Monday, June 10, 2013

Busy! leaving Athens....

 good morning my friend,
work is great, doing some rock work for Brian today, then a pipe job for irrigation field this week...we did get the Roy subdivision but don't start that till next month.
driving the sailboat was very fun, amazing how smooth the ride was because the keel in the water is so big, would like to do it again, on a bigger sailboat, the water was so clear you could see the bottom of the ocean where we were docked! want to go back!
Leslie called me last night and I guess they went to Rossitters farewell yesterday, we weren't invited, anyways, Chandler was sitting there and Leslie was trying to explain who the people were and how related, and he said I want to play with Jace, she said well Jace is on his mission, and he said ok I will wait till next summer to play with him, cute huh!
I was released from legacy house yesterday, so I'm down to one calling, stake young men's counselor, it was bitter sweet, I will miss the people a lot, but someone else needs those blessings.
coach Womack is moving into our ward this month and says hello,
I have a quote that I shared with Justin this week and I leave it by the computer to remind me, it says "I don't know of any other way to lead but by example"  thanks for being a great leader and example. I am proud of you and the work that you are doing, continue to grow in the gospel and the work will come.  work hard my friend and be safe, have a super week, tell us about the work this week,
love your very proud Dad

Dad-well...  I'm balling like a baby in a public library,,,  I wish I could see Chandler and play with him in the pool....  coach Womack is moving in??   what house?  where?  how close to our house?  that'll be fun !! you  know with our quote,,  another one comes to my mind..  monkey see monkey do ;) ha-ha   on a more serious note,  Christ said in the movie the testaments,  the son can only do that which he seeth the father do...   dad the men your sons are today have evolved from your example..  so thank you for being that example of a loving caring supportive father and husband, and also a worthy priesthood holder.  thank you for all that you do.   this week we talked to 56 different people about the gospel and had 6 lessons,  and had 3 new investigators to church on Sunday.  one of them already considers himself a member of the church because he likes it so much, and he wants his son to start taking the lessons as well.   the other lessons no one was too interested and didn't want us to come back..   but the work must go on :)   ha-ha   that sums up my week :)  
hope you have a good one dad.  I love you  love elder weaver

Mom-sweet bete needed help on Friday painting so we helped her then..  weather is weird won't decide what to do for some reason ha-ha  feel back in Utah kinda ;)  Ha-ha rain is pretty bad...  can't do too much in it :(  no one is outside so we can't go contact people and then appointment fall through and we end up wet outside doin nothing...    but we crack jokes and talk about good stuff so we don't get bored :)  work is going good I told Justin about the success..   nothing too new with investigators..  I'm not too happy to be leaving...  I like it here  and with football coming up we were having some pretty good conversations with a lot of people...  oh well..  no my will but his will  right?  happy anniversary!!!!  :)  doing anything fun for it? :)   take some pics of Justin at the Weber state thing and send em to me please?  thank you. :)    I love you too mom   love your (son) elder weaver
Justin-my biceps are 16 and 3/4 inches :)  I measured them yesterday ;) ha-ha  I don't know what my chest is...  I'll let you know tho :)   good luck at the Weber state football camp!  :)  have fun and don't compete against other people  compete against yourself and worry about the things you do  :)  make sure that when you lay down at night you can smile and say I did my very best and there was nothing else I can  and now it's up to the coaches to pick me or not  :) we don't eat fast food  very often at all!  we have been having a lot of success lately  we had 3 investigators at church yesterday and one of em has a son who also wants to be baptized!!  :)  things here are going good :)   I miss you too my friend..  you'll have a ton of fun with brother hart as he young men's pres.  :)  I love you buddy and hope you have fun and be safe this week  love ya  love elder weaver

Jax-just keep working at tail back and you'll be in more and more as you progress! :)  everything takes time and practice. :)  jump in whenever you can my friend and go  as hard and as fast as you can!  :) don't have too much fun playing that game ;)  ha-ha   I love you buddy :)  love elder weaver

Jordan-I hope you have fun with your planned vacations   you can use my pinewood derby car if you like :)  I didn't know you were going to school again..  ldsbc?   what classes are you in?   I just found out today I'm getting transferred to Covington the outer area so I will be in a car.  and when the new mission opens will be in the new mission..  my new comp is elder kallon.  African American from Nigeria..  he's about 25   so it hopefully will be fun, haha  i leave athens wednesday...   well im glad you are doing so well and having fun.    love elder weaver

holy cow jax is big!

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