Thursday, December 4, 2014

letter #99

Mom-ya its crazy how fast all this has gone by..  we did eat somewhere but not someone's house, we ate at a gay bar... the member that fed us didn't know what it was and took us there and we pulled up and saw the colorful windows and thought oh no... went in and our waiter was ......  ya   ill probably never forget that experience in my life! we couldn't play football, President said no and our ward didn't even have one...  Joshua is doin good  getting interviewed tonight for this Saturday.  I will be around for  found out this morning I'm not leaving I'm staying here for my last 2 weeks.  it's not looking like too much Christmas... its kinda weird with the weather its warm one day then bone cold the next 2 days.  why would dad have to call me?  I love you mom love elder weaver
Jordan-what are the YSA activities like?  I hope you win some auctioning material ;)  ha-ha love you Jordan love elder weaver
well Jax man I'm excited to see your highlight film from the past few years :):)  and to work out with you. ha-ha I'm glad you still had fun driven the golf cart even though it wasn't the hummer. :) send me a pic of your rc car when you can :)  I love you too kiddo love elder weaver
Dad-so I will try to get in contact with Mission President about testing stuff.  why would you need to call?   I'm a little nervous about meeting coaches, ha-ha it's hard not to be! :)   what would the meeting be like do you know?  how soon do I need to do the testing stuff?I do remember you telling about how fast it would go. I did it believe you then and now I can't believe it happened...  ha-ha  so we met a guy on Marta who asked us what our tags said and we told him and he asked a few questions and we told him thing and he got really excited and we exchanged numbers and we think he likes us now... he tells us he loves us all the time and that he's always excited to meet with us.. so that's been kinda crazy this week.  see y'all soon :) love you dad  love elder weaver
Wow, so your thanksgiving was a lot more festive than ours :) are you excited about staying? Comp staying too? Do you get to baptize Joshua? Weather here has been on and off too :
comp is staying as well.  I'm super excited to stay  I really didn't want to leave my last few weeks.  the bishop likes to have members baptize the new people so no I won't be doing it.
Have you seen any rioting because that cop killed the black thief? Does it make you nervous? 
ill send something home today  just some more study books and the letters I've gotten since I've been out.  we haven't seen any rioting but we hear a lot about it..   good for him :):)   I'm so excited for Justin its crazy the things he will be a part of :)
 Has anyone from mission home said how our picking you up will work? Will you be there at the mission home on the 17th and that's where we get you? Or do we get you at apartment? What will you guys do, for work this week?
I think I'll be at the mission home...what time does y'alls flight come in?   this week we are prepping for baptism on Saturday and trying to get as many people there as possible.   hey is frank still in ward?
We come in at 7 a.m. But need to get luggage and car so may be there between 8-9, how far away mission home from you now? Yes frank still in ward, excited for you and the baptism :) so great!!!!
ok, we are pretty far from mission home.. 30-40 miles?...

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