Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow in Georgia!

a note from Sis Harding....she emailed it out on the missionary mom website and posted on face book...the snow storm basically paralyzed GA, the freeways were awful and full of crashes and abandoned cars, school was out for the day again....all because of a few inches of snow, goes to show you, if you are not equipped with the proper equipment and supplies it can be devastating

The Missionaries in the Georgia Atlanta Mission are all safe and well. 

President Harding is currently on a Mission wide call with them instructing 

them to stay off the roads, make calls and check in with members and 

investigators and look for ways to serve. Schools are closed and most people 

are home today - a perfect opportunity to do missionary work close to home. 

Rest at ease Mother's, your children are safe

Monday, January 27, 2014


On Mon, Jan 27, 2014
    We hope you had a great week, and all went as planned. With your baptisms, we've been praying and thinking about you a lot this week. Did all go well? Things here are good weather is not bad. We see the sun and it's in the upper 30s so that's been nice. We've been working at k.e.b. Building a saw dust pit at the end of is building we set some blocks and placed road base so they can pull a dumpster in and out. So that was fun. Always good to work with Troy he's good people. We have a fire line to do for nurtacorp at BDO. So we have some work. Lots of talk about subdivisions this spring we will see.
     So tell us about your week? Weather seems crazy, warm cold then warm cold, does it seem that bad to you? How is the work going? Anything new happening? Work still going well? Did you learn anything new this week. And if so what was it? I sure hope your happy and enjoying yourself. Have you learned anything that you think will help you though out your life? Things that will make you a better person, husband ,father, son:)? I hope you are getting everything you wanted out of your mission that you wanted. I think the best way to get all of that is to give all of that if that makes any sense. It sounded better in my head then on paper:) you know what I mean. I know your working hard I have no doubt of that. Just make sure you take the time to learn the lesions that you need too. Be happy love it, it well be over soon!!!  Than you'll be back to life as we know it:(. And it hard to have the spirit 24/7 as you do. Please love it enjoy smile be happy love those you work with. And keep growing spiritually. Be great be awesome like you always are. Sure love you so proud of all your doing!!
                                                                     Love proud father Ross

Dad-glad the sun is shining on y'all a little bit :)glad troy is keeping you busy and in his mind about things too, that's good.   some days are worse than other s as far weather its super nice one day then bone chilling cold the next...   the work is going good things are moving along!  I have learned a lot this week and all of it I can apply to my life in the many forms I'll be in. son  husband father. I'm learning things all the time, I don't know everything and I'm glad I have this chance to learn more and especially learn from the spirit.  that's one of my favorite parts..   I love you dad and I hope and pray y'all are safe and are getting work and staying happy :)  love you   love elder weaver
Mom-no we haven't gotten snow yet..  hopefully not soon either... I haven't burned shirts yet trying to do that at a members house haven't been available for us tho.    the Craig's loved the scarves and little autumn loved it she came out and saw it and went crazy when she found out it was hers!!  ha-ha :)  she about chocked me out when she was hugging my neck... ha-ha she was squeezing hard!   suits still fit yes and I guess our zone leaders might have a new suit to give me.  don't know how or why yet but ill et y'all know when I do.  pants are starting to wear thin in the crotch from walking so much and humidity..   but they are holding up ok..   for hump day I opened the package and blew up the balloons and read them all so thank you very much!  I thought I was a cool idea :)  ill send the card this week sorry I didn't this past week things were crazy with baptism and all...   everyone got wert except lil Joe... he bailed morning of and we haven't talked since so its kinda frustrating...  oh well.  Jeff and Cibull are doing great  we taught them Friday at Blair Craig's house and the loved it. they are preparing to be baptized on march 1st. the loved stake conference yesterday. and they had a good conversation with Blair as well.  he said that they said that everything they are missing from their old church and looking for they are realizing that they are finding it in our church, as far as members loving them and fellowshipping them and answering their questions  its great!!   ours was good  we had a broad cast from Florida that included multiple stakes from us to south and north Carolina and Florida so it  was kinda a big deal here.. ha-ha  glad y'alls week was good..I'm praying for work and hoping things pick up for y'all.   glad he is doing good in basketball.  ha-ha  I think he will win it :)  he's the guy :)    our week is good so far. we don't have too much planned but we have things set up with Jeff and Cibull and things are gonna be good!  I love you mom and hope y'all have a good week and things keep getting for you.  love elder weaver   here's pics of the balloons and also a little thing I bought from Wal-Mart with Christmas money

What did you hear from carol? And did you hear Andrew from SVU is at Utah state? Love ya!
I haven't heard anything from carol boles,,,   I haven't heard anything from Andrew either

So be surprised when carol tells you, she texted me and wanted your email, they are getting married march 1, she said she was going to email and tell you :) anyways, I've been meaning to tell you about Andrew for a bit but kept forgetting:) you will have to keep in touch and invite him to visit us :)
Have a busy day today? That exercise set looks great! Liking it?
OWOWOWWOWO  hey that's awesome!!!!!!  good for them!!!!  she say anything about Garry getting baptized?!?!   hey that's awesome!! I'll keep in touch with him yes.    today not too busy,. we might go to the church and do some football stuff,  so that'll be fun   yes I love it!  its helping a ton!!   I use it every other morning!! 

She didn't say anything about Gary, but be sure to be surprised :)
Do you think you'll get transferred next go around? 
ok ill be surprised :):)   I'm not sure  I think I'll stay   my comp has been here for 6 months..  I hope I stay

Would be great if stay you can see Jeff and Cibull baptized. ;) how are you for contacts I'm ordering more this weekend, do you have enough to last till valentine package? 
Love you Jacer!!!
I have a ton! I have 5 boxes I haven't opened yet
I'm happy too :):)  love y'all  be safe :)    talk to y'all next week :)   love elder weaver

Hey how was your week? How's your day? My week was good! My day was good! Today I got my interview for my  patriarchal  blessing and now all I need to do set up my meeting and go to it! :)  yesterday I shaved and cut my chin twice... But hey I'm clean! ;) we traded dad's quad and the 400 for two water skis... I didn't want to but... You know... I'm the youngest so... But they will be fun! :) love you love Jax! :)

Jax-hey our week was good. how was yours?   my day is good how is yours?  nice work Jax!!  that's awesome buddy!!   congrats  let me know when you're going to get it and ill fast with y'all that day. :)   hey my man you're not supposed to cut your chin when you shave.. ha-ha how much hair do you have on your face?  well glad to hear we have water skis now...  hopefully that'll be fun...  have a good day bud.  I love you.  love elder weaver

I sent her a scarf in Jace's one year package....she is so cute!!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy One Year! January 23, 2014

Over the Hump!


By Cheryl K. Carpenter
As you come to the one-year mark of your mission, I am sending you this camel to remind you how far you have come, and where you are going. There are many similar characteristics of a great missionary and a camel.
The first is the "hump". Yes, you have crossed the mark and now are over the hump of the first year. But remember the hump of a camel is used to store food for the long journey. Camels can go for long periods of time without food, but he must store his food in his hump. A Missionary has learned from so many experiences, but a wise Missionary will store the knowledge he has gained, and put it to greater use the second half of his mission.
Another important symbol, is what the camel does to be prepared to carry his load for his Master. A camel sometimes protests his heavy load, but he drops to knees for his Master, and once started, he patiently carries his load. As a missionary sometimes the load seems heavy and difficult to carry. But when you drop to your knees and succumb to the Master's will, he will carefully lead you and you can bear the load patiently, and do your Father in Heaven's work as he would have you do. This is why the camel's knees are heavily padded, as a Missionary, your knees are calloused from the many hours of kneeling in prayer.
The camel has high set eyes, that enable him to see long distances. A Missionary has his eyes set on higher things, he follows the Spirit that enables him to see the Children of God, those who are seeking answers, and he teaches them the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
The camel has broad, two-toed feet, that keep it from sinking in desert sand. A missionary has a broad knowledge and a firm testimony of the Gospel. This enables him to teach with boldness and stand firm in his testimony. The people you teach do not yet have the blessing of such a sure-foot, but as you teach with love and the Spirit, you will help them gain their own testimony that will help them walk on firmer ground. One that will lead them back to their Father in Heaven.
So you see, a Missionary has a lot in common with a camel. Put this camel where you can see it often. Dedicate yourself to do as the camel does. Serve your Master well and patiently over the long journey. You have come a long way, there is still much ground to cover. Continue to move forward, serving with love, until your mission is complete and your Father in Heaven will say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servant.

The Hump
So you have hit the hump, and half-way through,
Isn't it great how the Lord protects you.
We are proud of your work, of your baptisms, and knocks,
Glad you have found work, but know you wore out your socks.
So remember all you learned in this very first year,
You with the Lord have worked hard to get you were you are now,
So don't let the work slack, and pray as you bow.
With the help of the Lord you have changed inside out,
Growing more valiant, stronger, and very stout.
So strengthen others in this downhill road,
And don't let it be said that you had to be picked with a goad.
(see Bible dictionary)
12 is a wonderful number you know,
With the Priesthood at 12 you started to grow,
In love, and in service in righteous desire,
And now with 12 months don't get midway tired.
Just keep on converting for the next two years
Teaching the gospel, (which brings mother her tears)
About the Savior, the Plan of Salvation,
And all that transpired with the gospel's restoration.
Be proud of your growth, your work and your mission,
And hope for investigators who are willing to listen.
Teach with the Spirit, and work very hard,
It is the best of your life, for you're working for the Lord.