Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sick, yuk!

Oh hey there Jace! How was this week? My week was pretty good! No car accidents this week! Ha no one was hurt during that.. The girl that was driving actually is my prom date which is this Saturday! Ha :) we are gonna go paint balling for our day date and go to ruby river for dinner! :)
It'll be a lot of fun! She's a great girl! Her name is Aubree, I'll have to send you pics next week! This week I'm going to the girls playoff game tomorrow at salt lake community college! And then on Thursday my medical anatomy class is going to a cadaver lab that's down at Utah state! So that'll be fun! It'll be a good fun busy week! :)
how late do you stay up and when do you wake up? :)
Have you ever gotten the seminary teachers letters?
I hope things are good! Anything new happen this week? Any crazy thing happen? Ha :)
Our boys basketball team is doing good! They are region champs and they are taking the first seed in the state playoffs!
Track starts on Monday! Pretty excited about that! It'll be way fun! I'm gonna do the two hundred javelin and maybe shot put... Ha it'll be way good! Me and mom are gonna go look at tuxes tomorrow after track practice! We might go black pants with a white jacket coat and a grey tie and a grey vest...  ha-ha right?!? ;) ha-ha  you'll see when I send ya pics next time! We sold my blaster today... :( that means we are only down to your bike....  I really really don't wanna sell yours... But it's not my call ha-ha :) I hope ya have a great week! Love you lots! Make a difference this week!
Top of Form
oh hey Justin :)   my week was ok, I was throwing up all week and coughing up my guts and the people we were teaching dropped us and don't want to be taught anymore...   I'm glad you had a good week!!  and no car wrecks!!    that's always good!  :) you're going to another dance?!?!   kid before you know it you'll be on dancing with the starts as one of the professional dancers! ;)  ha-ha  paint balling huh?  that sounds like fun!!  :)  I don't know who that is so yes send pics so I can see what she looks like!   dang  the basketball team is doin pretty good sounds like. :)   and a cadaver lab??!?!?!   that sounds like fun!!!!   remember to tell me about that!!  I want to know what you thought about that!!! :)   we stay up until 10:30 then we wake up at 6 and work out for an hour but since I've been sick we haven't been getting up early  we get up at the regular 6:30 time, cause I haven't been getting good nights of sleep.  I have gotten one letter from the seminary teachers so far..  do they want me to reply to it, it's been awhile since I got it and I'll have to go back and look for it... we have a member who works for the memory foam people and she might be able to hook up the missionaries with some memory foam beds and she said to keep in contact with her when I go home and she will work out for me again!  so I'm pretty excited about that!  :)  ha-ha  dang Roy sports are moving up in the competition!  :)  hey good luck in track now my man keep up the hard work!   ha-ha  have fun shopping for a tux!!  that will be fun :)  I never went shopping for one,  let me know how that goes too :)  ya Jax said the same thing about the blaster... I hope it doesn't sold either!...  but what can we do?...  hey you have a good week and stay safe  I love you too my man  love elder weaver.
Hey there Elder Weaver! Hope you are having a great week my friend! I'm having a good week, had friends over Saturday night and we had a ton of food and played games had a lot of fun! School is going good, and works going good. Love you buddy. Keep up the good work.
Love Jordan
hey there Jordan. our week could have been better, our investigators dropped us and don't anything to do with us so that's been hard on us, and on top of that I've been sick all week  so it wasn't all that fun,  I'm glad you had a good time with all you friends!   are you still doin the online schooling?   love you Jordan take care talk to you later. love elder weaver 
Hey how are you? How's your week been? How's your day doin? This week I have my last regular season game and then we start our tournament! I have a lot of fun Playing with the group of kids I play with! My team is still undefeated! Dad sometimes let's me drive to maverick or just around town! I like driving! ;) I can't wait! I only have like 6 months until I can get my permit!! We sold Justin's blaster today... I got to ride it a couple of times yesterday! I can't wait to ride yours!! I wish we could at least keep yours! Love you love Jax! :)
Sent from Jaxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!
hey I'm good how are you?   I've been sick all week and the people we were teaching don't want to be taught anymore,  my day today is doin pretty good so far  how's your doin? :)   are you excited to start playing in the tournament?  good job on being undefeated my man!!  that's awesome!   what all have you driven?   dads truck  moms car  mustang  motor home? ;)  or all of the above? ha-ha  I wish we could at least keep one bike too...   love you bud  love elder weaver 
Mom-I know this week went by pretty fast!   what was the job at BDO that y'all were doin? Jax looks tall in all the pics y'all send me, I've been thinking about it, I'm gonna get picked on when I get home by my younger brothers... I think I'm done growing...  that'll be good for Jax to be in the weight room and get things going like that.  has his weight lifting been getting better?  is he getting strong? spring cleaning,  fun fun, we need to  do some spring cleaning in our place as well, it's  not messy  just cluttered, if that makes sense?..  how much longer do you think until you can plant new flowers and stuff?  ya our day yesterday was pretty good  it was nice and warm  and if the temp is 75 or above we don't have to wear jackets :)   but until the next conference is when we don't have to no matter the weather factor. :)   Jeff and Sybil dropped us Tuesday...  they feel we stray too far from the bible and think we shouldn't be able to do ordinances for the dead.  that is probably one of the hardest drops I've had so far.... :(  and since they were a referral from one of the mission presidency  I feel like it was more pressure on us because of expectations and what not, so we have been keeping in contact over text with the 1st councilor of the mission pres. and  we told him about them dropping us, and I feel a lot of trust and some respect went through the floor. and I've been very stressed out about it and on top of that I've been sick all week again  and we have been able to do too much work  because I've had killer headaches  I've been throwing up, and coughing and sneezing and with all of that I haven't been able to sleep so I've been very tired and worn down and I just feel pathetic at this point....  I am starting to feel better tho, it's just slowly..   we might be able to get in with a less active who is busy all the time because he is a self employed contractor, and can't make to church because that's when he does his paper work stuff  so we are still hoping for that.  hardest thing to teach is baptism  because everyone has been baptized and they don't see why they should do it again.. and they want to understand the priesthood,  the easiest thing to teach?....  it depends on the person really, sometimes its prophets, I would say over all the book of Mormon is the easiest  because that's we are here teaching people about, and we do it so often  at least 10 times a day ( when were aren't sick)   some people ask the horns and the wives. I've been asked many times how many wives I had and who my favorite is...   some people think we don't believe in Jesus Christ...  those people we almost slap in the face and say what's the name of our church?...    crazy people.. ha-ha  I haven't been in touch with carol lately ill email her today. I need to tell her I can't make it to the wedding... :/  he was our old district leader. I know too much about Gary.. I'll ask today tho.  I need to email sweet Bete too.  how has she been?. she still call you?  I can't wait for y'all to meet them!  really I can't..  I know you'll just love them!  ha-ha  tell all the teachers at Roy I said hi back :)    ya I lost 10 pounds the bad way... I've lost another 5 this week as well..  not enjoying losing weight like I thought I would....  I haven't gotten any mail yet  but I'll be looking it.  thank you the ward is good  I like the time it's the best time to have church as a missionary.  we go to the gospel principals class yes,   a ward member teaches it,  our primary is pretty big. and the youth programs are pretty big as well  but kinda slim on some days because people have to drive sometimes  30 mins. for church. but the sizes are pretty good.  I like the st Patrick's day idea it sounds fun  ill do it as well with y'all!   time gage?...  love you mom I hope you have a good week and are safe in all that you do  talk to you later.  love elder weaver  
So sorry about Jeff and Cibull, you planted seeds that may someday sprout :) you've had a taste of what our father in heaven feels, so hard when you try your best and they use their agency, and choose a different path.
Hope you're feeling better today and this week, need to see a doc?
I sent your memory card back in your card, hope you get it, thought for sure you would have by now :/
Well my favorite missionary, keep your chin up, always look up, keep up the hard work, miracles happen....all you can do is your best, and a little better (preshinckley) :)
Love you!
I don't think I need a doc yet..  but if I'm not better by the end of the week I will I am feeling a little better today,  I should get the memory card today.  love you mom   talk to you next week. 
Another week gone one more ahead what do you have planned this week? Any big plans? Any new leads? The weather looks little better for you. How does it feel to you?
Things here are the same nutraceutical has lots of work coming up it just a matter of it coming to reality. If it all does and we get it all could be great. May get to bore under tracks again so that would be fun. We're starting to spin at the bike shop a little more, can't wait to ride outside. We sold the Blue blaster so we just have yours left. Sorry
How's the work going for you? How are your workouts going getting 40 time back down :))). Where is your bike at? Do you miss riding it.
Hope you have a great week my friend keep up the hard work, keep growing and learning and don't have too much fun be happy, be happy love you  Finish strong dad
Dad-as of now we don't have anything too big coming up. I was sick all last week and we couldn't get any new appointments for this week.  the weather is great!   now the allergy season is coming...  ya....  I like the wamer tho is feels nice!   i'll keep praying for work if that's ok.  boring under tracks again will be fun! let me know how that all goes :)   y'all should be out soon riding outside right?..  are you going to sell the other blaster?... or keep that one for some fun every now and again?   I'm still working on the 40 time when it gets warmer we are going to be running outside and stuff,  dong gassers again,  the bike is at the mission office storage,  I do miss riding it..  love you dad  I hope you have a good week and all goes well for you!  love elder weaver 

Monday, February 17, 2014


Well it's done I'm the new high priest group leader sustained and set apart. My assistants are Bill Odell, and pres Johnson, brother Odell is new in the ward so you may not know him. They both are very excited to serve The Lord. I'm very excited to work with them. We have a great group of high priests, so there isn't a lot of pushing on my part just need to keep things moving in the right direction.
     So how are things in your world, crazy weather it seems like on the news any way. Has it been as bad as they make it seem? Are has the new blown it up just to make news? Are you able to get out and make contacts and get work done or you stuck at home? How's lil Joe? How the getting in shape are you running at all? Get a chance to do a 5K :)) do you bench you comp just for fun :/
     I bought a new book, The Infinite Atonement, by Tad R. Callister,  it has had some amazing insights in the Atonement I'm sure things I've already been thought but just hit me different ant this stage in my life. How do you teach the Atonement to someone like lil Joe and those who have not had the gospel in their lives? Such a deep topic for new budding testimonies.
     Hope things are great for you hope your happy and smiling love what you are doing it will be over before you know it have no regrets focus in are Lord and Savior and you can't go wrong leave everything else at home where it needs to be and be you awesome self be that leader we have seen in the past. Love you always miss you sometimes:) KNOW YOU ARE WHERE THE LORD NEEDS YOU!!!!!                                    Ross Weaver

congrats dad!!  :)  I don't know Bill Odell...  hey that's exciting stuff dad!   I know you'll do great things and be awesome! :)  the weather was a little crazy this week we couldn't drive so we went walking around and as we were walking around the rain turned to ice and literal ice drops were falling on us.  that was pretty crazy stuff to walking in ha-ha!  we were going to see a member who has cancer and is in and out of the hospital all the time  we were going to give her a blessing, when we got there her daughter said that she had just taken her pain pills and was asleep so we walked back to our place,  we couldn't talk to anyone but some people saw us walking around and honked and waved to us, so we thought  that was pretty cool :)  this one wasn't as bad as the first one,  I think it was blown a little out of proportion...  we went out checking on people that lived close to us making sure they were ok.  but not too many people were outside cause it was so cold. we still haven't been able to get with lil Joe again we can't find him :/ no we don't do any 5k's ha-ha  I go on a tred mill or a step machine thing.. we were talking with someone about that book!  when we teach it we either draw I out for kids or  relate it to football and go into detail about the atonement and resurrection, or we just teach it according to PMG.  we help break down for their testimonies and their understanding.  love you dad I hope all going well and work is good.   love elder weaver

Hey there Elder weaver! Hope you are having a great week so far and enjoying serving a mission! Just put a few pics that I thought would make you smile :) Taylor is brother Bones granddaughter, but the dance was dumb, I've been called to be the Elders quorum secretary, so life's going to be busy :) I'll be teaching priesthood class on March 2. :) love you buddy :) keep working hard and stay firm to the rod.  Love Jordan.
ha-ha   so that last pic is pretty funny I won't lie!!   so any more date with Taylor?...  congrats on being called to elders quorum  secretary!  that sounds like fun!  :)   good luck on you lesson coming up too!    love you too Jord,  love elder weaver

Well hey there!!! ;) what's up my main man?!? How was this week? Snow? Cold? How's the food? Is it funny watching people in snow? Ha what was so funny in my last letter that made you almost cry?
 My week was good! My date for Mr. royal was Kenna Montgomery.. Ha I went to b-villes dance on Saturday it was pretty fun we went paint balling for our day date! Me and Jax spoke in sacrament  meeting and it was probably one of the most spiritual experiences I have ever had! I balled like a baby... Ha it was way good! We talked about the oath and covenant :) I was in a car crash Friday night... A cheer leader was driving and she drove us into a wall going about 40 miles per hour... We took down part of the brick wall and pulled up part of a tree... Ha, no one was hurt.. The car was kind of bad... she drives a Kia.. It was a pretty crazy and fun weekend! And week! :)  hope ya have a great week!:)
Love you lots!
was up was up was up !!!!??  ha-ha  this week was good we didn't get too much snow  but we had some.  its not too cold  the food is still making me fat ;)  ha-ha  it's too funny watching these people in the snow,  it's like they have a panic attack!  ha-ha   the part where you drew two hearts and had you a and the frozen girl in it and me and the tangled girl in it!  and the heart y'all were in was bigger!!!  ha-ha  I found that pretty funny.  I got your other letter tho, the more serious one and I hope you got it back by now...   how was paint balling??   did you win?.   well I'm glad your talks went good and that y'all had a good experience  doing it! :)   holy cow child!!!!!!!!   you were in a wreck?!?!?!?   I about passed out right then!!  at least you weren't in the mustang...   phew  that scared me  I glad you're ok tho and that the car wasn't too bad for her.   love you kiddo  stay safe and keep up all the good things you're doing!  love you bud  love elder weaver

Mom-why wouldn't I send y'all pics that I take?...  that only makes sense.. ha-ha :)   I don't know what email you talking about from last week,  I did get y'alls package on valentine's day and thank you very much for it I love it!   y'all are awesome!!   it was an ok day for us  we were helping a member clean up their barn to get their cow this week so that was kinda fun :)   our week was good I told dad about us walking around and seeing some people,  we went without power for about 3 hours nothing too serious tho.  we couldn't drive anywhere but we went walking to some places.  my cold stuff is holding up just fine I don't really have any wear and tear on it  because I've only used the stuff twice now ha-ha  we have been trying to help people clean up their yards from fallen tree branches and limbs.  but other than that not too much.   I'll have to talk to bro kiser he recorded me burning shirts  ill see if he can post on face book and tag me. :) the work was slow this week because of weather and also sickness  Jeff and Cibull have been sick all week and I had something on Saturday that was making me barf.  I lost 10 pounds  puking in one sitting...  good or bad I'm not sure.  ha-ha  we haven't been sledding because it didn't ice over like it did last time.  yes working out and yes eatin healthy and smaller portions  well trying to do smaller. ha!  the juicer sound fun!!!!   what he best mixture of stuff so far? ha-ha    how was the movie  we heard its pretty good.   holy cow!!!!  they got engaged?!?!?!?!?  that crazy?!?!?!?!     good for them!!  :)   thanks for all your love and support and al that you do for me.  I hope y'all have a good week and are safe,   talk to y'all later .  love elder weaver

Monday, February 10, 2014

how's the weather?

Well we are getting all the rain we have been praying for. All in one week end, so we should have enough to water the lawn this summer. So now things are going to be muddy for us :)
     How are thinsg with you, anything new in your life? What was your week like? Give us some details, how's lil Joe anything new with him? Any new contacts? Are you staying busy with the weather the way it is. You staying warm?
     Do you know if you will be transferred yet? Do you want to be? How is the working out going you getting strong and fast:) keep up the great work. Stay focused it go fast, don't blink it will be over soon. still have fun not too much:) love ya bud. Make it what you want it to be. Smile be happy  keep up the good work   Miss you, see you soon love dad:))))

Dad-hey that's all good!!  rain rain rain :)  ha-ha  noting too new in my life. transfers are this week but neither of us are being moved we are both staying together. again...  our week was log an seemed full of meetings.. :/  lil Joe is gone again  just vanished..   we are still trying to get with him but we might start to pull off a little bit.   we had a lot of good new contacts.  we found some old ladies who are trying to find God and have him in their lives and they are trying to read the bible and get an understanding from it so we are going to try and implement the book of Mormon as well :)  in their reading and studies :) so that will be good :)   we are staying busy and the weather isn't too bad until it snows. all other weather we are out working. :)  yes I'm staying warm.  I don't want to be transferred  but I wouldn't mind change. new comp are area or both.  but we are staying together for another transfer...   I am getting in shape I'm mainly working on losing weight for now. I've lost a little but I'm still working on losing more.  one question..  are y'all gonna plan on picking me up from Georgia like y'all did Jordan  or just get me from airport?.   I'm just wondering I've been to ask a few times but I forget :)   love you dad have a good week  talk to you soon love elder weaver
mom- we don't know about the weather yet, we haven't heard if we need to stay in or not.  it was so much fun to go sledding :)   not a lot of people enjoyed it  but I know we did for sure!! :)  no new people today we have few new people  but we need to visit with them again and make sure they are progressing and ready for the gospel.   ya Jeff and cibull are pretty awesome :)   we can't get enough of them and we are very excited to keep teaching them!  we aren't being transferred wither of us. I would like some change but is not what I want it's what the lord wants, :)   wow very busy Sunday!!  ha-ha  god luck to everyone with all the exciting new things going on :)   temple was closed for cleaning. we are going again I think next month.  I hope at least. ha-ha  this week is a normal week  just work work work.  :)  ha-ha  why so short today??   I hope y'all have a good week and your safe. hows work coming?..   I'm excited for moms day too :)  love you mom  talk to you later  love elder weaver
Didn't think short, always feel like I do all the talking ;) ha-ha! So what's plans for today-exciting pday stuff? 
no nothing too exciting...  :/  we don't have anything exciting to do here :(   how about y'all anything exciting planned for you?

Can you send pic today? Tour of apartment? Pic of you :)
I don't have my camera, I'm sending the card today to you. sorry it's taken so long :( ...

No worries, I'll download it and send back. ;) look for a little something for valentine's day :) did you get a letter from Justin Saturday? If not probably today! Anything you need? Garments ok?

I got Justin letter and I laughed so hard I almost cried!!   hahaha   I don't think I need anything right now.. thank you    are you saying you're sending me stuff for valentine's day?
probably January...  I want to be able to have time to see the important people and places I been so far,   how much time would y'all be willing to spend down here?  
We would love to spend several days, we will have to probably decide the closer it gets, also if Justin does what you did he may leave in January, we will see how things go, but fir sure we want to come out and see your mission!!!

ya I know we won't a decision right now I was just wondering. I see what you mean about Justin :)  we will have to spend time here. I think y'all would like it :) 

Definitely!  Love you, proud of you! Keep up the good work-an eye single to the glory if god! Be safe have fun! Make the most of the next transfer! Maybe you get to spend more time with this comp to season him even more! We watched best two years yesterday, makes me cry every time! Be super! Take advantage if time you get to just serve The Lord, I envy you and hope that someday dad and I can serve...have a super sparkly day :) love you tons!!! Momhahaha   have a super sparkly week too ;)  ha-ha love y'all

Hey! How was your week? My week was good! Sorry we couldn't let you know but I got my patriariachal blessing today an couldn't contact you! Sorry! But it was good I had a great experience from it an got a lot of guidance from it! I got it from our knew patriarch he is very nice! And after the blessing I stood up and he said! "Wow! You have a lot of blessings!" So I thought that was cool that he said that! Love you love Jax! :)
 Jax-our week was good how was yours? :)  oh man.  how was it??? did the other patriarch pass away?...  I'm glad you had such a good experience!!  that awesome buddy! :)   ha-ha   that funny he said that!  :)   I love you bud and I hope you have a good week and be safe in all you do :)   love elder weaver

Hey Hey hey! My week was really good! How was your week have any new fun experiences??? I won Mr. Royal..... :)))))) The dance was alright it was pretty fun! I had the ACT and I felt like I did really good on it! I just hope that I don't have to take it again! I talked with the bishop to become an elder but he doesn't think I should be becoming older yet until I start filling out my mission papers... :(but me and dad and mom talked to him and think it's time to move on and get more missionary questions. So I am still working on becoming an elder.. When I won Mr. Royal I got free tickets and the pictures and I got a crown!!! :)) and then I got to dance with my date in the middle of everybody to a slow song.. It was a real grand time! ;) now this next weekend on Saturday I have Bonneville's dance and I'm going with Kira Dingman.. And should be fun but might be kind of weird because I haven't talk to her for quite some years...  How was your week? Did you guys get any more snow? Is it cold down there? I love you lots and miss you a ton.
Love Justin
Justin-you won Mr. Royal?!!?!?!   that's awesome man!!!!!!!  I think you did good on the ACT ;)  just keep trying to become an elder it will come eventually.   who was your date for the dance? :)   I hope you have fun at Bonneville's dance,  just go and have fun, who cares if it's weird?  when you're a missionary you get into a lot of weird situations. ;)  ha-ha  our week  was good, we had a lot of good lessons and a good time!  things are good here. it's been pretty warm the past few days, but I guess its supposed to get real cold these next few days. :(  so we will see how it goes :)  I love you bud and I hope you have a good week and have fun at the dance :)  love elder weaver   oh and I miss you too!!  ;))

Hey there elder weaver! How's your week going? My was an okay week, I did a double date on Friday with Bri and another couple, we made tamales dulces and chilies rellenos here at home. And this Friday I'm taking Taylor Burch to dinner and a dance. School is going good, I'm waiting for me second module to come so I can continue. How are Jeff and Civil doing? Still really excited to get baptized I hope :)
Love you buddy, keep up the good work.
Love Jordan.
Jordan-fun fun :)  how was the food you made? :)   have fun with Taylor Burch, is this the Bones granddaughter??   how was school going?  Jeff and Cibul are doin real good!   they are very excited to be baptized.  they went to a stake adult valentines dance and dinner and they loved it. some members told us about the experience they had and said they were just talking to everyone and dancing and loving all of it!  they didn't make it to church tho because they were too tired to wake from the night before. :)  so they are loving it and they are excited :)   love you Jordan  have a good day and week  talk to you later. love elder weaver

From last week….
Hey :) So I'm sorta learning how to play the piano, I might start taking lessons from Jordana. Don't be like mom and dad thinking that I'm going to start dating her because I'm not. She's pretty serious with her boyfriend. Other than that my life's bit changed much. I hate this month just because of valentine's day.
And that's about it.
How's the work coming along my friend? Still loving it? :) enjoy it now Jacer. You won't ever get a second chance at what you're going now, so do your best this time that you've got!
Love you buddy.
Love Jordan
Jordan-hey have fun with piano lessons!  let me know how all that goes :)   tell Jordana I said hello :)  well look at it this way the month you hate the most is the shortest! :)   the work is going great!  I'm absolutely still in love with it!   love you too Jordan  talk to you later  love elder weaver
ps  how's the job searching going?

Monday, February 3, 2014


Hi how was your week? How's your day going? My week was good! My basketball team is still undefeated! The Seahawks won the Super Bowl 43-8 against the broncos!! I wanted the broncos to lose because they beat the chargers... I only have three basketball games left I think. Not for sure! It's really weird that I'm the biggest kid on my basketball team because after my games I play with Justin and his friends so then I'm the smallest so I go from biggest to smallest! I have a lot of fun playing though! Love you love Jax!

my man Jax!!   our week was good! we had snow Tuesday Wednesday and some Thursday. it stunk because we were snowed in!  we couldn't go out and work, we had to stay in the apartment, the roads went to straight ice and people were going crazy on the roads.  but we still had some fun, we have a hill that leads to our apartment that iced over so we took old pizza pans and sat on them and went sledding down them :)   it was a blast!!  we could get going pretty fast too!  my day is going good how about yours?  I'm glad you had a good week! and good job in basketball!!  keep up the good work. I just saw the pics mom sent of you playing ball  you look big my man!!  you're crazy tall!!  haha I'm gonna be picked on when I get home cause I'll be the shortest brother..   that's weird.. haha  I saw some of the super bowl it was a good game!  I was kinda cheering for the broncos  because I kinda felt the Seahawks would win because the seemed like the more aggressive team.  :)  I was right :)  haha  well my man keep up the work in basketball and don't give up!    your maybe the smallest when you play with Justin's friends  but sooner or later with how your growing you'll be the bigger one ;)  haha  love you bud love elder weaver

Here we go again one more week gone. Your weather looks to be crazy still. Do you like it? We saw a pic of you playing in the snow and you did not have a smile on your face why not thought you would like the cooler weather. Do you like how the whole state shut down with a little snow? Or does the news make it out to worse than it really is?
     Ok back to life how go's the work? Have you been able to find lil Joe? And do you think he will ever accept the gospel? Is it hard on you to get that close then have him pull out? How do you feel about that? I know it makes us sad and were not as close to it as you. I guess all you can do is keep your chin up and keep plugging forward, and keep loving him and praying for him. Good luck. If we can help let us know, we will keep praying for you and him,
     Hope your happy and having a good time we know you working hard and are doing all that you can to move the work forward, and we are so proud of you. Be safe  love you keep it up be a superstar. Tell us about you week. Be awesome
                           Love you dad weaver

Dad-we had snow Tuesday Wednesday and some Thursday. it stunk because we were snowed in!  we couldn't go out and work, we had to stay in the apartment, the roads went to straight ice and people were going crazy on the roads.  but we still had some fun, we have a hill that leads to our apartment that iced over so we took old pizza pans and sat on them and went sledding down them :)   it was a blast!!  we could get going pretty fast too! now it's gotten better :)  so we can go out and work and not be stuck inside all day :)  I was smiling deep on the inside!  I was probably being serious for the picture.  no it was really that bad.. people were freaking out and going crazy.   everything you heard on the news happened .  the work is going very well. if you could please keep Jeff and Sybil in y'alls prayers that would be awesome! :)  no lil Joe has fallen off the earth again...  ya its very hard on me...  I feel like he isn't serious about it, and he doesn't quit understand the importance of it all and the magnitude as well. either he will accept here or in the next life..it'd be nice if he did here.. but I'm sure. :/  well my week is pretty summed up because of the snow haha. we were going crazy.... Jeff and Sybil are doin awesome!  they are getting to be baptized on march 1st and are getting fellowshipped real good  they are looking forward to being baptized!  Jeff asked us after church if they could pay tithing even though they aren't members yet, we talked with bishop about it and told them that they could make donations until they are members.  they almost went up and bore their testimonies too.  Jeff was nudging his wife and said go do it ;)  she said not today but maybe someday :)   that was cool to hear!!!!  haha we are getting to tract tem hopefully twice this week and keep them moving forward :)  I love you dad have a good week and know that I love you  love elder weaver

Dear Jacer,
Happy belated ground hog day! Haha! Dang thing says there is 6 more weeks of winter! Blah! However, here in Utah they asked members to fast that water may come because of low levels we may experience drought conditions this year, dad says it's because we now have water toys :) anyways I hope it's warmer where you are :)
We got a great picture of you in the snow with a snowball, you look soooo cold! Have you had the chance to wear your big winter coat from Holmes clothing? You know I'm worried about you, hope you are warm :) you look thinner in that picture too, looks like your working out is laying off :) keep up the good job! Inspires me :)
So we went to the temple last week, first time we have been since new movie, ashamed to say, we have been for sealings but had not seen movie- wow, we love the emotion and the real life feeling, the struggles and everything just seemed more true to life :) loved it and excited to go again, hopefully this week, cause of course more snow on the way!
Hope Justin told you about Mr. royal, we think he did a great job, he really hammed things up, if he didn't tell you, let me know and I'll get on and elaborate :)
So did your kinda slow week turn into a busy one? We got an email from sis Harding through the missionary mom website and it said that the pres was having you stay close to home and look for service opportunities....how did that work out? Any more contact with lil Joe? We still pray for him, I put his name and Jeff and Cibull also, you too :)
Did carol boles get in ever get in touch with you? Sweet Bete leaves messages on your FB every now and then, she loves and misses you! As do I :)
How did fixing the barb wire fence go? Did you get the suit from zone leaders? Who's was it? Any new contacts this week? Are you liking the tracting less and relying on member contacts?
We got your letters in the mail last Monday :) love getting those bonuses :) we will write again and send...
So what are plans for this week? How often do you get together with zone? District? There is a sister missionary in your district whose sister is in our ward, she is tall, brunette, sister Tiffany t? Not sure last name, anyways, she tells her sister every time she sees you, :) goes to show you, you make people happy without even trying :)
Well, I'm evicted to get your email, just doing chores and cleaning my closet this morning :/ ...love you today and everyday!! So proud of you, you are an amazing person! Oh we got a letter last week from you, and us to you, from miss Thurgoods class, I will send it along this week also!  Amazing letter!!! Keep that smile smiling!   Stay warm! Be safe! Love mom xoxos
Ps have you had to go back to that scary neighborhood? Where the officer told you to be careful???
Love you!!!

Mom-haha   should've kept the bikes!  the weather here is good its warming up.  yes I have been wearing that big coat and its kept me nice and warm :) I thought was losing weight too but weighed myself the other day...  not what I was thinking I was....  let's just say I need to work harder...   we were planning on going to the temple this week too but  its closed.  so we have meetings but no temple. :(  he told me a little bit.  he didn't say anything about what he said to ham it up though!   no we stayed at home we didn't even go outside.  it was freezing cold and no one would open the door because the warm air would get out.  so after trying for some time we decided we will just call people and see how they are doing...  I called here Wednesday and we talked about things  that's pretty exciting!!!   we still haven't fixed the barb wire fence she is pretty busy and gets anxious real easy and doesn't like to have a whole lot of people over at once.  I was able to confirm one of her boys yesterday who was baptized last week :)  that was great experience for me :):)  haven't gotten the suit yet.. need to call em and check in on it.  I like tracting still but it's nice getting contacts from members because they already have that friendship.  we don't get together too much as a zone.   only on zone trainings and that once every month. we get together as a district sometimes on pdays and every Tuesday for district meetings. other than that not too much.  sister thornock ya we've talked about her before, its Amanda spencers sister.  they were my Sunday school teacher for a awhile  she pregnant now... yes we've been to the scary hood a couple more times since but nothing new or exciting has happened..  love you mom  love elder weaver

That's awesome about you confirming boy, how old is he, tell me story :)
Justin learned how to play one hand you are my sunshine, he had to do swimsuit, but they had to be sure chest was covered, he flexed, shook his butt and lifted he shirt, just to tease the ladies :) his interview was cute, he gave what he calls his shoulder look :) pretty funny! 
Keep up the hard work on working out, dad keeps telling me I may not be losing but it's changing cat to muscle and muscle weighs more ;)  well have a very super WARM week! Love you tons mom!!! :)
he's 9  they family just got moved to our ward because it's closer than the one they were going to.   hahaha   what a little stud haha that's funny :):)   love you too mom   have a good week  talk to yall later  love elder weaver

Hey hey! I hope you got my letter last week...?!? I had a good week and a great weekend! This week we are voting or Mr. royal! So that's pretty fun! Ha here's me and Marcus Garong if you remember him... Ha
The Seahawks walked all over the broncos in the Super Bowl if you didn't already know... Ha 43 to 8 yay!!! I bet Gina butters a pizza party for the senior class if the Seahawks won by at least two TDS... So looks like we get a partaaay!! :) haha how was your week? Get a lot of snow? Is it cold?? I am excited for this week and I have a appointment with the bishop this Tuesday to see if I can become a elder... So wish me luck.. Ha I love and miss you lots! Oh I got a letter from the U!!!! They said that they have gotten my recruiting packet and said that recruiting is a long process and I need to stay in shape and accomplish my goals and keeping doing well.... So... That's kind of exciting! And it was signed by their recruiting department... Soo keeping my fingers crossed because that would be totally amazing if I went there! Ha :)
Love you! Have a good week! It's going by soooo fast!
      When you feel like you are being drowned by the things of the world and feel like you can't handle them.. Don't worry, your lifeguard can walk on water. :))))))

Justin-hahaha I do remember him :)   how is the Mr. royal thing going?  you gonna win or what?  haha :)    ya I heard the Seahawks won and we also watched some of the game :)   haha  nice work on getting a pizza party!!    my week was good we had snow Tuesday Wednesday and some Thursday. it sucked because we were snowed in!  we couldn't go out and work, we had to stay in the apartment, the roads went to straight ice and people were going crazy on the roads.  but we still had some fun, we have a hill that leads to our apartment that iced over so we took old pizza pans and sat on them and went sledding down them :)   it was a blast!!  we could get going pretty fast too! god luck this Tuesday my friend.  bro if you play for the U I will be your personal assistant and your manager and your agent when you go pro!  haha that's awesome my man!  keep up the good work!!   I love you too bud, and I miss you too,  have a good week and keep me posted about things :)  love you Justin  love elder weaver