Tuesday, November 12, 2013

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Jordan-hey there :)   the preaching goes good :) I'm glad you're still happy and things are going good for you :):)  dang that sounds like a pretty fun date :)  how's Brady doin? :)   which did you like better a district or zone leader?...  are you and dad serious about getting some guns that make load noises?;)   keep helping Jax with his spanish cause he will need it for his mission ;)  ha-ha   love you Jordan  have a good day  and week   love elder weaver

Jax-I'm good :)  how are you?:)   my week was good!  I'm glad you had a good week :)   I would get lost around Roy high when I was first going there so no worries bud :)  ha-ha  congrats on your first palm!!!!  that's awesome my man  now you just need two more and your done :)  my favorite comp would have to be elder hales :)   we had a lot in common and we got along really well :)  I'm not too sure what the funniest thing is from the mission yet...  seeing some people dress up for Halloween that was pretty fun :)  I do sometimes get scared when I go into people's homes  but I remember Joshua 1: 9 ;)  then I'm not too scared anymore :) ha-ha  I love you Jax man   love elder weaver

Mom-my teeth are healing fine  most of the stitches have come out already. last night was bad  I had a super bad head ache and I couldn't sleep and I felt really sick to my stomach...  but I'm good now tho :)  swelled up pretty good :)  ill send some pics next week of my fat face ;) I hope that those are the only three things I have to go through for a while!   melanoma is good healed all up no more spot we are clear :)  no I do not need to schedule a follow up for my teeth I'm good to go.
 yes the things carol is send y'all are things I've accumulated over time   some of them I would to save and just have as memories  but the boys can set up the speakers and use it for an I home or something like that..   Jordan is still included as a boy;)  save the sword for me tho please and the poster of me is from the Rodriguez family up in Athens  they gave that to me the day before I left..
I'm glad the boys like the hats and watches  does Justin wear his watch very much? I tried to make it smaller but I couldn't do it.. has he gotten it to fit yet?... the temple was good  felt really good and enjoyed it  I didn't really pay attention in the zone the training I was on my meds...  hahaha I had a good time tho ;)   no nothing new as far as zone stuff .
Berkeley is already going a mission?!?!   wow that's crazy!!   good for him he will like Tennessee its beautiful there :)   I haven't written Devin   I think he is already in the mission field...  I can't remember where he is tho...    this week we are going to do more work than we did last week...  because the meds I had it made me really relaxed and I could fall asleep anywhere and I did...  I slept a lot last week  Friday was the first day we were able to get out and do work, and it felt good to get out and work because we were stuck in the apartment forever...  so the person we have on date for the 26th is Bree, he is 15 yrs old and likes football  we are going to have to move his date back because he didn't make it to church yesterday so we need to get into contact with him and we are going to today to see if everything is ok.   he thought I played football for auburn university  I told him I wouldn't mind playing for them!! :)  he asked for the coaches number and I told him I could give him the one for SVU and he can talk with people from there.. I liked those lizard pics :)  I thought they were funny :)  well mom I love you too and thank you for everything  sorry for all the confusion about my teeth stuff I hope I t didn't cause y'all more stress or anything...    I love you very much   love elder weaver  3 Nephi 13:21  read  whole chapter but have 21 in your mind ;)

Dad-my face is good :)  I am back on my feet thank you :)   I did go to the temple and I loved it very much :)   so last week we couldn't do a whole lot because the drugs made me really relax and sleepy  I kinda do miss them a little bit :)  I'm thinking about sending my teeth home so y'all can see how they are?  and I could only keep two because on had to be broken to be pulled out  so I might sign em over to you and mom and have y'all make necklaces and or rings out of em and wear them in remembrance of me ;) ;)  ha-ha   how does that sound? :)  how was the Weber state game was it good to watch? :)   did you tell any of the parents that you have a son who might come back and play for them? ;) I can't get the article to pull up  but I will keep trying  :)   I am still happy_____________________... yes still growing :)   the members are getting more and more excited :)   I will remember to love everyone :)  no worries :) love you dad and I hope work is still going good for you and your having a lot of success :)  love your son  elder Jace Weaver
Justin's letter didn't go thru….

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