Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jordan-new comp is good, Elder Jacob Evans,  he's 18 and just got done being trained  I'm his second comp.   I like the area so far but I haven't been able to get a feel for it yet   so I'm still feeling around for potential things to happen   we have a couple of baptism coming up   one for a guy who's been inv for a few months and another soft commitment for the end of Decemberish  so things look good so far..  pray for lil Joe  it'll help a ton    for the holidays we are eating at the second counselors to the bishop and we are playing in a turkey bowl at his house after :)  or before   one of the two   so I'm super excited for that :):)   have fun this Thursday and have fun in Lehi,  tell Emily I said hi :)   love you Jord  have a good day  love elder weaver
Mom-holy questions...   ok  so I'm in summer grove I wrote a letter when I got here and it should get to you today or tomorrow new address is 138 Greison trail # 8003 Newnan GA 30263   I traveled pretty far ya :/   new comp is 18 has been out 3 months  from Nevada just us in apartment  in a car  transfers were ok nothing too exciting no new responsibilities, I'm good  week was good  saying good bye was hard... too hard... pretty happy   yes I feel safe mom :)   no new inv right now but we have a few who are progressing and almost ready for baptism  ward is good  love football so I can connect with a lot of people :) can you include some Christmas cds??   please and thank you I do remember pin but tried to use the other day and it didn't work...  serious?...  wave runners?...    you'll have to tell everyone hi for me and send em all my love can y'all give Quade my email please I need to talk to him..  thank you   I'm planning on burning a shirt  because I have one that is pretty gross ;)  ha-ha thank you very much mom  I hope y'all have a good week and happy thanksgiving to y'all as well :)   if y'all need me to do anything for you please let me know..  I love you and miss you like crazy  have a good day and week   love your son elder weaver  
here some good bye pics...  I hope I answered all your questions today  sorry in a rush kinda short on time...

Dad-I do so far and I think I will while I'm here.. already running invited three people to baptism and they accepted as the read and pray  setting up to see them this week and get thinks going faster :) I feel really good  we have a gym here and we are able to work out   where as in Covington the gym didn't open till 8   so I'm excited and thankful for that I was getting a little flabby but now I'm solid again :)   I didn't get any personal time with him  he was busy training the trainer and leaders so he just told people where they were going then I got  my new comp and we left to work..    we wake up at 6 and work out for 1 hour then we eat breakfast and start studies and while I'm in the shower my comp makes enough breakfast for the both of us  I offer to make it for him but he said he doesn't trust my cooking  so he will just keep making   so I said ok...  we were tracting a new area yesterday after church and a cop stopped us and said what are we doing we told her and she said y'all need to's not a good part of town,  we said ok and she asked if we needed a ride we told her we had a car and that we were ok   she said  ok if anything happens call 911 you don't even have to talk the GPS will track you and we will come find you..  so we left promptly after that :)   pretty intense!! ha-ha    thank you dad for your thoughts and prayers I'm very thankful for all that you do and sacrifice me to be happy and have what I want and need in life thank you very much.  I looooooooooooooooooooooove you too dad :)  love your son elder weaver
talk to y'all next week love you

Chipmunk Cheeks, dang wisdom teeth!  So sorry we couldn't be there for you!!!

Monday, November 18, 2013


Hey!! Sorry about last week! It didn't send.. How have ya been? Anything new going on? I don't really have anything new going on.. Ha we have our football banquet on Tuesday I'm pretty excited for that! I got second team linebacker and something else but I can't remember what it is.. Ha  life is going pretty great! I hope you are having a good time and making it out to be what you want it!
Love Justin
no worries about last week my friend :)  I'm glad you're doing good tho :) I found out I'm getting transferred to a new area and sisters will be replacing elder holt and myself.  so we have to leave all of our investigators....  hopefully the sisters keep the ball moving ;)   hey good job on second team linebacker!!!  that's better then what I did!!   way to go bud :)   I'm proud of you :)   I hope you have a good time at your banquet Tuesday and I hope you have a good week and take care of yourself :)  I love you Justin  love elder weaver

Hey there Elder Weaver! How's your week going so far?
Mines been going pretty good. Works been good, hopefully we will have a lot of work coming up. With developing 3 subdivisions we should be busy and it should be a lot of fun. I had a lot of fun being district and zone leader. I liked being a zone leader more because I got to travel more and I had more contact with other missionaries. It was funner to see the success of my zone, and also being able to teach the zone elders every three weeks was a huge blessing.
Me and dad like listening to the guns at the gun range. But we don't plan on buying any lol. We are selling the four wheelers, and the trailer. I've got them listed on Face book.
That's all I got for you buddy. Me and Em are still dating and having fun. But no new news there lol. Love you Jacer.
Love Jordan
my weeks been pretty good :) nice I hope y'all are staying busy!!   how's your landscaping stuff going for your own business Jordan?  are you still doin work like that trying to get a company established?   NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!........  YOU CANT SELL THE FOUR WHEEELERS1!!!       dang it :(    can we at least keep dads?  I'll take dads!!  :):)    come on  save that one for me at least??.....  I love you Jordan   I hope you have a good week and a good day take care my friend  love elder weaver   

Hey how are you? I'm good! How was your week? Mine was great! What do you do in your apartment when you have nothing else to do? Me and Justin got to the stake park and play some catch and get in condition again! I'm saving my money for Christmas and I'm hoping I can get a new iPod with my own money buy Christmas! I got some really cool head phones that have the Utah logo on them and I got them for 10.00$!!!! :P love you love Jax
I'm good how are you my man? :)   my last week was good :)   well we aren't really in the apartment too much  so when we are there  we either eat dinner or lunch  study  in the morning   start laundry  clean up a bit and sometimes we just sit and talk about whatever comes up. :)   nice work my man  stay in shape and take care of yourself ok?   those sound like some pretty cool head phones :)  ha-ha   I love you bud  love elder weaver

Mom-They do transfers different in this mission,  we won't find out where we are going until Wednesday and same with who our companion is.  we find all that out on Wednesday..  I don't know my new address yet sorry...  I will let you know when I can :)  ill send y'all a letter :)   hush puppies will be fine yes thank you :)  I'm wearing the hush puppies now still :)   so the sword I got from a member who just got home from his mission  and he was moving and was planning on getting rid of it  so he said who wants this  and my comp said what is it?  he said a sword and as he asked who wants it  I sarcastically said I do as I was walking out of the house with box to put into the moving truck. and I didn't hear what it was  so as I go back in  I see it's a sword and I'm oh cool  where did you get that?  he told me but I can't remember...  and I'm oh  cool, and go back to moving stuff and as we are about to leave he says don't forget your sword... I was like oh...  I was just kidding and he said no please take it,  I don't want it anymore.. so I said ok and took it :)   the speakers are from the apartment they were in my bathroom when I first moved in and they hadn't been used so I put them in the box and set them aside and thought if they work I'll send em home if not ill toss em in the trash.  they worked and so I sent em home :)  I did get some pics with members, but I can't send this week,  I kinda started packing some little things and packed the cord to send pics  sorry :/    my card isn't full yet :)  I need to take more pics tho, because I think I might be able to fit all two years worth of pics on one card...  but I would like to use both..   I'll be thinking about Christmas :)  it is coming way fast!!!  crazy to think it's almost been a full year!!  I'm not sure about my next area,  I find out Wednesday,  I haven't heard anything about it  because I'm not sure I'm going yet.. :)   my teeth feel fine and I am healthy and happy :)   I'll send home the teeth and you and dad can fight over them to see who gets them  or y'all can split them ;)  ha-ha   wow y'all are busy!!  ha-ha   hey tell Maddi congrats for me please, after her play :)   that's awesome that she is singing and what not for her school :)   let her know she is doing a good job from me :)   thanks mom I love you very much and I miss you like crazy have a good week and take care of yourself :)  love elder weaver 
Dad-ya it should be pretty fun I'm pretty excited about transfers :)  I have emailed Alina a little bit,  but she is pretty busy with soccer and school stuff  so it's been awhile  I haven't written coach Fitz back I'm not sure what to say yet...  but I'm planning on it..   so transfers,  we are going to a church building and  we will all sit in the chapel and have a little devotional type thing then pres Harding will stand and start to go through who is going where and who their new companion is  the we switch after he is done  and from there since I moving  my new comp should have arranged for a ride to get come get us and from there we do missionary work and I unpack :)   I learn about people and get to know my comp  so I think it'll be fun  change is always good and I'm excited :)     dad you as well be :D not :(   ha-ha  I'm funny too ;)   love you dad  love elder weaver

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I know that my Redeemer Lives!


 ok  can you also post to not send anymore things to my current address  because transfers are next week and I don't know if I'm moving or staying  so I don't mail to be sent the my Covington address if I'm not there anymore   please and thank you  :)   have Justin tell me why girls are driving him crazy :)  I would like to help :)  
love you mom   :) Jacer
we got an advertisement in the mail and its kinda funny and creepy at the same time 
but I tried to see if I could make the same face as the baby ;)  ha-ha    

and these are some pics of the trees as the change :

So beautiful!!

Picture catch up!

These photos were sent by Carol, 
evil on one side, good on the other....:)
Lizard jewelery?  

makes my eyes water...ouch!!
amazing grace....Sunsets in Covington...

suit from Bro Payne...perfect fit-thank you!!!

teaching at a zone meeting...
looks great!
Again from Carol, 
said he cleaned his plate so well, 
that the dog was mad :)

all :)

Jordan-hey there :)   the preaching goes good :) I'm glad you're still happy and things are going good for you :):)  dang that sounds like a pretty fun date :)  how's Brady doin? :)   which did you like better a district or zone leader?...  are you and dad serious about getting some guns that make load noises?;)   keep helping Jax with his spanish cause he will need it for his mission ;)  ha-ha   love you Jordan  have a good day  and week   love elder weaver

Jax-I'm good :)  how are you?:)   my week was good!  I'm glad you had a good week :)   I would get lost around Roy high when I was first going there so no worries bud :)  ha-ha  congrats on your first palm!!!!  that's awesome my man  now you just need two more and your done :)  my favorite comp would have to be elder hales :)   we had a lot in common and we got along really well :)  I'm not too sure what the funniest thing is from the mission yet...  seeing some people dress up for Halloween that was pretty fun :)  I do sometimes get scared when I go into people's homes  but I remember Joshua 1: 9 ;)  then I'm not too scared anymore :) ha-ha  I love you Jax man   love elder weaver

Mom-my teeth are healing fine  most of the stitches have come out already. last night was bad  I had a super bad head ache and I couldn't sleep and I felt really sick to my stomach...  but I'm good now tho :)  swelled up pretty good :)  ill send some pics next week of my fat face ;) I hope that those are the only three things I have to go through for a while!   melanoma is good healed all up no more spot we are clear :)  no I do not need to schedule a follow up for my teeth I'm good to go.
 yes the things carol is send y'all are things I've accumulated over time   some of them I would to save and just have as memories  but the boys can set up the speakers and use it for an I home or something like that..   Jordan is still included as a boy;)  save the sword for me tho please and the poster of me is from the Rodriguez family up in Athens  they gave that to me the day before I left..
I'm glad the boys like the hats and watches  does Justin wear his watch very much? I tried to make it smaller but I couldn't do it.. has he gotten it to fit yet?... the temple was good  felt really good and enjoyed it  I didn't really pay attention in the zone the training I was on my meds...  hahaha I had a good time tho ;)   no nothing new as far as zone stuff .
Berkeley is already going a mission?!?!   wow that's crazy!!   good for him he will like Tennessee its beautiful there :)   I haven't written Devin   I think he is already in the mission field...  I can't remember where he is tho...    this week we are going to do more work than we did last week...  because the meds I had it made me really relaxed and I could fall asleep anywhere and I did...  I slept a lot last week  Friday was the first day we were able to get out and do work, and it felt good to get out and work because we were stuck in the apartment forever...  so the person we have on date for the 26th is Bree, he is 15 yrs old and likes football  we are going to have to move his date back because he didn't make it to church yesterday so we need to get into contact with him and we are going to today to see if everything is ok.   he thought I played football for auburn university  I told him I wouldn't mind playing for them!! :)  he asked for the coaches number and I told him I could give him the one for SVU and he can talk with people from there.. I liked those lizard pics :)  I thought they were funny :)  well mom I love you too and thank you for everything  sorry for all the confusion about my teeth stuff I hope I t didn't cause y'all more stress or anything...    I love you very much   love elder weaver  3 Nephi 13:21  read  whole chapter but have 21 in your mind ;)

Dad-my face is good :)  I am back on my feet thank you :)   I did go to the temple and I loved it very much :)   so last week we couldn't do a whole lot because the drugs made me really relax and sleepy  I kinda do miss them a little bit :)  I'm thinking about sending my teeth home so y'all can see how they are?  and I could only keep two because on had to be broken to be pulled out  so I might sign em over to you and mom and have y'all make necklaces and or rings out of em and wear them in remembrance of me ;) ;)  ha-ha   how does that sound? :)  how was the Weber state game was it good to watch? :)   did you tell any of the parents that you have a son who might come back and play for them? ;) I can't get the article to pull up  but I will keep trying  :)   I am still happy_____________________... yes still growing :)   the members are getting more and more excited :)   I will remember to love everyone :)  no worries :) love you dad and I hope work is still going good for you and your having a lot of success :)  love your son  elder Jace Weaver
Justin's letter didn't go thru….

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Wisdom teeth out?

So to preface this weeks email, I am enclosing a disclosure :) We did have Jace see an oral surgeon before his mission, as all of you are aware it is part of the paper work to be done before his mission.  However the oral surgeon said he would not touch them, said there was no way that he would be able to get to them, and they would not be ready until he was in his late 20s.  Haha, Jace has mentioned a few times that his teeth bothered him, went to the dentist in GA, and low and behold, his two top ones were in and his one bottom one was coming up pushing under another tooth, so last Thursday I received a call from our stake president saying he received an email from the mission office stating that Jace was having his wisdom teeth out.  Ross and I talked and wanted to make sure what was going on and who was doing the surgery, and that we should follow up with insurance information.  Ross spoke with Jace and the dental office that Friday and got everything in order.....hence the following letters referring to teeth being pulled :) Wish I could have been there again to take care of him, but I have a feeling that the tooth fairy will find him!  Thanks tooth fairy!!! Love you!!

Hello Elder Weaver! Sorry I didn't write you last week. But this week has been really good. Doing work up on a gun range and it's interesting doing work while people are 50 yards away from you shooting lol. It's kinda fun listening to some if the shots being pulled off, me and dad want some new guns that make loud sounds.
Me and Emily went on a double date last night with Jordana and her date Jackson, we went to Zupas for dinner and then to Weber High school to see a play called The West Side Story. Dinner was great but the plays as ok. We also had our first snowfall of the year this morning, it was very sad, but luckily it all melted by lunch :) Logan and his wife Mari were finally able to take their baby home last Friday, she's a tiny little thing but very cute. Logan looks like a bear grills guy lol.Well that's all I really got for you this week buddy, love you, keep working hard and I hope you feel okay after getting your wisdom teeth out.
Love Jordan.

Jordan-are y'all going to get guns??  I want in when I get home!! :) ha-ha  serious :)  that is pretty crazy tho  having gun shots going off so close to you and dad working :)  any of em scare you?? :)   I'm glad you had a fun date with Emily I still haven't eaten at Zupas yet...  what is it like?   how's the food??   dang I kinda miss the snow  but its good it all melted by lunch :)   sounds like Utah ha-ha :)  well good thing for Logan and his wife :)  how are they doing?   do y'all hang out or do anything together?   I love you too Jordan and I'm glad you're doing good and enjoying what you're doing :):)   love elder weaver  
p.s.  did you serve as a district leader or zone leader while you were on your mission?   

Mom-it wasn't too bad getting my wisdom teeth out I'm just a little swollen,  I don't feel too much pain and I'm planning on going out tonight after p-day is over and then we have a temple trip tomorrow and zone training as well and I'm not missing the temple.  so my comp and I will be there :)  things are going good for us and we are doing good  we had 9 investigators at a trunk or treat thing at our ward building and we have some of them on date for baptism on the 26 of November.  I'm not planning on being down with my teeth, no need :)  I did get to shake Elder Oaks hand,  it was super cool!!!  he and his wife are really funny!!! :)  Elder Oaks is amazing and he is very in tune with the spirit and is lead in what he needs to say and how to say it too. :) we have a lot of fun while we are working :)   we are trying to do as much service as possible  we mainly do service for a member in the ward, we cut their grass and cut down some trees for him, one tree we cut down was 200 feet tall and all we had were two chain saws and a rope to guild the tree down :)  that was fun  just the two of us did it :)  no worries we safe mom :)  our weather is getting pretty cold and we do stay warm :) the Payne's are good and I have told him thanks many times for the suit :) we haven't heard from Larry in a long time,  he has moved out of our ward but still in our stake  we tried to find his new house but he doesn't live there yet... I like that song very much too. (Count your many blessings...) I love you mom and thank you for all that you do for me and the inspiration you give me to be and do better :)  I love you  mom and I'm eating soft food no worries ;)   love you forever  love elder weaver 
p.s. yes I have stitches  they will come out on their own and I do have pain pills I got to keep my two top teeth the bottom one he had to cut into pieces to pull out and I have the tops one :) love you too I know my limits :)   I'm not sure about changes tomorrow at zone meeting,  we will see tho :)  love y'all 
Jace- I didn't know how you would feel so I didn't want you to feel obligated to email me, but I do love you it was good to talk to you good luck with your face ;) sorry short be happy.            Love your biggest fan DAD

hey dad  I hope you know I love you :)    love your biggest son  elder weaver ;) 

Hey! Hope things go good with your surgery! We lost to east last week.. So my high school football is over... :( it's crazy! We had some kids that were just done playing.. Real sad. But anyways now I can relax for a bit until track starts.. I'm gonna lift and eat away and get really involved with my scriptures.. Ha sooo school is going good and Halloween was fun I just stayed home and chilled with the fam. Ha, Sadie's was fun! I hope things go good for ya! Love ya lots! Thanks for your advice! It really helps more than you think! So thanks!

Justin- things are fine with my mouth :)   dang bud  I'm sorry y'all lost are you at least satisfied with your high school career? if you are then that's all that matters :)  I want you to know I'm proud of you and I look up to you immensely and all the things you have accomplished this year and the past couple of years :)   being able to handle the things you did sophomore year and then switching schools half way through the year  Justin that takes courage and faith.  just like football one of the principles of the gospel is enduring to the end. like football we can't give up in the last few moments of the game  no matter what the score and how things are going.  those who fight until the end and never lost the sight of their final goal or destination those people are those who will continue to do that throughout the rest of their lives no matter what the world throws at them.  Justin keep up the good work and don't lose sight of what and who you want to be and who god needs you to be :)  keep working in track too :)  I know you can be the best in the region and then state  as long as you let yourself :)  I'm glad my advice helps some and keeps you motivated :)   I love you bud  and as you are studying the scriptures more  study preach my gospel too with your scriptures and you'll be a  great missionary because you'll be ahead of everyone else :)   I love you bud   love elder weaver  

Saturday me and Justin played basketball at the park and it was way fun! And then we woke up this morning and it was snowing... :/ I had my board of review for my first palm and I will get it Tuesday at the court of honor! :) love you love Jax! :)

Jax-I'm doing good bud  how are you?    I just got my teeth pulled but I'm good  it doesn't hurt too bad :)  I bore my testimony quite a bit this week  to people we meet and people in the ward :)   GOOD JOB MY MAN!!!!!!!    THATS AWESOME YALL WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!    GOOD JOB BUD  ARE YOU AS EXCITED AS I AM OR WHAT?!?!?!   I DONT SEE YOU JUMPING UP AND DOWN!!!  ;) ha-ha I'm sorry you didn't have fun not trick or treating  what did you do instead?    congrats on getting your first palm my man!  your just moving right along with all this :)   how's school?  how's your personal scripture study? :)