Monday, March 25, 2013

LOVE YALL TOO!!!! have a good week HaPpY EaStEr!!!!! :)love Jace

another day in the field :)

Mom, HAPPY (LATE) BIRTHDAY!!! :) Ha-ha I was gonna email on the actual day but couldn't.... I'm sorry.., :( I'm glad you didn't cry cause I was about to.. ahah it good to hear y'all and actually talk with you I kinda forgot what y'all sounded like ;) jk things are goin good I just some stuff in my throat that day I'm better now yes I got Easter package and thank you for all the goodies :D holly cow you sent a lot of stuff!! haha glad y'all are keeping busy and work is going good sorry y'all can't go to st george... jax good luck with your toe!! hope he doesn't take off too much and you only be able to count to 19 ;) haha just kidding dinner that night was good! i cant send pics today... left camera at home.. :( sorry.... tell all of the family i said hello back :) i wish i could go to the temple... i cant for 2 years:'( i don't know if ill make it that long...? ;) i will church is good love my ward and the members in it great people! we get mail pretty often the mission office gets it and they forward it to the missionaries in the different areas.. it take a little long but we still get mail. very excited for conference we are going to go to the church and watch it and we are planning on having investigators there with us too!! :) we have someone on date for 13 of April and is excited because he isn't a religious guy and doesn't know too much about baptism and said he will be baptized when he knows more :) that's what we missionaries are here for my friend ;) I didn't really say that tho ;) no Easter plans... missionary work ;)

well I think I answered all your questions and said I needed to say ;) I have a question tho... could yall send me my black royal hoodie? unless someone wears it that's fine ill get a 10$ one here that's probably just what ill do :) so never mind about the hoodie :) love you mom and i always will love your son Elder Jace Weaver

Dad, I think I might have hit a hole or something... the sidewalks here are not very flat or even so that might it too.. I will ride on a moped behind you dad in lotoja ;) haha we could try it? maybe start smaller tho and work our way up to that? :) haha I wasn't mad or judging the gay guy I just said what was on my mind he wasn't offended or anything he was just getting my opinion.. I love the people I teach and it's a miracle to look in their eyes and see the understanding of God's plan and of how everything works out, come to their understanding! AWESOME!! I can't believe Bonneville is getting another coach!! I laughed out loud as I read that :):):):) I'm so glad we made the switch to Roy! thanks for all you and mom sacrificed for that to happen, brings up a question.. has jax decided on when he is gonna move to sandridge?? ;) haha glad work is going good and yall busy :) love you dad and your awesome! love Elder Jace Weaver

WWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1,000 POUND CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY MOBILE HOME BOY DID IT!!! ;) good job Justin that's great and now you can still only get better! keep that confidence and stay strong! glad you have the week off lucky duck... ha ha be safe at work and at track love you tons kiddo :) love your bro Elder Jace Weaver

Jordan-wow... thanks for the short letter... glad your graduating! ;) how about the whole getting married thing?? how's that goin? you said you'd get married while I was gone... I've been gone for awhile now!! what else are you waiting for man?!? ;) love you jord and no I haven't been reading we've been asked to not to until 6 months into the mission... I'll get to it ? ;) love Elder Jace Weaver

Jax-good luck throwing man! I'm excited for you and have running the 400 I couldn't do it ;) good job... I'll be thinking of stuff for your project :) keep up the good work in basketball love you buddy boy love Elder Jace Weaver

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Jace is a Peach!

Ive had to re-do his blog, for some reason the other blocked me out, that is why all of the posts are from today....anyways I hope this helps

I sure think that my Jace is a Peach! :)
Write him at 1150 Cole Drive Southwest
Lilburn, Georgia 30047

Pictures from the morning of his endowment session....yes we went in when it was dark, and come out to the light, pretty much like how the gospel works...always coming to the light when doing whats right!


Splits with Elder Edmunds

Splits with Elder Edmunds....

broken bike

got a surprise email on Thursday, March 21st

the past two days the back tire on the bike has been rubbing on the frame... last night I took off the back tire to see what the problem was... I found the thing that goes through the gears and holds the bike in place is broken... I have no idea how it broke because we don't do anything crazy! I couldn't sleep last night because I was nervous to tell y'all and I'm worried about how much it will cost to get a new piece and just have me put it back together or have to have someone do it... I'm really sorry this happened but I honestly don't know how it could have broken and bent the way it is... the part on the paper is the thing that goes inside of the other thing that broke and its bent, as you can see, but its why the tire rubs cause whenever I peddle the tire rubs on the side of the frame.. it has the quick release on it? I'm sorry I don't know the names of the parts..

Hi ya pal,
You shouldn't ride on it could do more damage, and you could get hurt, dad is checking with a bike shop called the HUB, its 4 miles away from your apartment, to see about getting the part....I keep in touch,
Are you still on?

heres the other pics I was talking about... we have two appointments tonight and I have to ride on it even tho I know it's not the best... but please email me back... I will get back on after our dinner tonight and check to see what you said,,, I'm sorry and this is really bad time of day too... I hope I don't upset you too much and y'all still have a good day.... love you guys talk to you soon....

Maybe members can give you rides to your appointments, the ward mission leader maybe able to help you....
Looks like the rear axle is broken....?
Brian, at the Hubb Bike Shop, said you spoke with him the other day? Anyways talk with him and he said he can help you out...1220 S Milledge Ave, Athens GA
phone 706 355-3989 they may need to put bike back together, to pack bearings?
Love you tons, keep us in the loop, may cost about $40, let us know, maybe can use shop phone if need to speak with dad 801-725-8108 :)
Love you and glad wasn't something more serious....
Rainy day today so no worries about time of day, hopefully we can get fixed fast and easily,
Love you
Mom and Dad

:) so did Elder Atkin from the office call you? he was going to try and help out?

i had to ride on it... our stuff wasn't far tho and we walked a little of it... my comp is kinda a jerk about it tho... he will take off riding and i cant ride hard cause i dont wanna break anything bad again... and he just takes off and leaves me in the dark and doesn't wait for me... so I'm just waiting to get it fixed to see if he can keep up with me then..

Love you too! we will go look at moon! sleep good, sun comes up tomorrow!
Love y'all tons
Mom and Dad

thanks y'all... I'll probably call tomorrow off their phone but don't count on it... I might not cause I will cry ;) haha love y'all and when you can go out and look at the moon there is a ring around it and its pretty neat.... love y'all talk to ya tomorrow thanks again.. I love you guys! love elder weaver

Please don't be sorry! No worries glad you are ok, and not something should be around $40, and if you need to call please do, be safe and sleep good tonight, no worries, got your back! Love you,

when do you think that you will be able to go to the bike shop?

we have plans to do it tomorrow around noon take a bus...

sounds good, be happy, love ya,
mom and dad

love y'all talk to y'all tomorrow

Love you too! we will go look at moon! sleep good, sun comes up tomorrow!
Love y'all tons
Mom and Dad
So Jace did call the next day, I happened to be at work with Ross, laying pipe, I was in the trench and I saw Ross answer his phone and say "well hello Elder Weaver how are you?" I started to cry...they talked for a few minutes and then Ross motioned to me to come up and talk to him, we talked for a few minutes and he sounded like he has a cold coming on, he said he has a sore throat, probably because the temperature has changed about 25 degrees in a week....anyways he says he loves the work and is super busy, they had three appointments between 2 oclock their time and dinner and they were eating dinner with a member family, he told me about going on splits with Elder Edmunds last week and going to a man who told them he was gay and that Jace bore his testimony that man should be with good to hear his voice and his accent, holy cow, y'alls and yes ma'ams, so fun to get a surprise call! Love you Jacer and so glad we were able to help...ended up only $25 fix :)

the work is going good!

I'm so glad everything went good for your eye and I glad I did get dads message on Tuesday thank you so much your eye looks really good! I'm glad I could help out with Justin.. hope he is able to have a calm heart and a clear mind...

we couldn't do the skid steer work cause the guy wasn't home and his wife wasn't too happy we offered so we might have to let it go for a week or two and retry later... :/ oh well

the work is going good last night we taught a guy who worships an idol and doesn't think there is a god so we read in alma 22 with him and stopped every so often to ask the same questions the scriptures were asking... it was good I testified about Joseph smith and how he went through trials and died for this beautiful gospel and that he saw god the father and Jesus Christ. and testified to him about the power of prayer and my experiences with prayer.. he said the closing prayer after we were done :) YES!!!! so good his name is zack watne and his wife is a member and is a teacher in primary they are both from Utah too... we are meeting with him every Sunday evening Khalid is alright we didn't meet with him this week he was out of town for spring break... but we have his number now and will set a time for tomorrow. we also picked up a guy named sunny really cool guy he is visiting his sister in the ward who just had knee surgery.. he has been to church the past 2 weeks and will be here another month so we are gonna see him wed and teach our stuff ;) he says he wants to know more and he could be baptized he said that! and we said we could help with that ;)

the members are awesome!! I will get pics for next week and explain more about them next week... sorry... and some of the members have said that they have added me on fb... just fyi...

we hand out a ton of cards everyday! it's crazy how many people we talk to... we do do our own laundry and my garments are working out good but I might need some smaller bottoms ;) ha-ha seriously tho :) I have to tell you... Saturday was so hot!!!!!!! I was sweating right when we opened our door! and we were on our bike that day to save miles on car and I could believe how wet I was!! it was like I got out of a pool and I still had my church clothes on... crazy stuff!!!! :):):) don't stop because you think you take too much time we have 2 hours on the computer... we have time ;) tell people to keep writing me and I hope everyone is going good tell grandma pat happy birthday for me and tell grandma and grandpa Beardall thank you for the letter they sent to my comp.. he really liked it and is thankful thanks everyone for all that you are doing for me I'm happy your all in my life and have helped me grow into what I am today thank you... oh and we found a guy named Richard Weaver in our ward his name is in pink which means do not contact... we went to his house :) just wanted to see my family! ha-ha he wasn't home tho... we will have to see him another time.. ;) just found out we are losing the car.... we will have to get a ride to church from members now.... dang

the weeks are going by faster and faster!! dad thanks for all that you do for me and don't worry about us having a car I have been tightening my belt to the next whole so I'm losing weight! :) I hope my legs will someday look like yours ;) I hope work keeps up! I pray you'll always stay busy. hope thing continue to work out for everyone love you dad I always have and always will look up to you! love you dad love elder Weaver

my comp is way stronger ;) keep up your hard work in ball and school and don't be nervous about track it's just running in a line and jumping... nothing to be nervous about! ;) I will keep trying with the cars its hard cause they are driving and we are too but I am trying tho!! love you

we found a blue light bulb and an orange bulb and put in :) our fridge is weird its cold and warm and all of sudden freezing the heart bowl is my breakfast this morning the milk is like ice cream it froze over night... it was still pretty cereal tho :) and then there is a sun set beautiful :) love y'all so much and wish everyone the best of luck in the upcoming week love y'all love yours truly elder jace weaver

Justin if I can do anything else for you please let me know.. I'm excited for you and your upcoming football and track seasons go hard and don't ever stop being you :) love you buddy for no reason I can't get the scripture out of my head Mathew 5:24

                                            the convertible is a mustang just so you know ;)
Jace maybe missing his car :) he has a convertable mustang too....if you look closly at the sunset picture, there are a bunch of backhoes....maybe missin his dad and work too!


choppin wood

Letter to Jax…

I'm doin good bud how are you doin? he is doin good as well. good luck with your basketball playoffs tonight!! play hard :)record all the new psych episodes!! ;) haha so I can watch them later... I see cool cars all the time bro, but sometimes I can't get my camera out fast enough but I try I got one fore you today tho;) haha anything I can do for you let me know :) have a good day and upcoming week. love you bud love Elder Jace Weaver p.s. how are your grades coming??

the car in this pic is a grandma like the red one grandma and grandpa use to have :) it sits pretty high!!;)


Mom, real quick before I forget. I'm praying for you and your surgery tomorrow :) all will be well:) maybe have dad Jordan Justin give you a blessing? :) happy st patty day to you!! all I s going good for us the elder who my comp punched actually got sent home for his mental psyche... and the other one got reassigned soooooo we have the car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):) I'm the only who drives because my comp doesn't have license :P yes!!!! hahaha good stuff :) kalid is going good he won't pray he thinks it's a waste of time... but he is opening up us a lot now and we just need to tell him that we are with him only to invite and not to answer question... hopefully that works :) mom you are a great skid steer operator ;) everyone loves it when you come to work :) hahaha I love you mom :) and I hope I don't forget when the time comes but happy birthday now incase I do forget... please forgive me ;) thank you for the quote! I love it and I can apply that to everything I am doing here in Georgia :) let me know how things go tomorrow and ill talk to y'all next week love you mom :) love elder Jace Weaver
Dad, hahaha austins only down fall is that he like a school whose football team can win very often ;) next time y'all argue about who is better bring up lots wife in the bible Gen 19:17 ;) its scripture from the lord to stop dwelling in the past :P hahaha be safe in you doing rocks and work in general im hoping that after these two years ill be able to do some work with you, walking around tracting the other day found a house doing work in the back big dumpster and a skidsteer :) guy working it had no idea what he was doing ;) made me smile :):) i went over and starting talkin to the guy who was watching and offered our services and told him about my experience and that we work for free and our schedules are pretty flexible he said thanks but no... we are gonna plan to see them again thursday and offer again just too make sure ;) haha i love you dad your awesome have a good week and ill talk to yall next week :) love your son Elder Jace Weaver

ps since i am on a bike i shaved my legs ;) hehe ill send a pic soon let me know what y'all think of my legs ;) the pic of the sticker on the car says ill take a mormon over a moron anyday :)
mu shaven legs ;)

 we went and split wood which is very hard... kinda upset about how hard it was.. but is was a blast and pretty funny ;)

a lady in the ward asked for moms number and i have given it to her name is bete wright but everyone calls her sweet betty :) be ready for her call ;) haha pretty southern and likes to talk a lot and is hard of hearing... :)


this dog is huge i couldn't get his full size in the pic it's a wolf... weighs almost 200lbs and barks like a bear!!! i know bears don't bark but if they did this would sound like it :) and this is our breakfast this morning eggs rice sausage and corn :) mmmmm

food on my plate :)  haha talk to yall next week

 Thanks to everyone that is writing me, keep it up....


Letter to Justin…read mosiah 24: 13-15, have patience my friend, :) all is well and everything will work out as long you realize your eternal goals in life and the steps you need to take to get there you're a smart kid and you will make the right choice. :) I have faith in you Justin :) time only gets going faster and faster bud tings don't slow down. that's life.. Justin I want to help and encourage you as much as I can but you gotta see the other people that could so a better job of it because they are closer to you at home.,,, if you ever need to talk about anything and don't want mom and dad to know write me a letter and ill write you one back, but know it's not good to keep things from mom and dad,,, they are the ones who could and will help you the most they are your parents and love you, and don't worry about if they'll stop loving you,,, they won't they can't not because they have to love you but because they are blessed to love you, god has them as our earthly parents because they are the ones that will love us the most and can and will help us toward our goals both in this life and the next... and as far jax buggin you,,, role with it I don't know what else to say when I read his letter and see the love he has for everyone surprises me because I was pretty rude to him growing up...

have fun at prom!! dance your heart out!!! :) have fun that's I regret the most is not having fun when everyone else was... so have fun :) keep working hard for ball before you know it you'll be taking off your cleats for the last time in high school football... the song the boys of fall when the coach says you'll never get that chill that feeling of excitement role down your neck and your back the mental excitement of being able to this, you'll never have that feeling again... playing college ball,, I was pretty excited about and pumped! but not one season of college ball could ever compare one game oh high school football just remember the things and talents you've been blessed with, and those people who are not as blessed... don't do it all for you do it for those who physically and mentally are not able to do it....... never give up an opportunity to go out on the field injured or not you play! sick or not you pay attention to the film and practice and always compete against you, you on you will allow you to see your faults and your strengths. only you can allow yourself to become the best,

we might see each other for 3 years... but you are still and always will be my younger brother who I will do anything for. our family relationship will not change because of three years. ;) please keep praying and pray for patience, the feelings of confusion are satin... don't let him win... 2 Nephi 31:8 talks about the plainness of the gospel.. it's not just the gospel that is plain we as humans over complicate life all the time, when that happens take a step back take a deep breath and look at your life,,, hear the silence,,, find yourself.... :)

keep getting stronger that's good! and will always benefit not only you but also the people around you and the ones you serve :) love you Justin keep your head up and do as it says in Gen 19:17 ;)

I love you Justin have a good week :) love Elder Jace Weaver

a mission

most spiritual experience so far.... hmm I would have to say when my companion said a prayer 3 days after his mom died and he was having a hard time wanting to go home and got mad and upset.. so I told him to take it to god.. we knelt down and he was mad at first with god and asked why now why her what could I have done and after he was done getting mad and taking out on god his spirit changed,,, he became sincere in his prayer and started telling god that he understood, and thanking him for things,, just showed me how fast and how he works with his children here on earth. ps I was crying ;)

we don't have anyone close to baptism yet.. we have on kid who is very interested and is setting up our appointments by himself which is really cool :) so we meet with him on Tuesdays and have dinner and teach him :)

the prayer my companion said ;)

advice,,, read and take notes both from book of Mormon and bible you never know when someone will try and argue about gospel stuff ;) happens quite a bit

you know.. a mission, like life, is what you make of it... your mission will be what you make of it you decide, you act, your testimony builds,, only if you allow it to and if you have a strong enough foundation to let it build upon,, ultimately.. it's your choice.. good luck with track and football :):):) I wish I was doing track at this time as well.. but I am where I need to be at this point in my life and I'm growing from it :) have fun with this maddi :):) be yourself and don't care what others think, what they think doesn't effect your eternal salvation ;) love you bro keep up your hard work and awesomeness :) love you love elder weaver

this came late last night, kinda of a fun emails all day, but he sent them all at the same time...slow internet?

Love you bro...

These letters came later in the day....
To Jax,
good luck with basketball i know youll do great bud keep trying your hardest on your grades, i couldve got better scholarships if i had better grades... so keep working hard my friend! and thats aesome we are related to talon!! love you bro love elder Weaver
my comp gave me this shirt, doesn't fit him anymore ;)
the car has these rims... we see cars all the time with rims like this and BIGGER!!! :) haha my comp gave me this shirt it doesnt fit him anymore :) well until next week i love you all and wish the best to everyone :) love Elder Weaver :)
To Jordan,
SQUIRELL :) my comp is doing a lot better :) he punched another elder in our ward :D keep kalid in your prayers hes a young black kid we are teaching and he is super smart!!! and doesnt know if he belives in god yet but he is super accepting and is setting up our times to meet with him he is excited about learning more and im excited to continue meeting with him :) love you bro love elder Weaver

ps good luck with school stuff and dating ;)

Good for your ride!! i bet it was nice to getout and about :) my bike is working awesome butt is VERY SORE!! at least it was the first 5 days now not so much ;) thanks dad for eveything.. dont tell mom but even tho your letters are the shortest i feel they are most powerful... i cry every time i read yours.. :') love you Ross Weaver DAD love elder Jace Weaver SON :)

Gotta love the father son fortunate!


sorry about y'alls ride... :/ that's no fun... but yes my companion is doing really good a and I was recording :) ha ha yes they used it at the funeral he also sent home a talk he wrote here and emailed home... I hope they used his stuff at the funeral they said they would.. we get $135 a month to live off of :) the work is going good, it's just that though, WORK, things aren't coming easily but what's new in my life I'm used to it ;) keeping my chin up and pressing forward always!! :) we don't really have any experiences this past week... well except for my comp punching someone and given him a concussion and some black eyes.. all with one punch :P ha-ha a story ill tell next time ;) hey for package please send compression shorts would be very handy in P day activities :) it was super cool seeing the Haslam's because we were asked my pres Wolfert to join him for a youth fireside and share some missionary tips and knowledge to the youth in the stake :) that's where I met him and his wife and son :) well mom I love you very much and I'm praying for you and the family and wishing everyone luck in their upcoming events love y'all :):):):) love elder Weaver

I'm not fat the wind is blowing that shirt is all puffy :)

my comp was messin around with my camera as I was walking over to the pond to have him take my picture ;)

 we have a pond by our apt complex with ducks....
 we went to a members house and she had some good quotes I liked :)

I cleaned out my tub drain and my sind and this was what was in it....gross!

going to church and my comp made spam eggs and rice, soooo goooood!!! :):)

more food, and we saw a possum in our parking lot 3 days ago!!! :O soo cool!

 this is country as we are all going to service project


I asked him to tell me about the comp punching someone....
the other companion was mouthing off to a member who is unable to go to church this member had a heat stroke a while back and is suffering brain damage from it and has really sensitive eyes and wears sun glasses all the time and can't go outside too often.. this elder was kinda making fun of him saying he could run faster and jump higher then this member... kind pissed everybody off.. and the car ride home the elder is going off at me! no reason why just saying that if I don't teach about football stuff I won't be able to be the best missionary I can be.. I won't teach him anyways ;) ha-ha anyways my comp didn't like how he was talking to everyone so we get out of the car to go up to our apt and my comp says you better not talk to me like that this.. the other elder says oh ya you don't talk to me like that! my comp said get out of the car.. and the other guy did so my comp goes over to side and just POP :) right between the eyes :) and the force of the hit sent the other elder back into his seat and he started bleeding everywhere :):) my comp walks off and says watch yourself now! I was smiling :):_):):):):):) and I walked over, being the good guy that I am, and closed his door for him :) and went on my marry way :) good stuff hahaha

Good Stuff!
Oh and we get to skype on Mother's day!