Monday, October 7, 2013

new address....

Mom-___________. we emailed early because we had a zone p day and we had a long drive to go so we emailed a little early.. we just played some games as a zone   capture the flag and had a fun little race we did as teams :)  nothing is changing for transfers we are both staying together..  I'm alright with it.. :)  we watched conference at our building :)  just the missionaries  we eat at members homes most every night  just when we are with her she takes pics :) send mail to 431 Kirkland Rd. apt #6112 Covington, GA 30016    :) I haven't spent birthday money yet. don't know what to buy. ha-ha it is cooling down here :)   but we have to wear jackets outside now when its cooler then 75...  I don't like that....   
love you mom  have a good week and be safe  :)  love elder weaver

    It was great to talk to you last week you sound good, and upbeat. Do you have any concerns about your leg anything you want to talk about or we can help you with. Is it healing ok can you send us a pic without getting to personal, we understand if you can't. Let us know what we can do.
     Did you enjoy conference? Any talk touch your heart, or build you up tell us what you think or felt. I thought it was a great weekend good talks great spirit and with most of my fam good for me. Little football and gospel how could it be better?
     Things here are good still have work still bidding a lot which is good for this time of the year. And lot of talk about future work. So that always nice.
     So more about you do you like your new pres better than your old pres and why or why not? Do you have any new investigators ? How's Larry?
      I know you have been working hard and I'm sure proud. Keep it up! You are amazing. And with The Lords help you can do anything. Stay positive, be happy have fun love you.
                                                              Love you dad

Dad-____________ I loved conference :)   I had a couple talks I liked :)  but I couldn't take notes on anything because when we were about to leave a ball was being tossed around our apartment and hit a cup of water and went all over my note book....  so I have no note from conference......:(  kinda upset about it ....   found out about transfers I'm staying :) and so is my comp..   so my mailing address if y'all wouldn't mind posting it on the blog is 431 Kirkland Rd apt #6112  Covington, GA 30016 :)  I do like the new pres more  just because I've the chance to get to know him more and better and we see him monthly when we go to the temple so I understand him and his views and the things he is trying to do :)   we have a few more new ones :)    Larry is alright   found out last night why we haven't seen him...  he was walking home few weeks ago and someone went to jump him and ended up shooting at him and this all happened by our complex late at night....  so he is looking at house down the road a little bit to move into   but he is still in our ward boundaries and wants us to start visiting him more that's good :)  tonight we have a lesson with a  girl some members tried to set up with Larry   but he never came to dinner.  she is awesome   she said she won't switch churches but she wants to keep learning about the church and took a book of Mormon and set up out next appointment and dinner with those members again :) so we are kinda excited about that :)   love you dad hope you have a good week and take of yourself and the family :)   love elder weaver

Hey how are you? I'm good! I started middle linebacker Friday against Roy Jr because someone got in a fight and very one that was there had to sit the first quarter. What and who was your favorite talker? My was Uchtdorf in the priesthood session. Thanks for the hat and bag and ticket I love them all! :) love you, love Jax have a good week! :)

Jax-I'm good :)  way to go bud :)  how was the game ? :)     they got in a fight?  really?  crazy :)  ha-ha    I liked pres Uchtdorfs too :)   love you Jaxman  take it easy and be safe   love elder weaver

Hello there Elder Weaver! How is your week going? Mine has been great! I really enjoyed general conference and the talks that the brethren gave during priesthood session. I really enjoyed the first Presidencies messages during priesthood session. I especially loved president Uchtdorfs talk about picking ourselves up and dusting ourselves off after we've fallen.
Well I love you bud, sorry don't really have much to say this week. Keep working hard. Love you.
Love Jordan.

Jordan-my week is going pretty good :)  love you too Jord  be safe and take care of yourself :)    how's Emily doin?  talk to you next week   love elder weaver

Hey hey!!! My week was good! We beat Ogden this week, we won 63-21 we didn't play any starters in the second half.. I hate blow out games like that, there no fun.. But this week the varsity has a buy but our jv and sophs play Syracuse on Wednesday.. So that'll be fun to watch then the next week we play Bonneville for our senior night!!! I'm gonna have chandler come down and be a part of it like you had him... So that'll be fun!! :) how's the leg and stitches?? Does it itch?? I got 67 yards in the game with only 5 carries... And didn't play any defense because Jones wanted me to be all better for Bonneville and sky view.. My favorite talk from priesthood session was president  uchtdorf because he talked about the Devine potential that we all have and that we are better and stronger than any of us can even imagine... So that gave  me a ton of confidence! What was your favorite talk?? I love ya Jace! And hope everything is good and your healing well! Keep it up!
-love Justin

Justin-dang kiddo!!   that's a good game ;)  ha-ha   good job on your yards :)  have you heard from any colleges yet??...  are you getting stuff ready to send out? :)    glad your healing and getting better for Bonneville.    heal up and get ready for the game of your life!  :)  I'm excited for you!!  I think I may be more excited than dad ;)  ha-ha   I saw bro Peterson from Roy seminary in the choir on Saturday session and the twins...   Erickson twins   idk their names.....  :)   my favorite talk....  that's hard to choose...   I like the general message I got from it tho to be your best and never give and you can always repent of the things you've done and move on in life and not let those things weigh you down :)   love you Justin :)    hope you have a good one be safe  love elder weaver

Keeping him in our every thought and prayer, thanks for all of yours and for putting his name in the temples, I called 10 this morning, :) faith not fear!!!

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