Monday, December 15, 2014

talk to y'all in 2 days...

Jax-nice work buddy!!!  way to go!!  what kinda shoes did you get?  what day is your first game?   I'm excited to be home too!  I'll play you one on one ;)  haha  what movies y'all gonna see? see you soon Jax  love elder weaver 
Jordan-I have no idea what your subject says but I laughed!   I also need your help to translate some journal entries from Hispanic members from past wards, I love you  too Jordan see you soon. love elder weaver

so you'll come and get me from our apartment. the Zone leaders are taking my comp to airport and ill be with their other companion at the apartment waiting for y'all.  do we have to go see the Mission President? so  talking with other people I've served around there is a family in Atlanta who wants to feed us Wednesday at 4 they live pretty close to apartment, temple that night sounds good.
 bro Kiser said be at his place around 6 if we are a little that should be ok.
so everything sounds good!   I have Kay address and she live near Atlanta border she is at 6:30
 yes we can use my camera, no I don't think I need another card we should be good.
I'll show you were I lived no worries, and places we would go tracting.
you know how I told you last week a group of people are going to Utahh for a week?  Micah a recent convert asked me last night if he could spend a night or two at our place, I told him I can't promise him anything.  and if it doesn't work out I understand,  I don't feel I'm worthy to even be asking y'all for this but I told him I would ask.  he and two girls are leaving 22nd and driving two separate cars. he didn't give me details, but I told you all I know...  sorry....
so I haven't heard anything about flight money... we can go there on our way to Newnan,  Kay  is expecting us at 6:30 lives in Decatur belvedere lnn. I don't know the exact house number... I think bro Kiser said we are eating out somewhere?   would it be possible if y'all brought a 3xl Weber football shirt for him for his birthday?...  if not ill send one when season starts.
I know Micah pretty well! no he was baptized before I was in the ward.  are y'all ok with dinner Wednesday night from the family?  they asked what y'all want or don't want. I'll let them know today.
no there shouldn't be any paper work I'm needed for.
I'll ask and maybe give the wife your number?  I don't think they would want you to.  but I'll ask
so they are taking him at 9 and a good number would 0000000 that's our cell phone.

y'all might be at our place in good time for them all to just leave, but if not we will hang out...  we have half mission devotional tomorrow after temple. that's pretty much all day. and today is pday and fhe...   so the thing about Micah is he would probably there other Christmas. I told we aren't going to try to keep him entertained he really just needs a place to sleep
that's nice what coach Fitz had to say!  thank you dad for putting so much time and effort into helping me play ball again I love you  see you soon
so they are leaving the 22nd and its a 2 day drive....  he hasn't gotten back to me about dates. I'll see him tonight though.  he's going through rough time right now with his family and work and can only text when he has wifi...  we saw a guy just preaching on Marta like no one business!!  he was a crazy man..haha ok,  so it's not too cold when the sun is out around noon time.  but the wind chill can be pretty bad...
ya he will be here.  so he's coming to see some people he knows and like I said he's coming with two other girls one of the girls is moving to Utah for work and to live, they will probably only be in town for a week...  but I don't think we will keep him that long.  yes everything has been taken care of they know y'all are coming to get me from apartment and all the details.  :)
are y'all able to log into my Gmail account on the laptop? I couldn't get it to work
alright.  oh ok cool!  no that sounds great!!  thank you   how's dad doin?  get money yet?
the finance stuff from school job?... I might have made that up......  haha ok ill wait 2 more days to talk to dad ;)   tell him I love him too :)ok sounds good!  we can eat at the southern one!  the other one is ok  but you'll like the southern one better
I'm giddy too!!  not sure about FHE. I don't think there will be any going home parties...

yes I'm excited and I'm ready, not crazy trunky ready  but I'm ready.  talk to y'all in 2 day :)

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