Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On Sat, Dec 7, 2013 at 9:39 AM, ROSS WEAVER wrote:
It's early Saturday morning sitting in the tub, been thinking of you a lot this week, hope and praying things are great for you and your greeny.  Hope life is treating you well ,hope you and the comp are not out gambling, he he he ( I'm so funny)
     I read an article by elder Holland in the new era that I just loved, he is so positive about the future and I love his confidence about your role in the future and preparing the way for the second coming of our savior, make me exited for the last days, not fearful knowing I have great strong sons to share the future with makes me feel safe as we can battle the devil and his host together and WIN! I know with all your hard work and experiences in the mission field and through your life that YOU will be a mighty warrior  and are for are father in heaven, I'm honored to stand shoulder to shoulder with you in this fight!!! See your greatness in the lords work!!! You are the Moroni of our time!!! :) be that leader God has prepared you for. See your greatness!!!
     I so love you and hope  and pray for great things for you. Be happy. Smile, enjoy, you are half way done. Make your second half a strong one. This is me giving you your power aid  and beans to buoy you up. I know you can win this game. Just do what Jace Weaver does best, break a twenty yard run off the tackle and energize the crowd. Sorry bud but that is what you were made to do. Find those who are looking and bring them to are Savior. You're the man (Missionary) He he love you, be awesome!!!!!!!!                                 Your biggest fan dad
Dad-haha  no worries dad we are not gambling ;) hahaha  you are so funny!  :)   what article is his talk found in?  is it in the new era?  we might get our copies this Thursday. so hopefully I can read it :)  howd y'all like the Christmas devotional? we watched it at our bishops house and we all liked it :)   so we had interviews with Pres Harding this past week on Wednesday and he told me what he expects of me,  and it's to life 8-10 missionaries around me to my level and inspire and motivate them to be great  he said he gets excited when he meets with me cause he sees I'm a mighty warrior of the lords army and asks me to help as many as possible rise up and keep fighting against Satan with us.  so thank you dad for your motivation and all that you for me, I too am honored and blessed to stand by your side and my brothers sides to battle against the adversary and WIN!!  I will continue to do my best and I will break free from the tackle and hype everyone up ;)  thanks for beans dad :)   I hope your week was good and work is getting better and keeping y'all busy.  stay safe and know I love you!   love your son  elder weaver  
Jordan-single ward solo :):):)  nice!!!   is Alex still going to church?...   hey real quick  you don't have to post this  but I would like to know..  are you and Emily going to get married?  just been curios and would like to know :)    thanks   wow  those area some powerful quotes and testimonies  thank you Jordan.  how was your week  anything fun planned for the coming week? :)    I hope and pray for your happiness and safety   love you   love elder weaver 
Justin-hey hey hey :)   things be good :)  ha-ha   we aren't on face book yet  so we don't do things on it. ha   why do you ask? well then become and elder :) if you feel its time and your ready do it! :)   where all have you been sending films to?  who have you applied to so far?    have you heard from anyone yet? is anyone come to the school to talk with Freddy?   good job again on your award and success Justin that's awesome my friend!!   I know Ron McBride :P  ha-ha  that's cool you got to meet him and see him and what not :)   does he want you play for him somewhere? ;)   have you applied to any Georgia schools??  :):)  ha-ha   Chandler is the man he's awesome :)  hahahahaha   he was late for school!!!  that's funny :)     I'm glad he's doin good and he's happy :)  dang that's a lot of snow!! how was riding around on the 250?  I'm sorry I wasn't there my friend...  I wish I could've been tho...  I am happy and I hope your happy and safe and doin good :)   for breakfast I have a little bagel with some cream cheese and a hard bowled egg  lunch we do left overs or subway and for dinner its whatever the family that is feeding us feeds us :)   so we eat pretty good   we had squid the other day  and chicken gizzard too  those were interesting foods.... ha-ha :)  I love you lots too bud and I miss you as well  love you  love elder weaver  
Mom-wow long one today...   yes lil Joe is on track for Saturday  and we aren't sure who is doing yet we are setting up info on Tuesday for our next meeting and Saturday stuff and interview  so a lot to fit into little time. we will Skype from a members home  the Mapps  they are members of the Craig family so we will be at their place for the morning and if anything changes I will let you via members in the ward ;) ha-ha  I'm funny  but we can just use the same Skype stuff I'll go onto mine and we can go from there  y'all wanna do it early in the morning?  like 8 my time 6 your time :P  ha-ha  just teasing.   I did your package and shoes are great thank you and I did get Krista letter I'm in the process of writing her back  slowly but surly...   ya I know it's crazy  grandma pat about Carson and how that's a very small world!!!!!!   ha-ha   oh I forgot to tell Jordan I had tamales in banana leaves yesterday and they made from a member in the Spanish branch here :)  they were drop dead amazingly delicious!!!   I hope everything goes good for y'all tonight and I hope people come and help out :) thanks for Quades email I just sent him an email :)   I love you mom and I hope you have a good week and know I love you and miss you like crazy  here are some pics :)  love elder weaver 
we had snow one morning and excited me :) 

and here's a redneck truck ;) 

apartment and decorations :)

this week we also helped save some life...  we were visiting ales active member and while were they had a call from a grandchild who said her boyfriend was getting abusive and was threatening suicide and to beat the kids and here . the member didn't have car so we drove him and went over and took the gun he was pointing at his girlfriend and was going to use on himself then took the axe he had as well and defused all that was goin on  and got everyone calm  if it happens again she is calling the cops to get better help and mental help as well..  just thought you'd like to know that :)  we weren't on planning on seeing that member either but we felt we should so we did  and I was al little scared when we found out there was a gun involved but other than that we were good :)  love y'all talk you next week

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