Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Moroni 8:3

This last week was or last week of conditioning... And now we are into two a days... Holy cow.... It's goin fast! I'm excited for this week! I have to talk next Sunday on missionary preparation...ha any thoughts? To help a brada out? Ha
Any new foods this time? And have you started doing Facebook stuff yet?! School starts in a week and two days.. Not very excited for that... But I am excited for football games! I just want them to be here already! Ha
I got me some new cleats... I like them, and they help out with a lot of ankle support! Also fine says hi and he asks about you quite a bit.. So he misses ya.. Ha
Hope things are good! I miss ya lots... Are you using a car now and driving or just on foot?
-love ya -Justin
 Here is my schedule for school...I'm excited about it I think it will be fun!

Justin-reading the book of Mormon and bible and having a understanding about them both  and how they complement each other and why they fit into one unified testimony of Christ  and knowing the basic info in preach my gospel,  being able to be confident and tell people what they need to hear,,  also being in tune with the spirit is the biggest part of missionary work  so while your home make sure you only doing things that will allow you be able to hear  the spirit talking.. :)    no new foods yet....  or using facebook either  but we should start soon I think...  I'm not too excited for you starting school either ;)  ha-ha   but it's good for you  and I'm so pumped for your football season Justin you don't even know!! :)   hey do you remember the talk given at general conference about not being required to serve right when your 18  you can still do some schooling and get a little maturity under your belt before you leave..  have you thought about that?     ankle support is good  are they light too?  send me a pic of em :)  tell fine I say hello back :)  and I'm doin good :)  I miss him as well;)  I miss you too my man :)  and yes I'm still in a car but we drive to one spot and walk a lot  to talk to people and save miles and gas :)   I love you man and I hope your safe in all that you do :)  love  elder weaver

Dad- I asked him if I could give him my film and he pass it on to the coach and said  well it wouldn't hurt...  :D  ha-ha  thank you so much dad for the love you give me,  I'm glad work is still keeping up and things are staying busy :)  we are still working with the G tech guy but he just a new job and worked yesterday  but he said he is asking for Sundays off now so he can come to church :)  so that's good!  and we also met a lady by the name of Cindy Thomason  who was very nice and accepted to be baptized on the 31 of this month :):)  and we just her the one time  and she would like to come to church and get to know how we do things better and grow more :)  and we knocked on her door looking for someone else who was not home and she came after  another guy who wasn't interested but still let us into his house to pray with him and he didn't want to accept anything we were doing or saying or even look at our web site  he said if it's not in my bible I won't look into it...   kinda got my spirits down then we left and met Cindy who picked my spirits right back up again!! :)  so it was a good week :)   I wouldn't mind getting quotes from you :)  dad you help me a ton!  don't you go get down on yourself!  smile and be happy that you played a major role in my life to get me to this point I'm at now!  so smile and say I helped my son become who he is :):):)   I can change my stars ;)  thanks dad  I love you much and I hope you have a good week and be safe working :)  love your son elder weaver

I've got a dream! Ha ha tangled!! So we fed the missionary's and they took all the corn :/ and made fun of me when we took them home it was funny though! Love football my camp starts his week! Any cool cars? Can't wait for Utah football to start and hope. Can go see a couple of games! Love you love Jax

I got a dream I got a dream I got a dream :)   nice bro :)  we tend to eat a lot of corn :/  sorry man  why where they making fun of you?  camp starts??  are you excited or what?!?!?!?!?!?!?   I am!!!!!!!!!!!!   :):):)  we see cool cars all the time  but I can never get my camera out to take a pic  because we are driving too and the cars are super fast and just drive by us like we are standing still... we  see a lot of nice motorcycles too!!  :)  makes me smile and think of the dunes cause they sound like dads bike  so cool :):)  I hope you see some games too Jax :)  and go talk to Kyle and tell him you wanna play there in a few years :)  ha-ha   love you bud  have a good week and be safe ok :)   love elder weaver  

Hey there my friend! How are you doing this week? Any new adventures that happened or new investigators that you love and would like us to pray for? I've had a good week, one sister from the Spanish branch called me and asked me to go out and make a bid for her for a sprinkler system in her yard. And also my friend AJ called me and asked me to go to his parents house to give them a bud for a flagstone patio :-) so I'm getting lots of reactive in landscaping wise and still having a ton of fun working with dad. I've been fishing a lot over the past few weeks, and haven't really caught anything, course I've been fly fishing in rivers and not just casting in ponds like we've normally done lol. But I still have a ton of fun being outside and just enjoying the outdoors.
I've put a message. That I learned in priesthood today and felt that it would help you to in the mission and also for any of the men in your ward in need a kick in the pant so help out with the work ;-) lol
President Snow taught that our callings in the church are opportunities to "assist in the redemption" oh God's children.
.......We have the same Priesthood that Jesus had, and we have got to do as He did, to make sacrifice of our own desires and feelings as He did, perhaps not to die martyrs as He did, but we have got to make sacrifices in order to carry out the purposes of God, or we shall not be worthy of this Holy Priesthood, and be Saviors of the world. God intends to make us Saviors not only of many that now dwell on the earth, but of many in the spirit world: He will not only place us in a position to save ourselves, but he will make us competent to assist in the redemption of many of the offspring of the Almighty.
Well I love you buddy and hope that you are still enjoying what you are doing :-) have a good week and keep working hard!
Love Jordan

Jordan-I'm doing good how about you?  wow thank you for that quote!...  that was good  I will definantely share that that with our lazy men ;)  ha-ha  thank you!  well I'm glad you're having  a good time with working and what not and also that you are getting experience in your own field of expertise :)   keep up the good work my friend   I love you jord and I hope you have a good week love elder weaver

Mom- I don't have new card yet...  but ill inform you as soon as I do:) I hope you have fun on your bike ride :)  temple was amazing!!  y'all need to go soon if you haven't!!  they have a new movie  all I'm gonna say :):)  WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   we didn't get anything about fb yet,,, he doin good  he is transferring from another school and he might red shirt cause he's coming off an ankle injury...   thanks for the prayers :) I miss sweet Bete like crazy too!!  have you been talking with her on fb?...  I will send her a message :)   we kinda resolved the money stuff  but I will make sure we are on the same page :) we eat really good :)   ____________  I love you so much mom and read Moroni 8:3 ;)  it's for the family and everybody :)  I'm glad you had the chance to talk the twice on Sunday :)  you have a great testimony and knowledge of things  and you should share them more often :)   I love you mom and I hope you know that :)   love your son  elder weaver     _____________

"Moroni 8:3 I am mindful of you always in my prayers, continually praying unto God the Father in the name of his Holy Child, Jesus, that he, through his infinite goodness and grace, will keep you through the endurance of faith in his name to the end."

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