Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Memorial Day

May 27, 2014
Dad, well this week in the life of elder weaver, we talked with at least 3 Jehovah witnesses a day and that is almost always a waste of time. I was invited to become Baptist cause they know the only full and right gospel to be saved.. I weigh 236 now so I'm still losing good weight.  I was able to confirm our investigator on Sunday and that was a good experience for me as it always is.  we had as guy slam his door in our faces twice  within seconds of each other.  we went and knocked on his door to pray with him and he answered and looked at our name tags and stopped us in mid sentence of introducing ourselves and said, oh sorry we have a sign at the front of our street that says no soliciting of darn maybe you should pay more attention!  and slammed his door the first time, then opened it again and said  how about you grow up a little bit and read a real book!!  it's all about science!  and slammed the door again.  after that we went and knocked the next door and no one was home.  but  2 Nephi 9 : 39  spirituality minded is life eternal"  S.M.I.L.E   all I do is smile and pray for them in secret and hope their hearts and minds will be softened..  that happens daily too.   so I can't think of anything else to tell you in the life of elder weaver.  I love you dad take care  love elder weaver   

I do remember that Jordan!  ha-ha those were some fun days!  and I think my rc car almost always won against your fort of legos and books ;)  ha-ha  take care Jordan talk to you later. 

 Justin-well I'm glad graduation went well for you my friend!! was there a lot of kids at the try outs?  what position did you go for?  was there a lot of competition for your spot?  how was the weather?  nice work on meeting with fine and I wish you the best of luck in getting in contact with the recruiting coach along with fine.  ha-ha  have fun in your physical....  awkward....  well I'm glad you're still having good fun on dates and everything like that!!  :)  way to go those were some good days as well listening to music to and from school  with the top down! :)    I love you too kiddo.  I miss you too my friend.   love elder weaver 

The camp was way good! This is Justin! It was hot!!! Ha I went for running back! There was quite a few that were trying out and a lot of comp.. But I felt good about it! There were a lot of older guys like 25 and up! Just got done with the physical.... :( :( ha-ha glad it's over

hahahhahahahaha I bet you are glad it's over ;)  so what your plans for summer now?

hey Jax :)  oh wow crazy last few days of school sounds like. ha-ha I'm glad you got your yearbook though! :)   oh nice your cleats sound like they are a nice pair  send me a pic of them so I can see them!  and good luck in football conditioning my friend.  just go all out!!  :)   September is coming fast!  you'll have it before you know it :)  ha-ha  yes I do remember when I said that,  but I have to see it in order for it to count! ;)  ha-ha  have another good week my friend and take care  love you too buddy  love elder weaver  

Mom, happy memorial day to you as well. our day was good.  no one wanted to talk and we couldn't even pray with people. so we were out walking and trying o do our best and we had a lot of good people interested..  but it didn't really work out in the end.  hope was y'alls day? no nothing big happened. no one invited us over for anything... wow nice bike ride!!  people have been telling us that it's a good movie... I wish we had swim days too. hahaha the work is coming  we did have a good week. nothing too big and exciting happened, but we had 5 baptisms on Saturday!  and I confirmed one of them in sacrament meeting yesterday.  Candace dropped us and so did the family of 8..  Kay is doin good she is preparing for the 14th and she is getting excited about it as well.  she said she might call y'all sometime soon  I gave her your number and the home number. her first name is Juanita  but she goes by Kay her middle name.  so be expecting that.  things with comp are alright  about the same.  yes I'm excited for new change. always am. we don't know when we go with pres we haven't heard anything.  ya we have roaches...   just snack foods I guess, if you could  thank you.  no I don't need any new garments the book where it talks about Isaiah verse by verse?  it's called Isaiah speaks to modern times.  the other book I was talking is a parallel bible, I'll send the one I have with me.  love you mom take care  love elder weaver 

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