Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lava, Lava

Justin-dang that is a crazy week! I'm sorry about your hip..  I hope you keep getting better and heal fully!  :)  good job in all your games tho!  that's awesome!   how are the weight s going?  you still getting stronger?  have you measured your biceps yet??   ha-ha keep up the good work my friend and don't stop!!  :)  I hope you have a good week and stay safe!!  love elder weaver
Jax-I'm good how are you ?  the comp is good!  hahaha you are pretty funny!!   no I have not hit any mini vans lately!  why would ask me that??  have I ever hit one? :)  hahaha  good luck with football and all that you are doing!  have fun and work hard!   have fun and be safe on your hike to waterfall canyon!  and keep preparing spiritually for trek ;)   I love you bud and wish you the best! love you  love elder weaver
Dad-we picked up a new investigator yesterday!  he said he gets along with Mormon beliefs really well and loves our standards.  he's been challenged to be baptized and he will  as soon as he studies it out a little bit and understands it more.  which is completely fine!!   I feel I am doing good out here!  I do think I am growing spiritually! I am very happy thank you,  are you happy? I know that's what you want for me and I want it for y'all as well!  sweet bete loves to take pics of us but she doesn't like to be in them very much...    riding around the other day looked down and the back tire was wobbly  so I took the tire off and the axle is broke again so I will have to take to the hub shop again and see what they can do...  good job on your ride!  I wish I had some way to tell how far I've been going, nothing fancy like day to day things  just something to look at increase over the rest of the mission.,  we try and have fun on p days.  today we are gonna play ball and I hope it's a good day as far people wanting to play and actually playing.    good I'm glad work is going good  you and things are still improving! the weather is way worse than SVU  here we can't take layers off or go swimming...    thanks dad for your letters and all you do for me as your son,   I love you dad  love elder weaver
Mom-it feels like the weeks are going by faster,  Jax will be fine making friends!  people hear his name as a weaver they will remember Justin and the cool guy and amazing athlete he is and think the same of Jax  so no worries! ;) tell Jax good luck with his booth in the terrace days parade!   I'm glad Justin is healed up and continuing his life!  has he heard anymore from the college that sent him that email?  has he heard from any others?? I think I got Jordan's today I f not I will send him one still! :) I'm glad Jordan is staying busy and keep dad company while they are at work ;) ha-ha I found my cord for pictures so I will send some today! :)  I don't have a picture of me on bike yet tho for the bulletin in the ward building..  sorry    the skirts are called lava lava's  elder fetuli gave me mine and elder hales got his from a Samoan elder in another area  we told sweet bete we had skirts and she didn't believe us..  so we wore them to her house! :)  she couldn't stop laughing  and we had shorts on under the lava lava's :)  ha-ha  allergies are getting better  kinda rough in the mornings  but gets better..  toe is doing good!  all healed  ankle is alright I twisted it walked up to our apartment and every now and again it tweaks funny and kinda hurts but I'll be alright, I would like the brace just for support while I am playing sports and maybe to bike with?... I can't think of anything you else to send  sorry,,  maybe just like a pair of the spandex garments  and a mesh shirt? maybe??  they had a another baby?!?!?!?!?!!?   that's awesome!!!!  :):)  I'm glad she is doing good I will keep her in my prayers!;)   tell Landon congrats for me.
I love you mom and thank you so much for that you do me!   love elder weaver XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO
no email from Jordan...   I hope he's doing good and has had a good week and is dating!!! ;)  ha-ha has he been doing the landscaping stuff  and how did work go him while y'all were on your cruise??  he do a good job?? ;)  ha-ha   Jordan I love you my friend and miss ya, I hope you have a good week and have fun and be safe :)  love elder weaver
real quick...  do you think you could have Bailey write my comp?  :) please  he doesn't get mail and I was thinking who I could have write him and she came to my mind...  would it be ok if you asked her for me?  please

we went on another exchange with elder Edmunds and it was a good one!  such a good man and missionary :)
we think someone made a spelling error on the sign ;)  h-ha  one too many ing's ha-ha   I'm so funny!

this is a car that lives by some members I the ward  and it's just so beautiful :)
 Sweet Bete is an amazing woman who feeds, listens and cares for these missionaries like they are her own children....What a great blessing she is in all of our lives! She calls me often and just to say Hello, so makes my day, she has usually seen Jace recently and gives me up dates, Love you Swete Bete!
pics with Sweet Bete and our lava lava's :)   and another little car that live in our complex that elder hales and I have been thinking about trying to pick up ;)  ha-ha

 we live by Dr guy  ha-ha   make me laugh every time we pass it ;)  this is my new comp elder hales :)  this is my lava lava (I put at top of page)
Mom's note, Justin got tackled during a touch drill and it left a hematoma on his upper right hip bone, it swelled up to the size of a softball by the time he finished practice and came home. We took him to a sports medicine place that looks at ball players for free and he said to ice, compress, and rest for at least 24 hours, he said that there would be large amounts of bruising and he would be out of commission for a few days at least, well with lots of ice, compression and rest, and prayer, there is very little if any bruising and when we went back two days later the doctor was so surprised and cleared him to play his 7 on 7 that Saturday, he played awesome, tho hurt, he did great!  Prayer, gotta love it!

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