Thursday, October 3, 2013

Mole update

Got a call from Jace today October 3, 2013 in the afternoon.  He had a mole biopsy about two weeks ago and they called and said that there was an abnormality.  Today he went back in and the doctor told him it is melanoma, she took more from the area, his upper, inner thigh.  He said the scar is 3 inches long, had 4 stitches inside and 7 outside, he said don't worry Mom they gave me something to cover myself up. :) The doctor said they will run tests and let him know when results are back, but for him to come back in two weeks to have stitches removed.
She asked them about their missions and they told her about not listening to the radio while out, about leaving home, and serving and she thought it was quite admirable. :) Jace was in very good spirits, he didn't seem to be to worried, I asked what we could do for him and he said nothing, just pray and then asked what he could do for us....
so difficult because I feel very helpless, I know he is in God's hands just wish I could be there to hold his hand sometimes!
Sweet Carol Boles and family had him over for dinner last night and she sent this picture with the following....."He has a happy plate so clean even our dog was mad, lol" "We are praying for him, he is awesome"
Thanks Carol for being there when I can't-Love you to you and your wonderful family! God bless!

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