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ha-ha it's ok :)  you look good and sound good too it was good to see you :)   I'm glad you like the stories and I'm glad I can be an example to y'all, and to those I'm around daily.  it is going by pretty fast I can believe it...   I won't be fighting with mom you silly goose ;)  I can't wait either dad :)   I love you dad and ill do all I can with the time I have left.  take care and be safe.  love Elder Weaver

it was good to see y'all too!!  well I'm glad y'all felt me there that makes me feel glad to know you felt my presence :) I told them thank you and they said no problem :)   our dinner appointment was good it was the first time we had a chance to talk to those members so it  was a good visit and after that was over it was time for us to go home and get ready for today and stuff so out day wasn't too exciting afterwards. and I forgot to tell y'all yesterday the story of the lady speaking tongues to us and I was saving it for yesterday too but I totally forgot to tell you.  so we are out knocking doors and we see these two girls walking home from school and we start talking to them in the road ( it's not a busy street)  and get into the restoration a little bit, and out of nowhere a lady comes and starts talking about Jesus and how we don't know the true gospel and how she is starting her own church soon and how they need to meet with her, then she starts to shake a little bit and mumble random stuff and she slapped one girl the forehead and said " in the name of Jesus"  and we were kinda confused about what had just happened,  and she scared off the girls and started to bash with us so we cut it short and left.  but ya I forgot to tell that yesterday.  :) well hope the weather picks up for y'all and the sun shines  I heard about Justin's scholarship but I don't know too much about it.  that's awesome thou good for him :)  thank you so much mom I hope you have a good week and all goes well.  I love you today and everyday as well :)  love elder weaver

what's up Jax man?:)  hey it was good to see you too my friend :)  you look like your getting big!  keep it up :)   I honestly don't know what my favorite tie is...   I like a lot the ties I have  but if I had to pick a favorite I would have to say the one I wore yesterday that y'all saw :)   I don't know why I just like it  its colorful and bright and has a cool design in it :)    I love you too bud have a good week  love elder Weaver
 sup goober :P  ha-ha  I don't know if I'm old and grown ha-ha  I may be a little more mature tho.. ha-ha  we might go the zoo next month for pday :)   what was your favorite animal?  she looks tall!  looking at the pics you sent me she looks really tall!   but I'm glad you had fun and enjoyed it :)   are you and Morgan still a thing? ;)   i hope you have a good week too and you learn something new as well ;)   love you kiddo  love elder Weaver

good stuff :)   we  did have a good week  and I'm glad you had a good week as well :) how is the second hobbit movie?  as good as the first one?   and that is a good scripture :)  had to use many time already ;) what happened to the big trip you were going to go on where y'all would be fishing for a rare fish or something like that?  take care Jordan and have a good week and stay safe :)  love you  love Elder Weaver :)
hey me amigo!!!   wazz up wazzup?!?!?!  :P  yes we are having as good week :)   it is getting pretty hot down here!   we only wear our suit coats for church on Sundays and also meeting meetings throughout the week , so district meetings and zone conference when we have it :)   hey stud muffin I like your senior pics :)   you look good ;) ha-ha  you r evil doin that to Jax ha-ha   setting him up with the midgleys :)    did Jax think he was serious?  I haven't seen pitch perfect, how's Morgan doing? :)   well sound like the group people that talked with you took up all of sacrament meeting :)  ya at the end of senior year seems like huge projects just pop out of nowhere..  not too fun. no senior sluff day for you!!!!!  ;)   I didn't sluff either it's ok :) the world won't end ;)  I don't remember what I was going to tell you last week sorry.  read D&C 6 ;)  hey that's awesome!!  way to go my man!  where did you get the scholarship from?  let me know about it when you know  and have mom and dad send pics if they can :) good luck this week in track!  just do all you can Justin  let it all out!  you don't have too many more chances to do it. but be happy with yourself no matter what! :)   ok bud? :)  have fun on Saturday to take pics for me to see on Sunday :)  dang I can't believe the teachers are all leaving :/   that's not cool... I'll have to go see them then when I get back to invite them to my talk and stuff :) I love you too kiddo  take care and be safe yourself as well :)   love elder weaver   

 ps look up lineman training with David hale on face book  he played football at Weber state and also in the NFL he lives in Utah somewhere.  his cousin is in our ward here and gave me the info  we also knocked into a guys house whose some played for the bears when they won the super bowl couple years ago   his last name is Dent.  look him up if you can and let me know what you get :)

well we weren't able to do any service. no one was in too much need for it..  the wind just blew really bad for us. I didn't get any pics nothing too exciting.  sorry... Jeff and Sybil will have to wait until September to be baptized something came up that they need to finish working out. :/  well miss carol and Garry surprised us at church by coming and having food for us afterwards as well :)  Garry is getting baptized in June sometime it sounds like so I will be asking for permission to go to that! :)  our investigators are doing ok.   Steven hasn't gotten back to us in a few weeks, and the other investigator is Kay  she is amazing! we have been working with her and helping her give up smoking so her pressure sore can heal and she can make it to church and be baptized.  while we were talking to her over the phone about the atonement and all the blessings she could be getting she told us she would rip up all the cigarettes she had while we were on the phone with her.  so she quit cold turkey :)  and she's been doin good ever since :)  she is preparing for June 14th :)  the other one Abby  she is preparing for may 17th and we are excited about her cause things have been crazy for her and her family as well. but most everything has been worked out and things are moving :)   our dinner appointment canceled the day before...  :/  zone conference was good :)  we did learn a lot from our leaders and we have new ways of involving members and getting them excited :)  well I'm glad things went safe for dad and Jordan while they were in the hole.  they will be ok mom :)  no worries ;) heavenly father is watching over them :)  and over us all :)  that's crazy tho about how far they had to go..  wish I was there for that one :)  so for mother's day if we do it at 6 my time and 4 y'alls time would that be ok?  the Skype name I'll be using will be   SLC2ATL  that's the members Skype name we are using :)   some miracles besides Kay quitting smoking  a random guy walked into he church yesterday and in Sunday school at the end he made a comment  he said  "  if ye seek ye shall find, I believe I've been found,  I wanna be baptized! "   so that was really cool and we were sitting right by him so we jumped on him after the prayer was said ;)  not literally   but the Decatur elders are going to teach him cause he lives closer to them :)   but he was a cool guy seems like it should be a good thing :)   other than that not too much happened   I love you mom and look forward to seeing y'all on Sunday :)  love you  love Elder weaver  
good Jax man on doin the 100 and the 400 and the shot put :)   how did you do in all of them? :) how was the fat man??? :):) glad you have spikes that fit now :) when is your history project due?  I can't send pics of stone mountain because I wasn't able to get any when I went. and we aren't going back until next Monday.?   so let me know when it's due and if I can send them in time I will!  love you Jax take care   love elder weaver
 no the weather as crazy as it was made out to be, it was in some places of GA but where I'm at it wasn't too crazy, but it was still pretty intense. we had some crazy winds and a lot of big trees came down in the wind, so that was fun :) we went to the temple on Friday and after we had a zone training, we learned about how we can better work with members and continue to help them get excited about missionary work, to help us teach and also to help us find other people to teach I read in D&C while waiting in the temple and read section 6 verse 22-23. and I was surprised about how many prayers have been answered so subtly and not noticing till then...  so I'm more aware and ready now to keep getting answers and know that they are from God :)  HAHA  no we haven't been shot at recently :) yes we are still in a car and we do walk a lot!  which is good so we can talk to more people and get to share the gospel more :)  my bike is in the mission storage unit and the assistant have asked us all to send descriptions about our bikes and they said mine is there and safe:)   I'm glad work is getting better and the weather as well :)   that's good :)  I am learning and growing and I'm loving every minute of it :)   I love you dad I hope all continues to go well for you  love elder Weaver      so Sunday we are going to a members house at 5 for dinner then we can Skype from there around 6 my time 4 y'alls time if that works for you?

what's good my man!!?   our week was good  no nothing crazy happened, kinda regular week for us.  tell Fine I said hello back :)   who else spoke in church besides you?... atta kid there you go taking 1st place in the 100 :)  and nice work on getting the throwers to run!!  I bet that was fun :)  do they still the throwers relay??  dang speedy!  your fast :)   you'll get in there  Justin no worries :)   good luck this week and have running the jr high meet :)   motivate Jax as much as possible ;)  i'll be waiting for your letter :)  I'm not moving anytime soon ;)  ha-ha  I was just making sure :)  she sounds like an amazing girl :)   she lives in a big house huh?  ha-ha  what school does she go to?  where does she live? nice  got to meet the family :)  good stuff!  is here family nice?   no I haven't seen safe haven...  what it about?  I don't think I've heard of it...  sorry bro:/  I hope you have a fantastic week as well my man.  be safe and strong in all that you do. remember....  dang I forgot what I was going to tell you... oh well :D  ha-ha   take care my friend talk to you next week   love you   love elder weaver  

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