Monday, February 17, 2014


Well it's done I'm the new high priest group leader sustained and set apart. My assistants are Bill Odell, and pres Johnson, brother Odell is new in the ward so you may not know him. They both are very excited to serve The Lord. I'm very excited to work with them. We have a great group of high priests, so there isn't a lot of pushing on my part just need to keep things moving in the right direction.
     So how are things in your world, crazy weather it seems like on the news any way. Has it been as bad as they make it seem? Are has the new blown it up just to make news? Are you able to get out and make contacts and get work done or you stuck at home? How's lil Joe? How the getting in shape are you running at all? Get a chance to do a 5K :)) do you bench you comp just for fun :/
     I bought a new book, The Infinite Atonement, by Tad R. Callister,  it has had some amazing insights in the Atonement I'm sure things I've already been thought but just hit me different ant this stage in my life. How do you teach the Atonement to someone like lil Joe and those who have not had the gospel in their lives? Such a deep topic for new budding testimonies.
     Hope things are great for you hope your happy and smiling love what you are doing it will be over before you know it have no regrets focus in are Lord and Savior and you can't go wrong leave everything else at home where it needs to be and be you awesome self be that leader we have seen in the past. Love you always miss you sometimes:) KNOW YOU ARE WHERE THE LORD NEEDS YOU!!!!!                                    Ross Weaver

congrats dad!!  :)  I don't know Bill Odell...  hey that's exciting stuff dad!   I know you'll do great things and be awesome! :)  the weather was a little crazy this week we couldn't drive so we went walking around and as we were walking around the rain turned to ice and literal ice drops were falling on us.  that was pretty crazy stuff to walking in ha-ha!  we were going to see a member who has cancer and is in and out of the hospital all the time  we were going to give her a blessing, when we got there her daughter said that she had just taken her pain pills and was asleep so we walked back to our place,  we couldn't talk to anyone but some people saw us walking around and honked and waved to us, so we thought  that was pretty cool :)  this one wasn't as bad as the first one,  I think it was blown a little out of proportion...  we went out checking on people that lived close to us making sure they were ok.  but not too many people were outside cause it was so cold. we still haven't been able to get with lil Joe again we can't find him :/ no we don't do any 5k's ha-ha  I go on a tred mill or a step machine thing.. we were talking with someone about that book!  when we teach it we either draw I out for kids or  relate it to football and go into detail about the atonement and resurrection, or we just teach it according to PMG.  we help break down for their testimonies and their understanding.  love you dad I hope all going well and work is good.   love elder weaver

Hey there Elder weaver! Hope you are having a great week so far and enjoying serving a mission! Just put a few pics that I thought would make you smile :) Taylor is brother Bones granddaughter, but the dance was dumb, I've been called to be the Elders quorum secretary, so life's going to be busy :) I'll be teaching priesthood class on March 2. :) love you buddy :) keep working hard and stay firm to the rod.  Love Jordan.
ha-ha   so that last pic is pretty funny I won't lie!!   so any more date with Taylor?...  congrats on being called to elders quorum  secretary!  that sounds like fun!  :)   good luck on you lesson coming up too!    love you too Jord,  love elder weaver

Well hey there!!! ;) what's up my main man?!? How was this week? Snow? Cold? How's the food? Is it funny watching people in snow? Ha what was so funny in my last letter that made you almost cry?
 My week was good! My date for Mr. royal was Kenna Montgomery.. Ha I went to b-villes dance on Saturday it was pretty fun we went paint balling for our day date! Me and Jax spoke in sacrament  meeting and it was probably one of the most spiritual experiences I have ever had! I balled like a baby... Ha it was way good! We talked about the oath and covenant :) I was in a car crash Friday night... A cheer leader was driving and she drove us into a wall going about 40 miles per hour... We took down part of the brick wall and pulled up part of a tree... Ha, no one was hurt.. The car was kind of bad... she drives a Kia.. It was a pretty crazy and fun weekend! And week! :)  hope ya have a great week!:)
Love you lots!
was up was up was up !!!!??  ha-ha  this week was good we didn't get too much snow  but we had some.  its not too cold  the food is still making me fat ;)  ha-ha  it's too funny watching these people in the snow,  it's like they have a panic attack!  ha-ha   the part where you drew two hearts and had you a and the frozen girl in it and me and the tangled girl in it!  and the heart y'all were in was bigger!!!  ha-ha  I found that pretty funny.  I got your other letter tho, the more serious one and I hope you got it back by now...   how was paint balling??   did you win?.   well I'm glad your talks went good and that y'all had a good experience  doing it! :)   holy cow child!!!!!!!!   you were in a wreck?!?!?!?   I about passed out right then!!  at least you weren't in the mustang...   phew  that scared me  I glad you're ok tho and that the car wasn't too bad for her.   love you kiddo  stay safe and keep up all the good things you're doing!  love you bud  love elder weaver

Mom-why wouldn't I send y'all pics that I take?...  that only makes sense.. ha-ha :)   I don't know what email you talking about from last week,  I did get y'alls package on valentine's day and thank you very much for it I love it!   y'all are awesome!!   it was an ok day for us  we were helping a member clean up their barn to get their cow this week so that was kinda fun :)   our week was good I told dad about us walking around and seeing some people,  we went without power for about 3 hours nothing too serious tho.  we couldn't drive anywhere but we went walking to some places.  my cold stuff is holding up just fine I don't really have any wear and tear on it  because I've only used the stuff twice now ha-ha  we have been trying to help people clean up their yards from fallen tree branches and limbs.  but other than that not too much.   I'll have to talk to bro kiser he recorded me burning shirts  ill see if he can post on face book and tag me. :) the work was slow this week because of weather and also sickness  Jeff and Cibull have been sick all week and I had something on Saturday that was making me barf.  I lost 10 pounds  puking in one sitting...  good or bad I'm not sure.  ha-ha  we haven't been sledding because it didn't ice over like it did last time.  yes working out and yes eatin healthy and smaller portions  well trying to do smaller. ha!  the juicer sound fun!!!!   what he best mixture of stuff so far? ha-ha    how was the movie  we heard its pretty good.   holy cow!!!!  they got engaged?!?!?!?!?  that crazy?!?!?!?!     good for them!!  :)   thanks for all your love and support and al that you do for me.  I hope y'all have a good week and are safe,   talk to y'all later .  love elder weaver

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