Monday, April 29, 2013

Live your life!

So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart.
Trouble no one about their religion; respect others in their view, and
Demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life,
Beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and
Its purpose in the service of your people.

Prepare a noble death song for the day when you go over the great divide.
Always give a word or a sign of salute when meeting or passing a friend,
Even a stranger, when in a lonely place. Show respect to all people and
Bow to none. When you arise in the morning, give thanks for the food and
For the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks,
The fault lies only in yourself. Abuse no one and nothing,
For abuse turns the wise ones to fools and robs the spirit of its vision.
When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts
Are filled with fear of death, so that when their time comes
They weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again
In a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home."
Ross liked this quote written by chief Tecumseh, that a soldier left in a letter to his son in Act of Valor, the movie, the father did not is something Jace took with him to school, and means a great deal to both Jace and his Dad...

day #98, but who's counting-MOM!

Jax-I'm doing good how are you buddy? he is doin' good :), hey are you having fun in track? that's all that matters! :) your doing something I didn't do when I was 7th grader! :) I love you bud I hope you have a good day and keep working hard in school!! ;) I love you bud love Elder Weaver

Justin-you know you'll miss 6 am's ;) I went to only a handful and I didn't even have to but I miss em :P haha good job in track my man!! keep up the hard work and keep improving and no matter what stay positive! when you get negative that's when things go bad.. so stay happy with your efforts always! maybe help jax out a lil bit? with his starts or finishes or maybe both? but stay close to him and help him and when he switches schools you need to protect him and be his friend more than ever! alrighty?;) I love you my friend and hope you have a great week of school and track and football!!!!!! hahaha :) love you brotha and with trek coming up, you've already been on one and know how it feels and how things go, so try and help those around you feel the same thing you felt on your first one :) sot with your family and help as much as you can and be an example of reverence and happiness,, help other remember those who walked to path y'all will be walking and the price they had to pay for this beautiful gospel.. ;) love you big guy! :) Love Elder Weaver

Dad-I'm glad to hear y'all had a good week!! :) I will get back on my bike no worries ;) my new comp who I will get on wed. is from Salina Utah and he played football in school :) he's a cool guy we have played ball a couple of times on p-days :) we will be biking a lot and I'm staying in the same area here in Athens :) excited~!!!!! I'm glad y'all had the chance to meet the guy from 17 miracles :) that's awesome :) I hope y'all prepare for the boys to go on trek that y'all come a little closer as a family unit :)
things are going good :) my comp is good :) we are getting a long good and things are going very well :) I am loving it very much! I thank y'all so much for everything y'all do for me as a family :) don't tell anyone but for some reason I cry when I read y'alls letters ;') haha
 I miss this time of year very much... I've felt like being a coach is going to be very good for me! I really wanna help little kids and other teens get better at what they love doing in sports ( football) maybe all of us could start a little team or something and all of us coach?;) I'm glad I could help out with moms talk I didn't really give her anything good to use tho... but I'm glad it went good!! :) dad I hope you have a great day and a week coming up :) I love you dad your awesome :) love your son Elder Weaver

Mom-my toe is alright it's getting better :) no worries ;) I am staying here in Athens for this next transfer my new comp is elder hales he is from Salina Utah and is a really cool guy played football and wrestled so I'm excited will be able to lose some weight with him I am weighing around 240 right now just waiting to lose some muscle mass and work off the fat ;) hopefully I'll come back home looking how I was mid season of football ;) haha the lady from Kenya dropped us her sister said to stop coming she doesn't like the church anymore and wants nothing to do with it...:/ dang oh well the work must go on! :) can you send me a copy of your talk? I would like to read it :) I didn't make people cry you did mom! :) good job on your bike race!1 that's awesome!! I'm glad hear the dog is doing good as well and is still alive! when I got the pic of him the thought crossed my mind... he's dead... but he's not :) so good :) haha I did get your package thank you so much!! and yes sister Rodriguez loved the necklaces!!! :) she wanted to call you and talk to you and see how you made them so show might send you a message on fb sometime? I'm not sure.. :) mother's day we will know about when it gets closer pretty sure we will Skype from our complex and have time :) your sister has emailed me :) that's really the only other person who has emailed me can y'all give frank jugler my address I feel I need to see how he is doing and if I can help in anyway.. thank you :) my comp is going good he is dealing with his mom very well and we can talk about it now and he is ok with things :) he is almost at his year mark sometime next month I think :) no new investigators this past week.. no tour of the football stadium yet we need to find the guy and talk with him! :) hahahahahahaha I'm glad you think about me with the allergy commercials! hahaha made me laugh pretty good!! :):) I'm doing good on contacts don't need new yet but might in a couple weeks but will let you know :) I love you mom and I'm glad you are doing good how has your eye turned out? :) I hope you have a good week and have fun :) I love you mom so much :) love Elder Weaver

just got done reading talk!! holy cow that was good! i love you mom hey can y'all send me maybe a copy of the quote at the end of act of valor to post on my wall above my desk? please and thank you :) i love y'all so much :) in alma 49 it talks about how alma was preparing for war and how every time they went to war they astonished the enemy with how prepared they were id encourage y'all to read it :) find out what the enemy was astonished about and why. and apply to yourself personally as you are preparing against the enemy Satan.. I love y'all and wish you all the best this up coming week love your man Elder Jace Weaver :)

p.s. dang dad looking good cutting that there pipe ;) haha be safe y'all!

Jordan I didn't hear from you... hope you're doing good and living ;) haha I love you bro :) love Elder Weaver
Love all of the smiley faces, hopefully a sign of him being happy!  I got to speak in sacrament meeting with three other missionary moms in our ward, I read snippets from his letters and I am so grateful to be his mom!  I am so proud of him and his attitude! I am overwhelmed by his growth and the blessing that is ours to be his parents! Truly inspired with words for his brothers this week.....
Thanks again for all love and support!  Keep those letters comin!

Monday, April 22, 2013

work hard, finish strong!

Dad, Goooooood Afternoon for me to you ;) ha-ha that's awesome y'all are doing so good! I'm glad work is going great and your staying busy! and that you staying safe on your bike! :) we haven't been on our bikes in a few weeks cause we have a car now... kinda stinks... oh well and I don't ever think my calves will anywhere close to yours ;) maybe if I got implants... please share with the ward how I love them and appreciate them and all that do for me and our family... I'm about to cry now reading about the family in ward paying that much money me.... I feel so much love for everyone in the ward right now and I miss them all so much! please tell them thank you,,, dad I love you very much and I miss you too in a good way as well :) I hope you have a great week and stay safe and happy :) love your son Elder Jace Weaver

Mom, I loved chatting with you online too!! maybe send them a message on fb ;) they would love to talk you! I'm so glad sister Peterson is going good!! I miss seeing her and helping her around the house... dang that's crazy about y'alls bike race I'm so glad everyone was safe! dad you are becoming the next lance Armstrong!!! minus the dope ;) ha-ha that's awesome dad way to go!! :) the Boston bombing was very sad... we heard about it from some members and saw some news on a TV the other day... super sad... I have a scripture for y'all too! psalms 35 the whole chapter it's like 25 verses but read it and stop and ponder about it then apply to you because how can we really understand scriptures if we can't find personal meaning for ourselves ;) I'm sorry about grandpas Steve's brother... isn't he the one with the towing company? i hope all goes well, and don't forget about the plan of salvation :) all will well in the end :) good luck everyone in your track meets this week!! work hard and finish strong!

the work is going great! met a lady from Kenya Africa wed. and she was amazing!! such a great spirit and a willingness to come closer to her father in heaven we are going back tomorrow or wed. again to visit and teach her :) words of inspiration for our talk... live a life worth reliving... ;) don't wait for things to happen MAKE them happen, god will help and is willing to us all we need but only if we ask first and sincerely and worthy... l I hope that helps some.... thank you for sending the cd! and didn't you say something about sending something for the Rodriguez?... found out transfers are next week on the 1st :)

well that's all I have to say need anything else I will be happy to help with anything and everything that I can! :) stay safe and remember when life gets too hard to stand, kneel ;) love you mom love your son Elder Weaver

well.... I get all excited hoping to see this HUGE letter from Justin... ;) just kidding bud I love you and I'm sorry you've been sick,, I hope you get better... :):) how's football going and how's track?? how's the dating life too? ha-ha I love you Justin weaver :) love your bro Elder Jace Weaver
Jax, YOU LUCKY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WISH I COULD MEET ERIC WEDLE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMYBE SEND HIM MY WAY WHEN YALL ARE DONE WITH IIM ?!?!?!?!?!!? ;) hey just have fun in track it's ok to come in last I would come in last in the 200 as well,,, maybe ask Fine Unga if you can start running with him? :) its fun cause you get to cross the finish line and say I almost won ;):) at least that's what I do :):)):) ha-ha I'm glad your reading again :P ha-ha keep preparing for trek read the Book of Mormon and think of the things the early saints went through as they were coming to Utah :) it'll make your experience that much better! and when you get the opportunity to bear your testimony do it and go up there and speak from your heart just stay calm and don't rush ,, take your time and enjoy it! :) I love you bud and hope you like the car I'm gonna send you today :) it's a good one! I love you buddy hope all is well and have a good week!! love elder weaver

this is the car we saw as we were leaving the library last week :) i could probably pick it up ;) h-aha

this is the construction going on behind the fire station by our place. :)
this is me gardening for service :)

some before and pictures of what we did that day :) well what i did,, my comp was working on his project :) my back was pretty tight after ;)

this is a pic of our walk way to our apartment... that lighter stuff by the wall is all pollen!! there's so much pollen here that you can see it on cars and when you look down the road you see yellow!!!! so crazy!!!

 this is a field of yellow flowers that we passed by on our way to service,,, crazy stuff made me think of Horton hears a who and the fields of pink flowers ;)

i have an ingrown toe nail..... ouch...

 this is a hat i got the other day at the mall $7 :)
it says ganm on the back! Georgia Atlanta North Mission;)


this is a statue by the football field that we saw the other day and had to stop for a pic :) makes me the old days of being a royal
BBQ Chicken and Rice-Yum!

No wonder he looks so healthy :)!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Doin good.....

Jordan- things are going great!!! I'm glad you had a great time with Jordana and your graduation partying!!!;) ha-ha that's awesome well I have some stories :) a member in our ward brother Ingerson and his wife had a baby boy about three weeks ago and we went over to see how everything was going and asked what his name was and he told us and then he said they were seriously thinking about naming Fetuli Weaver :):) I almost had a baby named after me!!!!! :D ha-ha keep up all the fun and love and your grad pic made me laugh pretty good ;) nice work Jordan I love you bro love Elder Jace Weaver

Justin-my mobile home boy :) wazz up!! 4.75?!?!?!?!?! (Justin's time for the 40 yard dash, football training) DANG!!!!!!! that's crazy fast kid! way to go man :) I'm glad your liking football and enjoying yourself so much :) keep doing it!! never give up on yourself and remember nothing is impossible the word its self says I'm possible ;) how's dating going? how's the car ;) we probably do about 35 miles a day on our bikes on a good day ;) haven't seen anything going on with bulldog football but we might be able to get a tour of the stadium soon a guy in our ward works as a grounds keeper and said he could take us no problem :) don't eat too much of the at candy ;) ha-ha m glad I could help you with my letter and I'm glad your going good l love you buddy :) love Elder Jace Weaver

Jax-I'm goin good bud how are you doing? my comp is good. I don't know who is stronger Jax :) I am cause I can lift more ;) I wish I could watch your 7 on7 stuff I'm glad the show was so good and its now your favorite :) how many girls did you dance with at the stomp?? learning about the pioneers is very interesting and a good knowledge to have as you become a missionary :) my comp isn't an eagle scout... sorry bud... you try a blood drive putting a flagpole at another ward building... neighborhood clean up... I don't know sorry man.. ha-ha until next time :) I love you bud Love Elder Jace Weaver

hi mom :) tell everyone I say hello :) that's exciting about Austin! I'm almost there (one of the Elders from our ward will be home in July, only like 80 something days, almost the same as Jace has into his ;)) ha-ha maybe Bonneville will be able to do something with their team this year? (another coach, makes 4 in 4 years) maybe... _____ is bipolar and has dropped our appointments the past couple times.. but we still talk with him on the phone, the hospital lady _______ yes we still meet with her.. she won't stop smoking and won't come to church so our meetings with her can be frustrating sometimes... oh well were trying :) I hope I can give you something worth telling in your talk on 28th... ;) I don't have anything for you now.. sorry

I will have the Rodriguez's email y'all this week and y'all can chat :) they have one son.

by mother's day I might have a new comp transfers are may 8th... maybe.. we will see I'm glad y'all liked the pics I don't have any pics this week I forgot my cord at the apartment... sorry mom :( the weather is really weird here it'll be hot and sunny all morning and in the evening huge massive rain storm comes out of no where... crazy, ha-ha thanks for all you love and support I love you all very much and I miss y'all like crazy!! thanks for the prayers and everything you do :) love you mom love Elder Weaver

the work is goin good :) I'm glad work is going good and I wish the weather would clear up for you... I have to say though... those freezing cold wet muddy miserable days at work.. are the most memorable for me dad,, and it might be the same for your other sons.. ;) I saw Billy last Monday when we went down to mission office to pick up the car, he is doing good and is still super awesome as ever!! :) I love you dad and I hope the best for you this coming week and all the adventures you will have! love your son Elder Jace Weaver

I jumped on to send a picture…and got him, we chatted for a bit….
Love you! Snowing today so I know what you mean by crazy weather! Would you like to be transferred? No right or wrong answer....
You doin ok?

I would like to stay here for maybe one more transfer but it would fun and exciting to be somewhere new :) I'm doing pretty good how y'all doing? and Jordan out looking at jobs, dad needs to get DOT physical, I'm cleaning house and making banana bread...we are going to see Carolyn Peterson tonight for FHE...she called Saturday to ask about you...such a cute lady! How was church yesterday?

oh good glad y'all have things to keep busy.. I miss her so much... we have old ladies in the ward but none of 'em like the ones back home.. real quick I tried to use my debit card the other day and it said I used the wrong pin... I think I used the right one but I'm not sure now.. sorry church was good brother and sister Rodriguez spoke about the word of wisdom it was REAL GOOD :) how was for y'all?

Pin...****? Try today and if I don't see a transaction ill call the bank and see what's up....our church was ok...really liked going to legacy house with dad while I had black eye...neat spirit there!

ok ill try that I thought it was **** but I'll try **** :) I see what you saying about legacy compared our ward.. I understand too because the people in legacy are so close to being back in the presence of our father in heaven that his spirit really dwells there...
:) so what's plans for today?

play some basketball or volleyball at the church and then we don't have anything planned after that so we might do our laundry... we couldn't do it this morning we had to take the sisters shopping... what about y'all?

Prepare a lesson for tonight and post your blog :) finish house cleaning....snowing pretty good now I expect dad and Jordan home soon-

Thanks for taking the time to chat with me ;) means a lot! Love you, be safe in your adventures and I'll be looking to see if card worked ;)
Proud of you, keep chin up and love it! Have a super week!
Love mom!

oh fun! :) I kinda miss the snow... ha-ha i still have 1 hour if ya wanna keep talking? I will try card and see what happens :) tell dad and Jordan I said hello ! :)
Will you get in trouble? I don't understand missing the snow :) I'm just a baby I guess too cold for me! Who do you play ball with? How come you had to take sisters shopping?

no I won't get in trouble.. not having any snow I miss it.. ha-ha we play ball with other missionaries and sometimes ward members from the UGA branch come and play too... because we have a car and they don't... the sisters aren't too nice either, ha-ha :)

So how long will you have car?
Have you heard if the new Georgia Macon mission will affect you and your mission?
In track the other day Justin took 3rd in 200, his farthest throw for jav was 125 but he scratched....we don't know how he did on the 100, never heard results, coaches and Ryan the trainer ask about you, and Puzey, so many nice people out there...
I don't mean for this to be racist but what nationality do you see the most of? Around town and in ward?

until the next transfer. we haven't heard too much about it but we all think it will they might be pulling missionaries out of Atlanta into Macan...
wow that's awesome for him! (Justin) I love all the people out there and will you tell them hello for me :) thanks mom
around town black people, in the ward it white people but we have a few black people, :) no worries it wasn't racist :)

Guys just walked in ill let them say howdy ;) Hey there goofy boy!!!! How goes it?
it goes pretty good how are goin Jord? :)

It's going Great. I'm pretty sure you guys aren't supposed to drive with the sisters,
they got permission from the zone leaders on Saturday.. ;)

right on that's awesome!! I'm glad for you!! I can check it yes why? I just changed my back ground pic ;) wanted something with all us boys in it ;)

People ask me all the time what kind of religion you run into the most?
umm... not one specific... just Christians... they say they have been reborn.. people don't really have a specific religion they just attend the closest church... doesn't really make sense to me... oh well;)

You mentioned the idol worshipped once, :? Any bible bashing? Do you go door to door? Lots of college students? Are you in college ward?
people worship idols.. but do so just because they want to, I don't think they have any specific reason... not too much bible bashing but it happens and it kind of sucks cause I don't how to bash very well yet.. but my comp says don't worry it'll come with experience ;) ha-ha we go door to door quite a bit but no one is ever interested and sometimes people drive by and yell mean things at us.. it's funny tho :) they yell hail satan and things like that :) ha-ha there are a few college students but there are in our ward and have families of like 3 or 4 kids and a lot of em are from Utah :) so that's fun no we are not in a college ward the sisters on campus are in the the UGA branch :)

did anyone new email you?
How are you for time?

Well maybe time up ;) goes to show you how quickly things change! Never have my regrets! Love you Elder Weaver! God bless you, keep you safe and lead you to those that are searching!!!
Love you-mom and dad

Love technology, thanks to all of you that take the time to read his letters and write to him, and remember him in your prayers….We appreciate all of your love and support!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Dad-my comp is about an inch shorter than me________________
work sounds fun!! we live near a fire station and they have HUGE equipment in their back yard I will try and get a pic for you this week.. they have dump trucks like the ones they use in the copper mine... 6 of em :):) so crazy things are going better and I now understand I might need to just give him alone some time alone sometimes so he can do what he needs to do... we just got a car today... for 3 weeks until the next transfer when ever that is... but I think we are still gonna bike to our appointments that are close enough :) I love you dad and thank you for everything!! love your son Jace

Mom-hello :) things are going better! we had dinner at the stake pres house on Easter and his wife has family in Nebraska and said I know someone playing softball there and she said oh that's cool and asked who.. _______________
glad yall have work and things have been going good for yall!! tell Alex Happy Birthday for me too please... yes I am allowed to email back, just if you could give it to some family and friends... thank you
conference was so good yes we saw all 5 sessions we watched it at our ward building with other missionaries in area favorite talk was probably the one by brother Cardon.. :) elder Holland's talk was amazing!! he is always so bold and loving and gets his point across and the importance's of it very good!!! I thought we got a lot of talks on obedience...
sonny dropped us.. we had to drop Khalid... and the women is a less active but her roommate is interested in taking the lessons now and would like to know more.. no baptism this week.. we are now teaching a guy named Craig and he wants to and is trying to quit hi s bad habits :) pics are coming...
bike is doin good enjoying it feel real good no we don't wear suit coats when we ride only for church and district meetings.. our weather has been pretty nice a lot of cold days... eating good and so far only squirrel and rabbit the Rodriguez family said they will make us a stew with pig's feet in it so we can try :) pretty excited for that!! no joke
garments are doin good mesh top and drylux bottoms.. no I haven't spoken in church yet and know I haven't taught any classes yet.. glad your eye is doin good and you're doing good too :) that's good

I got a letter from Devin Cupp this past week :) made me smile :):):):):)

how is the whole family doin? any school contact Justin about playin ball for them? can yall send a cd with the song come thou fount of every blessing???.... George and Lynn also wrote a letter and sent some funny red and rover comic strips too :)

after the Saturday conference I can't remember who spoke but they said to thank your parents for the sacrifices they make while you are out on you remissions.. it was pres Monson ;) so mom, dad thank you for all the sacrifices yall are making for me to be out here in the mission field and all the sacrifices you've made for me in my life here on this earth I realize that without yalls love and support I would not be the man I am today.. thank you so much I love you all and wish yall the best of luck and happiness for the next week ;) love you love elder Jace Weaver xoxoxoxoxoxo

Justin-things are going good and I'm glad ball and track are going for you too! :) we work out every day except Sunday ;) we do it in our apt or we go the tennis courts in our complex :) breakfast is a bowl of cereal with honey drizzled over it :) its really good and a pbj with milk lunch we do whatever eat out sometimes or stay in and do something like leftovers. dinners are normally at members homes and they feed us a ton!! :) I love you bud and miss ya my mobile home boy ;) haha love you Justin love Elder Jace Weaver

Jax-I believe how tall you getting that's crazy! have fun in track :) try the 100 or 200? ;) those are fun keep up all your good work! have you still been thinking about switching schools??

there are bull dogs all over the place and the different companies that own them decorate them in different ways this is Arby's bulldog :)

here's some pics of Christ :) and the school is Beaverdam elementary made me laugh when I saw it :)

this is brother and sister Rodriguez :) they feed us every Friday night :) and have an conversion story! they are very loving and caring people and will do almost anything for anyone in the church :)

it rained for 5 min and our back yard puddled up pretty quick... and the other is a river we live by which had huge trees that had fallen over in it :) pretty cool

this book is by pres Monson I would suggest getting it for yall its got great insight in it :)

This picture was taken the day Jace got to the Mission, Pres and Sister Wolfert...

do you remember how I can change some things on my profile? I was thinking I could expound on some things... I think yall should make one and share as much as possible on it.. met someone the other day who was converted after reading a friends profile... you never know you could change someone's life ;)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Love you, love Elder Weaver

Dad-life is good comp things are difficult.. bike is good the back tire though doesn't look like it lines up strait with the whole frame I took it apart and looked at it and everything is still in contact and working just noticed it... dad you asked 3 questions don't be sorry you think you asked too many questions.. ask more!! :) I'm glad work is going good and y'all are happy :) I can't wait to come back and work!! I feel too clean... hahaha :) love you dad love your son Elder Weaver

Mom-2 Nephi 11:11 talks about Christ drinking the bitter cup and as the chapter goes on it never says that Christ turned bitter. :) that's you mom as you did not let this trial make you bitter and you had little to no pain!! awesome!! :) I'm glad y'all could go to church together and have everyone there.. almost everyone.. ;) haha Easter was amazing here! so many people asked us to go over for dinner and we went to our stake presidents house and ate with him and his family I had a crazy head ache like to the point I was getting sick I could not eat.. the stake pres said I could go lay on there guest bed and rest... I slept for 1 hour :) felt pretty good :) glad Jax has all 10 toes still!;) haha

answers to questions....we have surveys to take sometimes and they take 20 min. kinda no fun ;/ oh well Maddi is hand writing me and Nikki is too Billie hasn't for awhile and tha'ts all who hand write me..,
we have an idea about transfers every 6 weeks we don't know how long we will be in an area we pass out cards to everyone we see walking as we are riding so a lot of people.. ;)

Our P-day schedule....pray schedule
Work day-wake up, pray, pray over breakfast, pray for personal study, pray before comp study, pray before lunch, pray before we leave apt., pray before and after lessons, and or dinner :)
Sundays we wake up get ready go to church welcome people in and shake hands after church we go over to an elderly lady house and play rummikub for a bit then we share a message and after that we go tract or follow up with potential invest. :)
no we don't do fhe :(
we are only teaching two people right now the lady with the smoking addiction and sunny the guy with the baptism date.. he has dropped us the past week and didn't come to church Sunday but we are still trying to get in with him..not too much to tell sorry ;/
ward members are awesome and love to feed us, its going good without a car...
service is just cleaning stuff and moving some people in or out of the ward so it's like I'm back home moving people still ;)
love you mom!! hope y'all  keep having work and success and fun and safety!!
HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!! love you, love elder weaver

Jax-hahahahahahahahahhhahahahaha I thought you were serious about your toe! ha-ha good one I'm glad you healing good and mom could spoil you some more;) ha-ha keep up your good work and fun love you bud :) love elder weaver (Jax had ingrown toenail removed and pulled an April fools, saying they had to take the toe...)

Jordan-so you just have all the fun when I leave don't ya? all these parties and what nots... cool bro ;) haha that's  awesome you only have 2 weeks left!! keep working hard and have fun!! haha love you Jordan :) love elder weaver ( Jordan will graduate from LDS Business College, on the 12th, with Associates in Business Management)
Justin-I'm glad spring break was good for you! glad you got tan too... I have to wear a shirt all the time... :/ have fun at 6 am it's the last ones you'll ever go to! ;) I'm goin good having some success thank for my calves ;) love you Justin keep up the hard work and have fun with everything!! love elder weaver

with the rules changing we can have other people email us besides family so I don't know if you want to have other people email me or what I just thought I'd let you know :) 
I love that he writes each one of us, and the "love you"s, great man! Love you too, Elder Weaver
*note to Mom, need to go back when publishing and add rest of letter :), he sounds good, working hard, so proud of you Jacer, hang in there, keep chin up....