Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dad-Yes, I think we can get the ward motivated enough to get things moving in a good direction.  I'm ok with the no tracting  its just we need to find our inv through members now and inv and recent converts now.  So we testify of the sacrament and how it blesses lives of being able to be baptized again and again weekly through the sacrament.  Things are getting better :)  Life is good thank you :)  I am happy and I hope you are too :) I am still growing and I don't know everything, I am still learning :) ha-ha  thank you for the quote I will read that chapter now and get insights from it ;) I love you dad and I hope you have a good week   love elder weaver

Mom-weeks are going faster it seems like...   ha-ha its crazy how fast seasons go by..I miss playing ball....  I was pretty excited when I got the letter from Fitz. :) last week was good,  leg is healing fine Saturday was good, I did see lots of friends,  I can't give you details, its confidential missionary only info ;);)  ha-ha  jk  I'll tell you next week about it when I have my notes with me, sorry mom,  but I do have some pics today...  mom  don't worry about the shoes its fine :) work is going good :)  no tracting has been in play since when we saw Elder Evens...   I do still need bike, another elder in our apartment is riding it now because he is waiting for visa to Brazil and I'll still need if I go to a bike area to get around places.. these pics are sunsets and I have more coming of my face ;) no worries :) ha-ha  I love you mom very much  and I miss you   I hope you have a good week   oh and I have an appointment tomorrow to have a guy look at my wisdom teeth  just to look.   I'll let y'all know as soon as possible about what is going on.   love elder weaver

brother Payne gave me this suit because it doesn't fit him anymore I like it too, its blue :) 

found lizards, decided to test our costumes for Halloween….

Having difficulties uploading pictures...I will add when I figure computer out!  Boys letters not sent to our email....I'll load them soon also!

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