parade was pretty good as usual and swimming was fun! :) how's the weather is it pretty crazy? Here it's pretty fun during football it rained for like ten minutes then stopped then rained again!! :) Jerico is funny he is good some days and all happy then other days he's slow and all limpy and slow and mopy. Registration is next week. Love you love JAX WEAVER

I'm good  new comp is good  yes we get along very well :) I'm still in the same area :) I love the people in  my area :)  dang son!!!!!!!!  already done with your palms?!?!?!?!  your the ultimate scouter my friend!!  way to go  man!   hey bud  fullback is the dream position :) I loved it so much and I know that if you keep playing that position then you'll grow to love it as well and you'll never want to play any other spot ever ;)  ha-ha   why aren't you excited for school?  on the 24th we  went and did service for sister boles and missionary work :) nothing too different from our day to day lives :) ha-ha   keep the dog safe and love him cause you never when he won't wake up...  not trying to be mean or offend anyone   but love the dog because he doesn't know any better and all he does is love ya'll and me as well  so love him back :)   I love you bud and I hope you have a good week  and stay safe and do great at football :)   love you bud   love elder Jace weaver

Jace!!! How be you homeboy from west wood! Represent!!!!! I met up from some homies from Scottsdale thee other my man, and they asked about how you be!! I tell them that you've good!! ;) ha Wednesday for the 24 of July we to the parade and then went and saw red two!! That was way funny!! And then we went to leslies and swam!! While we were swimming chandler swam to me and put his arm around me and pulled me close and said where is Jace? I said on his mission.. And he was like...I miss him.... Then he said tell him I said hello.... So this is chandler saying "hi"  so swimming was fun!! And the midgleys came up except for madi and that was fun! This last week and the next two weeks we are conditioning and just getting into shape! And usually after that we go, to work and help dad out!! I've started talking to this girl from Fremont... And her name is Nikki.... ;) ha and we have a date this week, so hopefully she'll be quite the gal and be a fun date!
 If a catholic investigator asked you what makes you're priesthood more important or the right priesthood and, and what makes our priesthood wrong?? What would you tell them?
I was Asked that in priesthood and I didn't know what to say.. So just kind of something to think about..ha
Love you Jace! You're a great man!! Represent my brada! Ha ;)

our priesthood was restored on the earth by man named Joseph smith, and we can trace our priesthood line of authority back to Christ himself.  can Catholics do that?  :)  maybe , maybe not..  we just testify to them that JS restored the true gospel and was given the authority of god known as the priesthood :)  
I'm glad y'all had fun on the 4 and 24  I missed it a lot!!  and Chandler makes me cry!!!   :')   that kid is an amazing person and has a beautiful soul!!  keep up your hard work and dedication in football and it will carry on in schooling and your mission later on in life my friend :)  I hope you know I miss you and all the times we had, like driving to school and to dates and hang outs  and parties.  just having that good with you was good :)   oh  tell Jax  ya'lls birthday gifts are in the mail  so be looking for a package ;)   I love you man and keep doin the things that make you happy and make god happy  :) read Enos 1;27 :)   love you Justin  love elder Jace weaver 

Mom- toe is fine and healing great  yes I keep it clean :)  no worries :) I'm getting hair cut tonight  comp is gonna do it for me..  boy friend is doing good  no he's home from camp yet  yes talk about baptism but not sure I'll be here for it... :(one new investigator  on date to be baptized the 17th of this month.   that quote is going the mission as well we got it the other day in a voicemail :)  good stuff :)   mom I'm so sorry I can't talk too much today  there is a lady wait not very patiently and I need to finish up  but re-ask question next week :)  I promise I will have time:)   I love you very much and I'm very sorry for cutting it short today,,,,   I hope you know I love you and the example you have set for me and how you have trained me ;) to be who I am now   I love you mom   love elder Jace weaver
I have pics for y'all  but forgot cord  so ill send em next week  so sorry I'm forgetful...   I love y'all and if I can do anything for you  please let me know! :)   I love you weaver family :)  love me  elder Jace weaver
I decided to include all of the letters this week, love that they all have such a great relationship!  So lucky to call them mine :), feel so blessed!
not sure what's up with the "gangster" language with Justin?
quote I sent him...
"Obedience brings blessings, strict obedience brings miracles!" hard for me not to get on and IM when I know he is on, but I know that he will be blessed if I restrain and help him be obedient to the mission proud of you Jacer, love you, Mom


Tuesday, July 23, 2013


my new comp is great dad!  he's from the Atlanta mission and they have a lot more rules then what I'm used to  but I'm getting used to :)   ha-ha  I am growing,  I hope you know I am trying my best to make the most of my time here. the baptism went great!  the girls asked me to talk on baptism so I did and I related it to lion king :D ha-ha   how rafecki tell timon that a journey of a 1000 miles starts with the first step and how baptism is the covenant and step to growing closer to our father in heaven eternally and I read 2 Nephi 31: 19-21 and that was ok I thought.. I do feel I am reaching goals and yes growing how I wanted to, also growing in the way the lord needs me to grow... I am starting to be more routine with the journal so that is becoming a habit..   this week after getting my new comp we went to see some ward members and potential investigators,  and we are calling potentials also from 2010 who have been excited to get back in contact with the missionaries  and we have a good week planned ahead for us    other than that nothing out of the ordinary had happened this week.  dad I love you very much and hope you will never forget that   love your son elder weaver 

mom-I do not know about fb in mission work yet..  yes I do like my new comp  his name elder holt from Vegas  but graduated high school from Provo high after family moved.  he's been out barley a transfer longer than me he's 21 years old.   ha-ha are y'all making plans to pick me up already??  ;)  ha-ha   we will defiantly have to go see sweet Bete and some other families in  Athens! :)   yes the Payne's are doing good  he is recovering very well and is an amazing man  and his wife is an amazing women!   the baptism was great  the father baptized them  Mckayla and Kellie Reynolds  ages 11 and 9,  it was a great experience and opportunity to help teach them and  see them be baptized :) after the baptism our lunch appointment was at the church to pick us up so we couldn't get any pics...  sad day  but we will take picks next week for sure!!   oh and I had my ingrown toenail removed today and he took half my nail off   he says he numbed it but I don't believe him cause it hurt pretty bad..  and he let me watch :D  which was awesome!!! even though it hurt I enjoyed watching it :) ha-ha ill use stamp on you yes  and I have a package of stuff to send home as well :)  fun stuff inside of it :):):):)thank you so much for everything you do for me as your son  an I hope you I I'm crying while I'm reading this  cause I think you were maybe getting a little teary as you typed it? ;)  just guessing  probably wrong..   I'm gonna miss the parade and also high school football   I hope someone around here can hook up missionaries to go to a game or two or 9 :)  hehehe I love you mom very much and I miss you with all my heart   love your son elder Weaver 

(letter from Jordan)  Hey goofy, just another fun week for your older brother. To start off a story from what I learned in priesthood.

"Lorenzo Snow showed his confidence in God's assisting power when he journeyed to serve a mission in England in 1840. On the 42-day voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, he and his fellow travelers suffered through three large storms. He later reported that these were "terrible storms--storms which those accustomed to the ocean pronounced very dangerous." He noticed a difference between his response to the storms and the response of some of the other travelers: "In a number of instances, to say the least of it, the scene was fearfully terrific. I did not feel surprised that men, women and children who had not learned to trust in God, wrung their hands in an agony of fear, and wept."
 "My trust was in Him who created the seas and defined their bounds. I was on His errand--I knew that I was sent on this mission by the authority He recognizes, and, although the elements raged and the ship swayed and trembled amid the heaving billows, He was at the helm, and my life was safe in His keeping."
I wish I could highlight some things that stood out to me, but I want you to find what stands out to you my friend.

Love ya buddy.
Love Jordan

Jordan thank you so much...  this experience is amazing.. I hope you know how much I love you and I thank you for all that you've done for me in my life :)  thanks dodo ;)  hehehe well my friend I hope you have a great week and I hope your safe in all your travels and at work :)   I love you Jordan  love elder weaver 

Justin- let me know what your maxs are when you find out :)  I like the area   I have a new comp his name is elder holt from Vegas but he went to high school in Provo cause his family moved there later..   haven't eaten too much fried food..  no fried ice cream either,,, :( oh well :) the raptors game sounds like it was fun!! :)   don't have too much fun with your pest control ;) hahaha  I'm so funny :) I love you buddy and I wish you the best of luck this week :)  love elder weaver 
Jax- I'm good :)    good luck next week in your eagle board of review. :)  I hope y'all will watch these movies with me when I get home;) ha-ha   tell Austin I said hello!! :)  I hope you the best of luck in football and all that you are doing :)  love you bud  love elder weaver

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Dad-the past 6 six weeks did go by fast for me too!!  and we got transfer calls today   I'm staying in Covington but won't find out who my new comp is until Wednesday when we all meet together... the week was good.   taught the 2 girls again and they are planning on being baptized this coming Sunday  so that is good! we had a zone training with our new mission pres Thursday from 9 to 1;30...  that was a long meeting...  ha-ha :)  then we did service with a member who has been very sick and she has a lot of property and has two zero point turn lawn mowers!!   but only worked and my comp did that the whole time  while me and the other three moved stuff from house to the apartment in the back yard  and trimmed grass around her pool which has green water because all the algae that is growing in it  ha-ha gross...  other than those things nothing too exciting happened. :)  just knocking doors and meeting g new people everyday :) 
about football  I'm still thinking about suu yes  I would love to play full back there!!  and I'm getting in shape  I've lost 10 pounds since I've been here in Covington :)   and the whole viper was kind a joke  but serious at the same time...  like if suu doesn't work out  maybe just doing the viper thing for fun and to beat up on the old guys ;)  ha-ha jk   but I know that when the time gets closer ill know what to do  thanks dad for everything you do for me  and don't feel like your cheating on you hoe...  you'll be back with her in a month ;) ha-ha I'm silly too!   dad I hope you have a great week!  any bike rides coming up?? any fun trips planned?  Justin heard from any other schools???   I love you dad and I hope you know you're the best!!   love elder weaver

Jordan-I'm doing good how are you doin? :)  the weather is getting hotter :(  did a lot of fun things this week   look at dads email ;)  what all did you do the past week? :)  dang you trip sounds  like a blast!!!  don't have too much fun ;)  and remember you are what you eat..... ;)   hahahaha  I'm just kidding g I love you Jordan I hope you have fun and enjoy yourself :)  love you man   love elder weaver

Jax-how's your leg bud??  you doing ok?  I bought you and Justin birthday gifts today ;)  ha-ha   I hope you like em!   I'm not gonna send em yet tho ;)   good job in your 7 on 7 stuff  keep up the good work  and how is football going for you this week  any big fun activities planned?? :)   lover you Jax man  let me know how your doin :)  love elder weaver

Justin-what are your maxs?  do you know?  nice  have fun with talon bird :)  tell him I said hello :)  nice work on gettin grid of the ipod and stuff and focusing on the important things :)  your super mature man dang! :) my comps alright   he's leaving this week and I get a new comp..  I just learned to deal with his stuff and move on  cause it never helped when I thought about it and took what he was doing to heart  so I started letting it go :)   I've been very close to hitting him...  but I know God answers prayers cause I've been asking for patients and I've been gettin it ;)  ha-ha   yes we are having success :)  getting alot of people interested and meeting with a lot of less active people and trying to motivate them and them the best we can :)  keep looking for good girls in gospel my friend you'll find one sooner or later.  and it's ok its later you'll find her ;)  stay positive my man :)  love you bro  love elder weaver   ps  I bought you a birthday gift today ;)  hahaha   I think you'll like it :)

Mom-I will be here for the baptism  and elder kallon is leaving :)  I will make my Book of Mormon work :)  no worries but I will let you know when I may need some help ;)  ha-ha thank you so much for the quote!  I love that!!   the other elders named are Ian Free, and Aaron Oblad  they are the other two in the same ward..  Elder Hales is  a good man  I miss him a lot too!   __________ but ya I answered a lot of you questions in the other emails  sorry  but I have 5 min left  if you still have unanswered questions  please let me know and I answer them next week...  I'm so sorry  in hope you don't think I'm mad or I don't want to talk to you...  I love you very y much mom   love elder weaver xoxoxo I can't think of anything I would like sent to me....    post stamps!!  ha-ha   jk
the Payne's have HUGE dog!!!   his name is duke and is probably friendliness dog ever!!  his bark tho sounds like thunder!!!1   massive animal :)


big car :)  I like it tho   I think it's the biggest set of rims I've seen so far


I bought some sun glasses :)  I like em too hahaha


my mtc comp is finally out in the field! :) 
this a  waterfall in a members back yard :)

 temple trip :)

I am so excited for Jace this week, he gets to stay in area and a new comp....baptisms over the weekend....exciting times :) Thanks for all y'alls love and support! ;)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Letter from Pres. Harding....

Dear AMAZING MISSIONARIES & Fellow Climbers on the Lord's Mountain: 

(Enjoy 3 Nephi 10-12 today in Book of Mormon, this is an incredible gift, the "visit of the Savior".  Great Conyers Zone:  See the BOM Reading Calendar in Vision Section of the Certification manual - we have been reading the BOM for 20 minutes of personal study, then doing Certification for the other 40 minutes of personal study)

Thank you for reading the Book of Mormon daily, patiently fasting, praying, and following the Lord's will to FIND FAMILIES EACH DAY AND TEACH AND INVITE THEM TO BE BAPTIZED.  Sister Harding and I literally plead with God that He will bless you to be successful in your mission and life, each day and each night.  We testify that Heavenly Father knows your every need and that if you will be faithful, honest and give your all, believing, miracles will come to you personally and to those you are to find and baptize.  We promise you that there is one key, more important to any other, to unlock the power of heaven, it is to exercise great faith in being EXACTLY OBEDIENT.  We call upon every missionary and every companionship, district and zone to renew all efforts to obey each rule and guideline from this moment forward - That miracles may flow to us and others!

Weather Check - Climbing Check - Battle Check

THE MOUNTAIN: As chapter 8 of PMG says, goals reflect the desires of our hearts.  We desire simply to do the Lord's Glorious work of finding, teaching and baptizing souls and families - and we desire to do it HIS WAY (Preach My Gospel). This is the MOUNTAIN THAT HE HAS GIVEN US TO CLIMB daily. 

Weather Check - We continue to climb through storms and sunshine to the BRING SOULS(FAMILIES) TO CHRIST - this is a remarkable day for all of us to work together to achieve a few goals.  To double the amount of families that we have found and committed to baptism, each companionship to make changes in how they work to enable them to reach the standards of excellence (30 blessings, 20 lessons (to an investigator with a member), 5 new investigators, all to church, and each missionary to save(baptize) a soul each month), and we have the goal that EVERY MISSIONARY achieve the basic level of Preach My Gospel "Certification".  Please see the vision of DOING THE LORD'S WORK(Daily finding and inviting to baptism) and DOING IT HIS WAY (Certification as a Master of Preach My Gospel).  This always means preparing and following the Spirit with magnificent faith.  You can do it!  You are divine in your nature, you are sent from God to do God's work.  Thank you!!!

Climbing and Battle Check - Please enjoy being "Exactly Obedient and full of Faith" in accomplishing each detail step of preparation and calling into the District each night- We have the great blessing of being organized into families called a "District".  This is a sacred organization in the church, just like a ward and a stake.  Each district member is so important.  Each has the responsibility as a fellow climber to be a leader and a lifter to help others be safe on the Mountain the Lord has given us. The District Leader has the responsibility to facilitate and organize, but each missionary has the responsibility to lead, lift and encourage each member of the district to move quickly and have great faith to baptize.  We need each other, everyone is a leader to be exactly obedient, to have great faith to find and invite to baptism - to help other missionaries believe.  Every missionary is responsible to the Lord for the outcome of the district and this wonderful mission.  Call in each night having completed all that you have been asked to do, report your miracles, your certification progress and build each other's faith.  Thank you so much. 

Please print out the ATTACHMENT script for the nightly call and enjoy building faith in this time together to share the love of God.

My question for you today in your letter to me is:  Will you be EXACTLY OBEDIENT with GREAT FAITH to "Climb the Mountain" each day of "certification" and "finding and inviting" all to Christ?  Will you be EXACTLY OBEDIENT IN ALL THINGS TO BRING MIRACLES?

President Eyring spoke once of hearing President Spencer W. Kimball, in a session of conference, ask that God would give him mountains to climb.  He said "There are great challenges ahead of us, giant opportunities to be met.  I welcome that exciting prospect and feel to say to the Lord, humbly, 'Give me this mountain,' give me these challenges."

President Eyring said.."my heart was stirred, knowing, as I did, some of the challenges and adversity he had already faced.  I felt a desire to be more like him, a valiant servant of God......."

Each of us, have our own mountains to climb, and we have an amazing gift that we can all climb this mission mountain the Lord has given us together.  You can do it, don't give up.  Bend at it, sweat at it, smile at it too, for out of the bend and the sweat and the smile, will come life's victories, after a while.

May you know that God is over all things, He knows you and loves you.  He has called you to focus all your time and talent and energy on finding His children, just one day at a time.  He has asked us to invite them and bring them to Him through the restored gospel pathway or route.  He has simply also provided a daily map, a guide, a checklist a "WAY" to accomplish His purposes.  Follow it strictly, learn it, want it, do it and you will be happier than you have ever dreamed.  And you will become everything that you should be.  But you must pay the price of work and discipline like never before.  The investment in yourself and others is worth every pain or sore muscle.

D&C 82:10 is inspiring...."I the Lord and bound, when ye do what I say, but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise."  Let us cast away all doubt and fear and have unshakeable faith to "Find, teach and commit to baptism" precious families.  Let us have the faith to make the changes necessary to reach our goals daily.We pray a great blessing upon you this day, that the Atonement of Jesus Christ will be alive and real in your heart, that the Restoration story will glow in you as well and you will not stop till the great Jehovah will say the work is done.

 We love you, we respect you and we know we can trust you because of your integrity and love for the Lord.  We look forward to being with you this week, to fasting and praying and working and saving others.  We testify that Jesus is the Christ, that this is His church, you are called up and set apart to be mighty and strong, see the Lord's vision for you and for others and for His Glorious work.  We love you.  We admire you, we respect you, we want to help you in any way possible to fulfill your future!

Have a wonderful day and week, accomplish only what the Lord has asked daily, remove all other distractions - Pray for 100% focus on the Lord's Work and Will!

with great love and respect and trust - President and Sister Harding


Mom-so first off before I forget...we have two girls on date you baptized on July 21 :)    their dad is going to it for them and they will be confirmed the next week in church :):)   sweet!!!  ha-ha  we have had a lot of rain recently..  but I like it :)  I've made some pretty cool movies :) ha-ha  I find the ties in the new closets I move in to and their nice ties or at least ties I like  so I call em mine  and some of em are so ugly I just wanted to show you :)  ha-ha  ya the gun thing was pretty scary...  and yes it's just a southern thing  everyone has a gun,,  some counties its law you have to have a gun in your house...   kinda cool I think :) I'm feeling pretty good :)  and my eyes are getting better. the temple was amazing!!!!!!  pres Harding is a pretty good guy. like to talk,  and no I haven't told him about my comp yet I will today in my letter to him.    ____________________....   tell Shaun I said hi and congrats with baby :)  nice sounds like a fun week ahead for everyone!!! :)  not gonna lie I still have dreams of high school football,,,,  man I miss it  :)   oh and my scriptures are starting to fall apart... :/  some pages from the book of Mormon part and falling out....  I love you so much mom and thank you for all you do for me as well :) stay safe and hope y'all have a good week and all sorts of exciting adventures ahead of you!  love you mom love elder weaver 

Jordan-the 4th of July was ok...  my comp wouldn't let us celebrate the tiniest bit...    so we were in the apartment early and  couldn't even talk to people in all the popular areas   we went tracking...  when no one was home....    fun stuff... you are a professional fisher man!!!!  :D ha-ha    so you would finish school in san Fran.?    wow that awesome Jordan!   I love you man and keep up the hard work and tell everyone hello for me!  love you   love elder weaver 

Dad-I  got the com thing figured out..  thank you very much for all the love and ________________ I do miss football very much  and I have been kinda thinkin about playing for the vipers.. the team that Rex owns  the guy from Roy  don't know if you remember him or not...    but ya  thought that would kind a fun  to do to pass some time ha-ha   I love you dad   we had a great week!!   how was yours??   anything exciting coming up??   love you dad    love elder weaver

Jax-sweet!!!!    I don't know what brother this is  but that's awesome!!!   I hope and wish you the best of luck  in football!  what was something new you learned ? :)   love you bud have a good week   love elder weaver

Justin-my comp problem is whatever...  no biggy :)   I'm glad you had good time on trek :)  did you learn anything new? :)  meet any new people? :)   what kind of conditioning are y'all doin this week let me know cause I wanna know what's all going on with ball this season :)...   I would like to apologize to you as well Justin... I'm very sorry I missed you r football season last year and I'm going to miss this year as well..  I really wish I could've there for you more last season and more this season too,,,  I'm the reason you switched schools,,, you could've stayed at Bonneville and still done better than me cause that's how you are,, you're a better athlete and student then I am...  hope you don't let up at all this season Justin..  you will forever regret it and you will never be able to forgive yourself for that...   play all out balls to the walls   be the crazy linebacker off the replacements movie.. get bloody noses  break and set new records!   that sound like a lot but why not try?   it's something to work towards,,  and if you don't want to...   why not?   why do it?  those records had to be set by someone,  records were meant to be set and broken by the best.. Justin you are the best on Roy high school football team and in that region of high school football   don't tell anyone tho   don't get cocky and tell everyone   let them find out by how hard you hit how fast you run how high you jump and the amount of effort you put into all of you playing!    never play below your level I love you Justin   I hope you have a good week   love elder weaver

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Sister Boles sent me pictures on the 4th, they had rain so no fireworks, but she set a beautiful July 4th table for dinner and she sent video of them entertaining with water glasses....
Thanks again Boles family, we love and appreciate you so much!

Freedom allows us to teach the gospel and be silly doing it :)


Dad-Sundays aren't too busy but they sure can be   yesterday I was able to stand in on confirming a young lady with the holy ghost and also later I was in on ordaining someone a priest and giving him the Aaronic priesthood...  the ward is good ______________ and we get to go to the temple tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   :):):):)::):):):):):):):):)     other than that nothing too exciting :)  ha-ha    I love you so much dad!   it's ok to talk about football  I talk about it all the time with new people I meet :)  I tie it back into my farewell talk ;)  gets em hooked ha-ha   :):)   I love talking football  and I think I am the only one who played  so yay :)  ha-ha   thanks for all your love and support dad   I hope you know I wouldn't be who I am today without your help and guidance :) love you dad   talk to you next week   love elder weaver 
Jordan-I don't of any exciting new things about the 4th of July...  just work  ha-ha  :) I hope you have fun in Idaho  cant you stop in Wyoming and get some good fireworks? ;)  hhhmm??  ha-ha  people here tell us they want to take us to go see that movie  but we can't :/   oh well   ill see it later   he are they coming out with a avatar 2??  the blue people?  ha-ha    good luck in all your singing and your fun activities :)  be safe and have fun but not too much fun :)   I love you bro   have a good week   love elder weaver 
Jax-I'm doing good :)  the comp is alright...    good job in  your 7 on7 stuff!!!  I don't think I ever got a pick in my 7 on 7 career... :)  nice work my friend1!!!! :)  have fun on trek and be safe   don't worry about worldly things  just focus on the gospel and church and  the pioneers :)   love you bud have fun     love elder weaver 
Justin-tell Braxton congrats for me!! :)  last season of high school football   you know when ever I hear the  song boys  of fall...  I wish I could have high school and do it again and again  just for the football...  you will miss it it'll go by fast...   make sure you do your best and lead by example.  never get down on yourself  because you always have one more play  but your run out of chances to redeem yourself quickly...   just don't give up and stay strong    weather good or bad season   finish strong I love you buddy I hope you have a good week on trek  :)    love you man :)  love elder weaver

 these are the Lees  the elderly couple in Athens,  they are awesome!!   and the next pick is the Jepson's  in the Athens ward   and then the Cofeds in the Athens ward as well :)   awesome people :)  I love them a lot   the sister missionary is sister Markowitz  she and others say I'm poly because of my size and skin color

 this is our apartment :)  coming in from the door 

 my only friend in the apartment...   my comp isn't too good at taking pics.....blurry

pics of clouds when we had a good storm :)   fun stuff!!  :)  
and this is a pic of Christ smiling I've never seen before,  I like tho :) 

 Shout out to Chandler!

 this is our room and my bathroom and closet  and we have a deer head in our apartment :)



this is bro and sis Paine..  he was telling his max bench when he was 46  was 525 lbs!!!!   so crazy   he is going in for surgery tomorrow if y'all could keep him in you r prayers  that would be nice  thank you
(our thoughts and prayers are with you Paines, we wish you the best and a speedy recovery)

people say I look like buzz...  I don't see it

Mom-sister boles is a lady in the ward who has a husband who is investigating about the church very nice people :)  I like them a lot !! :) she is very nice and a really chill lady :) reminds me of a younger sweet Bete ;)  ha-ha that's awesome free stuff for a month!!! (Ross won a new backhoe for a month)  :):):):)  fun fun fun :)  I wish I was back home working..I see equipment here all the time and I say I know how to work that :) I miss that stuff :)   I have more pics today and more ties too so they can have more variety  to choose from ;) ha-ha   I love you so much mom   our apartment is good  its pretty big and roomy :) I've walked out of one pair of shoes already  and a belt..  so I have one pair of shoes and one belt...    shirts are ok..  could use maybe 3 more?...  I'm not sure...  ha-ha :) I do listen to cds pretty often :)   haven't started biking again yet  I need a bike pump to pump up my tire then I'm sure we will be riding again :)  after the temple tomorrow we have a meeting with pres and sis Harding until 4, where we will meet and get to know them and share about ourselves...   should be fun :)   hey isn't Tory Williams from the 4th ward in my mission now?....   I can't think of anything I need right this second....   is there anything I can do for y'all?? :)  I love you so much mom and I hope you have a good week and enjoy your time with the house to yourselves :):)   I love you mom    love elder weaver 

Note from Mom....He sent a picture of every single tie he has, I think he is trying to pass the time, his companion doesn't talk that much and there have been some very tense moments that we have not shared on the blog, please keep him and his companion in your prayers, that they will find common ground and be able to go about the Lord's work...I keep telling him he may be there to help someone he may not have thought need help...Love you Elder Weaver and all that are helping him and the missionaries in Covington, Member help is so very important and I know that he loves and appreciates you!
(I don't think I'll post the many pictures of ties :))


I received these pictures from Sis Carol Boles, they were doing a service project, and I so love the sightings of missionaries in action...Thanks Sis Boles

 "Hello Sister Weaver. My name is Carol Boles. Your son is serving his mission in our ward. Just to let you know he has a great spirit and a heart of love and giving.  You both should be proud of him.  Here are a few pictures of him doing service project..."
 Thanks Sis the pictures!

"You are most welcome, that's the least we can do.  You do have a wonderful son and who ever he marries will be very lucky.  We are having them over for the 4th, I'll send more pictures...."