Monday, December 16, 2013

stay warm!

Hey how are you? How was your week? I'm good my week was good! School is good! My grades are good! I'm doing basket ball but not for the school! What are you going to do Christmas Day? I got a sled from grandma pat! :) love you love Jax
Jax-I'm good how are you? :)  I had a good week!  how was yours?... on Christmas day I'm gonna Skype y'all from a members house and have breakfast with them and then go see some widows and have dinner at a members house as well. whats your sled look like? I love you too bud   keep up the good hard work in school and bball!!   I love you bud  be safe  love elder weaver

Jordan-I'm sorry to hear about Jordana's dad.. I'm glad you've been helping and supporting them  good job Jordan.  our week was good, we did not have a baptism with lil Joe, we could not get a hold of him all week  we called 5 times daily and stopped by his house many times as well and he was never home. we talked with his fellowshipper yesterday who is his good friend and she said he has family coming town  so he was working hard and getting things situated for them and she hasn't even been able to see or talk to him much at all.. so we are gonna try and see him still this week and get him on date again for the 28 I'm thinking... I hope you have a good week and thanks for your email today!  I love you Jordan  love elder weaver
I'm doin good how are you mom?  I'm glad the party both nights were good and everything went well!  dang sounds like a cold night with Santa..  ha-ha  well I hope Jordan is married by the time I get home because he was saying he won't get married with me home so he has got almost a year left ;);)  I'm just joking!!
no baptism this week  he was very busy and could make appointments or get a hold of him...  other work is good we found 2 new inv the other day who seem very promising and good so we keep praying for miracles :)  I didn't know they were taking pics of me at that meeting  I look silly...   can you see how long my hair is??   its super long.. I feel good   I pulled something in my neck and I can't hardly move it  it hurts pretty bad and I can't sleep too good with it hurting..  so it's good! ha-ha 
 for Christmas we are going to a members home for breakfast in our pjs and having breakfast with them then we can Skype from there I thought morning would work better for y'all cause stuff normally doesn't happen till later and we will be pretty busy for the day seeing widows and visiting people as well  so may 7:30ish 8 o'clock y'alls time?  does that work?  please tell them thank for  me for the money  I greatly appreciate it!. we do still tract,  at least 2 hours a day from 4-6.  and we went tracting on Saturday and found some Spanish people who spoke very little English  my comp knows no Spanish so I spoke what I could and gave them a card and got numbers and names and said we will send Spanish missionaries to them..I didn't know I could speak Spanish like that...  it was pretty cool tho!!  my comp was like holy crap I didn't know you could do that!  how long did you take Spanish   so that was a real neat experience! :)  ha-ha
I'm excited too, to talk to y'all! I love y'all  I will do my best to stay warm y'all be warm too!  
love you mom love elder weaver

Justin-howdy :)  I hope you have a great day too! :)  I'm having a good one :)   the weather is weird its cold but sunny and it rains and rain is freezing cold!!  it kinda stinks...  we have to wear a jacket from Oct. conference to April conference if the temp is below 75 degrees  so we wear them often now yes :)  ha-ha  we are seeing old people and skyping family on Christmas. how about you?  you have any fun plans? :)   dang jazz... hahaha sorry they suck... hahaha that made me laugh! :)  have you heard back from any schools yet? have you sent stuff to SVU?    I'm sorry the act wasn't all fun and enjoyable like they say it is ;)   we had a good week!  got some good work done :)  we didn't do anything too different our of the ordinary.   I love you lots too bud  love elder weaver   

Yes the article I read in the new era was December it really made me think of you and the great work your doing. How was your week all go well? Things here are a little slow work wise still doing some bidding so that mean the work is out there we just need to get it so think of us and give is a little prayer. We saw some pics of you on face book for the mission when was that meeting and what was it about do you like going to those you look good. Sorry to many ? Tell us some of your stories and about you day to day activities:) I want you to spend less time answering,  And telling us what you are doing
     Remember I love you keep working hard. Love it. It is going fast and will be over soon be happy  we will be talking to you soon we are excited  love you again or still :) Make it what you want it your in charge  love it          Dad
Dad... my answering questions is me telling y'all about what we do. :) or at least I do my best to do that.. ha-ha things are real good for us!!   we have a recent convert in the ward who gets puppies and gives them to friends when they want them and we were over there looking at her puppies eh just got and she said that one looks like he likes you  when do you go home I said almost a year she said ill hold on to him and send him to you when you get home.. she was completely serious and I said no I can't have you do that and she asked me again if I was sure I didn't want a puppy I said yes, ok  maybe in a few years I'll let you know if we can handle one.  she said ok I'll be waiting for that call..   she's really nice lady :)   I thought about sending home a puppy for y'all for Christmas present from, me but I didn't think y'all would like that too much...  it was a pit bull mix I can't remember what she said  but they get about knee high and 45 pounds she said they aren't mean like the regular pits are  the other dog they are mixed with keeps them calm... I don't know how that works  but what she says,,,  ha-ha we went and gave a man blessing in the hospital who is not a member and he thought were going to shoot him when I said seal the anointing.. he was in WW2 and is in bad shape and made sure we knew we weren't going to convert him..  because he was once saved so he has been saved for life however long that may be (those were his words not mine)   he said he would put in a good word for us upstairs to the man who is in charge for me... I thought was nice of him :)  well dad I love you too and I can't wait to see your smiling face on Christmas :)  love elder weaver

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