Monday, April 14, 2014

Have faith, not fear-MOM

hi mom :) 
 I did get the new card and thank you very much mom, and I got a library card today! so I should be able to go into detail about our week now :) I don't have camera today but I have tons of pics so no worries :) I haven't gotten shoes yet haven't had the chance to go shoe shopping. the pics of work look very fun!!!  :):)   so the area is ok its more difficult in certain parts and other are a little better.  there's a lot of not very safe places here.  we had 3 cop cars in our complex last night with flash lights looking for someone. and we hear gun shots all the time and when we knock on doors and guys answer we can see the gun in the front of their pants, so a lot of fear has been coming  but we are friendly and loving and the people see we mean no harm so they are cool with us, no one has threatened us yet or mugged us so we are good as far as that :)  we have been teaching a lady over the phone who has some disabilities and can't make to church and doesn't feel ready for us to come over, so we have 3 way calls with her and members and we teach her that way.  something I've been thinking about a lot lately is being in bible belt  you'd think everyone had a firm belief in Christ atoning for us, but this sister didn't really believe in that,  but as we have been teaching her and loving here and helping her feel and notice the spirit she bear testimony to us about how she now knows that he did all that for her and she is waiting to be baptized and can't wait to meet us and members in person so she can be fellowshipped and feel their love as well.  she is who we are putting a lot of time attention in right now.  we are working with a less active who owns his own cobbler business and when we go  over he gives us samples of them and his cobblers really are heavenly!!!   no joke they are amazing.  I'm excited for Easter as well because people realize what time of year it is and feel they should go to church and worship and some may walk into our building :):)  excited for the people who will be led our way :) well you know what you need to do :)  the hardest thing to teach here is baptism cause everyone has been baptized already.  and authority is a hard as well.  that pretty much it for this week  I can think of any  other highlights I need to mention at this time :)  I love you mom and I hope and pray you stay safe and happy :)  love elder weaver

 Dad so the members are warming up to us and things are getting better!  as far as dinners not so much but I'm ok with that helps me lose weight. :)  but they are more open to have us over to share a message with them and see how they are doing, so that's good  baby steps :)  I am happy and I am liking the new area :)   well I think I told mom all the fun stories   well here another one :)   so we went to check our mail one night as we were on our way in and a guy yells  hey you Mormons and started laughing and we say yes,  he yells I want a Mormon bible and he walks over to us, now this guy was smoking what looked to be a regular cigarette  but when he got close it did not smell like a normal one.....   anyways he continued to talk to us and tell us the same stories 3 times about how he was saved in jail after he got caught with drugs,,,  interesting and he said we would talk to us later and he wanted to hear more,  we have seen him since and we are pretty sure he won't remember what happened that night...  so that was pretty funny :)     dad I hope you take care and be safe in all that you're doing :)   love elder weaver   

oh man...  I'm sorry  you still high school years to run!!!! :):)  I would vote for you ;)   nice work MVP!!!!  most vicious peach ;)   ha-ha   just kidding buddy :)   MOST VALUABLE PLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!   good job buddy  did you win the dunk contest  it sounds like you did :):)  love you Jax love elder weaver

 my week has been good :)  congrats Mr. secretary ;)  how do you like your calling?   who would you take piano from?  is our piano tuned?   be safe working and have fun in all your new adventures :)  what was the biggest conflict you had with the Catholics in Mexico? what part of the gospel did they not agree that made them not want to convert? love you Jordan  love elder weaver

 ya the weeks keep getting faster and faster,  my week was good!  im glad you had a good week :)  good job in jav and the 200 that's good my friend :) way to go on helping a friend out!  im sure he will remember your kindness and friendship :)   hey if you can get another pic of you throwing the shot put and send it to me if you can ;)  double dates are good stuff that's the way to go :)  she sounds like a good girl and fun to be around! did  you tell her im your funny handsome older brother? ;)   hehehe  what movie did y'all watch?  guys nights are fun too,  have as many of those that you can cause those are some good memories :) BUT DONT DO ANYTHING STUPID TRYIING TO BE FUNNY!!  those nights aren't so good.  not that I had those nights  but when friends would tell me about their nights they never end good.. just fyi ;)  what the theme for senior cotillion?  youll have fun no matter who you go with! :)   for easter we are doing missionary work :)  nothing changes for us on holidays.  no I haven't talked in sacrament meeting once yet the whole mission   I bear my testimony some times  but other then that no I don't.  way to go bud youll be fine :)  just keep praying and develop the good habits the you need to be doing like reading studying and praying :)  I miss you too bud, but in the end we will be chillin again :)  no worries :)  I hope you have a good week my friend and take care of yourself :)  hey we still have Skype and we will keep in touch. and you never know you could be sent to Georgia :)  love you  Justin  love elder weaver  

I'm including his letter from his mission president and mom, what amazing people!

Dear Missionaries:
 We love you.  We honor you.  And we say to you with great hope and confidence:  "Believe you can teach and baptize!  Expect Miracles! Look ahead today and this week with great love for the Lord and believe you are so important."  Yes - You are making history as you bring Baptism and Confirmation to each prepared soul and their family.  Have the vision to baptize fully in your heart and believe you can baptize each month.  Expect Miracles!  You are in the Lord's army, you are fighting for His kingdom and you have His power to guide you.  Never give up!!  You are making history today, now, this week - by bringing prepared souls to the Kingdom of Heaven.

4-14-14 - In history, this day, the 14th of April has seen some historic events that have changed many lives.  It was just before midnight in 1912 that the great modern ship, the Titanic, struck an iceberg in the Northern Atlantic sea.  As you may remember, the great ship that was supposedly "unsinkable"  and yet sunk taking the lives of many.

The 14th of April is also remembered as a day of reverence for a great American president, Abraham Lincoln, who was shot by a confederate supporter while attending a play in Ford's Theatre, 8 blocks from the White House in Washington DC.  President Lincoln gave his life in service of a country where freedom of all men and women could exist.  This Civil War time (1865) included key events (Battles) that happened within the boundaries of our mission.  With slavery being the main issue that caused the civil war, as the battle raged through 1864, Sherman's Union(Northern) armies came down across the Tennessee border into the Cartersville Zone and skirmished with the Confederate Armies (Southern).  All the way down our mission (touching all of our zones, Powder Springs, Atlanta, Conyers and Fayetteville), to Kennesaw Mountain and on into Atlanta, around through Jonesboro, finally Atlanta fell to the Union Army.  This was a key point for Abraham Lincoln and greatly helped the war result in freedom for all men, a victory of the Union - or United States.

While all of this was going on, the Restored Church of Jesus Christ was gaining strength in the West.  Yes, missionaries were moving throughout the world and spreading the news of the gospel and baptizing many souls.  Many souls lost their mortal life on the red soil of Georgia that we travel across, fighting so you and I could have freedom.  Now we walk over this blessed land teaching and preaching to bring their families and them (through temple work as we baptize those on earth) freedom for eternity.  Our job is easier, more joyous and certainly only possible because of the way this country's freedom was secured by soldiers giving their lives. 

As the prophets and apostles testified in conference, the world is moving away from safety and purity.  Maybe like the Titanic, the world thinks it is "Unsinkable", built by man's intelligence and greatness.  Satan spreads this sham and false message that baptism is not needed, that all is well, do what you want to do.  But the scriptures and the Lord tells us different.  We must turn to the Lord, to our Father in Heaven in prayer and to the Gospel of Jesus Christ for safety, peace and success.

So let us have more hope, BRIGHTER THAN EVER IN OUR LIVES, starting right now.  Let us have the belief and hope and focus that we can be the best missionaries the Lord has ever prepared.  I testify that if you will believe, as you are doing, but even increase your trust in the Lord, HE WILL LEAD US TO THOSE PREPARED AND WE WILL BAPTIZE THEM IN THIS VERY MONTH -April, and on into MAY!  BELIEVE, work as hard as you can.  Smile with the Joy that you are doing a great and marvelous work!  Then, watch the power of heaven step in and assist us in full measure, nothing being held back.  If we will give our full heart, with belief and righteous efforts, HEAVEN WILL BE WITH US!  Easter is upon us, the Glorious resurrection and recognition of God's great love for us.

We love you!  My question for you as we look toward Easter Sunday is this:  "Will you give your whole heart, completely to the Lord, holding nothing back.  Will you do this, re-committing in this symbolic week of Easter and let it stand for your whole entire mission here.  And for your entire life.  Giving your whole heart in every way will make life much easier.  You will just humbly do everything possible to follow the Savior.  You don't need to debate or struggle, you just trust and do and with great meekness work and believe baptisms and miracles will flow!"

Will you do it?  Starting right now?  Stepping always up and now you just decide!  Let me know if you will.  I promise that if you do, all of your time becomes consecrated to Him.  He will bring miracles of baptism and confirmation to you, with great peace and joy.  Believe Him, and I testify, you will be blessed.

May you find great success this week.  May you have a wonderful week finding, teaching and baptizing.  Let's bring all the Lord's prepared to the waters of baptism!  This is our wonderful week of bringing everyone to Church - Easter Sunday - Hurrah for Israel!  We can bring all those to freedom!

We accomplished a great climb last week.  We average 7.5 lessons with members and 4.5 lessons to members, about 12 lessons focused on PMG, with investigators and members.  Hold that great progress level and build upon it as we now continue onward and upward.  Let's keep our eye on bring the gospel to our family!  Thank you for every single effort, every testimony, every thought of faith, every invitation and effort to baptize our family!
 With love and appreciation!

Now, lastly - here is a quick action list we need you to know about and respond to:
 1. We need to ask you once again (brethren) to text Sister Harding if you are an Eagle Scout, we had trouble with our database.  Please let her know.  We are working with the local Scouting Team on this.
2. Please pray for the names of all working toward baptism.  Let's have a record week, prayer changes things!
3. Remember how much your families are praying for you.  You can do this.  Never get discouraged, you are succeeding.
4. Be sure to see the good in your companion and complement each other.  You are meant to grow mighty together.
5. Life is short, be true and have a great week by thinking only thoughts of faith, act on them and expect Miracles!
Have a fantastic day!
President and Sister Harding
 Alma 7:23, 24

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