Monday, September 30, 2013

not stressed....

Hey how are you? :) I'm good! :) my week was good! We beat south! :) I went to toads Saturday and I got kick off the go carts... It was fun tho! ;) during my game I got two tackles on kick off! :) my eagle was awesome the eagle almost bit my head! ;) I got my flag which is way cool! :) thank you for the hat and watch I were the watch every day and always use if! I haven't gotten a chance to were the hat yet but I'm sure I will! :) what is your favorite scripture? And why? What was your favorite lesson growing up? :) this week I play Roy jr and we were going to play at Roy high but they thought they would got more fans if they played at Roy jr instead but my team will be able to play at Roy high for the play offs! :) we are undefeated! 4-0 :) Love you, Jax

Jax-nice work on beating south!!!    :)  why did you get kicked off the go karts?...  nice work on the two tackles :)  glad you like the hat and watch :)   did you get the other package I sent y'all?? with the falcon bags in it??...   my favorite scripture is 2 Nephi 31:20  because our heavenly father is speaking to us in the last part and says if we are obedient and do what we are supposed to do we can have eternal life :) what's your favorite scripture and why? :)  nice work on all the football stuff :)  keep up the good work  :)   love you bud  have a good week :)  love elder weaver

Hey my bradda how has your week been? Did you baptism go through?? I hope it did! I went to Bonneville's deer hunt this weekend with Liesl cardon.. She asked me. It was fun this week we lost to box elder. I didn't get to play because I was concussed :( this week we play Ogden and then we have a buy and then Bonneville so it be fun! I have already gotten asked to Roy's Sadie's dance which is the end of October... So that'll be fun. I hope you're doing good and have in new experiences! Tried any new foods yet?? Love ya lots and Miss ya!

Justin-my week was good :)  how was yours?  _________________hey it's ok you lost this one.  Justin just put it behind you and move on :)  get better and play your heart out against Bonneville!   it'll be better you sit out and heal up then play injured.  you'll just get more injured and then have to be done...   so heal up and prepare for what about to happen :) true warriors stand before the battle field and look at the opposition standing before them and no matter how big or fast  the opponent is,  he smiles and says challenge accepted ;)    have fun at the dance my man :) I'm doin good and I haven't tried any new foods yet :/ ha-ha    but I'll keep trying :)  love ya lots kiddo  and hope nothing but the best for you  :)   love you  and get better soon :) love elder weaver

Dad-I know as much as you do right now about my leg..  Thursday I'll know more and will pass along info..  I have no idea what to expect..I'm not stressed about it tho :)  so y'all don't need to!   I just said that to make you smile :)  I know you'll stress about it anyways.. ;)   as soon as I find something out tho ill let y'all know asap!!    I love you  dad and hope y'all have a good week and enjoy yourselves :)  love elder weaver

For some reason his letter to me and to Jordan don't post….????

Monday, September 23, 2013

good week....

Hey how are you? I'm good! :) my week was good I we played THBell and we won 48-0 I got in and scored and got the extra point! I am playing both full back and half back! And middle line backer! My week was good! My eagle is this week! :) I'm so excited! :) parent teacher conference is coming up... I got a bruise on my head from football! Every one asked me about it and I just acted like I didn't know what is was! :) it was pretty funny! In art we are painting self portraits and mine is black and yellow! :) Utah beat byu!! 20-13!!!!!!!!!! :) love you love Jax!
dang child!!!   that's awesome my man :)   keep up the good work :)   are you excited for your eagle??  are your grades good for parent teacher conference???    how's your head  how'd you bruise it?  why black and yellow?  ha-ha  I know Utah won!!   some people told me about it Sunday at church :):)     love you bud   love elder weaver
They beat bell 68-0, he made a mistake in his letter with the score, it was pretty bad, we had a 7th grader, 3rd string O score on them, good game to dominate....:)
beautiful :')
Hebrews 6: 10 For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labor of love, which ye have shewed toward his name, in that ye have ministered to the saints, and do minister.11 And we desire that every one of you do shew the same diligence to the full assurance of hope unto the end:12 That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises.13 For when God made promise to Abraham, because he could swear by no greater, he swore by himself,14 Saying, Surely blessing I will bless thee, and multiplying I will multiply thee.15 And so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise. Hebrews 10: 35 Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompense of reward.36 For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise. Hey there goofy. Hope you are having a great week. I did, work went really well up in park city and we had fun. Tomorrow we should finish up there. We had a great time watching the UTAH BYU game yesterday, Em came over and had a ton of fun with the family. We also went to Red Lobster for lunch and got the endless shrimp, I ate 160 shrimp on my own lol. Needless to say I was very full after lunch haha.This should be a fun week, the Greek festival is this weekend. Also Logan's baby was born! she's two months early,  15 inches and 2.25 pounds. Well that's all I really got for you this week my friend. Keep working hard! Love you! Love Jordan 
160 SHRIMP?!?!?!?!?!?!!!    we may have to have a shrimp eatin contest when I return back home :)    that's a ton of shrimp!!!!    dang  :)     glad work is going good and other life event are keeping you busy too :)  that good :) tell Logan congrats for me :)   is the baby doin ok?..    I love you Jordan and I hope you have a good week :)  love elder weaver
My class's are good! I've liked them so far.. We lost this week to Logan.. 49 to 38.. But I'm moving on we have box elder this week at home so I'm excited for that! I'm going to Bonneville's deer hunt dance this weekend with Liesl.. She asked me. I think and hope it'll be fun.. The UTES won..... Obviously :) :) this week will be fun! We have a lot going on! How was your week? Have fun??? Any baptisms this week??? :) I love you lots and I got asked to Roy's sadies dance which is in October.. But I got asked by Kelsey Erickson.. Remember her? She's a twin... ;) it'll be fun I hope :) my midterm grades was a 3.5 but I'll get me up before the quarter ends.. Ha love you Jace
well I'm glad you like your classes :)   good attitude  move on  its in the past.  plan for box elder like nothing bad happened :)  keep moving forward! :) I thought she was going to Roy.....     have fun  kiddo  its whatever :)  the Utes :)   beautiful team right there :)   ha-ha   my week was good :)  as much fun as I could have I had :)  ha-ha  this week  we have a baptism on Saturday and please keep here in y'alls prayers  she is having a hard time right now and its getting a little stressful...  nice work :)  the ladies are getting in line for you aren't they? :)  keep up the good work on your grades :)  they will get better :)   love you Justin  :)  love elder weaver
Dad-my week was alright..  we did a lot of knocking and had NO luck at all...  people would answer and listen to us  but they would say no not today..   but we did find a lady who moved here 3 days before we found her and she is from brazil and is visiting her daughter,  she doesn't speak very good English but we had a good conversation :)   she was excited to us walking up to her door and came outside yelling for us :)  that was funny :)   as our conversation continued we found out she is a member and she has gone through the temple and loves missionary work :)  we told her about elder fisher  the other elder waiting for his visa to go to brazil  and she got super excited and wanted to talk to him so we called them, and they talked over the phone in the native language and she was so happy about that that she wants them to go over next time so they can talk Portuguese!  and also so the missionaries can reactivate her daughter and baptize her son in law and her neighbors from brazil as well :)  so that was super exciting :)     we also found out that my mole I had removed came back as abnormal and I have to go back oct 3rd...    I like knocking on doors :)  we get to meet new people like that :)  I get super nervous  but as we keep the conversation and pray that nervousness goes away and the spirit comes in and over powers the situation :) you get used to talking to random people  so it's ok ;)  I do work out yes  in the morning s :)  why do you ask?  I feel pretty good.. Larry is doing ok  we haven't been able to talk to him for 2 weeks  so we don't know too much...  ______ is good  she is getting baptized  and is having a hard time getting the time to meet with us to finish up the lessons  so Satan is working good on her... we all get along pretty good :)  I do like having more just because its extra people to talk to instead of one person all the time ;) ha-ha
 well good  I'm glad there season is going well so far.   you'll have to update me on SUU   please :)?   thank you so much dad for being a great father and example to me in my life  I hope you know I love you and admire you as well :)   love you    hey  what are those big tires I sent you pics of  used for???    love you dad   love elder weaver
Mom- Holmes's where we got the shoes :) hush puppies I think is the brand...  wow  that's what I thought of when you told me about the new stake pres.  crazy :D  _____________
 tell your mom happy bday for me please :)   and also  grandpa Steve and Linda sent me a letter with some money it $100!!!!!    I about passed out when I saw what was in it!!  ha-ha I love the area   id be perfectly fine with staying :)  transfers are the 9 I think..   so coming up.  the weather is good :)  starting to cool down  lilted bit :)   we gave a training on a good morning and a bad morning as far as waking up on time and doing studies and eating and things like that :)   it was pretty  fun    we did a bad morning first then  good morning :)  it was fun :D ha-ha I have a letter in the mail to swete bete :) _______________  from Roy?...    I'll be ready for those letters :)  I'm excited to hear from bro Peterson from seminary :):)  he's an awesome man :) ha-ha  not too much other writing...   I love you so much mom and I hope you have a good day today  the pics are of sunsets the past couple days :)   love y'all   love elder weaver
Tell me about mole? Tires were probably pit truck tires :)
Love you!!
don't know too much   just got a call saying it was abnormal  and I need to go back on the 3rd for more testing.  I won't know more until then..   sorry :/  I love the pics of Jax and chandler and whit :')  watch on Mormon messages!!!  Forgiveness: My Burden Was Made Light

a letter that was sent to our stake president over the weekend September 28, 2013

From: John Reed Harding <>
Date: Sat, Sep 28, 2013 at 5:02 PM
Subject: Mole from Elder Weaver's thigh
Dear President:
 Recently a mole was removed from Elder Weaver's thigh.  The lab reports have suggested a return appointment.  We don't know more yet except they docs want Elder Weaver come back and discuss it.  We wanted to let you know and you can let the family know.  Elder Weaver may have already.
We will keep in touch.  We know the Lord takes care of his missionaries, with good care. 
Best to you,
President Harding

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy Birthday! 20!

"I have no disposition to shirk any responsibility nor to decline to occupy any position the Lord requires me to fill." President Lorenzo Snow
Hey there Elder Weaver! Sure do love you and hope you are having a great week! Emily's doing good, she's working and having fun. She says hi :) she's been over here spending time with the family and she's come to all most of the games of Justin and Jax. Also she's been over here to watch the Utah games.
I love my singles ward! Tomorrow we will be having paint wars for FHE, and then going to the Salt Lake Temple this Saturday for an endowment session. Did you ever go to the Salt Lake Temple? If not we need to go when you get home, you will love the love session. 
Alma 26:11 But Ammon said unto him: I do not boast in my own strength, nor in my own wisdom; but behold, my joy is full, yea, my heart is brim with joy, and I will rejoice in my God.12 Yea, I know that I am nothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God, for in his strength I can do all things; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever.
Keep working hard buddy and remember why you are out there. Love you! 
Love Jordan.
I like that scripture thanks!!  go from alma 26 to ether 12;27  ;)  they kinda go along with each other ;)      well I'm glad Emily is doing so good :)  good she is supporting the family :)   and also the U  ;)  ha-ha  wow  fhe sounds way fun for y'all!!    I would love to go to the salt lake temple when I got home I hear the sessions are amazing!!!!!!   have you been to session recently?   what did you think of the extra 13 min? :)   ha-ha    stay safe Jordan and keep up all your hard work  love you big guy :)  love elder weaver

    I figured out how to use the camera a little more  so I put it on sunset mode and got the sun  like this  its kinda cool I think :)

 these are some bushes we see in a place where knock door  pretty cool bushes!!

 my souls of the shoes are coming out... 
 Carol Boles and company celebrated and spoiled Jace early for his birthday.....
 Thanks for taking such good care of him...
 Our first birthday we weren't together :(

Typical Jace, :) holding a straight face while doing something silly, while you are being serious....
I got a total of 4 cakes....  one we haven't even opened yet...   so much cake :(  ha-ha :)    I saw the vid the boys did in y'alls room that was awesome and thank you for that :) for my birthday I stayed home and took care of my comp  he got sick...  yes I got both packages and yes I got the temple package the day before we went to the temple  so thank you for sending the stuff :)   did y'all get my package I sent home?  the temple was so good :)  I didn't have any time to talk to pres Harding one on one...    I hope work works out and everything goes smoothly.   _____   Justin got interviews!!!!?!?!?!?!???!!  WOW  that's awesome  he didn't tell me that!!!!!   :):):):):):):):)   wow that's so cool  my  younger brother is famous!!!!!!    wow :)   I'm jealous   I need his signature on a shirt so I can make money off it sooner or later :)    that's so awesome  good for him  I'm glad he is good recognition :)   wow   heard from any schools yet  wanting him to visit or come out to play? :)    I think  when I get home  me and you mom are gonna be the shortest ones....  Jax is way tall  and Justin is pretty buff too.   Jordan looks skinny too   everyone looks good :)   dang    HEY!!!!!!    how come you and dad weren't singing happy birthday too?  I didn't see y'all in the video! ;)   thank  you for the video mom :) could you send me grandparents address please  so I can write them  thank you :)   I love those quotes too!!!    I have a reading assignment for the family too    read alma 5  and find all 41 questions it asks and then answer them for yourself   now some of them are answered in verses following the question  but the ones with no answers  and the ones y'all can answer them and ask yourself if y'all have room to improve anything :)  keep em to yourself and think about it :)   I did it and I liked it :)  we read alma 5 for stake conference two weeks ago  and I just reread it today :)    love you mom  I hope you  have a good week and be safe   love elder weaver

__________oh and can y'all hear an accent in my voice when I talk?...  ha-ha

we made the cake y'all sent me :)   thank you  for being awesome   love y'all so much

dad  here's a pic for you my man :) 
 this is how hot it was the other day while we were tracting :) 
 I was pretty sweaty... to say the least ha-ha
thank you so much dad. I hope you know I love you and I look up to you in many ways.  you have been a great example to me and I thank you for all you've done for me.   I don't think I ever would have been able to overcome all the trials I've had in my life if you and mom were not right behind helping me and supporting me in them as well.  I thank you for everything you have done for me in my life and for always encouraging me to do better and be better.  I hope you know you are a great man and a great father and husband.   thank you for all the things you taught me as a child through your example and deeds.  I love you dad.  love your son elder Jace weaver
Hey hey!!!! Happy late birthday you old 20 year old goof ball!!!!!!!!!  I hope you had a fantastic birthday!! :) I love ya lots and hope things are going good for y!
We had ksl at our game Friday night.... Against mountain crest, who we kicked but!!!! :) it was so much fun and we killed them! It was 39 to 27 and they only scored on our secondary... So it was good! The dance was great! I had a great time! :) we play Logan this week and we are both 4 and 0! So it'll be a good game!! :) in the game I got a little concussion with9 minutes left in the 4th quarter... So I was out for the rest of the night... It wasn't too bad, but I got lit up... It was helmet to helmet, and the referies didn't call it,, Fernandez was pretty mad... I'm good though! I hope you have a great week and things R going smoothly for ya! Love you lots!!!!!
thanks Justin :)  I did have a good birthday thank you :) dang kid!  ksl huh?  that's pretty sweet Justin :)  good job on the win too!! :)   do nothing but your best in the game and keep working harder and harder  and you'll see success.  even if you lose ( which you won't)  as long as you improve and become a better player you've won. ;)  stay safe and be careful with your head  don't wanna  get any more of those concussions  you'll be more prone to get em.  be careful Justin  :)   stay humble my friend  but confident in yourself :)  love you  and thank you for awesome :)   love elder weaver

Hey! We beat rocky and every one is saying they are the team to beat and we won in triple overtime! :) I got to play some defense! School is still good thus week we play bell! The lost to north and haven't scored at all this year! :P my week was pretty good! In PE my team beat the ninth grade team! Star quarter back right here! :) we won the last play I got a pic and was going to get talked so I pitched it to my teammate and he ran it in! :) the chargers beat the eagles today! :) love you love Jax
WOW!!!!!   TRIPLE OVER TIME!!!   THATS CRAZY MY MAN!!!!!   YOUR THE TEAM TO BEAT?!?!   I BELEIVE IT!!!!   DANG MY MAN THAT IS AWESOME!! :)    how was playing defense what position did you play? :)  hey now  be careful   you still need to play your hardest against bell..  even tho they aren't doin too good this year still gotta work hard! ;)  dang you little sneaky QB  ;)  ha-ha    keep up the good work Jax man   how are  your grades??   good job chargers!!  whoot whoot!!  ha-ha    love you bud   love elder weaver
Thanks to Tracey Casey for spoiling him some more!  She had him for his birthday, day! Thanks! "Sister Weaver, we had your son over tonight for dinner and celebrated his birthday.  I just wanted to share his picture; have a good night..."

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


So we had from Fremont this week, and during the week on Wednesday we had our starting fullbacks mom die... Marcus Matuatia's cousin.. He is a sophomore.. She was put on life support and they could take her off it whenever they wanted... So they let her go that night... Fremont found out about it and, you know the head that people put on sticks and catlike there hanging the other team? They had one of those and put a red beanie on the head and it said f Roy on it... The people helped and supported the family by wearing red to the game....
The game we kicked their trash!!!! They couldn't do anything... We went down and scored first.. But then they got a lucky one play fluke... But missed the field goal.. So we went into half time with the score 7-6 then we got back and just kept shooting ourselves in the foot.... With flags... They scored and missed the two point conversion.. So it was 6-12 Fremont... Well it got down to the last 2.4 second left on the clock and 4th down.... We throw a hail marry pass and a Fremont kid tipped it, and I caught it on the two yard line and ran it in.... Roy wins 13-12..... :) :) it got on to YouTube and has over 77,400 views, it made it on channel five news and channel two news also... :) twitter was crazy about "weaverfever" ha-ha it was a crazy crazy moment... It was also on ;) ha
We have mountain crest this week for our homecoming... They are 0-3 but have played some pretty hard preseason teams, so hopefully with our confidence of being 3-0 can help us out and give us that edge on them..
Today in sacrament meeting it was the Hoopes farewell, and we got to the water part of the sacrament and Tyler ( a handicap deacon,) gave the sacrament to. Lady and she went to hand it back and she dropped the tray.. So I got up and went over and picked up the cups and put them in the trey and grabbed the deacons hand and said " you're ok"  and he just kept saying I'm sorry I'm sorry, but I took his hand and walked over to the sacrament table and gave him a new tray and he just went back and started up again..
I miss you a lot, when I'm in school and I'm not talking to anyone in the commons, I think about how me and you would sit on the benches and talk...  My classes are pretty good, I'm liking them so far! :)
I'm not to beat up this week, and I'm excited to play mountain crest.. It's gonna be a good game!  I love you Jace and sure miss ya!! :) here's my hail marry catch that won us the game..

Justin-well...  I'm crying...  thanks...  ha-ha :)   THATS SO CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!    I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   THATS SO AWESOME!!!!!!  WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG TO LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE?!?!?!?!!!  WAY TO GO MY MAN!!!!!!!!!!  YOU ARE SO AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    DANG ITS ALL OVER THE NEWS?!?!?!   NICE WORK MY MAN :)  IM GLAD YOUR LETTING YOURSELF GO!   THE WORK DOESNT STOP HERE THO!!  PEOPLE ARE HEARING ABOUT YOU AND NOW WILL BE PUSHING THEMSELVES EVEN HARDER TO BEAT YOU,  SO TYOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?  YOU CANT LET UP!!  WORK EVEN HARDER!!1 I KNOW YOUR DOING A LOT OF HARD WORK NOW AND YOUR TIRED AND FELL WORN OUT  BUT DONT STOP!!!!   WORK UNTIL YOU CANT MOVE AND THEN WORK AGAIN!!!!   DEVELOP NEW LIMITS  AND THEN THE NEXT TIME GO BACK  AND SHATTER THOSE LIMITS!!!!  KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK AND YOULL CONTINUE TO SEE GREAT THINGS HAPPEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     MY YOUNGER BROTHGER IS SUCH A STUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     what are your grades?   how are things going other then football?  been out with the missionaries lately?  how's the family doin? :)  I'm glad our not so beat up this week :)  I was pretty beat up after my Fremont game,  but you played harder and came out not as beat up!  you man :):)   dang your awesome :)    I hope you know that people will see the things you do on and off the football field.  the little boy who had the tray dropped on him...  that's awesome Justin.  that shows maturity and respect and authority.   I hope you know you are an inspiration to me.   I'm sorry you miss me at lunch too...  I wish I could have been there one more year with you... it would have been my honor to play on the same football field as you wearing the same jersey this time ;)    I hope you know your awesome and that I love you and your doing great things!  keep up the good work my man and stay safe :)    love elder weaver   ps  dang your awesome :):)
Mom note: I left the font size the way Jace typed it :) love his excitement for Justin!

Dad- I think Justin has been watching some professional football games and is taking after them  cause that does sound like pandamodeom!!!!  hahaha    thing are nice down here,  we lost some of our inv because the new elders needed an area close to the apartment  to work in  and that was where we had some people..  so no biggy  we are looking for more people all the time anyways ;)   ha-ha  it had been a little cooler yes. :)  work is going good :) Cindy is on date and on track to be baptized on the 28th of this month and she is very excited about it :)   just keep praying for our inv and recent converts ..  I can't think of anything y'all can do..   my comp is a good missionary,  but that's all  I don't know that I would care to hang out with him when I get home..  but he's a good guy  just likes to always be right and doesn't like to be told what to do  he's a good story teller too...  but he says the things are real and actually happened..  he walks around with his chest out and does pull ups all the time and tries to show is " manhood"  by thinking cause he's oldest in the apartment he can whatever he wants...     I'm used to it tho..  if he gets too into it  I humble him ;)  so things are good :)   I feel I'm getting closer and closer to the missionary I wanna be :)  Larry has not been tracting with us yet  but he told us the other day  he will never say no if we need his help :):)  that's awesome!! :)  we haven't been able to teach the family yet  but still working on em   I love you dad and I hope you stay safe:)  love elder weaver

"The priesthood we hold has been revealed for the salvation of the human family. We must be lively in our minds in reference to it." President Lorenzo Snow.
Hey Elder Weaver! I hope you are having a great day today and working hard. My institute class is great, I have an awesome teacher who grandpa Beardall knows lol, (big surprise) ;)I'm dating Emily shock, gonna see what happens there. And I'm just enjoying working with dad still. :)So today in priesthood we talked about priesthood power and authority and I wanted to share some things with you that I learned."Priesthood bearers are messengers of the Almighty, with authority delegated from heaven to administer holy ordinances."You hold authority from heaven to administer holy ordinances among the people of Atlanta Georgia Jacer, keep working hard so that you can perform said ordinances."The object of the priesthood is to make all [people] happy, to diffuse information, to make all partakers of the same blessings in their turn. For this very purpose the Holy Priesthood has been bestowed in this our day, to guide and perfect the saints of God here, and just in proportion as we attain to intelligence in this world and to integrity and faithfulness … , so will be the exalted condition in which we shall appear behind the veil."I love you Jace and I know you are where you're supposed to be to bring about the "immortality and eternal life of man" in your mission. Keep working hard my friend, have no regrets! Love Jordan

Jordan-hey hey hey big man :)  how you doooin :)   ha-ha    I'm glad your class is so much fun!! :)   that's awesome about the priesthood. thank you for sharing that with me.:)  ha-ha   tell Emily I said hi :)  how is she doin? :)    hey keep up the good work and stay safe Jordan! :)  I hope you know your awesome  :)   love you  love elder weaver
Note from Mom.....We had a late night knock on our door Sunday evening about 8:45, it was the Elders, two who have been serving in our area and two new ones, we invite them in and one of the new ones is looking at our family picture and says, "hey I know Jace," we turn and look at him and asked how, he said " I played ball with him at SVU, we were on the same team and in the same dorm, I was there when he face timed his family about his mission call..." We asked him where he was from he said Salt Lake,? We said and you got called to Ogden, he said he was waiting for a visa to come through and is then off to Argentina, has been here with a Spanish speaking comp to maintain and learn the language, has been out for four months, and anxious to go to Argentina....So funny how small the world is. So we were putting together birthday cards for Jace and he said I would love to send one to him, so all of the Elders wrote Jace a birthday card and we sent them off.  I told Jace about Elder Wyckoff and that's the reason he is included in my letter....

Mom- Jake Wyckoff?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!   I love that kid!!!!!  he's so funny!!!!!!!!!!!   make sure y'all take good care of him!!!!!!!!   and his comp too  but mainly him ;)  ha-ha   wow that's crazy!!!!!!  :)    I haven't gotten package yet  we are going to temple Wednesday  so hopefully I get it before then.   thank you so much for sending me stuff:)  the shoes sound good :)  no rush :)  the mole area is kinda healed up...  took the bandage off yesterday and it like a blood blister kind of...  so that made me a little nervous....    Cindy is doing good..  she had tried to get me to go to 3 more games later on in the season  and I honestly don't know if I'll be here when those games come around  ha-ha   but she said when I get home  if the family wants to go to a game she can hook us up :)   might take her up on that offer ;)  ha-ha   we are allowed to it  if we have permission from pres Harding...     but that would be hard...  we see mission pres not too often  but we will see him after the temple :)   I hope I get a little spoiled too ;)  ha-ha   if not that'll be ok :)  glad I could help you with quitting your job :)  thank for having me mom :)   ha-ha ;)   I love you mom and I hope your safe this week  :)  love elder weaver
Hey big bro! How's it going? I'm good! School is good! Football is great! We beat north Ogden! And I played offense and defense! I'm starting kick off and kick return and punt! I'm #3! All my classes are good! I am now a teacher! I'm the 1st counselor in teachers quorum! Do you plan on doing any thin fun for your birthday? What number is Lawrence on Georgia tech? :) I will look him up! And what position does he play? :) I hope your having a JOLLY GOOD TIME!?!! :) the football team is way cool and always are introducing me to new people! :) and sometimes it's kinda weird but its way nice of them! :) Love you, love Jax

Jax-I'm doing good :)  how are you? :)  good job on beating north Ogden :)  what position did you play? :)  congrats on the new priesthood calling :)   for my birthday we are going to do missionary work. :)  nothing else to do...  ha-ha  Larry isn't playing at g tech any more  he quit and is going to work.  he can't afford to lose credits to go and play football..  so he's not going there anymore.  I hope you have a jolly good time as well my man :):) I'm glad you have better friends now and your getting to know new people :)   keep up the good work and stay safe in all that you do :)  love you bud    love elder weaver

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Email came Thursday, August 29th, love the surprise emails!

i was able to get it work thank you...(debit card) so we got permission today to email home right quick to let yall know we need temple clothes asap  for this months temple visit..  so if y'all could send me some that would be awesome  thank you so much  i love yall   have a good day   love elder weaver 

from September 3rd, because no email on Labor Day…. 
Hey hey!! We beat Weber! 17-14 and I played the whole game! But after the game holy cow was I feeling sore!!!! And my ribs were way tender.... I rushed for about 100 yards and made 6 tackles..but I only played the second half on defense.. So I didn't score... But I ran good.. This week we have Fremont at Fremont... After the game the crowd rushed the field and as I was going through the line slapping hands.. These little league kids came up and started to slap my Hand on the other side... Then when I got done with the hands, the little kids were too shy so there dads had to come up and say hi first and they told me I played great, and then the little kids came up and I asked them what position they played and if they were going to kick butt in their next game... And then a kid said, your tall! Will you pick me up so I can see how tall you are? Ha-ha his dad said no.. So I didn't.. Ha but it was just kind of nice... Ha I was tackling a kid and my helmet came off and I got the kids cleat to my face....So I look kind of cool.... Ha it hurt real bad...
But then the next day I went to Bonneville's homecoming with Baylee Midgley 

This is what I looked like after the game..

We didn't have school today!!! Hallelujah!!! :) :)
oh and dad did some stuff to the car for my birthday.... :) :) :) :) :)
Like the rims??

Dance pic

And Jerico loves and misses ya.... He's doing pretty good..

Love ya Jace... That's all I got for ya this week... Hope things are going good for ya and you got that baptism.. :) love you lots -Justin

Justin-holy cow kid!!!!   are you gonna be ok?    do you need a new helmet?...  can you see from you r eye?...  good job on the win my man that's awesome  100 yards a and 6 tackles in the second half!  way to go!!!   keep up the good work and don't stop getting better!  you know you're setting an example for those little kids right?..   they are gonna grow up saying I wanna play ball  like that Justin weaver guy!,,,  I never had that... ;)  your better than me my man  keep up the good work and remember whose watching :)  I love you man  I hope you get better and heal up  and don't get hurt no more!! as you can see and feel it's not fun ;)    love you kiddo and don't have to much with car now ya hear ;)   I'm liking the tires :)  beautiful :)   love you Justin   love elder weaver  how'd  you like my birthday call for you ? ;)

Hola Elder Weaver!
So I've had a great week this week. Went up to Causey reservoir with my friends to do some camping and fishing, didn't catch any fish but we had fun swimming and just being away from the world for a while. Made Dutch oven meals and just had a good time being out in the wild for a few days. I got pinched by a crawdad on my pinkie toe.

Institute is going to be a ton of fun, a friend from college that I graduated with is in my class and our teacher is simply Awesome! I'm looking into starting school again in January, either at Weber, or USU.
And don't worry about what sister Boles says to me lol. It makes me laugh that you still want the room ;)
So that's about it for my week buddy. How is your mission? Still loving it I'm sure.
Love you bud, keep working hard!
Love Jordan

Jordan-how is your pinky toe?!!?!!?!!?........
good luck  with choosing what school you go to   let me know when you make a decision and ill pray and fast you ;)  I shot my hand with a nail gun for that room....   ;) I absolutely love the mission!!!!!!!   I'm having an amazing time and I don't regret coming out one bit!!!  :)  I love you Jordan  stay safe and smart ;)  love elder weaver

Hey my first game is this week! I'm starting kick off and kick return and punt! School is getting good now that I'm knowing more people! My P.E. team is undefeated! I'm liking it a lot out at sand ridge! Love you love Jax

Jax-good luck my man!!!   you r gonna be the best kick offer ;) and kick returner and punt  team player in the history of sand ridge jr high!!  I know that to be true!!   do you ?...  keep making friends and be good and listen to mom and dad always!!  :)  love you Jax man   love elder weaver

Mom-the baptism went great!  my comp baptized him and we both stood in as he confirmed and it was amazing!!!  he bore his testimony and it was so simple and powerful   people were crying and smiling and laughing  it was so amazing!!!  :)  such a good guy.  thank you for praying for them :) I'm not sure about the transfer date thing   we will see as that gets closer ;) I would like to be home for the holidays to be with family and stuff and work and get into football shape a gain   but the lord probably wants me to stay ;)  we well talk about when it gets here :)  I had the mole removed last Thursday and it was alright  kinda sore in that area now....   a quote I heard for challenges,,,  " the greatest trials I've endured were not my own, but were in watching others suffer through theirs."  or something like that :)  I bore my testimony about Sunday :) I'm glad what I said helped them,,  I hope Justin's alright with all his injuries...   I'm not sure about a mens warehouse  the only thing is goodwill.. I could get shoes from there?:)   their dog is a blast I love playing with him :)  ya his accent is good ;)  I notice I'm picking up a little more and more lately...   I've got pics today :) I'm happy and healthy :)  I love you mom  and be safe and stay amazing  love elder weaver

Dad- yes he did :)  it was a very exciting week!!1  we had a lot of drunk people to talk to Sunday and Monday for labor day :)  had some interesting conversations...  hahaha  I'm glad he's playing so hard and getting better and being satisfied with himself :) I've thought the same way about seeing heavenly father infact in the BOM Eons 1: 27   apply  that to our family  and how after games when the boys are walking or limping from the locker room and we see our father ( you)  smiling and crying a and huggin us and helping us to the car  cause we can't drive home ourselves   that's how its gonna be with our father in heaven :)  I love you dad I think we are playing this life pretty well :)    we are teaching two families we found yesterday who both said it was a blessing we knocked their doors :)  that's gonna be exciting  and Larry is now a member so he can come with us to teach other people and we told him about it and he said he still has stuff when we taught him  so he is gonna review it and come teach it with us :)   super excited for that :)  its good having 4 elder s in an apartment,  we keep each other in check and we get a lot more done in a better productive ways, if that makes sense.. I will ask about the money stuff today,   send me best  back to them please and let them know I'm doing great!!!:)     love you dad   thank you so much :)  love elder weaver
Grandma Pat, close your eyes.... :)
 we found a moth :)
  he's a big guy :)
 dad what would these tires for?...
   they are huge!!!!  

 this pic I'm holding two tickets to the Atlanta falcons game to last Thursdays game!!!!  Cindy our investigator  gets them every now and again and said  here you go  hope you have fun. ..  I almost past out :)  she said if I'm still here in November I can get her tickets to the game in November and she will give em to me for free :)   but I couldn't go last week :(....  
 then we saw a drunk guy as we were tracting in a trailer park...
   and the sunset was amazing the other day :)
 and this little john and robin hood rd :)   yes I know it's amazing :) serving in Sherwood Forest?

These last pictures are from a sister missionary that served with Jace in the Georgia Atlanta North Mission, she has posted some pictures on her fb, and some sent to him, love any pictures :) Thanks Sister!

  Got a hand written letter in the mail on August 31, 2013
Hello my amazing Family! :)
So I forgot to tell ya'll yesterday that my wisdom teeth are coming in...the two top ones have broken through my gums, I can feel the tooth with my finger and the bottom one is about to break through.  It feels like they are moving my whole jaw around and kinda hurts. One other thing, since in the new mission now transfers are a week earlier, so talking with my comp about it the other day, an option may be for me to come home in December of 14 early for the holidays and what not. Anyways that was just something I was gonna try and tell ya'll yesterday but I forgot. Sorry
Justin-I hope your ok and that your healing well.  Have you had a priesthood blessing for it yet?
Jax-keep up the good work in school and good luck in football, stay safe my man.
Jordan-keep on keepin on :) love ya, have fun camping and be safe
Mom-called a dr for the mission yesterday and they are gonna get me an appointment soon for the mole and he also said I'll most likely have to get it removed...
Dad-How did the month go with the extra CAT? any exciting things happen at work?
Well I hope ya'll know that I love you and hope ya'll are safe and healthy:)
Love Elder Weaver