Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sick, yuk!

Oh hey there Jace! How was this week? My week was pretty good! No car accidents this week! Ha no one was hurt during that.. The girl that was driving actually is my prom date which is this Saturday! Ha :) we are gonna go paint balling for our day date and go to ruby river for dinner! :)
It'll be a lot of fun! She's a great girl! Her name is Aubree, I'll have to send you pics next week! This week I'm going to the girls playoff game tomorrow at salt lake community college! And then on Thursday my medical anatomy class is going to a cadaver lab that's down at Utah state! So that'll be fun! It'll be a good fun busy week! :)
how late do you stay up and when do you wake up? :)
Have you ever gotten the seminary teachers letters?
I hope things are good! Anything new happen this week? Any crazy thing happen? Ha :)
Our boys basketball team is doing good! They are region champs and they are taking the first seed in the state playoffs!
Track starts on Monday! Pretty excited about that! It'll be way fun! I'm gonna do the two hundred javelin and maybe shot put... Ha it'll be way good! Me and mom are gonna go look at tuxes tomorrow after track practice! We might go black pants with a white jacket coat and a grey tie and a grey vest...  ha-ha right?!? ;) ha-ha  you'll see when I send ya pics next time! We sold my blaster today... :( that means we are only down to your bike....  I really really don't wanna sell yours... But it's not my call ha-ha :) I hope ya have a great week! Love you lots! Make a difference this week!
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oh hey Justin :)   my week was ok, I was throwing up all week and coughing up my guts and the people we were teaching dropped us and don't want to be taught anymore...   I'm glad you had a good week!!  and no car wrecks!!    that's always good!  :) you're going to another dance?!?!   kid before you know it you'll be on dancing with the starts as one of the professional dancers! ;)  ha-ha  paint balling huh?  that sounds like fun!!  :)  I don't know who that is so yes send pics so I can see what she looks like!   dang  the basketball team is doin pretty good sounds like. :)   and a cadaver lab??!?!?!   that sounds like fun!!!!   remember to tell me about that!!  I want to know what you thought about that!!! :)   we stay up until 10:30 then we wake up at 6 and work out for an hour but since I've been sick we haven't been getting up early  we get up at the regular 6:30 time, cause I haven't been getting good nights of sleep.  I have gotten one letter from the seminary teachers so far..  do they want me to reply to it, it's been awhile since I got it and I'll have to go back and look for it... we have a member who works for the memory foam people and she might be able to hook up the missionaries with some memory foam beds and she said to keep in contact with her when I go home and she will work out for me again!  so I'm pretty excited about that!  :)  ha-ha  dang Roy sports are moving up in the competition!  :)  hey good luck in track now my man keep up the hard work!   ha-ha  have fun shopping for a tux!!  that will be fun :)  I never went shopping for one,  let me know how that goes too :)  ya Jax said the same thing about the blaster... I hope it doesn't sold either!...  but what can we do?...  hey you have a good week and stay safe  I love you too my man  love elder weaver.
Hey there Elder Weaver! Hope you are having a great week my friend! I'm having a good week, had friends over Saturday night and we had a ton of food and played games had a lot of fun! School is going good, and works going good. Love you buddy. Keep up the good work.
Love Jordan
hey there Jordan. our week could have been better, our investigators dropped us and don't anything to do with us so that's been hard on us, and on top of that I've been sick all week  so it wasn't all that fun,  I'm glad you had a good time with all you friends!   are you still doin the online schooling?   love you Jordan take care talk to you later. love elder weaver 
Hey how are you? How's your week been? How's your day doin? This week I have my last regular season game and then we start our tournament! I have a lot of fun Playing with the group of kids I play with! My team is still undefeated! Dad sometimes let's me drive to maverick or just around town! I like driving! ;) I can't wait! I only have like 6 months until I can get my permit!! We sold Justin's blaster today... I got to ride it a couple of times yesterday! I can't wait to ride yours!! I wish we could at least keep yours! Love you love Jax! :)
Sent from Jaxxxxxxxxxx!!!!!
hey I'm good how are you?   I've been sick all week and the people we were teaching don't want to be taught anymore,  my day today is doin pretty good so far  how's your doin? :)   are you excited to start playing in the tournament?  good job on being undefeated my man!!  that's awesome!   what all have you driven?   dads truck  moms car  mustang  motor home? ;)  or all of the above? ha-ha  I wish we could at least keep one bike too...   love you bud  love elder weaver 
Mom-I know this week went by pretty fast!   what was the job at BDO that y'all were doin? Jax looks tall in all the pics y'all send me, I've been thinking about it, I'm gonna get picked on when I get home by my younger brothers... I think I'm done growing...  that'll be good for Jax to be in the weight room and get things going like that.  has his weight lifting been getting better?  is he getting strong? spring cleaning,  fun fun, we need to  do some spring cleaning in our place as well, it's  not messy  just cluttered, if that makes sense?..  how much longer do you think until you can plant new flowers and stuff?  ya our day yesterday was pretty good  it was nice and warm  and if the temp is 75 or above we don't have to wear jackets :)   but until the next conference is when we don't have to no matter the weather factor. :)   Jeff and Sybil dropped us Tuesday...  they feel we stray too far from the bible and think we shouldn't be able to do ordinances for the dead.  that is probably one of the hardest drops I've had so far.... :(  and since they were a referral from one of the mission presidency  I feel like it was more pressure on us because of expectations and what not, so we have been keeping in contact over text with the 1st councilor of the mission pres. and  we told him about them dropping us, and I feel a lot of trust and some respect went through the floor. and I've been very stressed out about it and on top of that I've been sick all week again  and we have been able to do too much work  because I've had killer headaches  I've been throwing up, and coughing and sneezing and with all of that I haven't been able to sleep so I've been very tired and worn down and I just feel pathetic at this point....  I am starting to feel better tho, it's just slowly..   we might be able to get in with a less active who is busy all the time because he is a self employed contractor, and can't make to church because that's when he does his paper work stuff  so we are still hoping for that.  hardest thing to teach is baptism  because everyone has been baptized and they don't see why they should do it again.. and they want to understand the priesthood,  the easiest thing to teach?....  it depends on the person really, sometimes its prophets, I would say over all the book of Mormon is the easiest  because that's we are here teaching people about, and we do it so often  at least 10 times a day ( when were aren't sick)   some people ask the horns and the wives. I've been asked many times how many wives I had and who my favorite is...   some people think we don't believe in Jesus Christ...  those people we almost slap in the face and say what's the name of our church?...    crazy people.. ha-ha  I haven't been in touch with carol lately ill email her today. I need to tell her I can't make it to the wedding... :/  he was our old district leader. I know too much about Gary.. I'll ask today tho.  I need to email sweet Bete too.  how has she been?. she still call you?  I can't wait for y'all to meet them!  really I can't..  I know you'll just love them!  ha-ha  tell all the teachers at Roy I said hi back :)    ya I lost 10 pounds the bad way... I've lost another 5 this week as well..  not enjoying losing weight like I thought I would....  I haven't gotten any mail yet  but I'll be looking it.  thank you the ward is good  I like the time it's the best time to have church as a missionary.  we go to the gospel principals class yes,   a ward member teaches it,  our primary is pretty big. and the youth programs are pretty big as well  but kinda slim on some days because people have to drive sometimes  30 mins. for church. but the sizes are pretty good.  I like the st Patrick's day idea it sounds fun  ill do it as well with y'all!   time gage?...  love you mom I hope you have a good week and are safe in all that you do  talk to you later.  love elder weaver  
So sorry about Jeff and Cibull, you planted seeds that may someday sprout :) you've had a taste of what our father in heaven feels, so hard when you try your best and they use their agency, and choose a different path.
Hope you're feeling better today and this week, need to see a doc?
I sent your memory card back in your card, hope you get it, thought for sure you would have by now :/
Well my favorite missionary, keep your chin up, always look up, keep up the hard work, miracles happen....all you can do is your best, and a little better (preshinckley) :)
Love you!
I don't think I need a doc yet..  but if I'm not better by the end of the week I will I am feeling a little better today,  I should get the memory card today.  love you mom   talk to you next week. 
Another week gone one more ahead what do you have planned this week? Any big plans? Any new leads? The weather looks little better for you. How does it feel to you?
Things here are the same nutraceutical has lots of work coming up it just a matter of it coming to reality. If it all does and we get it all could be great. May get to bore under tracks again so that would be fun. We're starting to spin at the bike shop a little more, can't wait to ride outside. We sold the Blue blaster so we just have yours left. Sorry
How's the work going for you? How are your workouts going getting 40 time back down :))). Where is your bike at? Do you miss riding it.
Hope you have a great week my friend keep up the hard work, keep growing and learning and don't have too much fun be happy, be happy love you  Finish strong dad
Dad-as of now we don't have anything too big coming up. I was sick all last week and we couldn't get any new appointments for this week.  the weather is great!   now the allergy season is coming...  ya....  I like the wamer tho is feels nice!   i'll keep praying for work if that's ok.  boring under tracks again will be fun! let me know how that all goes :)   y'all should be out soon riding outside right?..  are you going to sell the other blaster?... or keep that one for some fun every now and again?   I'm still working on the 40 time when it gets warmer we are going to be running outside and stuff,  dong gassers again,  the bike is at the mission office storage,  I do miss riding it..  love you dad  I hope you have a good week and all goes well for you!  love elder weaver 

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