Monday, April 28, 2014

press forward...

yes it has been another week. :)   the cat belongs to the Yancey's in the ward. I'm not losing too much weight but my stomach is smaller because my belt fits loser and my pants and more baggy :)  stone mountain was a blast1  but I'm the only one who took a back pack so I carried everyone stuff up the mountain. oh well is way fun still and had a work out!   it was crazy cool at the top we met this guy who was walking with a cane and he came towards us and kept looking at me and I finally asked if he climbed the mountain with his cane ( jokingly)  he said no  so I asked him about it, he crashed his buddies atv and broke his leg in 2 places. and he showed us his scares and they looked  pretty good then I showed off mine and :)  I was in gym shorts and everyone was like wow what happened to you??!?!   anyways we talked with that guy for 45 min. before we left and he took a Book of Mormon and said he would read it and look at the website. he's in the navy and he is going to Virginia for his training and rehab for his leg. l he was a really cool guy. :) so Abbi's mom is a convert and they are doing ok  yesterday her mom went to pick them up from their dad and she hydroplaned and totaled her car but she is safe and is working to get things figured out right now cause she works and goes to school.   the other  people we haven't been able to contact recently, but Candace  she is doing good  she is preparing for may 10th and we taught her in an elderly couples home Friday night and the sister took her to relief society and we are pretty sure she introduced her to everyone! :) so that's awesome :) I still have a lot of contacts I have 4 boxes...  ha-ha I don't know how I have so much... oh... I hope they will be ok in this time..  I've been thinking about sister Peterson a lot this past week as  well not sure why but she has been on my mind...  I'll be praying for her and grandma Hillyard!   tell them I said hello :)  and I think I'll be with my comp till he goes home, he only has 7 weeks left...   he could go somewhere else for his last 6 weeks. but I think I will kill him off. so all of Atlanta is only split into two Zones and we have a lot of less active work because some missionaries would baptized poor people who only wanted money.  but it's a big area!  and I think we have so many because there are so many people to talk to. oh I will be getting me some souvenirs no worries ;)  ha-ha no the flag came from stn mtn and I will most likely get one :)  we don't have plans yet to Skype but we ask around and see what we can get set up.  :):)  I love you too mom and I hope and pray only the best for y'all :)  love elder weaver  

hey hey hey  so my week was good :)  talked to a ton of people but no one is interested..  your date sounds fun :)  like you met her on line via Face book or a dating thing?  well Jordan I love you and I hope you have a good week and take of yourself and stay safe :)   how's school going?   love elder weaver

sup Jax man :) oh I see...  well do you still enjoy the movies even if you can't understand them?   hahaha you shaved your legs?!?!?!   you're a funny kid!   did it make you faster? ;)  dang I'm sorry you really didn't have time to get set.. but good job on taking 4th!! :)  that's awesome buddy.  what size shoe do you wear child!!!?!?!?   goodness.. ha-ha  well sooner or later you can drive and have a god ole time by yourself and not worry about needing a parent in the car.   I love you buddy take care and be safe driving ;)    love elder weaver

dad, things are going good today can't complain.  it's getting really warm,  remember when it was cold and I said I can't wait for the heat to com ..  well I think I can wait a little longer.. ha-ha  we sweat in the car with the ac on.. it's pretty bad.  I feel great!!  how are you doin?  how do  you feel?  life is pretty good right now. :)  well I'm glad work is going good and things are getting lined up for you as well, I'll keep praying :)  well even tho you can't ride your bike, you can sit and enjoy the foliage of the purple mountains majesty ;)  (birdcage reference)   I had a question for your dad.  so those big tires I sent you a pic of, you think they would have some in Utah?  or even just a big tractor tire to flip or if you know of anyone that could have one,  just curious. we have fun while we are out and contacting people so we don't get bored :)  we've had a lot of new contact but not a lot of people are committed to meet with us.. the ward is getting better we actually have someone signed up to feed us this week :):)  just one but that's ok!!! :)   my comp isn't beating me up I don't think he would try.  I don't know I sometimes think that because I am so nice but have played ball all my life people try to push my limits. and I do need to stand firmer in my opinions and suggestions as well  but I don't know.  I am working hard which is nice I feel better and more confident in how the work is going. :)   I love you dad and I miss you too and yes I smile all the time :)  love elder weaver

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