Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year, and Birthdays!

Hey how are you? I'm good! Basketball season starts on Tuesday! Church ball starts and me and Justin are going to play with the elders! Talon is my home teaching companion! The chargers are in the play offs! And they play the broncos next Sunday! What did you do on New Years! Did you stay up? Did you teach at all? Love you love Jax!I'm good how are you?  basketball good stuff  can you dunk yet??  how is talon doing?  is Eric still playing for the chargers?  who is gonna win next week you think? new years we tried to work but no one wanted to talk and they were drinking and we just walked around and talked with members and had some food. no we didn't stay up and we taught some members just read the scriptures with them.  love you too bud  love elder weaver 

 Christmas morning Skype, Jace was very close to the screen :) it's amazing that him being on the screen brought him home for a bit! Makes me miss him more!!!
Love you Jacer, so proud of you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  
I'll blog our phone call soon :)(other two boys write him from their phones now, so I don't have copies to add to blog....)
Mom-sounds good :)   my week was good we found 10 new people to teach and we need now is that they answer the phone.. ha-ha mom imp sorry your sick, are you feeling better now?  how was Jordan's and dads bdays?  did dad just get shoes?  ha-ha  some youth in the ward asked me if they could call y'all and sing happy birthday to dad :)   I thought that was kinda funny :)  I have no idea how they knew it was dads b day..  I told them they will have to wait and ask me later,  so dad might getting a call from some of the ;youth in my ward here singing happy birthday to him :)  imp glad chandler and dad had fun playing connect, what games did they play?  how is chandler doing?  sister Vaughn is a lady in the ward she is the missionary grandma and loves having us over, her husband isn't a member but he like the missionaries too and he's a nice guy he likes Georgia tech a lot and football in general so I get update from him sometimes. :)  ha-ha  it is very cold we stay warm at night  I myself don't get too cold at night I have two blankets and stay warm  during the day I kinda bundle up because the wind factor freezes you to the bone..  but it's all good :)  I don't mind it :) I'm glad work is picking up!!  that's good any fun exciting jobs lined up?  anything big?  no we haven't gone bird hunting yet, still waiting for him to call us and set up another day, he has falcons and owls that he won't feed for about a week and they will go out and hunt squirrels  or rabbits :)  so imp kinda excited for it!!   I don't know about the w2 thing that's weird.. I was gonna save 30% on pants I bought from there and I was signing up for it and it said I needed to have an income so it canceled cause I don't have an income..   but I still saved 15 %  :)  pretty cool  
so far for this week I am going on exchanges tonight with the district leader and teaching some people he and his comp found that live in our area  so he's handing them off to me and me and my comp will keep teaching them. as far as anything else we are going to the temple Wednesday and imp so excited about that!!!!!!!!  cant wait. I do still have the jump rope and still use it thank you :)  imp not sure of anything y'all can send I don't really need anything..   thank you tho!  if I think of anything ill let y'all know :)  if y'all could pray for Greg Shellnut and a woman named Jill and her daughter's. that would be great thank you and I'll let you know next the names of the people we will see tonight so y'all could pray for them as well if you wouldn't mind?.  D&C 82:10 ;)  thanks mom I love you and I hope and pray you get better and you have a good week.  love elder weaver

Dad-the new year is treating me great!!  we found 10 new people  to teach last week!  we have set goals as a companionship and we are both doing good on them.  as far as mission goals imp not sure what or if they set any last year, but a mission goal we have and I think it's just a motto  but its every soul find a soul  so two baptisms a month per companionship. I think that's a good goal and imp exited to be working towards it :)  now of course we haven't hit that as a companionship yet  but I think we will and I hope and pray my comp will develop the faith to do so with me.  I did not bear my testimony yesterday I was puking all morning and was really sick for church  head ache  tired  puking, I wasn't feeling it yesterday. I didn't want to puke over the pulpit..   but we stayed all 3 hours and I think it was good we did..   ya it would be a little embarrassing to have my dad have to come down and spank me cause I wasn't being nice... so imp being nice :)  ha-ha I miss the mountains.. when y'all showed them to me over Skype I was really trunky and I really almost felt home after seeing them...  they looked so beautiful even with snow on them.  very pretty :):)  and of course I miss my amazing dad!!  :)  I don't have contact with anyone from SVU.  I'm glad y'all got my letter. and I'll be looking for it this week thank you. imp doing all I can. thanks dad I love you and I appreciate your love and support. have a good week and be safe.  love your son Elder Jace Weaver   

note from mom, last night we received a phone call from Sis Vaughn, a Sister in Jace's ward that had had them for dinner, she said she just wanted to call and tell us thank you for sending him there and what a gentleman he is.  She loves having him in her home and he is a great missionary....Love the members in Georgia, they are so kind and loving and generous to the missionaries and I am so grateful that they take the time to send text with pictures and to call, such a great blessing for us at home and a Mom especially when missing so much!
Thanks Georgia!!!

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