Monday, June 24, 2013

late pictures today

I love getting bonus emails, these must be some pictures he talked about in earlier email.....

 missionaries and ties!

some clouds :)

I think this is his neighborhood....
the sign I thought wait!  ours in Utah don't have little hats and socks..  :)  
signs in Georgia go to the next level :)  ha-ha


New address....

Elder Jace Weaver
Georgia Atlanta Mission
112 Governors Square Suite A
Fayetteville, GA 30215
New address for letters and packages, his email stays the

Thanks to all of you that write, pray and think of him, means so much to us and him!

Georgia Atlanta Mission! new call!

Family-thank you so much I have had a better week and I've been singing I'm a Child of God all the time so I have that song pretty well memorized ;) ha-ha thank you so much for all you r prayers I love you so much here the new info about the new mission stuff

Elders and Sisters –
Wanted to send you this information in writing so you can save and see it. This is the address for the Georgia Atlanta Mission Office (and your new mailing address):

 Elder Jace Weaver
Georgia Atlanta Mission
112 Governors Square Suite A
Fayetteville, GA 30215

Justin-hahahahaha :):):) I told him I would punch him if he pinches me again.. so I think I fixed that problem ;) good job in your football camps and practices you're the man Stan!! :) keep up the good work my man! :) what kind of a new car is she driving?? how do you barely have to drive it??... I've been praying a lot about things in our companionship... I think things are getting better :) if not that's ok.. I'm getting into my grove that I like and if its bothering him ill fix it if he asks me to.. but never says anything to.. and I'm not saying I'm purposely making him mad or bugging him I'm just saying.. ha-ha good luck in football and keep doing the best you always can. I really don't think you can give me too much credit tho for your success,, thank God first, for the strong healthy body you have to do the things you do both physically and mentally.. cause there's people that can't quit do what you can do Justin.. remember that. ;) then thank mom and dad fro their time and money and efforts then maybe if there's enough thanks left ill take small part ;) ha-ha I love you bud and only wish the best for you. love elder weaver:) p.s. mymobilehomeboyy :P

Jordan thank you so much... I believe I have fixed the problem by doing just that, sticking up for myself, thank you so much for the motivation and all the love and support you give me. thanks for the pic too ;) made me cry a little bit :') I'm glad you had so much fun with your friends at your over nighter!! an 18 inch fish and it was too short?!!?!? you should have just kept it and told people you'll put it in a fish bowl when you get home and wait for it grow the 2 inches ha-ha just kidding :) well my friend I like tawny :) so speed things up my friend remember you promised me 2 nephews by the time I got back! ;) have a good week jord and know that I love you love elder weaver

Jax-I'm good how are you ? :) I knew you'd awesome my friend! :) see now that you know you can do these things you can always do it again!!! :) tell the Fowers I said hello back :) I so glad and thankful that you are being treated better now then you were before my friend, I'm so happy for you and excited to hear about your season as well :) :) good luck this week in the 7on7 stuff and do your best and keep working your hardest :) send me pics of your eagle court of honor my friend I wanna see!! :) I love you Jax man have a good week. love elder weaver

Dad-this week went by very fast!!! as far as being in a new mission I will stay in my new area will just be in the new mission :) same apartment same area same car same comp same ward, new mission name.. that's all that is changing I sent mom the email I got about the new mission office address.. so when y'all send me stuff it'll be to that new address :) things with comp are somewhat better... I'm just going with it now but things get too out of hand I set him straight ;) about the same as my roommate at svu.. just him I could at least get away from... this one I cant... ha-ha I love you so much dad and thank you for your words today.. I know I can do hard things because you've always believed in me when I didn't and you still did when I did as well thank you so much dad. I hope you know you can do hard things too!! :) I love you dad :) love your son elder Jace Weaver

Mom-I so feel better in the apartment.. I notice that my nightly prayers are becoming more meaningful and exact, sometimes I notice I have prayed for 30 min.. not bragging or tooting my own horn just letting y'all know. I figured I had been sent here to help fix something with him.. I think I might be the only comp he has some respect for.. we have another set of elders in our ward and sometimes dinner gets dropped off at their apartment and we drive over and eat with them, and that's when he does things like that... but I found out he doesn't like certain food so I'm gonna buy me those foods :) cause I like em milk peanut butter chocolate :) so I can get chocolate cereal and have food for me that I won't have to worry about him taking :) look at me thinking ;) hehehehe :) tell Braxton Patton to email me please :) tell him I'm mad him for not emailing me yet!!! ;) ha-ha tell him congrats and tell his family I say hello back :) I'm going to the Georgia Atlanta mission... so I won't see his sister... that meeting Sunday night was amazing! I think as far as elders using fb and what not they will have to do it at the church or somewhere where they can be supervised closely.. that's exciting!!` so happy and glad to know that our church is progressing with the modern world! :) I hope that you have a super day as well :) you keep smiling and praying too ;) thank you so much mom for all that you do for me I love you so very much mom I miss you too sometimes I wish you were here to tell some of these people what's up and to listen her son ;) ha-ha it might help with some people ;) ha-ha love elder weaver ps I'm sending some pics of ties so tell the boys and dad to tell me next week what ties they want and ill send them home I also have some for chandler :)
note to mom-add stuff here...

had champagne at dinner :)

ha-ha good stuff

this is me after working a full day of biking around in a circle because my comp isn't good at directions... and the one with my helmet on is me right before an appointment.. all sweaty,,,

the problem with my bike need a new tire.... thinking no one around would have one going to bike Shoppe later this week to see but might call y'all and tell I need a new sent..
our map... and my eyes have been really yellow lately... not sure why.. but I hope they get better

not sure about the map picture? and no picture of ties came through? oh well, poor guy, has been blessed with the gift of self cleansing-or sweating buckets! looks great though and so much more up beat! The power of prayer is amazing....Thanks to everyone!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day!

Dad-  ----------- its hard because at times I compare missions with Jordan as well and I get really down on myself and not excited to do anything..  but as I realize there different I get happy again and keep pressing forward.   brother and sister jeppson are awesome people!!  I will surely miss them a lot as well.  and sweet bete,  she said I was one of the hardest missionaries to say good bye to..  she was about to cry as we left Tuesday night from saying goodbye...   I felt really bad...  ----     my new comp...-----  he is the youngest of 12 and was given everything to him as he was growing up and ...  he will drink other elder milk or juice out of the jug and then take it home to our place...  he thinks everything in the apartment is his...  he says the car is his and the miles get spent how he wants to...   now im alright with some of this,,  but he is really starting to get on my nerves...   he is starting to pinch me when I don't do things how he wants them done or if he doesn't understand what I am saying..  I almost punched him this morning because he was playfully hitting me and acting like he was going to punch me..  kinda ticked me off..  I love the area though!!  the people here are awesome! so nice and funny.  the people that called you yesterday  brother Paine is an awesome man who used to work for the railroad..  very nice and is joking about something all the time.. :)   the area I am in will become a part of the Atlanta mission.. on July 1st we will be in the mission but I might stay in the new area  all of that is not figured out yet...   Haha   I would love to have you come and cheer me on in a lesson or while we are knocking doors :)  that be fun :)     thank you dad so much for all that you do for me and the love and support that you've given me,  you are the type of man I hope to become as I continue to grow and get married and have children   thanks dad  I love you  love Jace  p.s.   happy father's day  

ya I thought you'd cry :)  I was crying as well I was sitting next to him as y'all were talking :') ha-ha   in my testimony I explained how you didn't have to chance to serve and so you have always told us your sons that you want us to better then you were and how you  have instilled in me to do nothing but my best and to be satisfied with my efforts,  and I related it to god how he is the same way with his children on earth, and I said I hope I get to be the man that I my father is in holding the priesthood and loving his wife and his children.   so dad thank you for your example and all that you've done me   I love you and wish only the best for you  love elder weaver 
note from we are sitting in sacrament, Father's Day, and Ross' phone vibrates that there is a call, it comes up from Georgia, he goes out to answer and hears, "Bro. Weaver?, yes, this is Bro Paine from Covington Georgia, I am here with Elder Weaver, Ross says yes, not knowing what to expect...Bro. Paine says Elder Weaver asked me to do him a favor and wish you a Happy Father's Day, he bore his testimony in sacrament today and talked a lot about his Dad, and he loves you very much....he also asked if we were related to a Jay Weaver, and Elder that served in Covington about 14 years ago, Ross said he thought he knew one, and would check into it....Ross came back in to sacrament and we both cried...what great people he has come across, Thanks Bro Paine! Come to find out that Elder Jay Weaver is Ross' 3-4 cousin and just happens to live in the same house we lived in on South Weber Drive, the home we had before we moved here to the Terrace...small world!)
Jax-let me know everything about camp and how it feels to have pads on at this time...  ;) love you bud  and good luck with all that you are doing  love elder weaver 
Justin-I wuv you too ha-ha   funny guy   or should I say  you fungi hahahahaha  :):):):)   I'm glad you're doing good and your having a good time   next week if you can go into more detail about the camp and how it all went :)   luv you big man  love elder weaver
Jordan-I'm pretty excited about the new mission!!   does that mean ill get another mission call like you did?   she looks like Katie cable!! 3rd place is nice  good work my man!   send me a pic of your toe!!  I wanna compare our bad toes!!   Hahaha  :)    I love you Jordan and I'm glad you're doing so good  and is this tawny parker girl a potential wife??  just wondering  not pushing anything yet ;)   love you   love elder weaver 
Mom-this week was kinda slow...  tell Devin cupp congrats and ask if he got my letter I sent him.. please.    nice work my man Justin!!   rocking kids up Weber state!!   thats my man!!  nice work studly!  :):) don't worry about the weight   it'll come :)  nice work in the parade!  :)  sounds super fun!!  nice work :)   I think they should have an award for moms who help their sons so much with scouts and give them awards as well :)    and then give dads bandages for any scars or accidents that happened while helping as well ;)  ha-ha  just kidding :)  tell everyone hi for me as well :)  thanks  I see why other letter are so short ;)  no worries :)    I was only singing in the ward choir because the sisters who were our ride..  stayed ;)  ha-ha  just kidding  but seriously though,,  I liked it was fun.  wish I knew a little bit more about singing...    I'm the only one that came to Covington  but just found out my mtc comp just came out  after his knee surgery so that exciting! :)  I don't know how to use this computer but I have some good pic for y'all next week when I better understand whets going on :) ha-ha sorry tho.....  ______________  I think that our address...   don't take my word for it....    I got y'alls package today and thank you so much for all that you sent me I'm so happy you sent me good food!!  my comp doesn't like any of the food you sent so it's all for me :):)  cause he eats everything else...:/   not as populated  we are in the car and and its more open...  its super layed back and not too many people to talk to...  :/    a piece of my heart will always in that place!  new mission pres hearting..,,  might have spelled it wrong...  
(note to Mom-please add rest of letter when doing book :))  
Thanks to all that love and support Jace, please keep him in your prayers as he is with this new companion and new area, bless him that the spirit will be with him abundantly!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Busy! leaving Athens....

 good morning my friend,
work is great, doing some rock work for Brian today, then a pipe job for irrigation field this week...we did get the Roy subdivision but don't start that till next month.
driving the sailboat was very fun, amazing how smooth the ride was because the keel in the water is so big, would like to do it again, on a bigger sailboat, the water was so clear you could see the bottom of the ocean where we were docked! want to go back!
Leslie called me last night and I guess they went to Rossitters farewell yesterday, we weren't invited, anyways, Chandler was sitting there and Leslie was trying to explain who the people were and how related, and he said I want to play with Jace, she said well Jace is on his mission, and he said ok I will wait till next summer to play with him, cute huh!
I was released from legacy house yesterday, so I'm down to one calling, stake young men's counselor, it was bitter sweet, I will miss the people a lot, but someone else needs those blessings.
coach Womack is moving into our ward this month and says hello,
I have a quote that I shared with Justin this week and I leave it by the computer to remind me, it says "I don't know of any other way to lead but by example"  thanks for being a great leader and example. I am proud of you and the work that you are doing, continue to grow in the gospel and the work will come.  work hard my friend and be safe, have a super week, tell us about the work this week,
love your very proud Dad

Dad-well...  I'm balling like a baby in a public library,,,  I wish I could see Chandler and play with him in the pool....  coach Womack is moving in??   what house?  where?  how close to our house?  that'll be fun !! you  know with our quote,,  another one comes to my mind..  monkey see monkey do ;) ha-ha   on a more serious note,  Christ said in the movie the testaments,  the son can only do that which he seeth the father do...   dad the men your sons are today have evolved from your example..  so thank you for being that example of a loving caring supportive father and husband, and also a worthy priesthood holder.  thank you for all that you do.   this week we talked to 56 different people about the gospel and had 6 lessons,  and had 3 new investigators to church on Sunday.  one of them already considers himself a member of the church because he likes it so much, and he wants his son to start taking the lessons as well.   the other lessons no one was too interested and didn't want us to come back..   but the work must go on :)   ha-ha   that sums up my week :)  
hope you have a good one dad.  I love you  love elder weaver

Mom-sweet bete needed help on Friday painting so we helped her then..  weather is weird won't decide what to do for some reason ha-ha  feel back in Utah kinda ;)  Ha-ha rain is pretty bad...  can't do too much in it :(  no one is outside so we can't go contact people and then appointment fall through and we end up wet outside doin nothing...    but we crack jokes and talk about good stuff so we don't get bored :)  work is going good I told Justin about the success..   nothing too new with investigators..  I'm not too happy to be leaving...  I like it here  and with football coming up we were having some pretty good conversations with a lot of people...  oh well..  no my will but his will  right?  happy anniversary!!!!  :)  doing anything fun for it? :)   take some pics of Justin at the Weber state thing and send em to me please?  thank you. :)    I love you too mom   love your (son) elder weaver
Justin-my biceps are 16 and 3/4 inches :)  I measured them yesterday ;) ha-ha  I don't know what my chest is...  I'll let you know tho :)   good luck at the Weber state football camp!  :)  have fun and don't compete against other people  compete against yourself and worry about the things you do  :)  make sure that when you lay down at night you can smile and say I did my very best and there was nothing else I can  and now it's up to the coaches to pick me or not  :) we don't eat fast food  very often at all!  we have been having a lot of success lately  we had 3 investigators at church yesterday and one of em has a son who also wants to be baptized!!  :)  things here are going good :)   I miss you too my friend..  you'll have a ton of fun with brother hart as he young men's pres.  :)  I love you buddy and hope you have fun and be safe this week  love ya  love elder weaver

Jax-just keep working at tail back and you'll be in more and more as you progress! :)  everything takes time and practice. :)  jump in whenever you can my friend and go  as hard and as fast as you can!  :) don't have too much fun playing that game ;)  ha-ha   I love you buddy :)  love elder weaver

Jordan-I hope you have fun with your planned vacations   you can use my pinewood derby car if you like :)  I didn't know you were going to school again..  ldsbc?   what classes are you in?   I just found out today I'm getting transferred to Covington the outer area so I will be in a car.  and when the new mission opens will be in the new mission..  my new comp is elder kallon.  African American from Nigeria..  he's about 25   so it hopefully will be fun, haha  i leave athens wednesday...   well im glad you are doing so well and having fun.    love elder weaver

holy cow jax is big!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lava, Lava

Justin-dang that is a crazy week! I'm sorry about your hip..  I hope you keep getting better and heal fully!  :)  good job in all your games tho!  that's awesome!   how are the weight s going?  you still getting stronger?  have you measured your biceps yet??   ha-ha keep up the good work my friend and don't stop!!  :)  I hope you have a good week and stay safe!!  love elder weaver
Jax-I'm good how are you ?  the comp is good!  hahaha you are pretty funny!!   no I have not hit any mini vans lately!  why would ask me that??  have I ever hit one? :)  hahaha  good luck with football and all that you are doing!  have fun and work hard!   have fun and be safe on your hike to waterfall canyon!  and keep preparing spiritually for trek ;)   I love you bud and wish you the best! love you  love elder weaver
Dad-we picked up a new investigator yesterday!  he said he gets along with Mormon beliefs really well and loves our standards.  he's been challenged to be baptized and he will  as soon as he studies it out a little bit and understands it more.  which is completely fine!!   I feel I am doing good out here!  I do think I am growing spiritually! I am very happy thank you,  are you happy? I know that's what you want for me and I want it for y'all as well!  sweet bete loves to take pics of us but she doesn't like to be in them very much...    riding around the other day looked down and the back tire was wobbly  so I took the tire off and the axle is broke again so I will have to take to the hub shop again and see what they can do...  good job on your ride!  I wish I had some way to tell how far I've been going, nothing fancy like day to day things  just something to look at increase over the rest of the mission.,  we try and have fun on p days.  today we are gonna play ball and I hope it's a good day as far people wanting to play and actually playing.    good I'm glad work is going good  you and things are still improving! the weather is way worse than SVU  here we can't take layers off or go swimming...    thanks dad for your letters and all you do for me as your son,   I love you dad  love elder weaver
Mom-it feels like the weeks are going by faster,  Jax will be fine making friends!  people hear his name as a weaver they will remember Justin and the cool guy and amazing athlete he is and think the same of Jax  so no worries! ;) tell Jax good luck with his booth in the terrace days parade!   I'm glad Justin is healed up and continuing his life!  has he heard anymore from the college that sent him that email?  has he heard from any others?? I think I got Jordan's today I f not I will send him one still! :) I'm glad Jordan is staying busy and keep dad company while they are at work ;) ha-ha I found my cord for pictures so I will send some today! :)  I don't have a picture of me on bike yet tho for the bulletin in the ward building..  sorry    the skirts are called lava lava's  elder fetuli gave me mine and elder hales got his from a Samoan elder in another area  we told sweet bete we had skirts and she didn't believe us..  so we wore them to her house! :)  she couldn't stop laughing  and we had shorts on under the lava lava's :)  ha-ha  allergies are getting better  kinda rough in the mornings  but gets better..  toe is doing good!  all healed  ankle is alright I twisted it walked up to our apartment and every now and again it tweaks funny and kinda hurts but I'll be alright, I would like the brace just for support while I am playing sports and maybe to bike with?... I can't think of anything you else to send  sorry,,  maybe just like a pair of the spandex garments  and a mesh shirt? maybe??  they had a another baby?!?!?!?!?!!?   that's awesome!!!!  :):)  I'm glad she is doing good I will keep her in my prayers!;)   tell Landon congrats for me.
I love you mom and thank you so much for that you do me!   love elder weaver XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO
no email from Jordan...   I hope he's doing good and has had a good week and is dating!!! ;)  ha-ha has he been doing the landscaping stuff  and how did work go him while y'all were on your cruise??  he do a good job?? ;)  ha-ha   Jordan I love you my friend and miss ya, I hope you have a good week and have fun and be safe :)  love elder weaver
real quick...  do you think you could have Bailey write my comp?  :) please  he doesn't get mail and I was thinking who I could have write him and she came to my mind...  would it be ok if you asked her for me?  please

we went on another exchange with elder Edmunds and it was a good one!  such a good man and missionary :)
we think someone made a spelling error on the sign ;)  h-ha  one too many ing's ha-ha   I'm so funny!

this is a car that lives by some members I the ward  and it's just so beautiful :)
 Sweet Bete is an amazing woman who feeds, listens and cares for these missionaries like they are her own children....What a great blessing she is in all of our lives! She calls me often and just to say Hello, so makes my day, she has usually seen Jace recently and gives me up dates, Love you Swete Bete!
pics with Sweet Bete and our lava lava's :)   and another little car that live in our complex that elder hales and I have been thinking about trying to pick up ;)  ha-ha

 we live by Dr guy  ha-ha   make me laugh every time we pass it ;)  this is my new comp elder hales :)  this is my lava lava (I put at top of page)
Mom's note, Justin got tackled during a touch drill and it left a hematoma on his upper right hip bone, it swelled up to the size of a softball by the time he finished practice and came home. We took him to a sports medicine place that looks at ball players for free and he said to ice, compress, and rest for at least 24 hours, he said that there would be large amounts of bruising and he would be out of commission for a few days at least, well with lots of ice, compression and rest, and prayer, there is very little if any bruising and when we went back two days later the doctor was so surprised and cleared him to play his 7 on 7 that Saturday, he played awesome, tho hurt, he did great!  Prayer, gotta love it!