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He stood at the crossroads all alone,
The sunlight in his face;
He had no thought for an evil course,
He was set for a manly race.
But the road stretched east and the
road stretched west,
And he did not know which road
was the best;
So he took the wrong road and it lead
him down,
And he lost the race and the
victor's crown.
He was caught at last in an
angry snare
Because no one stood at the
crossroads there
To show him the better road.

Another day at the self-same place
A boy with high hopes stood;
He, too, was set for a manly race
He was seeking the things that
were good.
And one was there who the roads
did know,
And that one showed him the
way to go;
So he turned away from the road
leading down,
And he won the race and the
victor's crown;
He walks today on the highways fair
Because one stood at the
crossroads there
To show him a better road.

-Sadie Tiller Crawley

Well things are in full swing with the H.P. Group lots of meetings, lots of organizing. Kind of fun, Sundays are a haze or a blur might take a couple weeks to get up to speed. But it fun to be serving The Lord. Getting to know the gentlemen on a more personal basis, and I like that.
     So how is life for you? Was your week a little better feeling? Hope you are. Any new about Cibull and her husband are did they make a clean cut, it sound like someone from their old friends got a hold of them and turned them away. Are you still in contact with them? Are things better with the weather? I know things have been hard the last couple weeks but you know this is how it would be, and you need to pick yourself up off the ground brush yourself off strap on your helmet and run a new play:) things will get better I promise! Just keep up the hard work and keep a open dialogue with your father in heaven. Keep your chin up we love you and pray for you every day. And we know that you can overcome this and move on, please smile and be happy! I miss you. BUT I know that you are where you need to be. I wish I could pick you up and do it for you but this is how you learn on your own. And you can do it, love you my friend be happy
                                                                       Love you DAD
wow sounds like a busy week for you!!  :)  well that's good your working with the men so good!   I'm feeling a little better I still have some sinus pains and clogging ;)  ha-ha  we haven't been able to get in touch with Jeff and Sybil  but pres. Jewkes of the mission presidency called us and said he is having them over for lunch on Friday and they are going to go into depth about the questions they have, said he wants us to pray about if we should be there or not we feel we shouldn't be so that they can have a discussion about the questions and have it be a less formal then having us there where its lessons. the weather is getting warmer and I'm loving it!  I'm sick of being cold... ha-ha  our week was good though we found 6 new people to teach and we are excited to get into their homes and help them progress towards baptism :) I'm picking myself up dad no worries  I know hard times come and go  but I'm working through them.   I'm praying and working so things are going good for us even though I'm not feeling well.   I wish you were to at least motivate me and yell at me to pick myself up, I love you dad, I miss you too but I too know I'm where the lord needs me and where he sees me growing into what he sees me becoming.   have a good day dad  talk to you later.  love your son elder Jace weaver 

Hey how are you? How's your week going? How's your day been? I'm good my week was good! This week I have a bye for basketball because are the number one team! All the south Ogden teams and parents don't think we should be in the tournament because we blow every one out of the water! Our coach asked us as a team if we wanted them to have their own tournament and have their winner then we would play there winner and go all out! But we decided we would just do the tournament and still kill every one!  Do you ever play basketball with your young men? On Tuesday I'm getting my second palm! Do you help with the scouts in your ward? What do you do on P days? A lot of people at stores ask if me and Justin are twins! We sometimes say yes! It's pretty funny to see people's reactions when they find out I'm 4 years younger than him! Love you! Have a great time! Love Jax
Sent from Jax
Jax-I'm doing good  how are you?  my week was good!   my day has been good so far :)  dang kid  just keep killing it in basketball!!   who cares what the south Ogden parents think or say?  just play your game and work hard like you know how to do!!  :)  congrats on getting your second palm this week!  :)  that's awesome :)  we don't do anything really with our scouts.   we don't play basketball with our youth either... it'd be fun if we did though!  :)   ha-ha  on pdays we email then shop  then do whatever.   we don't have too much to do here,,  kinds stinks.  oh well...  hahahaha  y'all are pranksters!! telling people your twins!!  that's funny!!  send me a pic of you two standing next to each other  I wanna see it! :)   love you buddy  love  elder weaver

Mom-well I'm glad the flower  season is coming up for you :)   I'm sorry to hear about the dog..   poor puppy.. have you heard at all from the Jennings about rowdy? is he still around?...  ya I'm not too excited for the time change either...  I'm glad y'all are looking for the positive in life and being more positive as well :)  that's good :) I haven't gotten the shamrock stuff yet, but I did get my memory card back  however it doesn't work in the camera anymore...  so I will send it back for you to keep if that's ok?..  I have another one grandma pat sent with me  and I'm using that one now.  well sounds like work is fun and keeping up that's good :)  we aren't with the sister a lot,  sometimes we have dinner together but not too often,  I love you everyday too mom :)    if I can answer anymore questions for you please let me know :)  love elder weaver
Great poem, where did you get it? Do you guys do anything for family home evening? We saw video if you burning your shirt :) you look great, bro kiser seems like a good guy, he mentioned you gave him a blessing a few months back, that's neat, tell us about :) love ya, big plans for today? What is your Saturday meeting?
 Mission president sent it to us.  we have fhe at a members home, whoever is feeding us on Mondays we do it with them :) ha-ha.  ya burning the shirts were fun :)  he's a great guy!!  so fun to be around!!  he was sick and asked  us at church the same day if we could stop y and give him a blessing, we did so and he said the next he was feeling completely better. :)    this Saturday Elder Cook is coming and talking to us and the north mission!  so excited to see some of those people again :):)
Sounds fun, where do you go for meeting? Be sure to take lots of pictures, with you in them :) sorry card doesn't work, that's odd, I just down loaded and then sent back....grandma and grandpa off to Hawaii this morning so jealous! Today is also grandpa Steve's bday :) feeling better today?
a stake center I the a different stake, I think it's in the north mission.  I'll take pics mom don't worry :):)   they went to Hawaii?!?!?!   what island?  lucky people :)  tell grandpa Steve I said happy birthday :):)  I'm feeling ok today.  still have stuffy sinus's... :/
They are going to Waikiki, if you go to store today get some Dristan cold sinus stuff, non drowsy kind, dad and I had sinus stuff and it worked great-do you have allergies? Maybe find a non drowsy allergy med...hope it works, still have vitamins? Get some oj too :) still bossy mom :) only cuz I love ya!
 I have some allergy stuff.  ill et some meds at store today, and some oj :)   thanks mom  :)
I just sent this to coach Walterschied...  :):)
Coach Walterschied,
My name is Jace Weaver I played football for Freddy Fernandez at Roy High School, and you came up to visit me and my parents and talked about me playing football you. As of right now I'm serving an LDS Mission in the Georgia Atlanta Mission, I've been out for 14 months and I wanted to let you know I still have the desire to play football when I get home. I will send you my highlight films again so you can have them to look over. When you came up to visit you we were talking about me playing full back. Please let me know if I can be anything now that can better prepare me for when I get home this coming January. Thank you for your time,
~ Elder Jace Weaver
Sup sup!!! How ware things this week? Prom was soooo fantastic! Probably thee best dance I have ever been too! We had a great group and I had thee best date ever!
It was so much fun! Track is going good! And we have a boys state playoff game today! That'll be way good! We sold the last four wheeler.... :((((  I had a good week and every seminary etcher says hello! I have a appointment with the stake presidency to become a elder on Tuesday night at 6:30.. So that'll be goo and fun! Ha I don't have to go to school until 12 on Tuesday because the jrs are taking the act...  We went paint balling for our day date!!! That was way too much fun and a blast!!! How are things with you? Doing good? It is going by super fast... Ha keep enjoying it! Love and miss ya!
Justin-hey studly stud :)  ha-ha  it looks like you had fun :)  no car crashes right?.. ;)  hehe  well cheer for me at the game! I look forward to hearing about it next week :)   well... there goes all those fun memories... :(  oh well... tell all the seminary teachers I said hello back :)  well congrats my friend!!  I'm excited for you this  Tuesday!   I hope all goes well and I know they will go good for you :):)  good job Justin :) dang lucky kid.   enjoy sleeping in on Tuesday ;)  ha-ha  well I'm glad you had a good week and fun at the dance!  :)  she's a cute one ;)   things for us are going good  I'm still feeling sick..  but oh well it comes and goes.  :)  its is going fast!!  ha-ha  I love you too bud and I miss you too.   love elder weaver

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