Monday, November 18, 2013


Hey!! Sorry about last week! It didn't send.. How have ya been? Anything new going on? I don't really have anything new going on.. Ha we have our football banquet on Tuesday I'm pretty excited for that! I got second team linebacker and something else but I can't remember what it is.. Ha  life is going pretty great! I hope you are having a good time and making it out to be what you want it!
Love Justin
no worries about last week my friend :)  I'm glad you're doing good tho :) I found out I'm getting transferred to a new area and sisters will be replacing elder holt and myself.  so we have to leave all of our investigators....  hopefully the sisters keep the ball moving ;)   hey good job on second team linebacker!!!  that's better then what I did!!   way to go bud :)   I'm proud of you :)   I hope you have a good time at your banquet Tuesday and I hope you have a good week and take care of yourself :)  I love you Justin  love elder weaver

Hey there Elder Weaver! How's your week going so far?
Mines been going pretty good. Works been good, hopefully we will have a lot of work coming up. With developing 3 subdivisions we should be busy and it should be a lot of fun. I had a lot of fun being district and zone leader. I liked being a zone leader more because I got to travel more and I had more contact with other missionaries. It was funner to see the success of my zone, and also being able to teach the zone elders every three weeks was a huge blessing.
Me and dad like listening to the guns at the gun range. But we don't plan on buying any lol. We are selling the four wheelers, and the trailer. I've got them listed on Face book.
That's all I got for you buddy. Me and Em are still dating and having fun. But no new news there lol. Love you Jacer.
Love Jordan
my weeks been pretty good :) nice I hope y'all are staying busy!!   how's your landscaping stuff going for your own business Jordan?  are you still doin work like that trying to get a company established?   NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!........  YOU CANT SELL THE FOUR WHEEELERS1!!!       dang it :(    can we at least keep dads?  I'll take dads!!  :):)    come on  save that one for me at least??.....  I love you Jordan   I hope you have a good week and a good day take care my friend  love elder weaver   

Hey how are you? I'm good! How was your week? Mine was great! What do you do in your apartment when you have nothing else to do? Me and Justin got to the stake park and play some catch and get in condition again! I'm saving my money for Christmas and I'm hoping I can get a new iPod with my own money buy Christmas! I got some really cool head phones that have the Utah logo on them and I got them for 10.00$!!!! :P love you love Jax
I'm good how are you my man? :)   my last week was good :)   well we aren't really in the apartment too much  so when we are there  we either eat dinner or lunch  study  in the morning   start laundry  clean up a bit and sometimes we just sit and talk about whatever comes up. :)   nice work my man  stay in shape and take care of yourself ok?   those sound like some pretty cool head phones :)  ha-ha   I love you bud  love elder weaver

Mom-They do transfers different in this mission,  we won't find out where we are going until Wednesday and same with who our companion is.  we find all that out on Wednesday..  I don't know my new address yet sorry...  I will let you know when I can :)  ill send y'all a letter :)   hush puppies will be fine yes thank you :)  I'm wearing the hush puppies now still :)   so the sword I got from a member who just got home from his mission  and he was moving and was planning on getting rid of it  so he said who wants this  and my comp said what is it?  he said a sword and as he asked who wants it  I sarcastically said I do as I was walking out of the house with box to put into the moving truck. and I didn't hear what it was  so as I go back in  I see it's a sword and I'm oh cool  where did you get that?  he told me but I can't remember...  and I'm oh  cool, and go back to moving stuff and as we are about to leave he says don't forget your sword... I was like oh...  I was just kidding and he said no please take it,  I don't want it anymore.. so I said ok and took it :)   the speakers are from the apartment they were in my bathroom when I first moved in and they hadn't been used so I put them in the box and set them aside and thought if they work I'll send em home if not ill toss em in the trash.  they worked and so I sent em home :)  I did get some pics with members, but I can't send this week,  I kinda started packing some little things and packed the cord to send pics  sorry :/    my card isn't full yet :)  I need to take more pics tho, because I think I might be able to fit all two years worth of pics on one card...  but I would like to use both..   I'll be thinking about Christmas :)  it is coming way fast!!!  crazy to think it's almost been a full year!!  I'm not sure about my next area,  I find out Wednesday,  I haven't heard anything about it  because I'm not sure I'm going yet.. :)   my teeth feel fine and I am healthy and happy :)   I'll send home the teeth and you and dad can fight over them to see who gets them  or y'all can split them ;)  ha-ha   wow y'all are busy!!  ha-ha   hey tell Maddi congrats for me please, after her play :)   that's awesome that she is singing and what not for her school :)   let her know she is doing a good job from me :)   thanks mom I love you very much and I miss you like crazy have a good week and take care of yourself :)  love elder weaver 
Dad-ya it should be pretty fun I'm pretty excited about transfers :)  I have emailed Alina a little bit,  but she is pretty busy with soccer and school stuff  so it's been awhile  I haven't written coach Fitz back I'm not sure what to say yet...  but I'm planning on it..   so transfers,  we are going to a church building and  we will all sit in the chapel and have a little devotional type thing then pres Harding will stand and start to go through who is going where and who their new companion is  the we switch after he is done  and from there since I moving  my new comp should have arranged for a ride to get come get us and from there we do missionary work and I unpack :)   I learn about people and get to know my comp  so I think it'll be fun  change is always good and I'm excited :)     dad you as well be :D not :(   ha-ha  I'm funny too ;)   love you dad  love elder weaver

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