Tuesday, May 28, 2013

a good week!

Mom-hello!!  my week was a good one!  how was y'alls? no pics today I can't find my little cord thing to plug into the computer...  sorry  how is sweet Bete doin??   she tell you about the blessing we gave her?? Jace withdrawals??  I love you too mom. work is going good!  days are getting longer and hotter!!  life is going good and i love here in Georgia!!  the weather is HOT!!!!!  I don't like that... :/  my comp s awesome!!  such a good guy! we hand out a ton of cards! 2 new investigators that are meeting with this week and planning on the meetings going good! :) the zone conference was good!  there were a ton of good talks!!  I forgot a pad of paper and pen so I couldn't take notes... tell the Daines I say hello! and tell Scott Barker as well please.. :)   tell sister Arevelo I say hi and ask if Steph would write me?   I wish I could go swimming so bad!!  it's crazy hot here!...  dang  sounds like y'all will have a lot of fun this summer and not a dull moment!  crazy fun stuff!  poor dog...   it's his time and I hope he goes peacefully.. n he will be missed.....   crazy how Grandma Jo has been gone for 14 years...I remember watching movies with her in her bed... Helaman 5 is a good one!  I will read it and use it!  I love you to mom and hope y'all have a great week and be safe in all your activities...  love elder weaver

Tell Grandma Pat thanks for everything!

On Sun, May 26, 2013 at 9:22 PM,
Hey buddy. It's been an interesting week for me. I just found out that one of my companions from the mission died today from cancer. And everyone I know has been talking about it. Just goes to show that life is short and that we need to live it to our fullest potential. I'm surprised you haven't been getting my e-mails. I've sent you one every week. But o well. Hope you are enjoying the mission and staying strong. Love ya bud.   Jordan
Jordan I'm so sorry you comp from the mission past away..  I don't know how i would react..  you spend so much time with a person and get to know them very well and all of a sudden  they have passed on...   I'm sorry Jordan alma 40;11-15  talks about the spirit world and how their souls are in gods care...    I love you bro and hope your life is going good and your enjoying it!  love elder weaver

Dad- weeks are starting to go faster and faster and faster it seems like..  the work is going good!! riding the bike everyday!!!  and it's working great!  thank you so much!  Tuesday we cast out some devils from a ladies apartment..  that was a fun experience :)... one thing that really ticks me off is that honk to get our attention and then flip us the bird or say really mean things out the window..  or both at the same time...  just really starting to get on the nerves.. that's a lot of work in Roy!  sounds like fun! work is probably the thing I miss the most....   biking is more fun then I thought..  I never thought I'd like to bike and I kinda do now,...   dad I love you I hope you know I  appreciate all that you've helped me accomplish in my life..  I love you dad and I hope you have a good week,  love elder weaver

On Mon, May 27, 2013 at 11:03 AM:
Hey there big guy! Hope things are going good!!! At the closing assembly I got the football passed. Down to me.... :) we have 7 on 7 practice tomorrow and it is all starting up!!!!!!!! :) :)  I lettered in track.... Our year books are pretty cool this year.... It's summer!!! Things are going good for me!!! How is the comp?? And how is the food?? Is a lot of it deep fried? Having success??? :) I went on splits again and we went to this couple that is inactive and the husband believes or thought that god came down had sex with marry and that's how Jesus came to be... But the elder I was with cleared that up very clear and they want to keep seeing the missionaries and get active again! Love ya Jace hope you're having a great time!

I'm doin' good how are you doin' buffy?;)  who passed down the football to you? :)   that's awesome!!  nice work on lettering in track! that's awesome man!   the comp is good!!   the food is good :)   not too much deep fried stuff  I thought we'd have a lot more stuff like that but we don't...   I guess that's good cause we won't get as fat from all the fried food! ;) having good success :)   I am laughing hysterically about your experience with the less active...  that's funny!   how did the missionary clear it up? I love you to Justin and hope you keep up the good work and never give up on anything or anyone..  love your mobile home boy elder jace weaver

On Mon, May 27, 2013 at 11:30
Hey I'm good school is over!!!! And I'm so excited to start football at Sandridge :)  my year book is so full that one person had to right on the back of it!!  Football starts soon and I'm kinda nervous cuz I won't have any friends so... I'm doing my eagle project on communities that care and its pretty much dare but there is going to be a booth at terrace day and I have to run it and I get to be in the parade and stuff!!! Love you love Jax Ren Weaver

man you are one cool kid!!  I had tons of space in my book left over that  no one would sign..  oh well   and don't worry about making friends at the new school look at how new friends Justin and I have!   but you gotta try and make 'em   they won't just come running to you, you need to do your best and be good friend to everyone you meet no matter what!   cool man you r gonna be in the parade!!   be safe and have fun in the parade!  sounds fun!!  :)  throw some candy my way! ;)    good luck bud and i love you have a good day and week my friend,   love elder weaver

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


A truth I've seen with my own eyes.

We love you Jace! Keep putting the pedals down, and enjoy your mission!
Love Mom and Dad

Lock your Heart

Jace sent me this about 20 minutes after his last email….it's interesting….

Lock Your Heart
Elder Spencer W. Kimball
Latin American Mission Tour, 1968

If there are problems in the mission that you can give me light on so that I can help your President and help you, that's what I'd like. if there are situations that are difficult, if there are problems that are unknown - let me give you one example: In one of the missions I found a bad situation. One or two missionaries had been breaking rules (as the President has talked about this morning). They began to break some rules. All they did was go over to a certain home every Sunday night for a dinner. The President didn't know anything about it. It wasn't very serious; they should have been home studying, but it was a regular thing every week. After a little while these missionaries were bringing others and pretty soon they were dancing on Sunday night, a few of them. Then they were doing a little flirting and then a few of them
got to playing cards there every Sunday night. And then they were dancing in the dark with some of the Saint's girls!
The next thing we knew there was an excommunication. I came there and
the things were revealed. I found that where there was only one boy who had actually gone to the extreme where he had to be excommunicated, there were about eighteen missionaries in this area who had followed like sheep over the ledge. They had not intended to do anything wrong, but they had just kind of followed the leadership. They had gone there to the meals - and they had gotten into little flirtations - not too deeply, but the thing is that there were eighteen missionaries who knew that this boy had gone too far. They knew that he was necking and petting but not one of them would ever tell! When I interviewed them and visited with them I said, "Why didn't you tell the President that conditions were bad?" One of them said, "Well, That's none of my business! This Elder can do as he pleases! If he wants to wreck his mission, that's okay with me, it's his business, it's his mission! If he wants to ruin his life that's up to him. It's his-life!!"
And then I said to these Elders, "Well what about your missions? Isn't this your mission, too? Isn't this your church, too? Are you willing that one person nullify all that you've done here? You've spent 20 months down here, Elder, and you have been working reasonably hard and at times you have done remarkably good work. Are you willing that one scandal - one scandal in this out-of-the-world place - will neutralize all that you've done? All of your efforts? That's what happens! Are you willing to do that?" He said, "Well I hadn't thought of it like that." Well, but that's what happened, isn't it, Elders? This is your mission! This is your Church! One scandal in a community is enough to annihilate the work of all of you, maybe all the work you do cumulatively- for all your two years - neutralized by one scandal in the community! Do you think that you have a loyalty? Where are your loyalties? Are you loyal to yourself? Are you loyal-to your companion? Are you willing to let him go on, and on, and on, and on, until he breaks his neck?
When he was excommunicated it was a sad day in that mission because he was a fine young man and all the missionaries loved him, and some of them were weeping that day. I remember! Some of them were weeping tears! Their brother was being excommunicated from the Church and sent home in disgrace!
And then I said to them, "Elders! Do you know who excommunicated this boy? Not me; not your President; not the Elder's court. It was you!! You excommunicated your brother! How? Well, if you'd have said, 'Elder, lets not do that! That disturbs our whole program. We lose spirituality, all of us, when things like this happen.' Now suppose that he didn't yield and you said to him again, 'Elder, you shouldn't do that! We can't be doing those kinds of things!' And then suppose you'd gone a third time and said, 'Elder, I'm sorry, if you don't desist I'm going to have to report to the Mission President because I'm not going to have you destroy my work! I've worked too hard to have it all go to the wind! I'm going to tell the President, not as a tattletale, but I'm going to report to the President so that he can protect the whole program, if you don't desist!'"
You see there is nothing ugly about that, is there? That's the way it should be because our loyalty is first to the Lord, to the Church, to the mission, to the World, isn't it?
One more little incident that is connected: In one United States mission one day a neighbor came into the home of a new member. The neighbor was not a member, but she came and she was used to just walking in through the door- you know, she didn't always knock! So she came over to this home this day and she saw her friend, the Latter-day Saint sister, sitting on a chair here and an Elder at her feet- this will shock you- trimming her toe-nails or painting her toe-nails, or something! Well, now that isn't an unpardonable sin, but it was indiscreet, wasn't it? Even if there was nothing else that happened, just the fact that he was sitting on the floor and that he didn't have on his tie and coat, and here was a woman partly dressed, and here he was painting her toe-nails or doing something! Anyway. that city was closed, absolutely closed to missionary work for 20 years! Do you think missionaries could go in that city? Why of course they couldn't! Because there was still the memory of this indiscretion! They hadn't committed sin; at least, I'm quite sure he had never committed immorality. I think it wasn't any more than an ugly indiscretion. It was ugly enough, wasn't it? It was what it led to, you see?
That's why I say this mission belongs to you. There are 150 of you and this mission belongs to all of you. If anything happens to any part of this mission it gets a black eye! It makes it more difficult to do anything! And it makes it more difficult for you to go into the homes where they have heard ugly things about the Church. That's why one Elder isn't by himself. He can't be a loner, He has got to fit into the program, hasn't he? And everyone of you is interested. Everyone!! And you can't afford to let your companion, or anyone you know, do anything very serious because it all brings trouble to you and to the whole program, Well, think about that a little, because some people say, "I'm not going to be a stool pigeon! I'm not going to tattle! I'm not going to be telling on people!" It isn't that at all! It's a reporting just like if you saw a couple of robbers going into your neighbor's home. Would you say, "Well, it's up to them! It's up to my neighbors!" No! ! We'd become involved! We'd rush to the telephone, we'd call the police! In every case, wouldn't we?
If we saw somebody being injured, being killed - like in New York sometime ago, a girl was stabbed and cut all to pieces by some maniac, and there were many people who saw it and did nothing about it! She yelled for help, screamed for help, said, "He's killing me!!" But nobody would move! They didn't even call the police and there she lay, finally dead, on the street! Nobody would involve themselves. It's time we would begin to get involved when involvement is proper. And when any missionary in any mission begins to break mission rules, it's time that all his companions should become involved! It doesn't mean that they take over. It doesn't mean that they get ugly and mean. It just means that they are interested and involved. There is a nice way to do it! I tell you there wouldn't be very many broken rules if one missionary would just say to the other, "Brother, lets not do that! Let's don't do that! 'Let's don't stand there and talk to those girls! That isn't good!" And if we stop it when it's fresh - when it's young you can stop it - but when it gets deeply entrenched, that sin is awfully hard to dig out. And many times we have to send missionaries home to their families in disgrace, with excommunication frequently, because maybe their companions didn't love them enough! Maybe their companions weren't helpful enough to say, "Well, now, you're getting off the line just a little here! Let's don't do that! Let's get busy and do this, and this, and this!"
This is one program and we are all concerned about it. These mission rules, you see, are very important. We've had 137 years of experience. Now that ought to be enough experience to prove something, shouldn't it?
Through 137 years we have come to the conclusion that if two people will stay together the chances for sin or serious trouble are reduced about 98%. Once in a great while two companions will both go sour at the same time, but it isn't the usual thing. If missionaries will, when they leave Salt Lake City, the Mission Home - the day they are set apart - if they will just lock their hearts! If they've got a girl in there that's all right, lock her in! But if you haven't got one in, then lock it against all other girls of every description! And the same applies for young women, too. I am talking mainly to you Elders. You lock your heart and leave the key at home. And you never open it here! It's impossible to fall in love with someone unless you open your heart! Your heart is the only organ that has any ability to get into love, you see, and when a missionary says, "I just fell in love with a girl!" Well, that's as silly as it can be! Nobody does, nobody ever did!
So we just don't fall in love unless we are fooling around. We never fall in a crater unless we are somewhere near the edge of it. I have been up to Vesuvius and on a number of craters and volcanoes and I know you just don't ever fall in a crater, unless you are on the edge of it. And so you just keep your hearts locked! I said lock them in Salt Lake when you leave the Mission Home and don't give a thought to it. But if you go around say, "Well, she is kind of a pretty girl! She surely is a sweet little thing! She's a nice girl! I'd like to talk to her- I'd just like to visit with her!" Well, you are in for trouble and that trouble can bring you a lifetime of trouble and a lifetime of regrets if you continue on with it.
So, can I impress that again? LOCK YOUR HEARTS and leave the key at home! Wherever you live, leave the key home with your folks. And your heart - it's only that part of it that deals with people generally that you open up. We just can't tolerate it, can we? We can't individually; we can't totally. Someone said, "Well, is there any harm to marry a Mexican girl if you are working in Mexico! "No, that isn't any crime, but it proves that some missionary has had his heart open! He has unlocked it! Is it wrong to marry a German girl when you have been on a German mission? Why no, there is no crime in that, if you met her some other way. But when you meet her in the mission field and you have opened your heart, I tell you it isn't right, and you have shortchanged your mission! Just keep your hearts locked. Your whole thought should be missionary work. How can I make it more plain and more important than that? I'd like to because there is no reason whatever for any missionary to ever become involved, not even in a decent way, with any girl in the mission field. It isn't the place! You guaranteed, you promised! You went through the Temple! You remember what you did in the Temple? Remember you promised you'd do all the things the brethren request of you, to live the commandments. That's one of the commandments when you go into the mission field: "Thou shalt not flirt! Thou shalt not associate with young women in the mission field - or anyone else for that matter - on any other basis than the proselyting basis." You promised, and you would not want to break a promise you made before the Lord in the Holy Temple of the Lord. And when you wrote, the letter of acceptance to President McKay that was implied in it. You knew of course - every missionary knows - that he isn't going out to court, that he isn't going out to find a wife! He's got plenty of opportunity when he gets home, and the mission field isn't the place.
Sometimes we find a young man who has not been popular at home; he has been very, very backward at home and he hasn't had many dates. So when he gets out into the mission field and somebody flatters him a little- some girl shows a lot of interest in him - why he's flattered. He thinks all at once, "Well, that's whom I should marry!" Well, I say this once more by repetition and for emphasis, you LOCK YOUR HEARTS and if you haven't done so, do it now and send the key back! You will not permit any impression, no romantic thought or impression in your mind. For two years you have given yourself to the Lord, totally, to teach the Gospel to the world. When you have done this perfectly for two years and then you go home, you are infinitely more attractive, more able, more dignified, more mature to make those important decisions for your life in the matter of personages to enjoy eternity with you.
Well, I didn't intend to get on to that, either, but I've been on it, and I hope I have not been offensive in it at all. I hope you got the spirit of it. Should you know of any problems that are aborning, problems that are beginning to develop, some missionary who is getting off the track, some group that is getting a little careless about mission rules, you can talk to them in a sweet kindly way. If they persist, then there is something else to do and you have a loyalty to it.

God bless you missionaries and I hope to visit with you a little longer later.

well I didn't get anything from Jordan or dad...  I hope yall doing good and have a good week of work and fun,  stay safe and if you can send some pics of the things yall are workin on?  love you guys,
love elder weaver

Mom-wow sounds and looks like y'all had a good time on your cruise! glad you're all safe and had fun.  zone conference was good and yes I saw my friend from svu  he has gained 25 pound in the 2 weeks he has been here...  yes I also saw elder Edmunds he's doing good.  the reason I am thinking about thing so much is because I wanna weigh my options while I'm out and choose the best for me when I get home.. sorry how personal our emails were it won't happen anymore..  the scriptures and prophets also to plan ahead and be ready for the future events, you can never be too prepared...  I will start reading alma 26 in my personal study and get back to you next week on it..  no tornado watches.. I haven't gotten anything from frank yet, but you should know too you check my email too... I'm glad he reads the blog,, there's a lot of people here that it too..  and they tell me about it as well,,,  I would like for you to go on please delete the comment you made about a girl emailing me more y'all and the whole momma bear being fierce...    a lot of people here thought was pretty brutal...   I know y'all are watching out for me and only want the best for me and I am working my hardest and doing my best  I quote from zone conference  my very best is enough for the lord.  I am doing my very best.   ---------------- I'm happy yall haven't forgotten about me and are concerned for  me but I am 2000 miles away and there is no way anything is going to happen between me and her cause we are so far away...  I don't why yall can't give her a chance...  that's a problem we run into all the time meeting people  is that they won't let us talk to them  because they think we are jws or think we a cult,  they won't let us share a message about Christ restored gospel and how it can and will bless their lives...  there's nothing wrong with trying...    well I hope this doesn't make upset or mad, cause this is coming straight from me and me only...  I love you mom and ill talk to you next week  
love elder weaver

Justin- I weigh 245..  good luck with max week  when it's to heavy put a little more on and do it again..  I never got a letter from him...   did he send it to the right place??   that's awesome about that school in Cali!  look em up?   you thinking of going there??  how is there team look??   the last of school is always the worst....    there's never anything to do but you still have to go...   I love you too Justin and I am losing myself in the work no worries.    love you bud  love elder weaver

Jax-I'm doin good how are you?  my comp is doing good and so is sweet Bete! have fun on y'alls hike and watch out cougars! ;)  riding the bike everyday is alright  we stop a lot to talk to people walking around and we share a short message with them.  no he did not inspect our apartment!  but it was super clean so he would have liked it.     haha   love you Jax   love elder weaver

Letters from 14th….we were on our 25th Anniversary Cruise so I didn’t post that day……

Mom-sweet Bete's was good!  yes the sisters were there all of em were skyping their families at the same time.  so sweet Bete brother Wright ( her husband)  talked and had a good time.   the rabbit and squirrel were really good!!  we had a lot of rabbit and the squirrel was falling off the bone!!  so good
Moroni 9, the whole chapter is very disturbing  but the last two verses are very comforting..    the primary kids sang that was it..  it was good!  we had an investigator there ( not the one we were hoping to have, but still it was good to have him there!!) we cleaned our apartment real good cause the general authority that is coming is going to inspect some apartments...  and we don't know if it's ours or not,  so we would rather be safe than sorry...   no pics today.. yes still trying to get field tour! can't find the guy the we need tho... thanks mom. I hope yall have a time on your vacation and be safe!   I love yall   talk to ya next week  love Elder Weaver
you know Nikki wasn't trying to do anything wrong,,  she's trying to be supportive and helpful..  I wish yall would be alright with that...  but I am trying to understand where yall are coming from..   I love you so much have a good week on the cruise!  love Elder Weaver
Jax-I'm good how are you?  my comp is good! :) I will have fun with him cause we get along rally good!   I wish I could swim!!!!!   it would be so nice here on the hot humid summer days! it's so hard to try and cool down!  it's crazy...  when are you making the move to Sandridge??   are you talking to the coaches at all about anything??   i love you too bud  i hope you have a good week and stay safe!  love Elder Weaver
Dad-read genesis chapter 19.. not the whole chapter only to about 16 or 17...    we can't stay thinking about our past, the longer we stay in the past the slower we progress forward.   we live and learn trials come up and plans change..   stop regretting what you didn't do and look at what you did do, and have done and will continue to do!  I wont im anymore..  and I understand where yall are coming from about Nikki..  but I think its kinda hard for yall to say to not think about life after the mission..  I feel I need to..  I've planned my life around and based on serving a mission, now that I am here  I need to keep planning ahead and at least get an idea of what I can do when I get home and have hopefully several options open so I have a choice or two to choose from...  I'm sorry for thinking into the future but I would rather do it over a space of time instead of rush it at the last min....  sorry  dad thank you so much for all the love and support that you have given to me while I've been growing up!  I hope you know you are a great father and husband!   I quote I have in my preach my gospel in the Christlike attribute section under humility is " being humble isn't thinking less of yourself, its thinking less about yourself"...   idk why but I felt I needed to share that with you, and I hope you will not be upset with me about it or be offended...   I love you so much dad and I wish and pray only the best for you,   love Elder Weaver
Justin-waz up my man!!  I'm doing good my friend!!  I'm glad you had the experience you did with the missionaries on splits!1  that's awesome!! good job in track as well  that's awesome stuff!!  keep up the good work in the weight room and it pay off in the season! ;)   my comp is really chill we get a long real good and we  like a lot of the same things!  stay safe and don't have too much fun while mom and dad are gone!;)   love you my man  love Elder Weaver

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mother's Day is coming :)

Jax-good job in track my man!!  that's super exciting!!  I knew you could do it!! :)   my new comp is awesome  we have a ton in common and we get along really well!!  I might be a little stronger then he is  but I don't know ;)  ha-ha   have fun on your camp out and with y'alls square dancing stuff :):)  ask a cute girl ;)  ha-ha   love you Jax   love Elder Weaver
Mom-we kinda have to call later in the day cause we have church in the morning and lunch right after...   would y'all just wanna talk on the phone?  I don't know how we are gonna Skype or do that...  my comp and his family are gonna Skype at 7 Utah time..   so I don't know...   sweet Bete said she loved talking to you and is planning on writing you a letter?  I think..   that's awesome Yahaira got her mission call here!  that's exciting!   mom  she's just a sister in the district..  there's nothing going on, I am focused,  don't worry,   tell Justin Longhurst to send me an email I'd love to hear from him!!  I'm excited he's moving back in the ward!!  fun fun!  comp is great,  work is getting better, and I'm staying focused!    thanks mom   love you   talk to you next week  love Elder Weaver

We could Skype too if want too...dad and I are going on anniversary trip and are leaving at 3:30 Utah time so can you give us a time for sure? What time is your church? Could we do before so we don't miss each other? Need a time ;)

I might cry if we face time  so let's do a phone call ;)  my comp said he is ok if we face time or Skype later on in the week if we would like to?
like call on the phone for an hour?  we have to be at church at 8;45 to set stuff up....   after church could work...  it would just be a phone call though...

church is from 9 to 12 lunch is at the place we ate rabbit at 1:30ish...we can try and do it early morning?...

Or right after your church from 12:30 - lunch appointment
So what time? Or do you want to do Mother's Day call Saturday night and Face Time? Is that legal?

we can Skype Saturday night!  its legal cause I say so!   so we will Skype Saturday night!   8 o'clock my time?   or y'all need later??

Great!  So 8:00 pm your time Saturday night right?....great very excited!!! Hope day going well! Forward me a copy of pres letter if remember? Need to get a pic of you and sweet bĂȘte together ;) love you!
I'll send my letter to mission pres if I can get it to work...  it won't pull up now...    but still trying..  yes Saturday night  if that's ok with everyone else?  what's everyone else plans?
how come not everyone emailed me?? 

Jordan said forgot, Justin said he was going to from his iPod....dad did I thought....did you get one from him? Saturday is great we will be here :)

 Yea!!!! Super!!! Do you have a number for us to call or are you gonna call us? 
well our missionary phone number is 706 ******* :)  whenever you wanna call we will answer ;)  ha-ha   is that what you meant?

No I meant for Skype on Saturday ;)

oh!!!!   my bad   umm I will call y'all    but I might phone call to get things situated and figure things out?  that ok?

I only got Jax's and yours mom...    got to go  talk to y'all Saturday!  love you   god bless   love ELDER WEAVER
So I looked in his in box to see about Ross's letter and found that he has been chatting with girl, more than me, makes me feel bad, thought I was the only girl in his life right now....:)  I should be!  Excited to Skype with him in a few days!  Got an email from his comps mom, says that Elder Hales and Jace have a lot in common and he loves him!  I'm excited for new comp too, maybe more work and structure, he only had an hour on computer today, before he had 2 hours and I thought too long, distractions.....
Also got a call from Sweet Bete on last Saturday, she is a lady in their ward that takes great care of the missionaries! God bless her for her service, she is such a sweet thing to my Jace and he loves her, sounds like he can tell her anything...she doesn't like that he has a girl either! :)  Hope that he can stay focused on the work and leave other things behind for the next 20 months! Hint Hint!!!  He needs spiritual influences not influences of opposition in his life right now!  Sorry Mom, venting!  I love him, and the mother bear in me is loving too! :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

over for dinner...

Hello Sister Ross,
My name is Natalie McQuay. I'm from the Athens 1st Ward where your son is serving right now. My husband and I just had your son and his mission companion, Elder Fetuli, over for dinner this evening. We took this picture with the two of them and Elder Weaver thought you would appreciate a copy of the picture. Your son is a joy to have in the ward! He is always so friendly and welcoming whenever we see him on Sunday and we loved having him over for dinner tonight. He ate plenty of food and we sent both elders home with leftovers. Thank you so much for sending your son on a mission. My sister-in-law is on a mission right now and I remember when my brother served a few years ago so I know it is often difficult to be away from your missionary. Elder Weaver is doing great work and we love him!
Thanks!  I love to do this for the Elders we have ;) Karma...