Monday, May 19, 2014


May 19, 2014

ya there was a ton of fish.  no baptism Saturday moved to this Saturday and she asked me to confirm her. so ill praying and fasting for all that.  our week was good.  ya we meet a lot of interesting people. well this past week we talked to a guy who thought white people were aliens and created black people and also created god and he thought it was crazy that two white people would come to him to tell him about a black god..  he was pretty crazy..    we also found a family with 6 kids and they want to learnt more and they are on date to be baptized June 14 so we are working very hard with that. Abby is good and Kay is also she was able to come church yesterday but had to leave early because here sore was bothering her.  Steven and Candace and mike dropped us.  they want to meet anymore. glad you had fun at the shower thing, tell everyone I said hi back.  I just emailed sweet bête. she is pretty awesome. favorite thing so far is personal studies and going to the temple, scariest probably seeing guns and hearing gun shots and not have a way to protect myself.. I can't pic just one bizarre thing...   love you too mom  love elder weaver

well good job Jax man in placing!!!   way to go!!  :)  and you lucky dog, driving all the time.  it's fun tho isn't it :)  and I hope you enjoy Justin's graduation and lagoon day!  stay safe my friend!    love you too bud  love elder weaver

well I'm glad you took the chance to go to state! that's awesome bud! and I'm glad you still have good friendships with people at bville.  good for you my friend,  have fun with all the graduation stuff!  :) and keep us working with fine, and good luck on Saturday as well :)  I'll be praying for you my friend :)  well things keep getting faster and faster my friend!  and good luck with everything else that you are taking part in this week  I love bud and I hope all is well with you.  what more is going on with your mission papers?  any news or new info?   love you Justin  take care  love elder weaver

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