Monday, June 24, 2013

Georgia Atlanta Mission! new call!

Family-thank you so much I have had a better week and I've been singing I'm a Child of God all the time so I have that song pretty well memorized ;) ha-ha thank you so much for all you r prayers I love you so much here the new info about the new mission stuff

Elders and Sisters –
Wanted to send you this information in writing so you can save and see it. This is the address for the Georgia Atlanta Mission Office (and your new mailing address):

 Elder Jace Weaver
Georgia Atlanta Mission
112 Governors Square Suite A
Fayetteville, GA 30215

Justin-hahahahaha :):):) I told him I would punch him if he pinches me again.. so I think I fixed that problem ;) good job in your football camps and practices you're the man Stan!! :) keep up the good work my man! :) what kind of a new car is she driving?? how do you barely have to drive it??... I've been praying a lot about things in our companionship... I think things are getting better :) if not that's ok.. I'm getting into my grove that I like and if its bothering him ill fix it if he asks me to.. but never says anything to.. and I'm not saying I'm purposely making him mad or bugging him I'm just saying.. ha-ha good luck in football and keep doing the best you always can. I really don't think you can give me too much credit tho for your success,, thank God first, for the strong healthy body you have to do the things you do both physically and mentally.. cause there's people that can't quit do what you can do Justin.. remember that. ;) then thank mom and dad fro their time and money and efforts then maybe if there's enough thanks left ill take small part ;) ha-ha I love you bud and only wish the best for you. love elder weaver:) p.s. mymobilehomeboyy :P

Jordan thank you so much... I believe I have fixed the problem by doing just that, sticking up for myself, thank you so much for the motivation and all the love and support you give me. thanks for the pic too ;) made me cry a little bit :') I'm glad you had so much fun with your friends at your over nighter!! an 18 inch fish and it was too short?!!?!? you should have just kept it and told people you'll put it in a fish bowl when you get home and wait for it grow the 2 inches ha-ha just kidding :) well my friend I like tawny :) so speed things up my friend remember you promised me 2 nephews by the time I got back! ;) have a good week jord and know that I love you love elder weaver

Jax-I'm good how are you ? :) I knew you'd awesome my friend! :) see now that you know you can do these things you can always do it again!!! :) tell the Fowers I said hello back :) I so glad and thankful that you are being treated better now then you were before my friend, I'm so happy for you and excited to hear about your season as well :) :) good luck this week in the 7on7 stuff and do your best and keep working your hardest :) send me pics of your eagle court of honor my friend I wanna see!! :) I love you Jax man have a good week. love elder weaver

Dad-this week went by very fast!!! as far as being in a new mission I will stay in my new area will just be in the new mission :) same apartment same area same car same comp same ward, new mission name.. that's all that is changing I sent mom the email I got about the new mission office address.. so when y'all send me stuff it'll be to that new address :) things with comp are somewhat better... I'm just going with it now but things get too out of hand I set him straight ;) about the same as my roommate at svu.. just him I could at least get away from... this one I cant... ha-ha I love you so much dad and thank you for your words today.. I know I can do hard things because you've always believed in me when I didn't and you still did when I did as well thank you so much dad. I hope you know you can do hard things too!! :) I love you dad :) love your son elder Jace Weaver

Mom-I so feel better in the apartment.. I notice that my nightly prayers are becoming more meaningful and exact, sometimes I notice I have prayed for 30 min.. not bragging or tooting my own horn just letting y'all know. I figured I had been sent here to help fix something with him.. I think I might be the only comp he has some respect for.. we have another set of elders in our ward and sometimes dinner gets dropped off at their apartment and we drive over and eat with them, and that's when he does things like that... but I found out he doesn't like certain food so I'm gonna buy me those foods :) cause I like em milk peanut butter chocolate :) so I can get chocolate cereal and have food for me that I won't have to worry about him taking :) look at me thinking ;) hehehehe :) tell Braxton Patton to email me please :) tell him I'm mad him for not emailing me yet!!! ;) ha-ha tell him congrats and tell his family I say hello back :) I'm going to the Georgia Atlanta mission... so I won't see his sister... that meeting Sunday night was amazing! I think as far as elders using fb and what not they will have to do it at the church or somewhere where they can be supervised closely.. that's exciting!!` so happy and glad to know that our church is progressing with the modern world! :) I hope that you have a super day as well :) you keep smiling and praying too ;) thank you so much mom for all that you do for me I love you so very much mom I miss you too sometimes I wish you were here to tell some of these people what's up and to listen her son ;) ha-ha it might help with some people ;) ha-ha love elder weaver ps I'm sending some pics of ties so tell the boys and dad to tell me next week what ties they want and ill send them home I also have some for chandler :)
note to mom-add stuff here...

had champagne at dinner :)

ha-ha good stuff

this is me after working a full day of biking around in a circle because my comp isn't good at directions... and the one with my helmet on is me right before an appointment.. all sweaty,,,

the problem with my bike need a new tire.... thinking no one around would have one going to bike Shoppe later this week to see but might call y'all and tell I need a new sent..
our map... and my eyes have been really yellow lately... not sure why.. but I hope they get better

not sure about the map picture? and no picture of ties came through? oh well, poor guy, has been blessed with the gift of self cleansing-or sweating buckets! looks great though and so much more up beat! The power of prayer is amazing....Thanks to everyone!

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