Monday, December 15, 2014

talk to y'all in 2 days...

Jax-nice work buddy!!!  way to go!!  what kinda shoes did you get?  what day is your first game?   I'm excited to be home too!  I'll play you one on one ;)  haha  what movies y'all gonna see? see you soon Jax  love elder weaver 
Jordan-I have no idea what your subject says but I laughed!   I also need your help to translate some journal entries from Hispanic members from past wards, I love you  too Jordan see you soon. love elder weaver

so you'll come and get me from our apartment. the Zone leaders are taking my comp to airport and ill be with their other companion at the apartment waiting for y'all.  do we have to go see the Mission President? so  talking with other people I've served around there is a family in Atlanta who wants to feed us Wednesday at 4 they live pretty close to apartment, temple that night sounds good.
 bro Kiser said be at his place around 6 if we are a little that should be ok.
so everything sounds good!   I have Kay address and she live near Atlanta border she is at 6:30
 yes we can use my camera, no I don't think I need another card we should be good.
I'll show you were I lived no worries, and places we would go tracting.
you know how I told you last week a group of people are going to Utahh for a week?  Micah a recent convert asked me last night if he could spend a night or two at our place, I told him I can't promise him anything.  and if it doesn't work out I understand,  I don't feel I'm worthy to even be asking y'all for this but I told him I would ask.  he and two girls are leaving 22nd and driving two separate cars. he didn't give me details, but I told you all I know...  sorry....
so I haven't heard anything about flight money... we can go there on our way to Newnan,  Kay  is expecting us at 6:30 lives in Decatur belvedere lnn. I don't know the exact house number... I think bro Kiser said we are eating out somewhere?   would it be possible if y'all brought a 3xl Weber football shirt for him for his birthday?...  if not ill send one when season starts.
I know Micah pretty well! no he was baptized before I was in the ward.  are y'all ok with dinner Wednesday night from the family?  they asked what y'all want or don't want. I'll let them know today.
no there shouldn't be any paper work I'm needed for.
I'll ask and maybe give the wife your number?  I don't think they would want you to.  but I'll ask
so they are taking him at 9 and a good number would 0000000 that's our cell phone.

y'all might be at our place in good time for them all to just leave, but if not we will hang out...  we have half mission devotional tomorrow after temple. that's pretty much all day. and today is pday and fhe...   so the thing about Micah is he would probably there other Christmas. I told we aren't going to try to keep him entertained he really just needs a place to sleep
that's nice what coach Fitz had to say!  thank you dad for putting so much time and effort into helping me play ball again I love you  see you soon
so they are leaving the 22nd and its a 2 day drive....  he hasn't gotten back to me about dates. I'll see him tonight though.  he's going through rough time right now with his family and work and can only text when he has wifi...  we saw a guy just preaching on Marta like no one business!!  he was a crazy man..haha ok,  so it's not too cold when the sun is out around noon time.  but the wind chill can be pretty bad...
ya he will be here.  so he's coming to see some people he knows and like I said he's coming with two other girls one of the girls is moving to Utah for work and to live, they will probably only be in town for a week...  but I don't think we will keep him that long.  yes everything has been taken care of they know y'all are coming to get me from apartment and all the details.  :)
are y'all able to log into my Gmail account on the laptop? I couldn't get it to work
alright.  oh ok cool!  no that sounds great!!  thank you   how's dad doin?  get money yet?
the finance stuff from school job?... I might have made that up......  haha ok ill wait 2 more days to talk to dad ;)   tell him I love him too :)ok sounds good!  we can eat at the southern one!  the other one is ok  but you'll like the southern one better
I'm giddy too!!  not sure about FHE. I don't think there will be any going home parties...

yes I'm excited and I'm ready, not crazy trunky ready  but I'm ready.  talk to y'all in 2 day :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

squeeze contest!

sup Jax man. nice! you're not nervous your just really excited ;)   ha-ha you'll do fine at try outs I promise.  we will have a beard growing  contest! the question is who will win? ;)  hey that sounds like a lot of fun doin the dance with the Special needs Mutual!!  who was your buddy throughout the whole thing? did you have one friend or a few?   tell me about them.  ha-ha we can all work on our volleyball ;)  I love you Jax take care love elder weaver

hey there Jordan, our week was good!  Joshua did get baptized and I have pictures, but forgot my camera.....  opps  mom might be mad.... ;)  you went for $75 huh?   nice  how did that all work?  where does the money go? who are the girls?  love you too Jordan see you soon love elder weaver
So we just did an auction, once a date with me came up girls bid on it. The money will go towards sub fir Santa for 6 families.
nice!!  hook a brotha up :P

Mom-well I don't think Jax has a choice to get me back or not ;)  ha-ha yes dad can still cut my hair :) Joshua did get baptized and I forgot me camera today but I'll send pics next week.  so no one else that we will baptize but there are a few people we are leaving for the new elders to baptize when they get in and replace us.  so the watches they are cheap ones that I found for a good price and some have been given to me from companions. I thought the other day I should be good on watches for a big portion of my life ;)   so I think out of the 5 suits I have I can probably leave some ;)  ha-ha  the ones we bought though don't fit anymore... they are way too big...  I don't think I need to send anything else home if I end needing to there's a post office right by our place I can go to with y'all when your hear. 
so for the schedule the 17 we will stay here in Atlanta Thursday if we do a temple session we might want to do a half day in Atlanta and the other half in summergrove then spend the night in Athens and see sweet bete  on Friday and go around there on Friday then maybe spend the night at the Fergusons and then do Saturday in Covington and spend night there again then head to the YSA ward Sunday morning?  does sound  about the same ish?...   we can do stone mountain Thursday its close to Atlanta.

if you  post it they noble and great ones I like will come ;)  ha-ha so funny missionary humor.   so still thinking about details about each day are y'all ok with walking a little bit?  I'm glad Justin like my emails. :)   no I didn't email SVU Coach I don't feel like I need to worry about that.  found out yesterday that some people in the YSA are coming to Utah for a week and they might coming to my talk on Sunday!!  two out of the 3 of them are planning on moving to Utah as well that's why the trip is planned,  not just to come see me ;)
Did you see the email from the coaches? I know you don't plan on going there just nice to be wanted :) yes we can walk, we are up for whatever :)
I didn't see one from coaches, I think I saw one from school councilor though...
no they will be confirmed the nest Sunday. they could fit him
Like next day Sunday? Do you need to be there? Coaches from svu contacted dad and said they were going to send you email about coming back to play-fitz is pm no longer there, anyways, what's plans this week? Today? Talked to Nedra yesterday, her 2nd son severed in your mission they went and picked up, loved it, so we are very excited!!!! She said to be careful after 5 in Atlanta that the underground comes alive? Seen or heard about it?
no like when we are home... I haven't gotten anything from a Coach... today are playing basketball and FHE  we have a zone training tomorrow but nothing too exciting after that.  oh ya I know the underground we will there! it's fun as a missionary but because everyone knows who we are.. ha-ha. you'll like it though :)  we will go at a good time of day ;)
How was baptism? I bet his girlfriend super happy!!! 
it was good, she was pretty happy!
Do you want to contact Bete and set up a time or do you want me too? I think she has a new number I can send ya? How's comp and attitude? Has mission home said anything about you coming there to meet us? Will you spend the night before there? Do you know other elders that are leaving that day too?
can you do that?   he's been done for 3 weeks now, so it's hard on me too.  he doesn't want to do anything and has no drive...  its drag. so I think its kinda assumed I spend the night there just because it's what they do,  I don't know anyone else who will be there besides me and my comp.
K, I'll contact her this week, craving anything from home?  So what's been best part of mission, worst part? Scariest?
ok, not really craving anything...  best part I might have to say being able to baptize Gary and Noah. that beige able to do nothing but focus on the spirit and act on promptings and see where I'm lead to.  worst part?  probably just some of the people not keep commitments like they seem they will and having pansy companions (now)  ;)   scariest? I'm not sure.  walking the streets and hearing gun shots, that's scary until you used to it almost.  
So sorry you have to end with goofy comp!!! Used to gun shots? Very scary!!! Thought about you as we watched devotional last night, glad you got to see it? Where did you watch? 
Any ward Christmas parties?
Did you want to visit the Craig's too? Where are they?
we watched it at the church. yes Christmas parties but we couldn't go because the bishopric lives out of the mission. and that's where they have all their parties.  no they are far from everything else...
Ok, keep prayer in heart that we can get started on school addition this week, work kinda dead, need the financing to go through so we can get started, supposed have been done three times now, just pray it all goes thru! I know to have faith and not fear, just frustrating because weather here is beautiful and we could be doing so much!!! Any Georgia themed nativity sets you've seen? Be on look out and grab if see one you like :) on FB you are getting some friend requests, want me to accept? Some you have mutual friend others not... Heard anything about FB being used in your mission? Carson crezee just started using in his
I'll do FB stuff when I'm able to.  I'll be praying no worries. :)   will be looking for nativities! :)  I haven't been thinking about that.
Proud of you Jacer, keep up the hard work!!! Kick comp in but and finish strong, take him kicking and screaming!!! :) love you today and everyday, please be safe, can't believe we have one more email session and we will see you two days after that! Gone fast this last month!!! Justin heads out a week from today, my heart is so full of love and gratitude that you are willing to sacrifice for others to receive the gift of the gospel!!! Soak up every minute-treasure time as it is short to be a full time servant... Have a beautiful jawga-day!!! Love you-love mom xoxos

     Less than ten days and I'll be hugging you so tight you won't be able to breath and your ribs will pop and you'll have to poke me in the eyes to stop!!! Ha. Ha ha  maybe it will be the other way around?  We are getting really excited to see Atlanta  and YOU! Ok just you. So how has your life been this week? Any new stories, did you have a baptism? Are you being safe? How's the comp?
     Ok real quick don't worry about test I'll take it for you and you can start all over :)))) oh I'm funny we will try to just get you some GE classes and maybe do a class or two in the summer. A lot of const. Management classes are online so that me be helpful we are getting closer to setting things in stone as far as school goes. I hope I don't mess it up for you. The football counselor likes to make spring quarter heavy and fall quarter lite. That's why he was pushing the testing. But Linsey works in the enrollment office and she has been helping us. You may have to take her on a date to repay her for her time :)) I'm still funny!!!
    Can't wait to see you and to be part of your missionary world hope you won't be embarrassed of me  :)) please be safe this week love ya!!! After have relying on your heavenly Father for two years I'm sorry you have to come back to me:))
                                                 Love you. Your proud dad

we will have a squeeze contest ;)  ha-ha you'll probably win I haven't done it in a while...  I can't poke your eyes out you have glasses now so that will be harder. :)  I'm excited to show y'all Atlanta and me :)  ha-ha last night we were coming home after the Christmas devotional and it was 10 o'clock at night and we had to ride Marta so that was a little nerve racking... but it was a really good experience a girl asked me if I was a missionary and I said yes and she asked what church so I told her and she asked how do I become a member?  because I'm looking for a church and need a good church home.  so I told her how she could become a member and she agreed to it and said she will come to institute this Tuesday. so that was a pretty cool story from recently, then we had to walk home 10 minutes from the station... that was a first and last for me ;)  ha-ha  class schedule sounds good to me!  and online classes work fine!  don't worry dad I trust and have faith in you :)   I understand about the quarter loads  and I was almost expecting that in a way..  I will take her a date when I get home!   I won't be embarrassed of you as my companion for a few days I hope I don't embarrass myself!  ha-ha  love you dad   see you soon love elder weaver

Thursday, December 4, 2014

letter #99

Mom-ya its crazy how fast all this has gone by..  we did eat somewhere but not someone's house, we ate at a gay bar... the member that fed us didn't know what it was and took us there and we pulled up and saw the colorful windows and thought oh no... went in and our waiter was ......  ya   ill probably never forget that experience in my life! we couldn't play football, President said no and our ward didn't even have one...  Joshua is doin good  getting interviewed tonight for this Saturday.  I will be around for  found out this morning I'm not leaving I'm staying here for my last 2 weeks.  it's not looking like too much Christmas... its kinda weird with the weather its warm one day then bone cold the next 2 days.  why would dad have to call me?  I love you mom love elder weaver
Jordan-what are the YSA activities like?  I hope you win some auctioning material ;)  ha-ha love you Jordan love elder weaver
well Jax man I'm excited to see your highlight film from the past few years :):)  and to work out with you. ha-ha I'm glad you still had fun driven the golf cart even though it wasn't the hummer. :) send me a pic of your rc car when you can :)  I love you too kiddo love elder weaver
Dad-so I will try to get in contact with Mission President about testing stuff.  why would you need to call?   I'm a little nervous about meeting coaches, ha-ha it's hard not to be! :)   what would the meeting be like do you know?  how soon do I need to do the testing stuff?I do remember you telling about how fast it would go. I did it believe you then and now I can't believe it happened...  ha-ha  so we met a guy on Marta who asked us what our tags said and we told him and he asked a few questions and we told him thing and he got really excited and we exchanged numbers and we think he likes us now... he tells us he loves us all the time and that he's always excited to meet with us.. so that's been kinda crazy this week.  see y'all soon :) love you dad  love elder weaver
Wow, so your thanksgiving was a lot more festive than ours :) are you excited about staying? Comp staying too? Do you get to baptize Joshua? Weather here has been on and off too :
comp is staying as well.  I'm super excited to stay  I really didn't want to leave my last few weeks.  the bishop likes to have members baptize the new people so no I won't be doing it.
Have you seen any rioting because that cop killed the black thief? Does it make you nervous? 
ill send something home today  just some more study books and the letters I've gotten since I've been out.  we haven't seen any rioting but we hear a lot about it..   good for him :):)   I'm so excited for Justin its crazy the things he will be a part of :)
 Has anyone from mission home said how our picking you up will work? Will you be there at the mission home on the 17th and that's where we get you? Or do we get you at apartment? What will you guys do, for work this week?
I think I'll be at the mission home...what time does y'alls flight come in?   this week we are prepping for baptism on Saturday and trying to get as many people there as possible.   hey is frank still in ward?
We come in at 7 a.m. But need to get luggage and car so may be there between 8-9, how far away mission home from you now? Yes frank still in ward, excited for you and the baptism :) so great!!!!
ok, we are pretty far from mission home.. 30-40 miles?...