Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happy Holiday Season!

Jax-I'm good bud how are you? :)   my week was good too my comp was a little sick but he is better now :)   for thanksgiving day we played in a turkey bole for a few hours then a member fed us twice and we tried to see some people but no one was home and everyone was watching football  so no one answered the door...  I love you too bud have a good week    love elder weaver
sup buddy :)   area is good  comp is good too.  NICE WORK MY MAN!!!!   THATS AWESOME JUSTIN!!   that's way cool my man!!   we played in a turkey bowl and ate a lot of food,,,  ugh...  haha  people down here don't mess around with their food...   I have no idea what movie you're talking about but tangled is a pretty beautiful princess ;)  haha  what events are you gonna do for track this year? :)   I love you bud and hope and pray only the best for you   love elder weaver
Jordan-I love the new area its great :)   I'm glad you had a good time with Emily and her family.    what foods did you eat??   nice work on the on line course my friend!  good luck with the upcoming class.  I love you Jordan and thank you for everything you've done and helped me with.  love elder weaver
the weather hasn't been too bad here it's been wet but not too bad we had snow the other day and since then it's just been a little chilly..   I like the area a lot!!  ______________
anyways I like my comp he's a good kid and is maturing slowly but understanding the importance of missionary work..   it is pretty ritzy... :/  the ward is on  the two completely different ends of the spectrum!!   rich people and dirt poor people as well   its crazy to see something like this happen...   that would be awesome!!!!!!!!! for the Edmunds to come out and see me  that'd be so cool!!!!!   :):):)   sweet that'd be cool if they did come :)   wow  fun thanksgiving :) haha  I'm sorry about the snow  I kinda miss the snow...   have y'all sold all the bikes yet?...  I'll be looking for stuff today :)  thank you very much mom  I could use 4 pairs of bottoms  dry lux  please   same size  I'm bigger or smaller ;) haha  well we didn't have too many adventures this week  my comp has been sick and so we have been inside for 2 days and when we went out we didn't get a lot done  one because no one was home...   :/ I love you too mom thank you for everything  thanks for the scripture :)  love you   love elder weaver
sorry one thing I would ask to be in the package is a copy of the brotherhood pic of Justin and I my senior year.. please   thank you   love you
 I haven't tried it yet I'll try to today   thank you very much   haven't gotten from dad yet  is he ok?
yes he is ok, was going to write you right are on early today, he went to move trailer and will be on :)
ok   ya its my comps bday and he was excited to email  so he rushed us here...  I can wait for him :)  
sounds like you are the best thing for your comp :) you are a great teacher and motivator....look what you did for Roy Highs weight room program...Freddy often commented that before you got there was no enthusiasm, so teach your comp the right way and how to be productive and become stronger, just like the weight room, if you don't work nothing gets better, and soon you can see the what is on your schedule today? you could buy lunch for him for his birthday, looked like you had a lot of fun last night :) tell me about lil Joe, you asked us to pray for
lil Joe is on track to get baptized on the 14th and is really excited for that and he loves the church  he has a friend who is a member who is a good fellowship and person all around   he's been divorced but he's over that I believe..  he also played college ball for someone  he was their running back   so I like him :)  haha 

One more ? Get bike back? How is it? Bike shop asked about it :)

 no other yet..  apartment is nice    bike is good it's in storage at the mission office  its good :)
do y'all know if Krista ever got my letter?
she did, I talked to her Saturday and she sent it then so look for this week ;)  Love you
k thanks  love y'all  talk to you next week 

Hi my friend sorry I'm late had lots of? To ask during the week but time got away from me. How do you feel about being senior comp?  can you mold this greeny into the missionary The Lord needs that's a lot of response ability on you :)  r u happy do you still love the work any fun stories r u staying safe do you know I love you and do you know I'm proud of you.  Make your mission all that you want it I know you will be a great senior comp and great leader remember your Fremont game you never quit and that is what The Lord needs from you I know he is proud of you too! smile more love dad

Dad-no need to be sorry :)  ask all the question you'd like I'll do my best to answer them :)   I am doin my best to do what I can with him. I know and hope my example with help him and his efforts..  I am very happy and I do love the work :)  funny stories?... my comp thought gambling was ok and the church was ok with it too...    that was a funny conversation to have.. haha  we are safe dad no worries :)  I do know that you love me  do you know that I love you?  thanks dad for the inspiration for me to be a leader and example to my new comp I will do my best and all that I can do to be just that!  I love you and hope you have a day and week   
love elder weaver
Decorating for the holidays at the Craig's home.  Love that she sent me these while he was still there, great people in with their great family!  She has a daughter on a mission and sent her son out this week, and her husband is the ward mission leader!  Enjoy those missionary blessings!!!

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