Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day!

Dad-  ----------- its hard because at times I compare missions with Jordan as well and I get really down on myself and not excited to do anything..  but as I realize there different I get happy again and keep pressing forward.   brother and sister jeppson are awesome people!!  I will surely miss them a lot as well.  and sweet bete,  she said I was one of the hardest missionaries to say good bye to..  she was about to cry as we left Tuesday night from saying goodbye...   I felt really bad...  ----     my new comp...-----  he is the youngest of 12 and was given everything to him as he was growing up and ...  he will drink other elder milk or juice out of the jug and then take it home to our place...  he thinks everything in the apartment is his...  he says the car is his and the miles get spent how he wants to...   now im alright with some of this,,  but he is really starting to get on my nerves...   he is starting to pinch me when I don't do things how he wants them done or if he doesn't understand what I am saying..  I almost punched him this morning because he was playfully hitting me and acting like he was going to punch me..  kinda ticked me off..  I love the area though!!  the people here are awesome! so nice and funny.  the people that called you yesterday  brother Paine is an awesome man who used to work for the railroad..  very nice and is joking about something all the time.. :)   the area I am in will become a part of the Atlanta mission.. on July 1st we will be in the mission but I might stay in the new area  all of that is not figured out yet...   Haha   I would love to have you come and cheer me on in a lesson or while we are knocking doors :)  that be fun :)     thank you dad so much for all that you do for me and the love and support that you've given me,  you are the type of man I hope to become as I continue to grow and get married and have children   thanks dad  I love you  love Jace  p.s.   happy father's day  

ya I thought you'd cry :)  I was crying as well I was sitting next to him as y'all were talking :') ha-ha   in my testimony I explained how you didn't have to chance to serve and so you have always told us your sons that you want us to better then you were and how you  have instilled in me to do nothing but my best and to be satisfied with my efforts,  and I related it to god how he is the same way with his children on earth, and I said I hope I get to be the man that I my father is in holding the priesthood and loving his wife and his children.   so dad thank you for your example and all that you've done me   I love you and wish only the best for you  love elder weaver 
note from Mom....so we are sitting in sacrament, Father's Day, and Ross' phone vibrates that there is a call, it comes up from Georgia, he goes out to answer and hears, "Bro. Weaver?, yes, this is Bro Paine from Covington Georgia, I am here with Elder Weaver, Ross says yes, not knowing what to expect...Bro. Paine says Elder Weaver asked me to do him a favor and wish you a Happy Father's Day, he bore his testimony in sacrament today and talked a lot about his Dad, and he loves you very much....he also asked if we were related to a Jay Weaver, and Elder that served in Covington about 14 years ago, Ross said he thought he knew one, and would check into it....Ross came back in to sacrament and we both cried...what great people he has come across, Thanks Bro Paine! Come to find out that Elder Jay Weaver is Ross' 3-4 cousin and just happens to live in the same house we lived in on South Weber Drive, the home we had before we moved here to the Terrace...small world!)
Jax-let me know everything about camp and how it feels to have pads on at this time...  ;) love you bud  and good luck with all that you are doing  love elder weaver 
Justin-I wuv you too ha-ha   funny guy   or should I say  you fungi hahahahaha  :):):):)   I'm glad you're doing good and your having a good time   next week if you can go into more detail about the camp and how it all went :)   luv you big man  love elder weaver
Jordan-I'm pretty excited about the new mission!!   does that mean ill get another mission call like you did?   she looks like Katie cable!! 3rd place is nice  good work my man!   send me a pic of your toe!!  I wanna compare our bad toes!!   Hahaha  :)    I love you Jordan and I'm glad you're doing so good  and is this tawny parker girl a potential wife??  just wondering  not pushing anything yet ;)   love you   love elder weaver 
Mom-this week was kinda slow...  tell Devin cupp congrats and ask if he got my letter I sent him.. please.    nice work my man Justin!!   rocking kids up Weber state!!   thats my man!!  nice work studly!  :):) don't worry about the weight   it'll come :)  nice work in the parade!  :)  sounds super fun!!  nice work :)   I think they should have an award for moms who help their sons so much with scouts and give them awards as well :)    and then give dads bandages for any scars or accidents that happened while helping as well ;)  ha-ha  just kidding :)  tell everyone hi for me as well :)  thanks  I see why other letter are so short ;)  no worries :)    I was only singing in the ward choir because the sisters who were our ride..  stayed ;)  ha-ha  just kidding  but seriously though,,  I liked it was fun.  wish I knew a little bit more about singing...    I'm the only one that came to Covington  but just found out my mtc comp just came out  after his knee surgery so that exciting! :)  I don't know how to use this computer but I have some good pic for y'all next week when I better understand whets going on :) ha-ha sorry tho.....  ______________  I think that our address...   don't take my word for it....    I got y'alls package today and thank you so much for all that you sent me I'm so happy you sent me good food!!  my comp doesn't like any of the food you sent so it's all for me :):)  cause he eats everything else...:/   not as populated  we are in the car and and its more open...  its super layed back and not too many people to talk to...  :/    a piece of my heart will always in that place!  new mission pres hearting..,,  might have spelled it wrong...  
(note to Mom-please add rest of letter when doing book :))  
Thanks to all that love and support Jace, please keep him in your prayers as he is with this new companion and new area, bless him that the spirit will be with him abundantly!

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