Monday, October 21, 2013

no more tracting soon....

Hey how are you? :) I'm good! My week was good! :) we beat Orion! I got to play a lot on offense and defense! I got a lot of yards and a extra point! We saw caption Phillips! It's about a boat captain that had his ship taken over by sea pirates and he got taken prisoner and the navy seals and navy came in and got him it was a pretty cool movie! ;) what time do you wake up? What do you do on P days? What time do you go to bed? What do you usually eat for breakfast and lunch and dinner? How big is the young men's program in your ward? Is scouting big to? Do you go to any young men meetings during the week? Do you play any sports with them? How many young men do you know? Love you love Jax
Jax- I'm good my man how are you? :) nice work on the game  how many tackle did you have? :)   how many yards? :)   dang sounds like your getting a lot more playing time :)  good job your extra point! :)  dang that sounds like a way good movie :)  I wake up at 6:25  what time do you wake up? :)  we email and shop and go the stake center and play basketball or other games or sometimes just chill and talk about things  maybe sleep a little bit ;) ha-ha  breakfast I just do cereal  lunch is left overs so whatever we ate the night before  and then members feed us every night so it changes  but we eat a lot of good food :)  it's not too big  they have more young men then y'all do back home tho..  ha-ha  scouting is pretty big yes :)  we do not go to young men meetings unless we get invited to :)  we don't play sports with em :/ I know almost all of em cause I've been here for so long ;) ha-ha   I love you too bud  have a good week and good luck with school and football :)  I love you   love elder weaver

Mom-thank you for her address :)  how is the Patton family doing? :)  I got the pic of senior night :)  I sure do miss it....... dang that's a good looking group of people :)  I'm glad chandler is able to have these experiences with us :') I hope he knows and understands how much it meant to me to have him down there with me...   we didn't have the super big thing last week it's this Saturday so I didn't see anyone from the mission on Thursday..  I ended up taking the stitches out myself the night before   we had to be at the meeting from 10 am to 830 pm  so we were there all day....    but I'm ok we did everything clean-ish :P  ha-ha  no return visit and my leg is fine :)   the _______ are doin good ______ is having some problems  so we gave her a blessing last night and that was an amazing experience to be a part of..  we still talk with Cindy we haven't been able to see here in awhile  so we are going to try and see her this week   Larry is ok  we don't talk to him  he never calls us back  or answers our calls and we never see him anymore cause he is working two jobs...   but a lot of people are asking about him and how's he is doin.. so hopefully he will get back to knowing his priorities here soon..  no pics today I forgot the cord.... but I have some funny pics :):)  I think y'all will like em :)  its getting cold here too.. kinda no fun :/ ha-ha :) my other clothes are working great for me :) I did like the shoes for as long as I've had em :) they are comfy and work really well :)  I did get grandma pats package and of course I share the stuff I get! :) why wouldn't I?...  I'll be alright without a pocket pmg   thanks tho :) I love you mom and I hope you have a good week and are safe in all your activities :)   let me know if there's anything I can do for y'all (besides send pics, sorry I forgot  I was even thinking about this morning too)    I love you mom   love elder weaver
Please tell Grandma Pat thanks so much for the package! We all love it!

(I shortened Jordan's letter to Jace, there was alot of great stuff he learned in priesthood that he shared....)He gives us a knowledge of what we shall do, inasmuch as we are willing to sacrifice our lives rather than go contrary to that knowledge. He opens to us the secrets of the celestial kingdom, and he is constantly communicating to us things that we never knew before. This knowledge and intelligence is growing upon us continually."
Just some stuff I liked from priesthood today. It's been a slow week, but a fun one. Both Justin and Jax are in the playoffs :) Jax is in first seat so we are excited about that. Just chilling watching Holes with the rest of the family. Went and saw Captain Phillips Friday night and it's a great movie. 
That's all I really got this week my friend. Love you and hope all is going well with you.
Love Jordan.
Jordan-make a list of movies that you like and when I get home we will have to watch em ;)  ha-ha   have a good week Jordan and thank you for the words of inspiration :)   I love you and hope this week is a little more exciting than your last one ;)   love you bud   love elder weaver

life is so good dad thank you :)   Thursday was good  no we didn't go to the temple.. and yes I took my stitches out myself with fingernail clippers and a sewing needle  and the area is good :)   my leg is completely fine :) ______________________  I like all the missionaries I'm serving around they are all great men  one is from Alaska his comp is from Texas waiting for visa to go to Brazil  my comp from Utah  other elders are from Utah as well...and I'm from Utah too :) we kinda do splits  not really tho  we don't do them too often or for too long.   I can see me caring people across the river :) and spreading the good news even when people don't want it ;)  which is often but oh well :)  I thank you for all the prayers and love y'all send me thank you very much :)  I'm glad work is looking good and things are staying lined up for you. I hope and pray everything will continue to do so :)     I love you very much  dad and I miss you    love elder weaver
 ps  I got a letter in the mail from coach Fitz from SVU  he said  he hopes I'm doin well and he hopes to get me back playing for him in 2015.  that made me feel kinda good :)

How has your week been? Anything new and crazy happening? This past week we played Bonneville and we won 55-20 our starters didn't play the second half.... I had 114 yards on 5 carries... So it was a good week! This week we play sky view and then the playoffs!! I'm pretty excited!! :) we also have Sadie's this week on Saturday and I'm hoping that'll be pretty fun! :) I hope things are going good!! The Bingham's had to put boon down.... :( :( but Jerico is doing pretty well! So... Things are good for me! Love ya Jace!

Justin- my week was good how was your week? :) we found out this week that we are no longer knocking on doors.  no more tracting!  and that will take effect in all of north America here soon..  we are going to be doing more member work and less active work and asking for referrals all the time!  so we have to learn new finding activities and testify more of the sacrament when we are visiting less active members :)   so that all should be fun :) way to go on the game my man!!!!!   that's awesome :) you crazy running back you!!   you look good in your pic!  you look pretty tone and healthy!  :)  I'm crying a little bit ;') ha-ha  good luck this week in your game and don't forget what you've been working so hard for! :)  have fun at the dance my man and be you   just have fun :)  that's sad boon had to go...   glad jerico is doin good tho!! :)  I love you bud  and I hope you have a good week and have the health and strength you need to continue in all that you are doing  love elder weaver  

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