Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jordan-new comp is good, Elder Jacob Evans,  he's 18 and just got done being trained  I'm his second comp.   I like the area so far but I haven't been able to get a feel for it yet   so I'm still feeling around for potential things to happen   we have a couple of baptism coming up   one for a guy who's been inv for a few months and another soft commitment for the end of Decemberish  so things look good so far..  pray for lil Joe  it'll help a ton    for the holidays we are eating at the second counselors to the bishop and we are playing in a turkey bowl at his house after :)  or before   one of the two   so I'm super excited for that :):)   have fun this Thursday and have fun in Lehi,  tell Emily I said hi :)   love you Jord  have a good day  love elder weaver
Mom-holy questions...   ok  so I'm in summer grove I wrote a letter when I got here and it should get to you today or tomorrow new address is 138 Greison trail # 8003 Newnan GA 30263   I traveled pretty far ya :/   new comp is 18 has been out 3 months  from Nevada just us in apartment  in a car  transfers were ok nothing too exciting no new responsibilities, I'm good  week was good  saying good bye was hard... too hard... pretty happy   yes I feel safe mom :)   no new inv right now but we have a few who are progressing and almost ready for baptism  ward is good  love football so I can connect with a lot of people :) can you include some Christmas cds??   please and thank you I do remember pin but tried to use the other day and it didn't work...  serious?...  wave runners?...    you'll have to tell everyone hi for me and send em all my love can y'all give Quade my email please I need to talk to him..  thank you   I'm planning on burning a shirt  because I have one that is pretty gross ;)  ha-ha thank you very much mom  I hope y'all have a good week and happy thanksgiving to y'all as well :)   if y'all need me to do anything for you please let me know..  I love you and miss you like crazy  have a good day and week   love your son elder weaver  
here some good bye pics...  I hope I answered all your questions today  sorry in a rush kinda short on time...

Dad-I do so far and I think I will while I'm here.. already running invited three people to baptism and they accepted as the read and pray  setting up to see them this week and get thinks going faster :) I feel really good  we have a gym here and we are able to work out   where as in Covington the gym didn't open till 8   so I'm excited and thankful for that I was getting a little flabby but now I'm solid again :)   I didn't get any personal time with him  he was busy training the trainer and leaders so he just told people where they were going then I got  my new comp and we left to work..    we wake up at 6 and work out for 1 hour then we eat breakfast and start studies and while I'm in the shower my comp makes enough breakfast for the both of us  I offer to make it for him but he said he doesn't trust my cooking  so he will just keep making   so I said ok...  we were tracting a new area yesterday after church and a cop stopped us and said what are we doing we told her and she said y'all need to's not a good part of town,  we said ok and she asked if we needed a ride we told her we had a car and that we were ok   she said  ok if anything happens call 911 you don't even have to talk the GPS will track you and we will come find you..  so we left promptly after that :)   pretty intense!! ha-ha    thank you dad for your thoughts and prayers I'm very thankful for all that you do and sacrifice me to be happy and have what I want and need in life thank you very much.  I looooooooooooooooooooooove you too dad :)  love your son elder weaver
talk to y'all next week love you

Chipmunk Cheeks, dang wisdom teeth!  So sorry we couldn't be there for you!!!

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