Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Serving with a smile!

good morning my favorite mom!!  some days seem kinda slow but all in all its going fast!!  I understand about the package and its totally fine whenever it get here it's ok :)   no we aren't doing anything for the holiday today are y'all??  I did get y'alls letters but I haven't had a chance to write y'all back because we've been super busy this week!!!!   we found little Joe again and he still wants to be baptized and is on Saturday!!!  so we are pretty excited we are having 4 baptisms on Saturday and my comp is doin 2 of them and a member is doing the other two.  so we are pretty excited for the coming week..  Jeff and Cibull are doin good.  they didn't come to church with us yesterday  they went to their old church...  but they said they are planning on coming this next Sunday so that's good...   if y'all could pray lil Joe as well that would be  great thank you.  uh oh  I'm glad dad is feeling better and speaking of dad I haven't gotten an email from him yet today...  I'll send the card to ya this week  hmm we have stake conference this week so that'll be fun.   tell rock I said hello back and glad to hear Paige is doin good.    my favorite things so far on the mission are the people we have taught and seen progress investigators and members as well and seeing friendships develop from a simple knock on the door..   worst things would be the pollen and the allergy season and all the fried food...  the hardest part is having people not accept the answer and witnesses they have had to know the truth is right in front of them...   the temple visit was great!!  we had a great time there!!   I can't stand my long hair a member looked up my YouTube videos of football and I miss my short hair dearly...  he didn't say why, my guess is that people would spend most of the time emailing family and not pres  so he gave us all extra time to do both and have time to go into detail for our messages for him.  he hasn't said anything about iming yet..  thing with comp are going ok  nothing new but things are getting better ish...   we are fixing a barb wire fence tomorrow and we help moving people every now and then  not too often tho.. I love you mom and hope you have a good week and are safe in all that you do  love elder weaver  
     Hi Jace how is life good I hope weather looks like it's getting better for you how goes the work ? Are you still learning and having fun? Do you feel that you are growing still spiritually  that is? Do you feel of our thoughts and prayers we sure do think of you a lot and pray for you:)))))
     I have been sick this last week and I hate that but life goes on. I had to meet with stake pres yesterday  and he called me to be high priest group leader in the ward. I know sound too good to be true but it is. I'm one of the youngest in the quorum. But there are some great men with so much life experience. I can't be anything but happy.  So that been my week. Work slow but things to do. Keep us in your prayers. We sure do love you and are so very proud of you hope your happy and healthy. Miss you but will see you soon. It go's so fast don't blink cause it will be over. Enjoy every day LOVE THE TIME YOU GET TO SERVE THE LORD!!!!
                  Smile for me DAD
Dad-life is good thank you dad :)   weather is getting better more sun  but not too much more heat yet..  the work is going awesome!!!  I am still learning and having fun yes.   I am still growing spiritual yes dad  I do feel your prayers and thoughts.. thank you very much :)))   I'm sorry you've been sick dad..  I hope you keep getting better..   high priest group leader?!?!!   very nice!! have fun in there they are just preparing you for when your older..  ha-ha  there are a lot of good guys there I hope your excited!  I am praying for y'all no worries.  thank you dad I am loving this time I have thank you!   love you dad love elder weaver 
Hey there elder weaver! First things first I'll answer your questions from last week. The one religion we dealt with the most was Catholics. We never bible bashed just because it's hard to keep the spirit when you do. And people did have a hard time accepting the Book of Mormon and Joseph smith occasionally. But the biggest problem was people not understanding why they had to be baptized again. They didn't understand that it had to be do e by someone with the proper priesthood authority, when they were of the age of accountability. I hope your investigators are staying strong and that you guys are having done more success and reaping the fruits of your hard labor. I'm looking for a new job to make more money. With you homing home in a year, I'm planning to move out before you get home.
Love you buddy. Keep working hard!
Love Jordan.

Jordan-oh ok   see we don't see too many Catholics here in Georgia...  I've met 3 so far in the past year...   so not too many..   we have the same problem tho with authority for some people.  others  understand it and accept it they just follow all the way through with it..   but we don't try and bash it just happens all that time and things get intense sometimes and people yell at us and what not...  I find it funny tho :):)  hahaha but your 100% right about the spirit not being there when we bash it's sad cause we can feel spirit leave when bashing happens..  so we try to lovingly tell them they are missing out on so much more God has to bless them with..   I see why you are looking for another job..   I'm sorry Jordan I feel like I'm pushing you out of the house.. I'm really not I'm sorry hope I haven't sounded like that all in my emails...  I love you Jordan I hope all the best for you.  love elder weaver 

My week was good!!!! I did get that internship with Ryan and my grades were a 3.891 so not too bad it brought my cumulative gpa up! Just a little! On Saturday we had a combine activity and went sledding.. Me and Jax had a ball it was pretty fun tomorrow I'm going to byu for an art show with my Sunday school class it'll be pretty fun I hope.. How was your week? My favorite is the stripling warriors too! In boys and girls basketball we play Bonneville this week... :))) I think we are gonna kill them! Ha I hope we dooooooo! How many book of Mormons do you think you have placed? And have you had to deal with any animals comin after you?? Ha chandler says hi and he misses you a lot! I hope things are going good! We don't have school Monday because of Martin Luther king day.. Yes!!! So just a four day week! I have seminary twice this semester!!!!! I have bro Peterson 1st and then 8th period I have a peer tutor class and I take my buddy out to seminary and just stay with her.. And we have Bushe's class... So that's pretty cool and fun! I hope you have a great week! Love and miss you
Justin-well I'm glad you had a good week!!!  that's good you got the internship with Ryan.  nice gpa my man!!!!!  that's awesome!!!!   dang busy busy man  art shows  sledding activities  nice work my man  that all sounds like a blast!!  our week was good!!  we were able to find a lot of new people to teach and we found people we were teaching in the past who are still wanting to be baptized!!  we have 4 baptisms this Saturday !!!!   :):)  pretty excited for that :)   nice are you gonna go to the games against Bonneville??  I would say I have passed out close to 200 books of Mormon,  but with so many new missionaries coming in we have been on a shortage of supplies, so we don't get as many to hand out,  now we don't just give them to everyone and anyone  we followed the spirit and give them to good people. :)  we've had a couple dogs come after us but they are on chains and don't get all the way to us but sometimes it's scary and they almost get us :)  ha-ha  tell chandler I said hello back :)  and that I miss him too :)   good for you no school!!  ha-ha  lucky ;)   dang lucky guy  seminary twice  that's awesome my man!!   how do you like the peer tutor class??  I love you too bro and I hope you have a good week  love elder weaver 

Hey how are you? I'm good! My week was pretty good! My team won again! For basketball! We are undefeated 2 and 0!!! :) and not to brag but I think I'm better than other kids because I play with Justin as his friends all the time! And after my games me and Justin play with the elders 2 times a week and I do pretty good but it's hard going from being the biggest kid on my rec team to being that smallest at church ball. But I still try my best and have fun! I'm liking my team a lot! At my last game one of my teammates fell and hit his head of the floor and threw up on the floor a little then he tried to hole it in his mouth with his and... It was so nasty it was running down his jersey and... Just ewwwww.... It was pretty nasssty... But other than that we were pretty good! Love you have a good week! -Jax

Jax-I'm good how are you?  nice work in basketball my man!!!  well playing with Justin and his friends would make you a little better :)  ha-ha  well your 14 playing with men  it's ok.  as ;long as your competing my friend your doin awesome!!  poor kid.  was your team mate ok from hitting his head??   did they clean up the floor???   I love you bud and I hope your doin good and you have good week and school goes good.  are you planning on doin track when the time comes around??   I love you bud   love elder weaver

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