Monday, January 6, 2014

December 22nd and 30th.....

Merry Christmas.....

Christmas in the Craig's home

I'm good my man how are you? :)  my week was good how was yours?   nothing too crazy. ha-ha  hey my man ill talk to y'all in a few days :)   love you bud  love elder weaver 
Hey hey hey we are on Christmas break!!!! This whole week and part of next week! Saturday I got out the 250 and was pushing it along the side of the motor home because the snow was to deep so I was pushing it and I hit my leg on a barrel and it cut my knee open... About an inch! Ha it didn't hurt but it cut thru my jeans and my knee!!!! Ha I am hopefully going on quite a few dates this week I've talked to some girls and they want to! :) Jericho is doing swell! I love you lots! I'll talked to you more on Christmas!! I hope you have a great one! What are your plans for Christmas?
Love Justin
well the big Christmas break :):)  how is the break so far?   bro send me a pic of the knee!!   I wanna see how bad it is :)   are your jeans gonna be ok? ;)   how was riding?   I hope you have fun on the dates and that you go on many :)  ha-ha I'm glad the dog is doin well :)   I'm looking forward to Christmas :)  we are going to members houses all day and visiting and talking about Christmas and maybe doing some singing.. we don't know ;)  ha-ha   love you bud  talk to you soon :)  love elder weaver 
Mom-WOW the snow flake is super cool  that's a good pic!!!    yes I did get the cards from Grandpa Steve and Granddad and thank you for extra money as well.    I will let sis Craig know that your thankful  and I too am very excited to talk with y'all in 48 hours :)  ha-ha  I love y'all and can't wait for Wednesday   love you mom   love elder weaver 
Dad-just say whatever :) ha-ha  our weather has been really rainy and kinda cold but the past few days have been warm and rainy  so pretty humid as well... :/ I haven't put anyone in jail or leaped over anything too tall this week  but when I do I'll let you know!!!  :)  ha-ha  I can't think of anything specific to talk about for the topic on Christmas.. y'all can write some things down and I will as well and we can go off our scripts :)   lil Joe has been the same  still no contact and his dad still rarely sees him...  so hopefully after the holidays he's more available...  yes we still get along  we don't argue  well we hardly talk  because he is so shy and doesn't like to go out of his comfort zone  he will give me short answers and not really want to talk about it's quite a lot of the times and it kinda sucks....  my neck and back are still really sore the front of my neck now is getting stiff so I think we might talk with sis Craig her sister is a message person and hopefully we can't get something figured out to where she can work on my neck... I think I am falling apart ha-ha   I do miss all the sores and bruises and stuff from ball. I miss playing ball a lot..   some members will look up my highlights on YouTube and watch'em while we are there and I get goose bumps every time I watch it..   I'm not too sure about plans when I get home.  is Jordan taking over the business  or do you not want me to work for you?;)  ha-ha I love you too dad have a good day and ill talk with y'all in a day :)  love elder weaver 

Ward Christmas party, he got a box of cereal....

December 30…
Hey how you doin? How was your week? What did you get for Christmas? What did you do after we talked? What are you doing for New Years? What's your favorite food you have had there? What are you sick of? Do you like your comp? Who's your favorite comp?  Love you love Jax
I'm good how are you? my week was good how was yours? I got some cereal and 4 new ties after we talked we went to another house to eat and spend time with them. then went to another members house and then another ones house then we went home..  we ate all day :(   I wasn't hungry for 3 days after  no joke. we don't have any plans for new years yet  we will probably go out and work and find people to teach. and hopefully people aren't too drunk so we can talk to em ;) ha!   my favorite food I've had since I've been here?...   that's a hard one...  something not fried I know that for sure!!  so if it's not fried ill like it :) ha-ha I haven't had anything super amazing that makes me go crazy but it's all really good food!!  I'm sick of fried foods!!!   almost everything is fried!  I can tell you right now I'm never eating KFC again..I can't do fried chicken anymore... I do like my comp. my favorite comp still id have to say is elder hales!    I love you bud have  good day  love elder weaver  
Dad-it was really good talking with y'all!!!   y'all looked good too, I agree the hug would have been nice. ha-ha the rest of our day went good did nothing but visit members and eat :(   we ate so much food I wasn't hungry for 3 days, I literally had no desire to eat at all!!  still no lil Joe we are still trying though.  it's very hard to work on holidays.  people are  drunk or in the process of getting drunk  they have family over or are going to family and don't want to talk to strangers...  our numbers for the week were pretty bad..  well next in my life I still have  half a mission to serve ha-ha I'm funny ;)  and after that marriage, school, football,  career, kids, retire, party, die,  I think I just planned my life right there ha-ha :)   we have weekly district meeting and zone training meetings monthly and those are sometimes our temple visits. then we have interviews maybe every other transfer  so I won't have one for a while now.  they plan meeting maybe 3 weeks in advance.  they kinda do plan around transfers,  we don't have anyone whose getting ready to be baptized yet  we still need to contact people and get them taught  just pray that we will be able to find those we need too, that would be a big help.  thanks how's brad doing? tell everyone hello back for me please :)  have a good day dad I hope and pray y'all have work and stay busy and safe :)  I miss you a little too..  ha-ha   ok I miss your stinking guts!  ha-ha :)   love you dad   love your son elder weaver 

Mom-well were going to go bird hunting with a less active but he canceled so we were going to say hey and by we will talk later  but we can stay and just email now :)   so here we are :)   ya it was good seeing y'all and I felt family all around me and y'alls love so thank you very much for that :)  the rest of our day consisted of eating and seeing members...    new years sounds like fun for y'all :)   we gave blood the second day I got here and I pumped blood like a champ  the lady had no problem with my veins and I felt good the whole time and seeing my blood didn't bother me at all and the lady wow  that was good for your first time :)   my comp about passed out though when he gave blood and couldn't finish and he had sit in his chair with ice on him for an hour as well he felt really  bad cause he really wanted to help someone else and wasn't able to...   I'm always positive :):)  I haven't set any goals yet but I will and I'll let y'all know :)  my neck and shoulders are alright  still tight from stress,  I have written some things down and I also wrote you and dad a letter! :)   please pray before y'all read it so you understand where I'm coming from. and write me back via snail mail at least for the letter I'm sending y'all.  it'll explain more in the letter its self.   old testament sounds fun!  I hope you enjoy your class  what time for church are y'all changing to?  we are going from 1 o'clock church to 9  which is a great blessing!!   I'm so happy :)   we have a dinner with a family tomorrow night and he used to be a massage person and I'm thinking of asking him for a  little rub down. so hopefully that works!  ha-ha one thing you can do for me is not send any goodies in hump day package!!  just send healthy stuff. I too am going to work on losing weight and I figured I should eating better too ;)  which is hard already when everything here is fried!!  hahaha   :)   I'm excited too for mother's day and I hope you have good day and know I love you always mom   love elder weaver 

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