Monday, August 5, 2013

Lot's of :)!

Hey there elder! How is your week going?
I had a ton of fun in Flaming Gorge. Went up Thursday night and set up my sent, got up at six and had breakfast with everyone else and this one sisters chocolate lab puppy named Coco. She was a cutie, then we went river rafting for three hours and I got burnt on my upper legs and shoulders, and also where my life jacket wasn't covering, so I have three squares going up my side. Lol and we also roasted a whole pig. When we got up in the morning, we placed a bunch of big logs in the fire put and then piled a bunch of river stones on top of the wood. Lit that up and had o fan the flames for two hours until the stones became white hot. Then we took the wood out that wasn't burnt, and placed some wet cabbages and corn husks over the stone. Then the pig, some time foil, burlap sacked, and carpet of the pig to keep in the moisture, then we buried the pig with dirt to stop the steam from escaping.
And I came home yesterday. But while we were river rafting we saw a bunch if rainbow trout which made me mad because I didn't have my fishing pole with me.
Well that covers my week my friend I hope you are having fun and still enjoying being a missionary.
 Love you buddy.
dang sounds like you had a great time my man! :) you roasted a whole pig?!?!  lucky!!!!  dang that's quit the adventure!!  meet any new friends?  girls?;) ha-ha   I hope your coming week is as good as your last week! :) ha-ha  you need a little fishing pole to put your pocket to have at all times!  ha-ha :)   I love you Jordan and I hope you  have a safe a fun week  love elder weaver

This week was good!! It seemed really long! Tried any new foods?? Do you have any new dress codes??this week for football we start doing helmets and shoulder pads so that we can get acclimated to the heat and what not.. Saturday night I went to the Roy days fireworks and they were so amazing!! The whole Roy days week kicked terrace days and south Ogden days butt!! It was so awesome! I'm doing good and our first game is in 19days! I can't wait! Hope you're having a good time! Love ya Jace
new foods yes  but I don't know what they are called  they're Jamaican foods and Africans foods  so I can't pronounce them or say them  :)  but they are good eatin!! :)  ha-ha  as far as new dress codes  we haven't had any new instructions on what to wear and what not to wear...  but we have a meeting this Saturday after the temple :)  where we should get instruction about new stuff and also maybe learn about the face book stuff we can do   but not too sure yet  ill keep you updated tho :)I miss the first few days in pads  :):)  aahh  I feel like uncle reco right now  cause I'm reminiscing about the good ole days :):)   well my man good luck and be safe and keep working hard!! :)   I love you bud and I'm excited for you too about football :)   I love you  love elder weaver

Hey how are you? I'm good! I'm loving sand ridge so much! This week was Roy days and we had a booth to raise money to get new helmets and Saturday I was away from home for about 14 hours :) registration Is this week school starts soon :/ already buying school clothes how often do you write in your journal? Jerico is still a live!!!!!!!!! :) the fireworks at Roy days are the best !! Love Jax

I'm good how are you? :)  I write in my journal every night!  I've been praying and expecting miracles in my days and I've been seeing them!  :)  so I write them down and make sure I remember them so I can talk about them at a later date ;)  how often do you write in your journal? :)  I'm glad and excited your liking sand ridge so much and having a good time there :)  how is football going? :)   you making some good friends? :)   what classes do you wanna take?  :)  been on any dates?;)  ha-ha jk  that's not you! :P  not yet anyways ha-ha   I love you Jax and thanks for letting me know the dog is still alive :)    love elder weaver

Dad-ok so first off  there is a guy who lives above us named Lawrence Jackson  he plays football for Georgia tech!!!:):):):):):):)    he's an awesome man!!   anyways he came to church yesterday and said he really liked it and it's the first time he hadn't felt the need to nod off or fall asleep :)  he said he likes how everything is explained until everyone understands and no one is left behind in the conversations we have :):):)  he said that if everyone would just live their lives according to the Book of Mormon everyone would be so much happier and life would be easier :):):):)   I'm so excited to keep teaching him and talking with him about football  he says  if my size can move as fast as I do,  I can bring a little hurtin on the people I come in contact with :)  made me smile and my chest puffed up a little :)    before church started  he said  guys  I don't have a tie...  we were like no problem we have tons  so we got one liked  and he says  guys...  I don't know how to tie a tie...  my comp didn't know how to explain it to him  so I did   and I almost cried because I still remember when you taught me how to tie my ties...  and that's how I showed him...  :')  don't cry dad ;)
dang your tire blew out on the ride home?!?!  that's weird!!  I'm glad y'all are safe and everything is going good for ya! :)  what kind of jobs are coming up? :)can't cant believe how far things have com since this time last year!!  I feel like it's all been a dream!...  kinds sad too...    I hope cooper the best  I hope he can get into a good group of kids and turn his life around  that would be good for him and his family...   dad I love you very much and hope you have a great week riding and working and playing around :)   tell rob I say hi :)   I love you  dad  have a good week   love me your son   elder weaver

Mom-comp is good :)  I'm gonna talk to him about the money stuff ;)  the work is going great!!  I told dad an awesome story you should read and maybe put on fb :) I don't think I need anything as of right now....  did you ever send a package?...   if not don't :)  if so ok :)  but I was just wondering  and I keep my package at home to send  so I haven't sent it yet tell the boys I'm sorry...   I will looking for the new card  and I can't remember the pin...  sorry :/   I'm glad your preparing for a ride and your enjoying the preparation :)  I hope your safe tho!1  be careful and fun ridding!  are you doing it by yourself or with a friend? :)     yes still in car :)  I'm going to the temple Saturday :)  if I do anything for y'all while I am there let me know real quick...  please.   I love you so much mom  :)   could you send me a pic my baby picture of me in the tub with my hair up and no teeth smile :):)  please ?  thanks   I love you mom and I hope you have a good week :)   love your son  elder Jace weaver

Mckayla and Kelli  the girls who were baptized  that I helped teach  they were being awkward  so I did a  funny/  serious smile  ha-ha  


we caught some fish last week and put in the tub for a few hours before we gutted them  :)  but we had to throw them away  we had nothing to cook em with... hopefully we get more today :)
 Elder Williams  :)  still super tall! (Elder Williams is a friend of Jacer's from our stake, they affectionately called him "Tree" because so tall, had fun playing lots of basketball with boys... He came home this past July....

 we found a giant pine cone one day while we were tracting :)  so I took a pic with it :)

Comp took camera and kept taking pictures....shout out to coach Womack.....Junior High football coach, loved him!
Hair cut looks good, comp did a good job!
look up a talk by Elder Corbridge  called  the fourth missionary   its a great talk!!!

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