Monday, October 27, 2014

short on time...

mom-no the tall guy is the Zone leader that I was with for a week long exchange. :)  they were taken in the church parking lot. :) so I got that suit from another elder and because I've lost weight it fits now, or I guess it's big ;)  haha  so ill send my p[package today  don't be alarmed at how big it is ;) will be looking for y'alls as well :) we met a guy who played for Tennessee volunteers  and he was a cool guy talked to us for 30 min about football and track. we  saw a guy on Marta preaching hell fire and brimstone again,  but this time I recorded it with the camera :D  hahaha I don't know who you're talking about.....  I didn't talk so it might have been for someone else but accidently picked me?...  no trick or treating, we are doin something better, PEOPLE WATCHING ON MARTA!!!   oh its gonna be great :)  I love you too mom  take care  love elder weaver
Dad-I miss you ;)   so last time I saw the bike the seat pole was rusty and the chain was as well, would it be worth sending home?   I bet the U game was fun to watch!  :)  I look forward to seeing y'all running on the field! :)   glad to hear everything is goin good. and that work is coming through. I love you dad  love elder weaver
glad you had a good week :)   1940s cop?  where did you get that outfit?...  nice!  who you sing with? wow  a lot of singing coming up!  sounds like fun :):) will be looking for you in the choir if we can see the devotional :) and ill wave to you ;) hehe  love you Jordan love elder weaver

dang kid!!!  sounds like you had a really good game!  keep working hard like you did this last week and you'll be happy with your results :) good job on the td and the interception!  way to go!! :)   how was the Utah game?  I heard it was a good game!  did you have fun? I love you too buddy love elder weaver

Monday, October 20, 2014

Time going fast!

 Great picture!!!
 must be pants he has gotten in the field, they are sooo long, I am pretty sure he hasn't shrunk...
Hey there Elder Weaver!!! I sure hope you had a great week this week! What did you do on Monday? I've had a good week. Work and school is going well. I got together with two of my mission friends on Saturday night, Elders Deal and Decker, we are all from the same generation. We went to Javier's and then went back to Deals place and just chatted about our lives and about the mission. Well I sure love you buddy, keep working hard and enjoy what you are doing.
Love Jordan

Hiya Jace! When you meet your companion and get to know them do you ask their first names? :) are you always called elder weaver or sometimes Jace? My week was ok we played on Wednesday and lost to wahlquist 34-20 but we play them again this week for playoffs! Hoping to do better! Have a fantastic week! Love you

well glad you had a god week!  on Monday we emailed then we went shopping then walked around the mall with the elders in the other ward all day. it was kinda boring... I think I remember Decker... didn't he come home with you same day and everything?  how was the food at Javier's?  I love you too Jordan. I hope you have another good week and take care,  love elder weaver

Jax man  so with your companions you'll eventually find out their first name, we are called Elder the majority of the time. only sister Ferguson calls me Jace when they come down as a family.  now you know what they do so you can come back at them this week!  keep working hard kiddo and I know you'll do great. love you buddy love elder weaver

dad, it has gone by very fast from last week.  so this week we met a guy on Marta who told us he's from Saturn, the planet,... :):)  oh this was good!!!  he goes on to tell us how we are crazy about this God stuff and how we want to become like him and return to live with him, when on Saturn all they think about is being regular humans and being here on earth to experience what we do and how we do it. He gave us his card and told us to look him up on the internet when we can, so when I get home we are going to see this guys videos. :) 
on a spiritual note, I was able to confer a new member to aaronic priesthood yesterday.  we were sitting on the side and a member comes over and says you elders need to sit up front for today  we need you. I thought ok object lesson using the missionaries, then the elders quorum president leans over and says do you know how to confer someone to the office of priest?  my eyes got huge.. I haven't done that yet so I found out how to and asked what his name was and his name is Johna Awenwie Akandje.... he's from Africa... I had to practice that in my head 100 times to make sure I knew how to say it, I thought afterwards how powerful that was for both me and him. to be able to act in the priesthood and to have him know and understand what it is. I thought about that for a long time yesterday and how it must feel to able to do the same thing but for your own sons.  thank  you dad for being able to do that for me in my life and lead by example.  I love you too dad  love your son elder weaver

Mom- I heard about jaxs game, they will come back and win it this week :) I can't believe how fast things are moving... Justin leaves soon and will be in a whole new culture again! ha-ha and snow.. :) ill print off his talk ill make sure of that. that's a lot of people, wow y'all get in early... I'll be try to start setting things up to see people and visit places. as far as hotels I have no idea... where are we going to stay the other nights? I'll start racking my brain of where to go and who to see. would y'all wanna go to the aquarium? there's also the football hall of fame museum here. I'll try to get some ideas. I'm not sure where to go for church.. ysa or Covington? that's what I'm torn between. so will be released on Monday? or have to wait?... I'm am always willing to go through the temple!! :):) we should be able to do that :) would y'all be willing to walk around Atlanta? I can show y'all the area I'm in now, there's a lot of cool things around. y'all tell me what you wanna do and I see that we do it. also we need to ride up and down the largest escalator in Atlanta :):) maybe twice ;) so we saw Leighton last night had a great lesson with him and he wants to start meeting again so keep praying if you would for that to happen, I love you too mom love elder weaver.

I have no opinion on hotels cause I know nothing about the ones here,,, sorry we can do a night in Athens and in Covington, that'd be fun :) I'll keep thinking of stuff

Monday, October 13, 2014

Dad-things are going good here in Atlanta.  we had a pretty good we accidently walked through a park where they were having Gay pride activities.... I will not say anymore about that event.....  we are having some e good things happen people are seeing us more often and are becoming more interested and wiling to learn more. so we are happy about that.  we just can't get anyone to church.... :/  its different working with people my own age... and sometimes I feel like I'm back at school myself and I'm late for class or practice and my stomach sinks...  but its good though we see a lot of football guys but none of them are too interested in talking to us so that's kind of a bummer...  oh did y'all send a package to Georgia state or Georgia tech??  just wondering.  ill keep praying for work to come through for you.  I am starting to feel like the Fremont game ... every day I'm exhausted when I go to bed... so I guess that's good.  thanks for the prayers  if I can do anything for y'all let me know.  I love you love elder weaver  
Mom-so I don't have too much time, since its Columbus day the library is closed and we are at the family history center but my computer wasn't working  so I just got on.... things are good I can't wait to go to the Ogden temple, no worries I'm not trunky ;)  glad to know things are going good in the ward as well at least with the high priests. :)   ya I heard about jaxs game sounds crazy!!! :) so how do we find out how much it costs to send the bike home?...   dinner sounds fun with grandma and grandpa. it's crazy how fast time flies when your super busy..I can't believe how fast this past week went. so what all needs to happen for me to be ready for school and football when I get home? as far as classes, and football. we are working with good things right now and we are hoping the best comes of it all. thank you for your prayers, I'll be praying for y'all as well. I love you mom and hope you have a good week love elder weaver 
ill be sending stuff home this week along with some other packages i'll send off to y'all to look through.  today we will probably just clean and maybe play some football with the other elders, the zone leaders are at the aquarium now so they aren't with us today... kind of a bummer...  how's Justin doin?  I can't think of anything in Halloween box... sorry 
I feel best saying Weber state...   I'll be praying for Justin I hope what I told him helps too.
Hey Jace! How was your week? Did you learn anything new? Next Sunday on the 19th is my farewell! Can you believe it?  I have to talk about faith, do you have any suggestions I could talk about or any advice? I feel like I need all the help I can get! Do you wish you had more time being on your mission? I had one really strong spiritual experience a while ago in sacrament meeting and since then I don't feel like I have felt this. Lately, any advice? I feel like Satan is really hitting me hard right now.. I feel lost.. I feel unprepared and I don't feel like I know why I'm going anymore.... I was going to write you a letter but I didn't think you were going to get it in time for my farewell I don't mean to throw all this on you... But I feel like I could trust and you could give me the best answer.. Hope all is well with you and that you finish out your mission the way  you want to! I miss you like crazy. You have no idea.. 
Love Justin 
On a happier note I clean the mustang and fixed the broken phone so when you get back you will basically have a new phone and the stang is still in good shape! Roy plays Bonneville this week on Wednesday! 

so as far as help with your talk, now would be a good time to use preach my gospel. in chapter six there is a section on faith alone and there scripture along with it. they can help pretty good and also using the bible dictionary, at least it helps for me when I'm studying. 
 I kinda do wish I had more time on the mission, but I also know that sooner or later my time will come to be home and I might as well be happy about it! :)  besides its all in the plan that god has for us. if you think about it nothing really changes from a mission to regular life again.  you still study the scriptures, we are still encouraged to do missionary work with our friends and family.  the only small difference is you don't wear the name tag on the outside, but its engraven in your heart, and you don't dress up every day. as far as having spiritual experiences, are you reading and praying like you should be?  what exactly are you looking for it to be an experience?   the best advice I can give you is to read your patriarchal blessing. it's from Heavenly Father and it's for you. Satan will always make you feel like you don't need to go or aren't worthy to go, and he can even help you forget why you wanted to go in the first place.  weigh the pros and cons about serving and not serving.. the pros for serving will 100% of the time out weigh the cons and also the pros of not serving.  think of the people you would be serving, the relationships you get to make with people in another part of the world, still our brothers and sisters.  Justin your leaving your family for 2 years so that others can be with theirs for eternity.   I will be praying for you and id invite you to pray as well for the strength and desire and understanding of serving a mission.  I love you dearly and would never lie to you about why you should or should not serve a mission. but until you serve yours you will understand the blessings and the significant role the gospel plays in our lives, you will but it'll take longer. 
as of right now I don't have anything else to say about that because I don't feel the need to and the spirit is telling me to let take this and what you will with it.  I love you and I miss you as well my friend. but when you get home think of all the time we will have together to share stories of the missions we served and also the life we are starting to live after the mission. 
don't give up on your dreams. I love you love elder weaver 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Priesthood Session

  we saw brother Becket in the kitchen as we were going to wash our hands and he asked where we were from and we told him and asked who my Dad was I told him Ross and after that we made a lot of connections-it's a small world after all!
Turns out that someone Jace went to school with at SVU, also knows Elder Lindsay from Texas


a Friend going home....

Happy Birthday from Fergusons!

 Carol, Gary and Noah visited Jace and spoiled him once again!  Thank you so much, we love you!

Leadership Meeting

Thanks mom for writing....

Hola brada Jace how was your week? My week was good! We beat south 12-0! This week we play Roy jr! Schools good! Priesthood session was good. So was general conference! What was your favorite talk? From both!? Love you love Jax

well hello my friend!   my week was good as well.  good job on your win :):)  good luck this week :)   I'm glad you liked priesthood session it was a really good one.  my favorite talks were elder Cooks and elder Bednars :)  they were really good for me!   what were your favorite talks ?  love you too buddy love Elder Weaver

So I know you had a very busy weekend I saw you! Saw you on pres FB at leader meeting, how was that? Get to the temple? Learn lots? They look like they are great meetings!!! And then a visit from the Fergusons! So nice what a great surprise? How are they? Gary getting baptized? What did they give you in the birthday sack? Such nice people!! And then bro Beckett from Riverdale sent pix from priesthood meeting :) how did you guys make connection? Did he tell you he grew up with dad, a little younger, and I think a cousin to the Beckett kid you played ball with :) small world!  Love the extra pictures!!!cause you're in them :)
So how was the rest of your week? How is the work coming? Still teaching Leighton? Sorry so many questions'
I got in touch with elder Danklef, he was checking about date, I contacted sis Harding she said waiting for ok from salt lake to let you go on the 17th, so hopefully we are getting ok this week and we can buy tickets, our plan would be to get you on the 17, visit with whoever you want and see go to church Sunday with who you want and fly home Monday the 22, sound ok? Elder Danklef said it's not a regular transfer, that two other elders are going home that day too so trying to work it out and he will send me necessary paper work :)
Things here are good, dad doing asphalt at troy's parking lot this week, supposed to get going on the school addition in Layton this week also, need to get all the oater work done for it :)
Jax had a great defensive game on Friday, he needs to run a bit harder on O, he is great to watch, reminds us of all of you :) invites are out for the farewell, it's the 19th, coming fast, still have a few items to buy and then he is ready!
So what's your plan for today? I'm cleaning house and doing laundry :) talk to you soon, be safe, love you today and everyday! Tell us some stories :) love mom xoxos

we had a crazy busy week,  we woke up at 4:30 for a meeting Thursday morning the woke up at 5 Friday morning and then 6 on Saturday morning. so sleeping until 6:30 Sunday morning was so nice. :)   we did go to the temple and ill send the name home today,  the Fergusons gave me some caramel apple suckers and game day cup cakes, and 25$ .  we saw brother Becket in the kitchen as we were going o was our hands and he asked where we were from and we told him and asked who my Dad was I told him Ross and after that we made a lot of connections and who he knows and how everyone is doing so that was cool :)  he lives in GA for now I think, I told him y'all are coming to get me in December and he said if everything works out he will have to try and say hello. the work is coming great, President has started doing week long exchanges with the Zone leaders and district leaders  to help with getting members to present lessons.  so that's gonna be fun.  we haven't heard from Leighton in awhile... :(  those plans sound good to me! :)  I hope everything works out with work this  coming week.  glad Jax is having a good season. I kinda miss watching my brothers play football.  that'll be fun to do when I get home. how's Justin preparing, he doin ok with everything?  is Jordan helping him teach and speak th4e language?  I love you too mom, Love Elder Weaver
Hayden means commented on the photo from priesthood, guess he knows your comp and you from SVU :) small world, Justin and Jordan try to work on the Spanish, Justin is attending mission prep at institute, he is ready PMG, I'm trying to get him to write his tasks down, good to have notes and a plan :)
So how will the exchanges work? Will you go on splits with pres? Pretty neat! How's comp training going? 
no, we will go with the Zone leaders, I'll stay in my area and one will come with me and help in getting lessons and new people to teach.  haha  my comp just leaned over and told me the exact same thing!!!  crazy stuff :):)
Conference was so great! Love that we get to watch together :) were you at the church yesterday? Members have you over to eat? How is safety? Any scary hood rat experiences, see as many guns as in stone mountain? Clothes holding up ok?
we were at the church for all sessions.  no one had us over...  were safe :)  no scary stories this week.  we don't see as many guns no.  cloths are doin good :)
What doin today? Seems like you are early this morning... How come so many early mornings last week?
meetings, today  just the usual shopping and basketball    I didn't get anything from dad or Justin are they ok?
Justin's phone fried this weekend, trying to get fixed today, dad was going to on way to work... His email may not have worked, we let chandler see our phones and now both our phones and emails are on or off, they are both well, sorry they didn't write, I know they both love you and think of you all the time, dad excited about all work coming up, we are having a high priest leadership dinner here Friday night, he loves serving the ward and the gentlemen there, always wishes he could do more for Heavenly Father!! 
Justin is getting super excited I think going right to the Mexico MTC brings him anxiety, but jumping right into the deep end makes you learn to swim fast :) he is never home, always with friends makes me feel bad sometimes, miss him already...what to do :) Jax excited to work out with you when home :) need to pray and fast about either Weber state or suu, we will have to send you coach cards email from Weber, he is the one from SVU... Anyways stuff to think about after you think about mission stuff of course :) 
who is coach card?
He is the one at Weber that dad talked to when he went up with Justin, he asked where you were, he said he was at svu, that they loved you and wanted you back, he is now at Weber, he asked what you were doing after mission, dad said suu wants you to run ball as a preferred walk on, he said why doesn't he come here (Weber) and run here, so we need to get back in touch with him if you are interested and I'll get you his email and we will get your packet to him, remember all thus, we told you at beginning of summer...
Have a super day!! Love you, be safe, continue to work hard, have fun!!! Always in our prayers!!! Enjoy every moment!!!love mom