Monday, March 24, 2014


Jordan your my only older brother...  you automatically default to the favorite ;)  hahaha  our week was so good!!!!   who did you go dancing with?   meet any fun people there?  way to go on the school work!! :)  that's awesome Jordan.  did you get burnt at all fishing for 8 hours????   Jeff and Sybil are doing great!!!   they are preparing for the 6th of April and they are very excited!!  they can't really wait :):)   but the thing is now me and my comp are both being transferred.....   so that stinks because we got really close to them and saw them start from scratch.. :/  keep praying for them, Sybil's dad died this past week and Jeff's aunt passed Sunday morning, please pray for them!..  we have a family of 5 that's wants to be baptized as well, a mother And her 4 daughters. they have been to church 2 times and all love it :):) well good for Logan!  tell him I said hello :):)   love you too Jordan talk to you next week love elder weaver 

Jax man!!!!  WAY TO GO BUDDY!!!!!!   WORKING PEOPLE UP AND DOWN THE COURT ALL SEASON LONG!!!!  ATTA BOY!!!!! :)   good job buddy :)  wow track sounds intense...  keep up the good hard work tho and you'll be the best! :)  well well have fun doing all your track events! :)  sounds exciting!! :):):):):)  let me know what I can do for you :)  are you excited to take seminary next year?? :)   love you too bud  love elder weaver 

sup sup :):)  haha good luck this coming week in track! :)  and good job in last week's meet!  134 another stepping stone to becoming number one :)  our week was good!! :):)  we had a lot of good things happen and many of the people we are teaching came to church and loved it!!  ha-ha  I'm glad you like the YouTube video :)  its pretty cool  I guess ;)   keep reading and you'll finish the book of Mormon soon :)  I promise fun fun  that date sounds like it was blast!!  what movie did y'all see? :) school goes by fast my friend.  and its ok that you don't know what to do yet as far as after school. focus on school work now and get done what you need to and prepare for a mission in a way that you'll be worthy and ready spiritually when the call comes, and if football does happen then you'll be able to stay and develop more physically and spiritually as you go along :)  dang kid spring break sounds like it'll be fun!  let me know how it all goes :) and how you like the skies. be safe tho!!   are y'all going to see grandpa Steve and Linda while your down that way?  I miss you too buddy, and yes I do remember when we were sitting there and we both farted and we felt like we levitated a little bit off the ground :) hahaha  so funny!!!!  love you Justin  love elder weaver 

hello mommy dear :)
we went on exchanges and elder came with me to teach some people and members and the Craig's had us for dinner and we shared that as our spiritual message :)  its kinda fun yes the lady is a member and she wanted me redo the demo for her kids who are getting ready to go on missions. so I did it a second time as she recorded it :)  she emailed it to friends and family and YouTube and I think face book? not sure but we are still teaching Jeff and Sybil and they are so ready to get baptized, we went over to their house Saturday after a member baptism and they were there as well and they can't wait!  seeing that little boy got them more excited!!! :)  Jeff told me his testimony as we were talking cause he is worried about his family not being supportive of them.  but he bore testimony to like he will to them as the meet opposition!!  I about cried...  they are a great couple and they will greatly benefit the ward here and where ever they  are :)  both of us are being changed.  so I won't know where I'm going till Wednesday...  ill write y'all and let you know when I get there. don't send the card yet I'm leaving!!  ha-ha  and I can't use my other card when I need to.. it says my pin isn't right,,  so I hope this new card and pin work better.  ha-ha.  the watch is great thank you so much!!!  I got it Monday night so thank you :) work outs are good I'm down to 242 lbs so I'm excited about that!  its good  I love you too mom and I hope you have a good week and are safe :)  love you  love elder weaver 

dad :) I'm glad my letter made you happy last week :)  ill keep praying for work and y'alls safety and happiness please let me know if there is anything else I can do for y'all and the family :)  sound like weather is getting better for y'all and I hope bike rides are fun for you this year :)   there really isn't too much more to say about this past week's work that I haven't said yet, I didn't go into much detail because we need to pack and get things ready for new elders to come in and take over..   love you dad   love elder weaver 

 I bought a 10$ candy bar so we could take to the lady at the register. it worked she is being taught now :)  and this is how big my candy is...  
its one solid piece of candy too...   crazy big....

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