Monday, March 31, 2014

Lithonia, GA

Hey there Elder Weaver! How are you doing this week? What's your new area? Who's is your new companion? How long has he been out in the field? This new area, any perspective investigators? The dance I went to was just a fun institute dance. Met some fun people and made new friends. Saturday me dad and Justin placed a 20 ft iron pipe underneath some railroad tracks at BDO. Just pushed it through, the ground was really sandy, so we didn't have to auger it at all. It's snowed twice this week, Wednesday we went through all 4 seasons in one day lol. And today it snowed a lot. Well that's all I got for you buddy. Keep working hard and remember that I love you!
Love Jordan

Sup sup Jace!!!! How things be???? Anymore snow? This last week was good! We had city county and I got a new PR for jav and threw 146!!! Only 3 feet off from qualifying for state! I took second in city county! Some kid from Ogden beat me.. It was a good week! I went on a date with a girl named Morgan west on Friday night! We went on a night hike and then had a fire at Brendan archuletas house... Remember him?? It was way fun and she's an amazing girl had lots of fun with her and wanna go out with her again and again and again... ;) ha-ha she is super great!! And then had a boys night with my good friend Harrison Larose and some other kids and we went to his grandpas house and went for a ride in his 300k car... A Shelby Cobra.... Wow super good lookin car and really fast! He told us he got up to about 110 only in second gear!!!!! Haha it was an amazing car and was real loud!! It was way fun too! So so far it's been a great start to my spring break!!! And we are going to st George and hopefully it'll be nice and warm and be able to ride the sea dos... :) we are going down Wednesday! And comin back Sunday! I'm way excited! How was your week??? I'm doing good! And enjoying life!! Me and Jax go down and play ball at a park right by the fire station by the terrace depot! And me and him are undefeated and we've won at least 30 games playing together.. So we are the park champs! Ha I hope you have a great week!
-love and miss ya

Hey my week went pretty good! On Thursday we had track inside because it was raining and in sand ridge  there are these huge poles that are pretty rough and large and I was a leader for a line that we were running our warm up lap for and this kid told me to turn down a hallway and I looked and went to stop but the kid behind me was to close and kinda pushed me and I turned and smacked my head on a pole and I bent over after I hit it and all the blood went up into my hair and then I went to a coach and told her what happens and she gave me a concussion test and asked what day it was and I said the 27 then she asked what day of the week and I said Thursday and she asked me what my name was and I said Jonathan and she gave me a funny look and I said just kidding its Jax and she was oh ok! I thought that was pretty funny! I had to get four stitches in my eyebrow and I went to Harrison Larose's house because his dad is a family doctor and so he had me lay down on his lazy boy and stitched me up! It was pretty comfy In his chair! ;) I am running for ninth grade office! Hope that will be fun and hope I make it! Track is going good! I didn't do anything Thursday or Friday! I'm hoping to do shot and the 100! I have mom send you another email with the pic of my eyebrow! Grandpa said that it's a rite of passage to get stitches in my eyebrow for the family! Love you love JAX

Well you can see it's been a busy week here and I'm sure it has been for you-we have been so anxious to hear where you are and how things how do you like new area? What about comp? Like? Feeling good? In a car still? Busy teaching already? Tons of questions so tell all... Ward? Feel safe?
Things here are good, I got to teach primary today the sunbeams, only had two, we talked about Jesus baptism, love the picture of Jesus and John the Baptist and they are both smiling I'll send a copy, so great, I'm sure it's the feeling that your converts have, great joy!!! Last Sunday I got to be Mary Magdalene in primary and testify of the resurrected Christ :) primary is a great place to feel the pure and simple spirit! We sang armies of Helaman in primary and both dad and I cried! So blessed!! Speaking of blessed loved the child of god video! Cry every time I watch it and share it!!! Love you Jacer and miss singing by you!!! Please let me know your mailing address so I can get your new debit card to ya, I'm sure you can use it after being transferred :) able to run and workout with new comp? As the boys said we are hoping to go to sand hollow this week and stay with grandpa Steve, hope it's good weather, I hope that your week is wonderful and full of miracles!!! Please be safe, pray always and be happy!!! Love you today and everyday!!! Love mom

  Goooooood morning my friend how go's the battle? Are we winning the war? Do you think you'll like the new area and new comp? Will you be riding your bike again? We have so many ? For you tell us about your last couple days. Give us lots of details!
     Things here are good we started the new job for nutraceutical it's about 800 ft. Of 8" sewer line with manholes and we have to go under some rail road tracks. It should be a good job and take a couple weeks to do. No riding of the bike this week weather to cold we have snow today on the grass. But should melt today, we hope :) I hope you have a great day and week and you like the new change keep up the great work of The Lord. We sure are proud of you and the service you are doing. I hope you have a big smile on your face right now. Know we love you, be awesome it's in you so let it out!!! See you soon :))) love DAD

I'm good how are you this week Jordan? :)   I'm in Lithonia now in the ATL!  I hate traffic...  let just say that!!  ha-ha  and we are the only white people where ever we go!!  so it's fun :)   my new comp is elder Packard  he's from Washington state and he goes home in June so ill kill him off :) we have a lot of good potential and 5 on date right now so we are working hard and doing all we can with what we have :)  dang work sounds like fun!! :)   did y'all push it through by hand? ;) good old Utah weather..  fun stuff ha-ha :)  I love you too Jordan and i hope you have a good week coming up and stay safe! :)  love elder weaver

 hey hey hey boy!!!   things be good!  they be real good :)   no we haven't gotten any snow! :)  ha-ha atta boy keep moving up in the PR and before you know it you'll be hitting 200's :)  didn't you go out with that girl already? :):)  ooh  lala ;)   ha-ha  I do remember that kid!!  he's funny :)   you dawg you ha-ha   just remember your goals and your eternal perspective ;)   you'll be good kid :)   dang  that's a nice car!!  good stuff :):)    110   that's crazy!!   I bet that thing was super fast!!  ya I hope y'all have fun in st George!  sounds like it'll be a good time :) be safe doin all that stuff now!  :)   my week has been good nothing too exciting gong on except for being in a new area and ward and new people.  the dynamic duo! hahah  nice work boys keep up the good work!! :):)   I love you too  bud stay safe and have a good week :)  love elder weaver

 Jax man...  well your first set of stitches ;)  ha-ha  I'm sorry  buddy  are you ok?  and I can't believe you played theta prank on the teacher~!!!!  that's funny tho!!  I laughed out loud in the library :):) ha-ha  I'm glad things are going good in track tho and your liking it and school.  I wish you the best of luck in running for class office next year :)  that awesome stuff my friend :)  stay safe and look around corners from now on while running ;)  good thing you were able to get stitched up at a friend's house :)  ha-ha  glad his chair was comfy ;)  ha-ha   have a good week bud and ill keep your face in my prayers ;)  love you   love elder Weaver

so I'm sending two emails this week because I couldn't fit it all in the box and still see what I was reading  so here's y'alls emails mom and dad :)  
 I'm in Lithonia and I like it a little bit but it's too city for me...  anyways :)  I like my comp he's a good guy I am feeling really good :)   we have been pretty busy teaching a few people lately. so that's good :)   the ward hate elders so we never get fed or have help teaching...  so if you can please send some snack? :)  thanks!!!   I feel pretty safe.  we hear gun shots all the time,  we heard me all the time in the country area  but in the city it's a different story ;)  so always praying we are safe :)  we were teaching a lesson yesterday and I looked outside and saw some people run by and thought nothing of ok so real quick  I need y'all to send me a letter in the mail asap so I can get a library card so I can be on the computer longer 904 Waldon WalkCir STN MTN 30038 (not correct address, I will post right when I get it :) please and thank you!   so sorry  but without a card I can only be on for 30 min...   kinda not cool...  anyways  so if y'all could send the debit card in a letter and with my address on it I need that for proof of residence...  please and thank you...   ha-ha  we run about every other morning :)  so I need to buy running shoes,  but things are good  love y'all so much stay safe and happy   love you mom love elder weaver

 dad :)   hello hello :)   the battle goes good  we are currently winning ;)   I think I'll the new area and comp  the ward hates elders tho so we are never fed and no one help us teach  but I hear it's getting better.  so that's good.  I'm in  a car  but I'm still losing weight cause we run quit a bit :)   I'm sorry but I can't go into detail I'm on another elder library card with limited time on it...  I'm so sorry  but next week I have pics and longer for y'all  and letter in snail mail coming. ill send tomorrow.  wow!!!  that job sound like fun!!!  wish I was home for this one!!!  I really do!   I hope the weather gets better for y'all to ride and have fun outside :):)   I hope you have a great day and week and stay safe and know I love you and miss you.  love your son elder Weaver  

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