Monday, September 29, 2014

     We had a real wet weekend crazy rain flooding in southern Utah  just wet up here. I'm sure it will be muddy today you know how much we love that.
     How are things in your world? Do you like training? Are you molding him into the perfect missionary:) are you still enjoying the work? And are you still growing or are you all grown up? I'm funny ha ha any great. Stories this week? I love your stories.
     I hope your great  and happy love you and pray for you all day every day :) keep working hard  smile !!!
       Love you jacer finish strong DAD WEAVER

oh wow...  well glad y'all just got mud and no flood. ;)  I'm funny too. I like training, I like have experiences in the day that can be used as teaching opportunities.  I'm trying to do my best with him.  I do still enjoy the work!!  very much so.  I'm still growing! I'm not sure I'll ever be done growing.  I love you too dad and I need to see a pic with you and your glasses. I haven't seen yet.  love you dad weaver  love elder weaver

it has been crazy over here as well. haha  glad Jax is having a good experience!  I was happy to go to Roy, I feel like that's where I needed to be.  thanks for putting the names in the temple. we are going to the temple on Friday so what do I do with the card after I'm done with it?  should I get it back?...   I saw the pics of Jax he looks like quit the athlete!!  :)  excited to watch him when I get home. who did jordana marry?  is Jordan dating anyone right now? the U lost huh?... dang that's a bummer  sounds like a good game though!!  wow!!  that's the new bishopric?!?!?!!!  that's pretty sweet!!!!  Bishop Womack, can we still call him coach?....  no more hood rat basketball games this week :)  so elder Danklef is a senior missionary.  that's all I pretty know about him.  I have nightly reports I have send to the zone leaders and keep track of myself and I report on the district 2 time a week Monday mornings and Thursday mornings as well.  no pics of me today sorry.  ya we are out till 9ish and its pretty scary at times... haha I like2nephi right now the last 6 chapters1  they were really good and I feel I got a lot out of them!.  I love you too mom take care talk to you soon love elder weaver

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I sent him 5 ties for his birthday, one for each in his apartment, looks like they all wore them to zone conference :)  Love it!!!

Love it when I find pictures of Jacer...
these are from Atlanta Georgia mission face book...

Monday, September 22, 2014

doing good....

Dad-things are going good,  glad you're getting work and enjoying it. :)     ATL is good can't complain, it's been fun and I enjoy every morning I have to wake up here and talk to as many people that are put in my path.  we are all elder quorum..   I'll keep praying for work..,. so Sunday we talked to this guy who said his friend used to be in the ward and when we asked him his name we noticed we knew the name when he said it we also got a text from the member who we talked to earlier about him and he said oh by the way he's coming to church today so look for him.  it was so cool!! he had to leave early but he said he is coming back and he's bringing some friends with him.   I love you too dad and I hope and pray the best for you love elder weaver

Mom-I love rainy nights, except the next day is really humid and that's not too much fun...   that's cool y'all  got to see that and that's Jax was in it!  is Pres Monson getting pretty old?... dang...  conference is coming up!!!!  s o happy and excited for that!!  so Paul didn't get baptized he fell off the map.  and Leighton hasn't been baptized yet either, he's having some trouble giving up past habits,  the thing is we've had the ward announce his baptism 2 times over the pulpit and he hasn't done it, the third time we kinds keep it hush hush until Friday before to make sure he was still good.  he said he was good but morning of sat with him and bishop and he's not ready  still hasn't given up past things, we had the font filled up and everything with members there and talks ready,  but the best part about it was Leighton got up himself and told the people there why he wasn't ready and the things he's working on.  he said he needs and wants to be ready.  so I'm very proud of him for doing that, I don't know many 20 year olds who would that... 
so scary story, last Monday we played basketball with some guys in the hood and things were getting intense and physical and one elder was feeding it, so one guy gets mad and plays dirty on the elder and the elder gets in his face and pushes him and the guy comes back and  they are yelling and swearing at each other while the rest of us are trying to break it up and spread em a part, after that the guys left and so did the missionaries, but my comp and I travel through the park often because its a short cut to investigators houses.  so we pray often when we walk through it...  training is going good , he's 18 and has that attitude, so that's fun dealing with.  dl is going good so far, made some funny oops moments but nothing too bad yet... haha   yes I love my shoes,  I'll send pics today but I'm not in any of them...  sorry..   I don't know how to best get in contact with sis Harding  probably just send message on fb... or call mission office?   love you too mom  love elder weaver

Monday was good played some basketball and almost got in a fight with some local hood rats, kind of intense... I'm glad school is going well and your liking it. I might be able to see you if the CES thing is broad casting, I'll be looking for you, how's Justin's spanish coming?  he catching on ok?  well glad things are working out for work, how big is the parking lot for troy?  that would be so cool if Justin met the guy down there!!  can you say free meals???  ahaha  love you Jordan have a good week love elder weaver

 Justin did you get my letter?   my week was good can't complain. :):)  Roy coming to the top that's awesome!!  box elder will be a good game let's hope they keep winning and ;) how do you like the temple?   how's your spanish? :)   tell Marcus congrats for me!!   you'll do fine Justin, let the spirit lead you in preparation and be true.  I love and miss you too bro,  love elder weaver

good work Jax man in football this week!  keep up the good work :)   go hard this week too kiddo ;)   most importantly play with sportsmanship.  what was the performance you did?  that's cool you've been in his presence!!  love you too Jax  love elder weaver

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Happy Birthday!! DL and trainer, baptism by fire!

well hello Jordan :)   last Monday we napped and got haircuts and also went to FHE so nothing too much goes on on pday :):)   well thank you for the birthday wishes :) well I would be excited too to get started in school and also your choir stuff sounds like a blast!  I might see you in that devotional :):)  we went to one lst night with D Todd Christoferson and it was really good :) ill see what I can do about Alex ;)  I don't remember who she is but cool!  glad y'all had a fun time. we will have keep up the double dating thing when I get home too.  I love you too Jordan take care of yourself and have a good week  love elder weaver
hi Justin:)   have fun going to the temple :):)   I got your letter too thanks for sending that, that was nice :) well buddy if there's anything I can do for you please let me know :)  love you kiddo love elder weaver  sending you a letter in the mail J

  hello Jax :)  good positive attitude!!! :):)  keep that up!   good luck this week I hope all goes well for you.   so this week was a good one we had a lot come to us and ask about the church and wondering if and when they can learn more and how the church works so that's exciting :):)  thanks Jax :0  have a god week my man  talk to you next week love you  love elder weaver

 Dear Jace,  How is life? Thing here are good still places to go each day for work, a couple of big jobs I would like to tie down before snow flies but work doesn't always work out the way I want, so we just keep plugging along. You know how that go's. I really loved your story about the homeless man, I love all your stories. Do you have any new ones for this week, you still look great in your pics keep up the great work,
Both Weber and SUU have had a hard start to their sessions 0 and 3 SVU has lost their first game. But coach Fitz at his new school has won his first two games. So that a little bit in the football world. Sorry don't loss focus :) just kidding  well things here are good I know your working hard keep it up. I hope your writing in a journal so you can look back  and remember all of your mission. Love you keep being awesome enjoy be happy see you soon
Let your awesomeness out share it with others:)    #1 FAN ROSS WEAVER (dad)

Dad-life is good dad :)  thanks :) I'm praying that work things play out for y'all and everything is ok. if it comes out that y'all aren't able to come get me that's fine, we can come back to visit another time later in the year or something. we were walking to our apartment to get something and guy stops us and says hey I wanna more about your church, i need to get in church and get closer to God. so we talked to him and taught him the restoration and he liked it he knew a little bit about Joseph smith and after we taught him he said he would be baptized, so we are trying to keep up with him and get him dunked soon,.   dang sounds like those teams might have it rough this season or just having a late start to awesomeness ;)  ill start doing better at keeping a journal... I love you dad and thank you for everything, love your son elder Jace Weaver

So Happy happy birthday Jace! Can't believe big 21!  What did you do to celebrate?  Did you get our postcards and did you get your package yet?  Grandma Sheri put $50.00 into your account so it's there, buy yourself something fun :)  Thought about you all day yesterday and hope that you were having a great day!
So speaking of mail, you received a letter say you had jury duty last week :) I filled out and said you have a good excuse not to be able to make it- haha!
Little updates here, Ben Longman is home, JT Ewing has put his papers in, Elder Hales asked for your email, lots of birthday wishes on your FB page, Dad and I are probably the ones that will come get you :) Kristas engaged, and so life goes on.....
I got the following email forwarded to me last week from Grandma Linda..
Dear Linda,
Wednesday was transfer day for some of the Elders and Sister in our mission, as well as for the 21 new missionaries that arrive on Tuesday.  As I entered the chapel, I happened upon a name tag: Elder Weaver.  I was so excited to meet him and express your love for him and a big hug!  What a fine young man he is.  You can be proud of him!  I hope you have his address to write him, because all missionaries love to get mail.  Even a goodie box is appreciated.
Elder Parker and I are loving our mission and the opportunity to serve with these great missionaries.  When you feel of the spirit, you know the message they carry is true.  I'm unaware of your situation, but may I encourage you continue to go to church and read the Book of Mormon.  I would encourage you to ask your grandson to write you and share his testimony with you and why he wanted to serve a mission.  The plan of happiness is for all of our Heavenly Father's children.  The blessing are beyond what we can imagine!  I've never worked so hard, but had such happiness in doing do!
Sincerely your friend,
Sister Parker
Love the letter…..
So I also saw a picture of you and your new comp-so who is he, where is he from and how do you like him? You look great, looks like you are still losing weight...wish I could be more disciplined :)
Loved your experience with the homeless man, makes me nervous that you are so involved with people with guns and I know that is the real world now, just so grateful for family prayer and your safety and protection. Do you still like this area? How is Paul coming along, will this be his weekend to take the plunge? Anyone else investigating?  Seen any football yet?
Things here are good, I think it may be a slow work week so we are trying to attend the temple tomorrow morning.  I've done some cub scout training this last weekend and the scouts are changing a lot of things for the cubs, pretty exciting tho :) So how was your week?  your birthday and every day?
I love you Jace, miss you like crazy, seems so long because you were at school for 5 months before mission, but I am so proud of you and the work you are safe and happy-Love you today and every day, love mom xoxos

so for my birthday we didn't do anything exciting. we made the cake and that's it :)  it was yummy! I did get y'alls package and I've gotten 2 post cards Jordan's and Justin's if that's all that was being sent then yes I got them :) oh ok ill thank them today for the money. oh ok well see you soon ;)  haha  whose Krista engaged too?  I talked to sister parker and said Linda has been going to church and also how she felt a special closeness to her. :)  I almost cried talking to her.  I will try to write them this week too and hopefully get a letter to them :):) I am losing some more weight I got new pants from another elder I'll have to take pic in and show you how they look ;)  my new comp is from east Texas  I'm training him.. he's fresh off the plain and I'm also the district leader, talk about stressful baptism by fire..   haha   its crazy how we as missionaries see prayers answered daily I can't tell you enough stories about prayers :)  haven't seen any football YET!  :)   ill keep praying for work and like I told dad if it doesn't work don't worry about it :):)  anything else excited going on in scouting? that sounds like fun stuff!!  how have you been liking it :):) I love you mom and hope y'all have a good week love elder weaver 

you should get more postcards :) I think Krista is engaged to Jared Holbrook, a year older than you guys?  I did not know that about Linda going to church-yea! I'll have to get you a new address for them, they bought a new house down the block from them in Sun River.  CONGRATs on being district leader!!! you can do a great job!! What's comps name so I can look him up?  for cub scouts they are going to have them start learning the scout oath and law since they need it for scouts and do away with the law of the pack :)  I love you too!! have a super day, what's plans?
his name is elder Lindsey  well that sounds fun :):)   so today I'll write Justin and I have another I need to write and I need to get myself together with all the district leader stuff..   my mind has been everywhere since Wednesday... haha   how are y'all feeling?

I feel better, still lingering head stuffiness, just blah!! so how many elders are you over? still 5 in apt?  did you like the ties for your bday?  if there is an extra you can give it to whoever?  what's comps first name so I can find him easier?  who else are you writing too besides Justin? yes I'm nosey:)  you'll be super at DL, so excited for ya'll

so I have 3 companionships I'm over and yes we I've a 5 man still,  we all wore the ties yesterday at church :):)  his full name is Erin Jacob Lindsey  he would go by Jacob though..  so elder Glasgow wants me to write his friend and he's told her about me and she wants to hear from me as well so it's just a friend letter, no need to panic.

not panicking :P just curious, sorry I didn't send otter pops, can't find them here right now because the weather has cooled off a little, still crazy hot there?  are they good, hard working companionships?  We are attending the Ogden temple dedication this Sunday, not in person, but it opens next week so exciting!!! they are changing our bishopric in two weeks, it will be interesting to see who is in the new group... how is your ward?  doing FHE tonight?

yes FHE tonight.  why are they changing it??  how long has it been??   no worries about otter pops its cooling down a little bit.  we met a guy who plays fro the Hawks  his last name is Fortune :)  super cool guy pro basketball team ;)  I don't him...  yes they are all hard working companionships! I like it :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

serving as Christ would have...

Mom-so have y'all heard about work or if you can come get me or anything like that?   ya it was short week :):)  how'd the Roy game go?  they win or lose?  I'm glad it's a good place to be, are all the coaches still there? I hope so. tell them I said hi back :)  dang Jax is getting a lot of playing time. good for him. glad he's going to have a good season :) did they win??  oh wow... 8 years?.... I feel empty right now,,, that's weird to think about...  good for Justin!!!!!  I'm excited for all of us to be there for Jax when he goes through :) I have a queen mattress huh?? :):)  good ;)  hehehe I will be praying for your health mom and for all the family as well.  labor day was good working, we talked to drunk people and had conversations that didn't really go anywhere with some people...  yesterday though we went walking in ATL and a homeless man stopped us and talked to us about how he is a convict and wants to shoot a lot of people around him and then shoot himself because he's not happy with life and he wants to die peacefully as he was reaching back to grab a gun we quickly told him no we loved him and that God loved him too. and he started to cry and asked for us to forgive him as he was saying sorry over and over again so we prayed with him and started to leave but he called to us again needing help putting on his shoes and we went over and I untied his shoes and put his foot in it while my comp had the umbrella over him and as we left him he stopped us again and gave us a hat for helping for him and said thank you. he wasn't the most mentally stable person and like I said he was homeless, but as we were walking away my comp said....  you know, I bet if Christ was here he would've helped him put on his shoes...  I couldn't stop thinking about all night.  while all this was happening there were a lot people walking and driving by and this man was talking pretty loud and was drawing attention to us, but we didn't think about the other people until after we left, we felt peace and comfort as we were talking to him that we needed to not focus on the other people..  that's kinda the highlight for the week.
 nothing big coming up  but transfers are this week and we haven't gotten a call yet but we know that one of us is leaving just not sure who. president hasn't called us yet.. I'll let you asap though. I love you mom take care love elder weaver

Yes Roy did win, so did Jax 22-0, all coaches there except one of the Larsen's, he got caught being lewd, showing himself to little kids :/ and there is a new receiver coach Daniel Coates, pro ball player, and fine still helps :) we are hoping that Brian's big job get ok this week and we can make a decision about getting you :) so should I hold off on sending a package till you hear if you get transferred? Grandpa Steve wants to send card too? What a great experience you had with homeless guy, you are truly a disciple of Christ :) proud of you, brings tears to my eyes love you!!!

I'll have carol get to you about what we hear about transfers.  dang Coach Coates?!?!?!!!!!!  so sick who did he play for and what position? 

Ok, I'll wait till I hear from carol, Coates came from the Bengals, he was a former player for Freddy
Dad says hello and sends his love, he is not feeling well either, bad cold, and had to go three different places before 8 this morning, but says he loves you and so proud of you!! Did boys write you?

yes I have letter from everyone :):)   will be praying for the family :)  I hope y'all get better :):)
Thanks we love you too! Always in our prayers!!! Be safe! Any pic this week
not this week... I forgot camera and cord... sorry...   but I have lots to send home!  :):)

Ran into Bro Kiser on Georgia Tech campus-great to see a familiar face!

Jax- the big 15 very nice my friend and the driving test?   very scary...  haha just kidding ;)  did you win your game??  ouch.. I'm glad your back is doing better!!   haha I remember dong that in jr high too :) but we didn't get trouble we just kicked butt!!!  haha :P   9th grade does count it starts when coaches look at you to play college ball so you better do your best, I'm telling you that because I love you and because I've been there, so just do good and you'll have a good experience all the way through. :)  I did not pull any muscles haha thanks for asking though :)  I love you kid love elder weaver

Hey there elder weaver :) my week went by really well, how was your Monday? I haven't seen or heard from Alex Weaver fir a few months, just whatever she posts on Face book. I've checked the ward records and she's no longer in my singles ward. I got a new bed set from grandma and grandpa Beardall. It was one of their old ones, so now my room has to be completely reorganized lol.
Love you bud, keep working hard.
Love Jordan

well good I'm glad :):)  hmmm ill see if I can email her.  any idea how she isn't in your ward anymore? they get moved somewhere else?.. weird... how do you like the new bed??  :) haha you'll be ok rearranging your room ;)   I love you Jordan take care love elder weaver

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

too fast!

Dad-I can't believe how fast its going by, it's crazy.  well that does sound like fun  making camping spots and fire pits along the way.  I'll keep praying for work to work out ;)   I don't have the 6pack back yet.  get this though, I spoke in sacrament meeting 2 weeks ago and talked about my fasting and prayer experience to decide what school to go to. ad talked a little bit about football. and some lady in the ward last Sunday asks me where I'm from and what I play in football, I tell her and she asks me if I'm going back to SVU to play I said maybe not  probably Weber state or SUU and she said I know the running back coach at Weber...  I was pretty excited about that. she said she'll tell him to look me up on YouTube ad to watch my films.  so that was awesome :) we might start teaching some tech players  while were tabling Thursday one walked by I can't remember his name.  his number is 92  he plays d tackle.  but I told what we do and that I played and also to come talk to me whenever he sees us so we can talk about his games :)  he said he would :)  so that's pretty cool :)   it's the story you told me of when you offered your mom a blessing to release her spirit and she no.. she hadn't suffered enough... that story...  I can't wait for that hug either ;)  I love you dad love elder weaver
howdy howdy howdy :) ya he goes to school at GSU and we are going to try to work out a day we can do lunch  and he can help us teach :)  no other familiar faces...  ya so I told dad an experience from tabling and other than that one no one would talk to us, funny thing though when we set up our board we cleared the hall way,,,  when they saw who we were and what we were talking about everybody left.  pretty funny :) ill keep praying about work too,  dang y'all stayed busy at the temple open house. sounds like fun :)  glad y'all had a good experience :)miss those little family party get together... the apartment is the same. still 5 of us..   there was a baptism from the other missionaries in the ward at the same time of the football game...  but we heard a lot about it :)   gonna try to talk to pres to see we can hit up a game ;)  I've been hearing things about ALS stuff but not exactly sure on what it is...  our wars was chastised on Sunday for not paying fast offerings... that was awkward...  hahaha  I like that quote.. I'll try to write some stuff down.. haha I bet the book looks great mom :)  thank you  I love you mom take care love elder weaver  

the als challenge is to have someone dump a bucket of ice water on you or to donate to find a cure for ALS, then you challenge someonelse.  We have seen some elders post video of them doing it, but it is probably something you should get permission to do from pres. I think that there has been 3 million raised for research, Coach Fitz was the first one that we saw do it and dad said just makes me like him more :) so what's plans today?  how are you surviving the heat? need more otter pops?

yes more otter pops please we are dying,,,   love you mommy

Jordan-well hello there :):)  good to hear from you.  our week was good  I'm glad you like singing I get teased for my singing...  ice so what else are learning knew about the book of Mormon?  any other good work coming up for you?  I love you too Jordan I hope you have a good week and good luck with your jobs.  hey have you heard from or seen Alex weaver lately?...  check on her please?   love elder weaver

Jax- hey Jax :) wow it seems like your excited for ball :):)   how's the team looking in pads?   is Orion supposed to be good?   love you Jax keep up the hard work love elder weaver