Tuesday, August 27, 2013

work is in progress....

Hey I'm good life is good! I made the team!! #3!!! :) school is school... I like all of my teachers! Our first game is September 6th and we play north Ogden at north Ogden!! Today we start full pads right after school! It's going to be hard in the warmth and running and stuff...
Love you love JAX

Jax-nice work my man!!  I knew you'd make the team ;)  I knew it  :):) ha-ha   keep on doing good in school and work hard at ball.  the heat is nothing  it's a factor to only make you better  so be better :)   I love you my man and stay safe  :)  love elder weaver

Dad- my week was good how was yours?:)  Larry is doing good  he's still on schedule for this Saturday and Sunday  so things are good   sister boles boyfriend is now fiancĂ©, they're engaged now.  we are working with a lady now who is Cindy Thomason  she is getting ready for the 7th but she said she might be ready by then  so we might push it back a week  but as for now it's the 7th  so she keep progressing.  she was in church last Sunday and she loved it  she said next week i'll bring 3 other people  and if not I'll be there for sure.  she wasn't there....  her twin sister came into town by surprise...   but we are meeting with her Tuesday so that'll be good :)   I am happy and healthy  are you? the toe is fine :)  the bike is awesome :)  how's your bike? :)  I do agree with you about the book of Mormon falling on people's faces with members as well :):)   we met the coolest guy Friday!!!!!!!!!!  he does hydraulic work for CAT!!!!!  his wife just passed in Feb.,  and he hasn't been to church since  but he said he will be there this coming week. anyways  he gave some cat hats  with the old logo on it  and he gave me one to send to you  so you can  have it :) but me and him talked about equipment for a few min  and my comp didn't know anything that was going on :)  made me laugh :)  I've been telling people about me wanting to transfer to SUU and run the ball and everyone says  that a party school  that won't be good for you...  I'll show them ;)  ha-ha I would still work hard for the lord;)   I love you dad and I hope your safe and have fun this week and keep me posted about football :)  please and thank you :)   love elder weaver

Mom-Larry is still on track yes and so is Cindy  she has made some friends in the ward and so is Larry   Larry spent probably half the time away from us yesterday  because he was places with other members in the church!  so crazy he's already making that transition :)  I hope just gets better  I'm even more nervous for him now.  I wanna say more to him  and I probably will :)   but I'm glad y'all are having a good week and things are going good :)  I will find out about the girls addresses and ill pass the word along to you,  I'm not getting transferred I'm staying and so is my comp, we are getting two more elders moving though  so we will be in a 4 man apartment, so that'll be fun   what do I tell my comp about the money stuff  he says all the money y'all pay only goes to rent and insurance and stuff like that... I really don't agree with his way of thinking...  I hope you have good week coming up! I do need some new garments  just bottoms though they wear out more than tops...  and I will probably need shoes soon  but not right away and some church sock would be nice :)  thank you  _______I love you mom and I hope you have a good week and be safe in all that you're doing :)   love elder weaver :)

Hey the first game went good! Even though I only got to play 3 plays we still won 42-12 so it was good! The reason I only got to play3 plays was because we ran t pop.... Remember that play? And I was going up for the ball with my hands and my teammate just didn't block his guy.... Don't know why.. And I took a rib shot and now I have about 4 bruised ribs and 1 of them might be cracked a little... So we went and bought me a flap jacket and hopefully I'll be able to play this Friday.... We'll see how practices go... I know it'll hurt.. But I just got to bypass the pain.. Ha we play Weber at home on Friday... They aren't lookin to good, but they did win their first game against west.. So that ended there 23 game losing streak... Ha but I hope things are going good for you! I love ya lots and miss ya!
Love Justin

Justin-holy cow!!!!!!  are you ok?   did the kid get yelled at??!?!?!!!  can you send a pic?!?!  I'm so sorry my friend  hope your ok and that you'll be able to recover quickly and strongly!....  dang :(  I'm sorry Justin....    that's awesome you won though...  I know you'll be ok and you'll be able to get over this trail..  just don't give up completely and never lose hope.   I hope you get better fast and I hope you stay safe!   keep up all your good work bud,,  if I was there I wouldn't have missed the block ;)   get better soon the team needs you.   I love you my man and I miss you a lot too bud  stay strong and keep your head up   love elder weaver    Ether 12:26

Hey there my younger brother! I'm going camping again this weekend and I'm very excited. I'll be leaving Thursday afternoon and coming back Saturday night so that I can be at Jax ordinance, then ill head back out after spending some time with the family. I start going to my institute class this Wednesday and I'm really excited about that.
I love you buddy and I'm very proud if what you are doing. Carol Boles tells me that you want the man cave so I need to hurry up and get out of mom and dad's house ;) we will see what happens.
Have funny goofy.
Love Jordan

Jordan-I hope what sister boles said didn't make you sad or offend you...  I didn't know she was going to anything...  sorry if it though...  where are you going camping?  who you going with? :)  how's work going?  let me know about institute :) have fun Jordan I love you   love elder weaver

About two hours later this email came…..Justin, you know kiddo  you can't be hesitant.  I know I have no room to be saying this because I haven't had an injury like this before..  but the longer you take to get back into the game  that much time you lose...   you need to jump right back into the swing of things,   you have protection now and you'll be fine I promise!   don't ever hesitate  that's  when I noticed I got hurt is when I would hesitate or second guess my health...  your gonna hurt no doubt about that  but I know you can fight through that hurt!!!   do you know that for yourself?....   if you don't jump right back in now the longer it'll take mentally for you to heal...  Justin you will fine. don't this trial stop you from being the best you can be! :)  ok bud  I love you Justin and I know you can do hard things.....  remember when you were praying for trials cause thought you never had one and I had a lot....  well your prayers have been answered..  what are you gonna about it ;)   I love you Justin    love elder weaver   I'm praying for you every Friday night.. 
made me cry like a baby, he must have been inspired because it was exactly what Justin needed to hear,

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