Tuesday, August 27, 2013

work is in progress....

Hey I'm good life is good! I made the team!! #3!!! :) school is school... I like all of my teachers! Our first game is September 6th and we play north Ogden at north Ogden!! Today we start full pads right after school! It's going to be hard in the warmth and running and stuff...
Love you love JAX

Jax-nice work my man!!  I knew you'd make the team ;)  I knew it  :):) ha-ha   keep on doing good in school and work hard at ball.  the heat is nothing  it's a factor to only make you better  so be better :)   I love you my man and stay safe  :)  love elder weaver

Dad- my week was good how was yours?:)  Larry is doing good  he's still on schedule for this Saturday and Sunday  so things are good   sister boles boyfriend is now fiancĂ©, they're engaged now.  we are working with a lady now who is Cindy Thomason  she is getting ready for the 7th but she said she might be ready by then  so we might push it back a week  but as for now it's the 7th  so she keep progressing.  she was in church last Sunday and she loved it  she said next week i'll bring 3 other people  and if not I'll be there for sure.  she wasn't there....  her twin sister came into town by surprise...   but we are meeting with her Tuesday so that'll be good :)   I am happy and healthy  are you? the toe is fine :)  the bike is awesome :)  how's your bike? :)  I do agree with you about the book of Mormon falling on people's faces with members as well :):)   we met the coolest guy Friday!!!!!!!!!!  he does hydraulic work for CAT!!!!!  his wife just passed in Feb.,  and he hasn't been to church since  but he said he will be there this coming week. anyways  he gave some cat hats  with the old logo on it  and he gave me one to send to you  so you can  have it :) but me and him talked about equipment for a few min  and my comp didn't know anything that was going on :)  made me laugh :)  I've been telling people about me wanting to transfer to SUU and run the ball and everyone says  that a party school  that won't be good for you...  I'll show them ;)  ha-ha I would still work hard for the lord;)   I love you dad and I hope your safe and have fun this week and keep me posted about football :)  please and thank you :)   love elder weaver

Mom-Larry is still on track yes and so is Cindy  she has made some friends in the ward and so is Larry   Larry spent probably half the time away from us yesterday  because he was places with other members in the church!  so crazy he's already making that transition :)  I hope just gets better  I'm even more nervous for him now.  I wanna say more to him  and I probably will :)   but I'm glad y'all are having a good week and things are going good :)  I will find out about the girls addresses and ill pass the word along to you,  I'm not getting transferred I'm staying and so is my comp, we are getting two more elders moving though  so we will be in a 4 man apartment, so that'll be fun   what do I tell my comp about the money stuff  he says all the money y'all pay only goes to rent and insurance and stuff like that... I really don't agree with his way of thinking...  I hope you have good week coming up! I do need some new garments  just bottoms though they wear out more than tops...  and I will probably need shoes soon  but not right away and some church sock would be nice :)  thank you  _______I love you mom and I hope you have a good week and be safe in all that you're doing :)   love elder weaver :)

Hey the first game went good! Even though I only got to play 3 plays we still won 42-12 so it was good! The reason I only got to play3 plays was because we ran t pop.... Remember that play? And I was going up for the ball with my hands and my teammate just didn't block his guy.... Don't know why.. And I took a rib shot and now I have about 4 bruised ribs and 1 of them might be cracked a little... So we went and bought me a flap jacket and hopefully I'll be able to play this Friday.... We'll see how practices go... I know it'll hurt.. But I just got to bypass the pain.. Ha we play Weber at home on Friday... They aren't lookin to good, but they did win their first game against west.. So that ended there 23 game losing streak... Ha but I hope things are going good for you! I love ya lots and miss ya!
Love Justin

Justin-holy cow!!!!!!  are you ok?   did the kid get yelled at??!?!?!!!  can you send a pic?!?!  I'm so sorry my friend  hope your ok and that you'll be able to recover quickly and strongly!....  dang :(  I'm sorry Justin....    that's awesome you won though...  I know you'll be ok and you'll be able to get over this trail..  just don't give up completely and never lose hope.   I hope you get better fast and I hope you stay safe!   keep up all your good work bud,,  if I was there I wouldn't have missed the block ;)   get better soon the team needs you.   I love you my man and I miss you a lot too bud  stay strong and keep your head up   love elder weaver    Ether 12:26

Hey there my younger brother! I'm going camping again this weekend and I'm very excited. I'll be leaving Thursday afternoon and coming back Saturday night so that I can be at Jax ordinance, then ill head back out after spending some time with the family. I start going to my institute class this Wednesday and I'm really excited about that.
I love you buddy and I'm very proud if what you are doing. Carol Boles tells me that you want the man cave so I need to hurry up and get out of mom and dad's house ;) we will see what happens.
Have funny goofy.
Love Jordan

Jordan-I hope what sister boles said didn't make you sad or offend you...  I didn't know she was going to anything...  sorry if it though...  where are you going camping?  who you going with? :)  how's work going?  let me know about institute :) have fun Jordan I love you   love elder weaver

About two hours later this email came…..Justin, you know kiddo  you can't be hesitant.  I know I have no room to be saying this because I haven't had an injury like this before..  but the longer you take to get back into the game  that much time you lose...   you need to jump right back into the swing of things,   you have protection now and you'll be fine I promise!   don't ever hesitate  that's  when I noticed I got hurt is when I would hesitate or second guess my health...  your gonna hurt no doubt about that  but I know you can fight through that hurt!!!   do you know that for yourself?....   if you don't jump right back in now the longer it'll take mentally for you to heal...  Justin you will fine. don't this trial stop you from being the best you can be! :)  ok bud  I love you Justin and I know you can do hard things.....  remember when you were praying for trials cause thought you never had one and I had a lot....  well your prayers have been answered..  what are you gonna about it ;)   I love you Justin    love elder weaver   I'm praying for you every Friday night.. 
made me cry like a baby, he must have been inspired because it was exactly what Justin needed to hear,

Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm happy :)

Dad-I'm happy :)  I had a great week :)  Larry is doin good :)  he had a crazy experience with the B.O.M too :)   Tuesday we invited and committed to live the word of wisdom and he said Sunday will be my last day and I've been planning on quitting anyways so no worries guys :)  so we asked if he would quit right then and there  and he said no  he will on Sunday   anyways  Thursday we go and meet with him and he says guys  guess what   I had a pretty cool thing happen with the Book of Mormon..  we got all excited and wanted to know what had happened  so he says  he was driving his roommates car  who is not a member and doesn't want anything to do with us  so he's driving a long in her car and was about to light up a cig. and all of a sudden the book of Mormon falls from the visor and hits him on ht e forehead and lands face up in his lap  and he reads "The Book of Mormon" another  testament of Jesus Christ,  and his first thought was  the 31st is coming up fast..  and he tossed his cig. out the window and didn't smoke at all that day. :) so that was pretty amazing!!  the work is going great we had a very good week and we have plans for a better week coming up :)  its getting good.   it is amazing to have the holy ghost with us that much  it's a blessing.   I still remember having dirty boogers after work :) ha-ha  I love you so much dad  I hope y'all are safe and have doing what y'all love to do.  are y'all fixin to do Lotoja this year or has it already past?..   I love you dad  and I hope you have a good week with work  and be safe!  love elder weaver

Well I gave my talk today.... I think it was alright... I hope things are good! My two a days camp is already over.. And we play Clearfield on Friday!!!!!!!!! :) I'm so excited!
I'm going to the skin doctor tomorrow to have my moles checked out and make sure I don't have any cancer or stuff... So hopefully that goes good! I've got all of my school stuff ready and I have a pretty easy schedule... I'm grateful for you and my family and you guys helping me to see the plan that our father in heaven has given us and giving us a chance to get back and live with him again and be like him... Thanks Jace for your example!
-love Justin

Justin-send me a copy of your talk :)  what's Clearfield looking like on film?  anybody big and strong?..  I'm excited for you!!!  I can't sleep at night sometimes thinking y'all are about to go and battle for victory!!!  :)  hey  I want you to know that the reason I played the way I played is because of the song  boys of fall...  Justin you'll never have this experience again in your life..   you know the plays,,  you know how things are done..  you know what the other team looks like,,  you know how big and fast they are,,  you know what you know  and they might know the same about you,,,  but the one thing they don't know,  the one thing no one will really know,,,  is how big your heart is...  you may think you know but after every game when you get beat to a pulp and still smile and walk away on your own  your heart grows,,,  people see the size of your heart from the effort you put into the field,  the effort you put in the weight room  the effort you put into being the best you can be and that no one can make you be...   you can't show people the massive size of your heart when your nervous and question yourself while on the field...   be great  the one who won't let you be great is you!..  why would you hold yourself back?   when a hit is about to hurt  lean into it and it'll be like a truck driving through a brick wall  it breaks bricks and the truck its self has damage done it as well  but the faster and harder you go at it  the les you'll feel..  no matter what talk with your pads,,  your mouth will only get you in trouble  your pads though,,  they can get you out of trouble.  ;)   don't compare yourself to me  you can't do that  my ball days are over  for a time  but yours aren't,  but they may be limited..   the football movie  the express  when the first black guy with cancer goes and tries to recruit the other kid for to the same college  the kid says I wanna be the next so and so ( I don't remember the names sorry)  and the stops him and says " no,  no you don't,  be you   play your game don't play my game,"  Justin your a better athlete than me and you need to accept that!1  it's ok to be the best!  it's ok to be better than those before you!!  just don't waste any time thinking you should've done something else instead...  my man I hope you know I'm balling in public while writing this letter so you better be crying too!! ;')   Justin you have no shoes to fill...  you have cleats to wear and pads and a helmet to put on  and when you do the other team doesn't know what's about to hit them..  show em how big your heart is ,  do it for those who can't do it for themselves  mentally and physically...  I love you Justin I  hope you know that  and you have been the reason I pushed myself so hard to be better,,  because you were catching me,,  now you've passed me,,,  keep going tho!  don't stop at good or better or best.  don't let anyone or anything effect how you do your best..  you set your own limits   I love you Justin and I know dad has probably told you he can see your potential,, I can see it too,,  you need to see it now..  and always do better!   look in the mirror and say  I'm the best I've ever been.  every day and even in the locker room  say it   because you get better dad today   keep up the good work and don't stop!!  love you bud   love elder Jace weaver

Hey there Elder Weaver! Hope you are enjoying the mission and working hard "bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." Just like it says in the scriptures. :) so I've decided that I'm going to sign up for institute while I'm taking a break from school. I'm going to take Teachings of the Living Prophets on Wednesday nights. I've heard lots of good things about it so it should be fun :)
I don't have any quotes for you this week my friend sorry. My life's pretty normal still so nothing to new going on lol.
Well take care my friend! Love you!

wow :)  good talk my friend ;)  I love you Jord and let me know how you like that class :)   be safe and keep doin what you do :)   love elder weaver

Hey I'm good! How are you! Are you liking your new comp? School starts Tuesday... :/ and I'm kinda still confused about my schedule but I will get it after the first week! Football is going to be great! I'm hoping to get number 3 cuz it's my favorite number! I'm still getting the hang of the new plays! Thursday I shaved my legs! They fell pretty nice!! ;) and Thursday for football we went to Roy aquatic center and it was really fun! Had a great time with my teammates! My eagle coast of honor is going to be September 24!! I only need 2 more merit badges and. Will have all three palms!! :) and I just want to thank you for being a great example to me not only in scouts or for going on a mission but for everything you did here at home and how you handled everything about Roy I am kinda having a bad time with friends at bell but then I think of you and think of how you had absolutely no friends when your went out there and how you never gave up one making new friends or on scouting or on the church or on family and whenever I need help making friends and don't really want to go out of my way to make new friends I ask myself how would Jace or Justin make friends with him/her and ya I only know the football team but hey everyone knows someone on the football team so I'm hoping to make a lot of friends when school starts!!! :) love you LOVE JAX WEAVER

Jax-I'm good how are you ?:) your schedule will get easier and easier as you go with it ;)  no worries there.   the 24th!!!!!!  dang  you just don't stop do you ?!?!  you merit badge machine!! ;)  I know that as you just be yourself  people will like you and don't ever turn anyone away from being your friend, cause you might be the only friend that person may have...  be nice to everyone :) I'm glad you looked up to me like that for a lot of things,  but still you can be better than me and you should be better than me! :) ok?    read the letter I sent Justin  for football and it applies to you as well I was thinking of the both of you in your different stages of football and careers at this point  but don't stop doing your best ok?   I hope you have fun  starting school and football again!  I remember when I was in your shoes not too long ago ;)  I feel old....  ewww   keep up the good work in everything ok!  listen to mom and dad and your homework and your chores,,,  all that good stuff ;)   love you Jax    love elder weaver

Mom- I got card yes and debit as well thank you :)  I was joking with her about being transferred  I don't know yet...  but you should defiantly text her and see how she is doing  she had a seizer in church yesterday during sacrament meeting..  just see how she is doing please,,,  we are gonna try and see her later tonight too...    we had a ton of rain!!!!   and we worked all day through it :)  and I feel we were rewarded for our efforts ;)  at least a little bit :) I have an umbrella  but its supper little and doesn't even cover me... it looks kinda silly,,,,,  ha-ha Cindy came to church and loved it! she was in tears during sacrament meeting and wants to go back and wants to know more and has already made a ton of friends in the ward :)  its awesome! :)  
GOOD JOB ON YOUR BIKE RIDE!!!!!!!!  YOU KNOW YOU DID IT FASTER THEN YOUR GOAL RIGHT?!?!?!?!  YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   NOW NEXT TIME YOU CAN DO IT EVEN FASTER  BECAUSE YOU HAVE DONE IT SO GOOD BEFORE!!   KEEP GOING! :)  I love you so much mom and thank you for always telling me you love me.. people here say it  but it just means more coming from your actual mom ;)  you know what I mean..?  I could maybe use some white shirts??... mine are starting to get yellow and the shoulders are dark from wearing the back pack....  
I love you mom and I hope you are safe this week and keep smiling no matter what :)  there's always something positive coming:):)   love elder weaver

Love the accent :), and the words of wisdom to brothers, it's amazing the growth we can see in him and not be around him....so proud of you Jacer, keep up the great work! I've been watching the weather in Covington, rain, rain and more rain! temps in the 70's someone in his ward posted that they are under flash flood warnings, crazy because it's so hot and dry here!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Moroni 8:3

This last week was or last week of conditioning... And now we are into two a days... Holy cow.... It's goin fast! I'm excited for this week! I have to talk next Sunday on missionary preparation...ha any thoughts? To help a brada out? Ha
Any new foods this time? And have you started doing Facebook stuff yet?! School starts in a week and two days.. Not very excited for that... But I am excited for football games! I just want them to be here already! Ha
I got me some new cleats... I like them, and they help out with a lot of ankle support! Also fine says hi and he asks about you quite a bit.. So he misses ya.. Ha
Hope things are good! I miss ya lots... Are you using a car now and driving or just on foot?
-love ya -Justin
 Here is my schedule for school...I'm excited about it I think it will be fun!

Justin-reading the book of Mormon and bible and having a understanding about them both  and how they complement each other and why they fit into one unified testimony of Christ  and knowing the basic info in preach my gospel,  being able to be confident and tell people what they need to hear,,  also being in tune with the spirit is the biggest part of missionary work  so while your home make sure you only doing things that will allow you be able to hear  the spirit talking.. :)    no new foods yet....  or using facebook either  but we should start soon I think...  I'm not too excited for you starting school either ;)  ha-ha   but it's good for you  and I'm so pumped for your football season Justin you don't even know!! :)   hey do you remember the talk given at general conference about not being required to serve right when your 18  you can still do some schooling and get a little maturity under your belt before you leave..  have you thought about that?     ankle support is good  are they light too?  send me a pic of em :)  tell fine I say hello back :)  and I'm doin good :)  I miss him as well;)  I miss you too my man :)  and yes I'm still in a car but we drive to one spot and walk a lot  to talk to people and save miles and gas :)   I love you man and I hope your safe in all that you do :)  love  elder weaver

Dad- I asked him if I could give him my film and he pass it on to the coach and said  well it wouldn't hurt...  :D  ha-ha  thank you so much dad for the love you give me,  I'm glad work is still keeping up and things are staying busy :)  we are still working with the G tech guy but he just a new job and worked yesterday  but he said he is asking for Sundays off now so he can come to church :)  so that's good!  and we also met a lady by the name of Cindy Thomason  who was very nice and accepted to be baptized on the 31 of this month :):)  and we just her the one time  and she would like to come to church and get to know how we do things better and grow more :)  and we knocked on her door looking for someone else who was not home and she came after  another guy who wasn't interested but still let us into his house to pray with him and he didn't want to accept anything we were doing or saying or even look at our web site  he said if it's not in my bible I won't look into it...   kinda got my spirits down then we left and met Cindy who picked my spirits right back up again!! :)  so it was a good week :)   I wouldn't mind getting quotes from you :)  dad you help me a ton!  don't you go get down on yourself!  smile and be happy that you played a major role in my life to get me to this point I'm at now!  so smile and say I helped my son become who he is :):):)   I can change my stars ;)  thanks dad  I love you much and I hope you have a good week and be safe working :)  love your son elder weaver

I've got a dream! Ha ha tangled!! So we fed the missionary's and they took all the corn :/ and made fun of me when we took them home it was funny though! Love football my camp starts his week! Any cool cars? Can't wait for Utah football to start and hope. Can go see a couple of games! Love you love Jax

I got a dream I got a dream I got a dream :)   nice bro :)  we tend to eat a lot of corn :/  sorry man  why where they making fun of you?  camp starts??  are you excited or what?!?!?!?!?!?!?   I am!!!!!!!!!!!!   :):):)  we see cool cars all the time  but I can never get my camera out to take a pic  because we are driving too and the cars are super fast and just drive by us like we are standing still... we  see a lot of nice motorcycles too!!  :)  makes me smile and think of the dunes cause they sound like dads bike  so cool :):)  I hope you see some games too Jax :)  and go talk to Kyle and tell him you wanna play there in a few years :)  ha-ha   love you bud  have a good week and be safe ok :)   love elder weaver  

Hey there my friend! How are you doing this week? Any new adventures that happened or new investigators that you love and would like us to pray for? I've had a good week, one sister from the Spanish branch called me and asked me to go out and make a bid for her for a sprinkler system in her yard. And also my friend AJ called me and asked me to go to his parents house to give them a bud for a flagstone patio :-) so I'm getting lots of reactive in landscaping wise and still having a ton of fun working with dad. I've been fishing a lot over the past few weeks, and haven't really caught anything, course I've been fly fishing in rivers and not just casting in ponds like we've normally done lol. But I still have a ton of fun being outside and just enjoying the outdoors.
I've put a message. That I learned in priesthood today and felt that it would help you to in the mission and also for any of the men in your ward in need a kick in the pant so help out with the work ;-) lol
President Snow taught that our callings in the church are opportunities to "assist in the redemption" oh God's children.
.......We have the same Priesthood that Jesus had, and we have got to do as He did, to make sacrifice of our own desires and feelings as He did, perhaps not to die martyrs as He did, but we have got to make sacrifices in order to carry out the purposes of God, or we shall not be worthy of this Holy Priesthood, and be Saviors of the world. God intends to make us Saviors not only of many that now dwell on the earth, but of many in the spirit world: He will not only place us in a position to save ourselves, but he will make us competent to assist in the redemption of many of the offspring of the Almighty.
Well I love you buddy and hope that you are still enjoying what you are doing :-) have a good week and keep working hard!
Love Jordan

Jordan-I'm doing good how about you?  wow thank you for that quote!...  that was good  I will definantely share that that with our lazy men ;)  ha-ha  thank you!  well I'm glad you're having  a good time with working and what not and also that you are getting experience in your own field of expertise :)   keep up the good work my friend   I love you jord and I hope you have a good week love elder weaver

Mom- I don't have new card yet...  but ill inform you as soon as I do:) I hope you have fun on your bike ride :)  temple was amazing!!  y'all need to go soon if you haven't!!  they have a new movie  all I'm gonna say :):)  WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   we didn't get anything about fb yet,,, he doin good  he is transferring from another school and he might red shirt cause he's coming off an ankle injury...   thanks for the prayers :) I miss sweet Bete like crazy too!!  have you been talking with her on fb?...  I will send her a message :)   we kinda resolved the money stuff  but I will make sure we are on the same page :) we eat really good :)   ____________  I love you so much mom and read Moroni 8:3 ;)  it's for the family and everybody :)  I'm glad you had the chance to talk the twice on Sunday :)  you have a great testimony and knowledge of things  and you should share them more often :)   I love you mom and I hope you know that :)   love your son  elder weaver     _____________

"Moroni 8:3 I am mindful of you always in my prayers, continually praying unto God the Father in the name of his Holy Child, Jesus, that he, through his infinite goodness and grace, will keep you through the endurance of faith in his name to the end."

Monday, August 5, 2013

Lot's of :)!

Hey there elder! How is your week going?
I had a ton of fun in Flaming Gorge. Went up Thursday night and set up my sent, got up at six and had breakfast with everyone else and this one sisters chocolate lab puppy named Coco. She was a cutie, then we went river rafting for three hours and I got burnt on my upper legs and shoulders, and also where my life jacket wasn't covering, so I have three squares going up my side. Lol and we also roasted a whole pig. When we got up in the morning, we placed a bunch of big logs in the fire put and then piled a bunch of river stones on top of the wood. Lit that up and had o fan the flames for two hours until the stones became white hot. Then we took the wood out that wasn't burnt, and placed some wet cabbages and corn husks over the stone. Then the pig, some time foil, burlap sacked, and carpet of the pig to keep in the moisture, then we buried the pig with dirt to stop the steam from escaping.
And I came home yesterday. But while we were river rafting we saw a bunch if rainbow trout which made me mad because I didn't have my fishing pole with me.
Well that covers my week my friend I hope you are having fun and still enjoying being a missionary.
 Love you buddy.
dang sounds like you had a great time my man! :) you roasted a whole pig?!?!  lucky!!!!  dang that's quit the adventure!!  meet any new friends?  girls?;) ha-ha   I hope your coming week is as good as your last week! :) ha-ha  you need a little fishing pole to put your pocket to have at all times!  ha-ha :)   I love you Jordan and I hope you  have a safe a fun week  love elder weaver

This week was good!! It seemed really long! Tried any new foods?? Do you have any new dress codes??this week for football we start doing helmets and shoulder pads so that we can get acclimated to the heat and what not.. Saturday night I went to the Roy days fireworks and they were so amazing!! The whole Roy days week kicked terrace days and south Ogden days butt!! It was so awesome! I'm doing good and our first game is in 19days! I can't wait! Hope you're having a good time! Love ya Jace
new foods yes  but I don't know what they are called  they're Jamaican foods and Africans foods  so I can't pronounce them or say them  :)  but they are good eatin!! :)  ha-ha  as far as new dress codes  we haven't had any new instructions on what to wear and what not to wear...  but we have a meeting this Saturday after the temple :)  where we should get instruction about new stuff and also maybe learn about the face book stuff we can do   but not too sure yet  ill keep you updated tho :)I miss the first few days in pads  :):)  aahh  I feel like uncle reco right now  cause I'm reminiscing about the good ole days :):)   well my man good luck and be safe and keep working hard!! :)   I love you bud and I'm excited for you too about football :)   I love you  love elder weaver

Hey how are you? I'm good! I'm loving sand ridge so much! This week was Roy days and we had a booth to raise money to get new helmets and Saturday I was away from home for about 14 hours :) registration Is this week school starts soon :/ already buying school clothes how often do you write in your journal? Jerico is still a live!!!!!!!!! :) the fireworks at Roy days are the best !! Love Jax

I'm good how are you? :)  I write in my journal every night!  I've been praying and expecting miracles in my days and I've been seeing them!  :)  so I write them down and make sure I remember them so I can talk about them at a later date ;)  how often do you write in your journal? :)  I'm glad and excited your liking sand ridge so much and having a good time there :)  how is football going? :)   you making some good friends? :)   what classes do you wanna take?  :)  been on any dates?;)  ha-ha jk  that's not you! :P  not yet anyways ha-ha   I love you Jax and thanks for letting me know the dog is still alive :)    love elder weaver

Dad-ok so first off  there is a guy who lives above us named Lawrence Jackson  he plays football for Georgia tech!!!:):):):):):):)    he's an awesome man!!   anyways he came to church yesterday and said he really liked it and it's the first time he hadn't felt the need to nod off or fall asleep :)  he said he likes how everything is explained until everyone understands and no one is left behind in the conversations we have :):):)  he said that if everyone would just live their lives according to the Book of Mormon everyone would be so much happier and life would be easier :):):):)   I'm so excited to keep teaching him and talking with him about football  he says  if my size can move as fast as I do,  I can bring a little hurtin on the people I come in contact with :)  made me smile and my chest puffed up a little :)    before church started  he said  guys  I don't have a tie...  we were like no problem we have tons  so we got one liked  and he says  guys...  I don't know how to tie a tie...  my comp didn't know how to explain it to him  so I did   and I almost cried because I still remember when you taught me how to tie my ties...  and that's how I showed him...  :')  don't cry dad ;)
dang your tire blew out on the ride home?!?!  that's weird!!  I'm glad y'all are safe and everything is going good for ya! :)  what kind of jobs are coming up? :)can't cant believe how far things have com since this time last year!!  I feel like it's all been a dream!...  kinds sad too...    I hope cooper the best  I hope he can get into a good group of kids and turn his life around  that would be good for him and his family...   dad I love you very much and hope you have a great week riding and working and playing around :)   tell rob I say hi :)   I love you  dad  have a good week   love me your son   elder weaver

Mom-comp is good :)  I'm gonna talk to him about the money stuff ;)  the work is going great!!  I told dad an awesome story you should read and maybe put on fb :) I don't think I need anything as of right now....  did you ever send a package?...   if not don't :)  if so ok :)  but I was just wondering  and I keep my package at home to send  so I haven't sent it yet tell the boys I'm sorry...   I will looking for the new card  and I can't remember the pin...  sorry :/   I'm glad your preparing for a ride and your enjoying the preparation :)  I hope your safe tho!1  be careful and fun ridding!  are you doing it by yourself or with a friend? :)     yes still in car :)  I'm going to the temple Saturday :)  if I do anything for y'all while I am there let me know real quick...  please.   I love you so much mom  :)   could you send me a pic my baby picture of me in the tub with my hair up and no teeth smile :):)  please ?  thanks   I love you mom and I hope you have a good week :)   love your son  elder Jace weaver

Mckayla and Kelli  the girls who were baptized  that I helped teach  they were being awkward  so I did a  funny/  serious smile  ha-ha  


we caught some fish last week and put in the tub for a few hours before we gutted them  :)  but we had to throw them away  we had nothing to cook em with... hopefully we get more today :)
 Elder Williams  :)  still super tall! (Elder Williams is a friend of Jacer's from our stake, they affectionately called him "Tree" because so tall, had fun playing lots of basketball with boys... He came home this past July....

 we found a giant pine cone one day while we were tracting :)  so I took a pic with it :)

Comp took camera and kept taking pictures....shout out to coach Womack.....Junior High football coach, loved him!
Hair cut looks good, comp did a good job!
look up a talk by Elder Corbridge  called  the fourth missionary   its a great talk!!!