Monday, February 10, 2014

how's the weather?

Well we are getting all the rain we have been praying for. All in one week end, so we should have enough to water the lawn this summer. So now things are going to be muddy for us :)
     How are thinsg with you, anything new in your life? What was your week like? Give us some details, how's lil Joe anything new with him? Any new contacts? Are you staying busy with the weather the way it is. You staying warm?
     Do you know if you will be transferred yet? Do you want to be? How is the working out going you getting strong and fast:) keep up the great work. Stay focused it go fast, don't blink it will be over soon. still have fun not too much:) love ya bud. Make it what you want it to be. Smile be happy  keep up the good work   Miss you, see you soon love dad:))))

Dad-hey that's all good!!  rain rain rain :)  ha-ha  noting too new in my life. transfers are this week but neither of us are being moved we are both staying together. again...  our week was log an seemed full of meetings.. :/  lil Joe is gone again  just vanished..   we are still trying to get with him but we might start to pull off a little bit.   we had a lot of good new contacts.  we found some old ladies who are trying to find God and have him in their lives and they are trying to read the bible and get an understanding from it so we are going to try and implement the book of Mormon as well :)  in their reading and studies :) so that will be good :)   we are staying busy and the weather isn't too bad until it snows. all other weather we are out working. :)  yes I'm staying warm.  I don't want to be transferred  but I wouldn't mind change. new comp are area or both.  but we are staying together for another transfer...   I am getting in shape I'm mainly working on losing weight for now. I've lost a little but I'm still working on losing more.  one question..  are y'all gonna plan on picking me up from Georgia like y'all did Jordan  or just get me from airport?.   I'm just wondering I've been to ask a few times but I forget :)   love you dad have a good week  talk to you soon love elder weaver
mom- we don't know about the weather yet, we haven't heard if we need to stay in or not.  it was so much fun to go sledding :)   not a lot of people enjoyed it  but I know we did for sure!! :)  no new people today we have few new people  but we need to visit with them again and make sure they are progressing and ready for the gospel.   ya Jeff and cibull are pretty awesome :)   we can't get enough of them and we are very excited to keep teaching them!  we aren't being transferred wither of us. I would like some change but is not what I want it's what the lord wants, :)   wow very busy Sunday!!  ha-ha  god luck to everyone with all the exciting new things going on :)   temple was closed for cleaning. we are going again I think next month.  I hope at least. ha-ha  this week is a normal week  just work work work.  :)  ha-ha  why so short today??   I hope y'all have a good week and your safe. hows work coming?..   I'm excited for moms day too :)  love you mom  talk to you later  love elder weaver
Didn't think short, always feel like I do all the talking ;) ha-ha! So what's plans for today-exciting pday stuff? 
no nothing too exciting...  :/  we don't have anything exciting to do here :(   how about y'all anything exciting planned for you?

Can you send pic today? Tour of apartment? Pic of you :)
I don't have my camera, I'm sending the card today to you. sorry it's taken so long :( ...

No worries, I'll download it and send back. ;) look for a little something for valentine's day :) did you get a letter from Justin Saturday? If not probably today! Anything you need? Garments ok?

I got Justin letter and I laughed so hard I almost cried!!   hahaha   I don't think I need anything right now.. thank you    are you saying you're sending me stuff for valentine's day?
probably January...  I want to be able to have time to see the important people and places I been so far,   how much time would y'all be willing to spend down here?  
We would love to spend several days, we will have to probably decide the closer it gets, also if Justin does what you did he may leave in January, we will see how things go, but fir sure we want to come out and see your mission!!!

ya I know we won't a decision right now I was just wondering. I see what you mean about Justin :)  we will have to spend time here. I think y'all would like it :) 

Definitely!  Love you, proud of you! Keep up the good work-an eye single to the glory if god! Be safe have fun! Make the most of the next transfer! Maybe you get to spend more time with this comp to season him even more! We watched best two years yesterday, makes me cry every time! Be super! Take advantage if time you get to just serve The Lord, I envy you and hope that someday dad and I can serve...have a super sparkly day :) love you tons!!! Momhahaha   have a super sparkly week too ;)  ha-ha love y'all

Hey! How was your week? My week was good! Sorry we couldn't let you know but I got my patriariachal blessing today an couldn't contact you! Sorry! But it was good I had a great experience from it an got a lot of guidance from it! I got it from our knew patriarch he is very nice! And after the blessing I stood up and he said! "Wow! You have a lot of blessings!" So I thought that was cool that he said that! Love you love Jax! :)
 Jax-our week was good how was yours? :)  oh man.  how was it??? did the other patriarch pass away?...  I'm glad you had such a good experience!!  that awesome buddy! :)   ha-ha   that funny he said that!  :)   I love you bud and I hope you have a good week and be safe in all you do :)   love elder weaver

Hey Hey hey! My week was really good! How was your week have any new fun experiences??? I won Mr. Royal..... :)))))) The dance was alright it was pretty fun! I had the ACT and I felt like I did really good on it! I just hope that I don't have to take it again! I talked with the bishop to become an elder but he doesn't think I should be becoming older yet until I start filling out my mission papers... :(but me and dad and mom talked to him and think it's time to move on and get more missionary questions. So I am still working on becoming an elder.. When I won Mr. Royal I got free tickets and the pictures and I got a crown!!! :)) and then I got to dance with my date in the middle of everybody to a slow song.. It was a real grand time! ;) now this next weekend on Saturday I have Bonneville's dance and I'm going with Kira Dingman.. And should be fun but might be kind of weird because I haven't talk to her for quite some years...  How was your week? Did you guys get any more snow? Is it cold down there? I love you lots and miss you a ton.
Love Justin
Justin-you won Mr. Royal?!!?!?!   that's awesome man!!!!!!!  I think you did good on the ACT ;)  just keep trying to become an elder it will come eventually.   who was your date for the dance? :)   I hope you have fun at Bonneville's dance,  just go and have fun, who cares if it's weird?  when you're a missionary you get into a lot of weird situations. ;)  ha-ha  our week  was good, we had a lot of good lessons and a good time!  things are good here. it's been pretty warm the past few days, but I guess its supposed to get real cold these next few days. :(  so we will see how it goes :)  I love you bud and I hope you have a good week and have fun at the dance :)  love elder weaver   oh and I miss you too!!  ;))

Hey there elder weaver! How's your week going? My was an okay week, I did a double date on Friday with Bri and another couple, we made tamales dulces and chilies rellenos here at home. And this Friday I'm taking Taylor Burch to dinner and a dance. School is going good, I'm waiting for me second module to come so I can continue. How are Jeff and Civil doing? Still really excited to get baptized I hope :)
Love you buddy, keep up the good work.
Love Jordan.
Jordan-fun fun :)  how was the food you made? :)   have fun with Taylor Burch, is this the Bones granddaughter??   how was school going?  Jeff and Cibul are doin real good!   they are very excited to be baptized.  they went to a stake adult valentines dance and dinner and they loved it. some members told us about the experience they had and said they were just talking to everyone and dancing and loving all of it!  they didn't make it to church tho because they were too tired to wake from the night before. :)  so they are loving it and they are excited :)   love you Jordan  have a good day and week  talk to you later. love elder weaver

From last week….
Hey :) So I'm sorta learning how to play the piano, I might start taking lessons from Jordana. Don't be like mom and dad thinking that I'm going to start dating her because I'm not. She's pretty serious with her boyfriend. Other than that my life's bit changed much. I hate this month just because of valentine's day.
And that's about it.
How's the work coming along my friend? Still loving it? :) enjoy it now Jacer. You won't ever get a second chance at what you're going now, so do your best this time that you've got!
Love you buddy.
Love Jordan
Jordan-hey have fun with piano lessons!  let me know how all that goes :)   tell Jordana I said hello :)  well look at it this way the month you hate the most is the shortest! :)   the work is going great!  I'm absolutely still in love with it!   love you too Jordan  talk to you later  love elder weaver
ps  how's the job searching going?

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